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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 28, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press monday december 28, 1970 he red shoes production full of magics inn actors showcase production of red shoes by Hans Christian Andersen opened saturday at studio 22 on the Canadian forces base Sharpe Boulevard. This is actors showcase Chil Dren s Christmas presentation. The red shoes is an old fairytale of a pair of magical dancing shoes that one May put on easily but needs the special magic Button Hook to take off. Too when one wears the shoes she cannot Stop dancing and must obey the Button Hook. The cast includes David King As the dark mysterious Gypsy and present owner of the red shoes Len Ross As Jemino his mute Clown Winston Mac Donald As the Burgmeister Faye Thomson As Karen Michael Gagnon As Nels mar Garet Lyndon As Karen s lost grandmother. The show is a fanciful one full of magic and fun. It Alsi has a very moral ending tha will come As a Surprise to Many who have never seen this particular production of rec shoes. The characters Are Al Well taken and As far As the children in saturday s audience were concerned it was a Roar ing Success. David King As the Gypsy snog has an excellent feeling for the past. He is dark and handsome As an evil Gypsy should be and captures the imagination of the children right from the Start. As his evil intentions become unveiled the children see him As the perfect personification of the evil that will beset Karen. Len Ross As the Clown was very funny and an excellent a r o b a t although his dancing leaves something to be desired also there was top much slap stick comedy which took the form of up staging while important action was taking place or another part of the stage. The children however were delighted by his Zany antics am followed his every move. As is the Case in most morality plays it is the fool who comes out on top As the Champion o Good and right and in the enc defeats evil and injustice so too in red shoes. Jemmo is the Wise All knowing fool who car his Wisdom behind a mask f wit. Winston Macdonald and mar g a r e t Lyndon As the Bur Homeister and grand Mother respectively carry off their parts Well and add to the building concept of fantasy in the play. Or. Macdonald has a Good sense of comedy and miss Lyndon has captured the very essence of the part and there fore the children s imagination. Karen played by Faye Thorn son was a Beautiful dancer am suited the part admirably. Al though not the Best actress on stage she carries the part to the Best of her abilities. The children love her immediately and follow her adventures and misadventures with rapt Atten Tion. Michael Gagnon As Nels Karen s boy Friend did not Lave a clearly defined characterization. From the Start he Vas not Brave enough or Force us enough so we Are slightly surprised when at the end of he play he overcomes the evil Gypsy and saves Karen. Or. Gagnon who made such a Suc Ess in tiny closet at actors showcase last presentation in the planetarium auditorium should choose his roles More carefully and not take badly suited parts for exposure s Sake. The sets designed by Ted Koroi Are some of the Best actors showcase has used. They Are fanciful and colourful and delightfully appealing to an audience made up mostly of children. The choreography by director Daphne Korol is Well de signed for the play and the si2e of the stage. One might ques Ion the legion of Happy pea Sants cavorting on stage at the pening of the play. This went on too Long and impeded the tart of the play so important a the children. A word too Mist be said about the Chase Cene. This was very funny for he children but not at All Well med. There were moments Hen the stage was Bare and e were left to our own de vices. It went on just a Little too Long As Well. It could do to be at least three minutes Shorter. A critic must question the size of the audience at Amateur theatrical presentations. There Are several groups now operating in Winnipeg and they Are All vying for our attendance. It is disappointing to see 30 or 40 people scattered about in an auditorium designed for 100 or 200 people. Amateur theatre has a place on the Winnipeg theatre scene and what better Way to est the competence of the groups than through a Chil Dren s presentation. Red shoes will be presented again today at 2 . And 7 . At studio 22 on the Canad an forces base. Is St three free press Carrier boys at the Winnipeg International Airport sat urday before leaving for Calgary and Disneyland Are left to Larry Dorn Tony Kusiak Hayden Kent Alain Rouillard Christopher Schimnowski Peter Kloss Jeff Beaudry and Brent Loewen. The boys won the trip in a Winnipeg circulation contest. Follows in father s footsteps Carrier wins wrist watch in Scrooge something familiar yet new for Many people part of the Holiday tradition includes a nostalgic and teary look at the 1951 British production of a Christ Mas Carol Courtesy of our Friendly local television station. With the increased Tempo of the times it will probably be less than three years before this old favorite will be re placed on the Small screen by the latest adaptation of the Dickens Story. The new version Scrooge is now at the gaiety Complete with music dancing Albert Finney and even a Smid Geon of the original Story. There s something about Scrooge that makes the traditionalist in me writhe in pain. Dame Edith Evans As the ghost of Christmas past is Fine and she does look As if she s seen quite a few Holiday seasons. Even the fact that Albert Fin Ney wanders around rasping songs like a bad amalgam of Rex Harrison and Richard Bur ton is endurable. However Alec guinness comes on with a Jacob Marley who is so Limp waisted and effete that he looks like a refugee Are among the most forgettable this year. Leslie Bricusse the songs is also responsible for the screenplay y Here Scrooge Falls Down. The occasional lines from the original Story stand out in Sharp con Trast to the Bricusse dialogue. It almost makes one wish write from the boys in the band. It May be Art. But it just was t the Christmas Carol. On the plus Side Kenneth More is the very epitome of the ghost of Christmas present. He not Only looks the part he con Veys the whole spirit of jollity and Good will. Granted the makers of Scrooge were after the spirit of the original Story and were not Content to do it As others had done before. They have stretched shoved condensed and manipulated As they saw fit in order to give audiences something familiar yet new. The atmosphere is similar to that of Oliver the most effective musical adaptation of an other Dickens tale. Once More there Are the teeming London treets of More than Century ago the urchins the beggars he tradesmen. As in Oliver hese people occasionally burst Rito song and carefully Chorro i the advertisements urge graphed dance. J parents to bring their children. In Oliver it worked splendid it is a family show several cuts above the usual children s fare. But if this film Ever gets to television Christmas won t awards for outstanding ser vice in delivering the free press now Are a father and son tradition for the Cox family of 498 Oakland Avenue East Kil Donsa. V Barry Cox 14, a Grade 9 student at the chief pegu is school has been presented with a wrist watch for three years of outstanding delivery service on his Carrier route a feat accomplished by his father 27 j years earlier. J Harold William Bill the proud father of a Young boy who has accumulated to wards his first years University tuition still wears the same Gold watch. As history repeated itself for 638 Sherburn Street Erwin Kule 815 Manahan Brent Frandsen 1595 Regent Avenue Murray Mcdonald 840 Talbot Avenue Jim Rogoski 11 Donegal Bay Campbell Stephenson 950 Simpson Avenue Bruce Garner 184 Sterling Avenue Bruce Becker 82 Weaver Bay Grant Mohr 1053 St. Mary s Road Phi town Send i Watson Crescent John town Encl 6 Watson Crescent Grant Buchko 758 Lansdowne Avenue. Michael Mickoski 1226 Church Avenue Glenn Deley 912 Sinclair Street Kenneth Deley 912 Sinclair Street Gary Schade 18 Lea cock Avenue Lloyd Gra Hame 633 Warsaw Avenue Chester Tomzak 831 Mcmillan Jacob Van Leewen 1977 Henderson High Way Wayn Klippensteen 2531 Henderson Highway Richard Schmidt 3383 Henri e r s o n Highway Randy sulkers 363 Hoddinott Road Jim Mcdonald 1103 Warsaw Avenue Randy Schollenberg 713 Kildare Avenue w. Who wrote the family it was also a Dickens were around to for films. No matter what the faults somehow a certain feeling sur Vives. Finney has a Fine Lime with Scrooge snarling whiny ski Flinty and eventually senti mental. He puts his own stamp on the role and once again displays his virtuosity. Lawrence Naismith gives a Fine performance As Bob crat repeat for Doug Nicholson the circulation manager who As District manager. In 1943 made the award to or. Cox. Or. Cox. Who delivered papers until he was 15, received the award for outstanding ser vice to his customers on Gar Field Street Between notre Dame and Sargent avenues. N o w audit supervisor for great West life Assurance co., or. Cox admits he was t As diligent in saving Money As his son now is. I m guiding him a bit differently so he will be More responsible in handling his said or. Cox. Barry said he keeps from chit and Kenneth More As Al j what he earns ready noted is Superb. Tiny Tim is played by one of those Beautiful youngsters whom one does t quite believe is real. Y. In Scrooge it works partial y. The dancing arranged by o r in e r Winnipeg Jer Paddy Stone is suitably Lusty and energetic. The songs however be Christmas Sim. Without Alistair review by Abilene f owl film misses Mark it s sometime difficult to Dis in the film. Streisand digs her out. As she explains in the film cover Why a film acted by com feline claws into the part As if All you have to do is think she were born to it. She sings not a note and it does t mat Ter. The girl really can act and forget the business that she is delivering papers to 46 Homes in the area of Oakland and m c l e o d avenues Between i Roch and role say streets. I in addition to his paper route. He baby sits shovels Snow and undertakes other Odd jobs. I keep a portion of what i make and Bank the rest it s the same with the other Odd i said Barry. I satisfied with his Progress in i school Barry explained he j does t require much time at i Home for studying since most of j this can be accomplished while i still at school. Active in sports mainly hoc key with a Strong interest in playing football when he is promoted into senior High school. Barry still does t know he will follow in like father like son. Sharing the Best of times together Barry Cox 14, of 498 Oakland Avenue East Kildonan compares his Wristwatch presented saturday with one his father Centre was awarded 27 years ago. The award was made by Doug Nicholson circulation manager the Man who presented Harold William Bill Cox with the similar award in 1943. Scientists create test tube memory pc tent performers and written by one of the Best wits in the business fails to hit the Mark. With the owl and the Pussy cat at Garrick Cinema one it May be strictly a matter of taste. Owl. Like a Good Many films in town excluding the specifically made for Chi Wren Christ Mas goodies contains enough Raunchy dialogue to Send Mani Toba highways minister Joe Borowski Rushing to the censorship Board with a scissors clenched Between his Teeth. It even contains the publicized first nude scene barbra Streisand though that an ugly female Etc. Etc. Which the fan magazines like to Point theft of pants nets jail for Man 47 Beautiful. The measure of her Success is seen when one recalls the Dia Logue later. Some of the stuff is abominable yet when Streisand talks about her experiences it sounds like so Many girlish adventures. George Segal is even better. For some reason this remark Able actor has never caught on with the same intensity As Elliott Gould for example de spite the fact that he s every bit As talented and his main plan for College at present involves saving for his second year tuition fees. Other carriers presented with watches were Geo pc Laferricre. 400 Bannatyne Avenue John mike.15 69 d a g m a r Street Raymond Morgan. 812 Home Street Ecret Mathew. 813 Arling i Houston. Tex. Renter scientists at Baylor College of i Medicine said saturday Thev by in the treatment of certain types of mental retardation senility and brain defects he said. Ultimately it could have have created memory in a test we Der implications. First vow have to identify a few dozen of these words before you can even Start think ing of the grammar the syntax and the vocabulary of this Ian Elgin Avenue Denis Sutton. 889 Home tube for the first time a breakthrough they said could rival in importance the discovery of the secrets of heredity. Or. George Ungar. Said he has isolated a chemical which represents fear of darkness. He it As the first step in the Complex chemical chemical code word to have been identified. I mean by code word there is. A system of Sig where the action is highly j no fixed address was sentenced Book clerk As aspiring novelist enc of j to two months in jail thursday is a Gem for what it is. J 71 h that i he Anne Affa in the if he appeared in Winnipeg the problem with both parts is strictly a matter of whether j guilty to a charge of theft. And this is essentially a two a naked Back does something Crown counsel Phillip character film is their Lack for your libido. All of this May annoy or. Borowski and perhaps someone should Tell him to stay away. As for the rest of us it s really not that bad. But Good either. The Story concerns the encounter of a frustrated would be novelist he likes to write about the sub spitting morn ing i his characters faces Hraf Vabie Schachter told court that Wylie of they Are presented to had stolen two pairs of pants is As accomplished facts and wednesday valued at in k is actors do their Best from Eaton s so he com sell Are trapped. Them and buy a Case of Beer i seems to lie i the it in t that Wylie who said he had been play. Buck Henry who residing at the salvation army j the screenplay for catch 175 Logan Avenue has been i j22 the owl script in Winnipeg intermittently Lor w catch-22, Joseph Heller s Bril years. I giant and biting novel was an Street John Emil Weretyk. 78 Ethelbert Street David Cupric. 452 Dominion Street Garry my 225 Sherburn s treet Leo Ahuad. Horace Street Bertrand Daudet. 453 Horace Street Melvin pros 68 Rossmery cres cent Dennis Ness. The chemical called so to phobia. Was extracted from i the brains of rats which had been trained by electric shocks to reverse their reaction i and shun the dark. Injected into untrained rats and Inoima ily prefer a dark place Over a lighted makes them too fear dark the brain seems to be a sys tem of signals what we Call the neural code into which All in formation has to be converted be processed by the Are t it Bice the plot frown love Story play is elsewhere in tie City. Of cute play Nulf Antty 568 do Robin Avenue Tim Logan. 580 Green Avenue. Garth Walbridge. 401 Stella Yoa re staying at the right fam chm pad for j Avenue Rondald Castle. 454 place for a drinking prob i Henry. Here Henry injects Civ Sauer Street Richard Davi tem if you win reach Tat can t disguise the Duik. 394 Cathedral Avenue Ross Campbell x 2s2 Motif its a Over one a j am Avenue Robert us proficiency of the of the production bet something is code but it is based on the same Scoto Bobin is a fragment of a a sequence of 10 ammo acids. A peptides and proteins r when this chemical memory has been virtually duplicated in a Laboratory at Houston University a said the first batches of Are made no of combinations of synthetic Scoto phobia were Frac the 39 existing ammo Tina fit different from Ibe Natu ral product of the rats brains ,-547 Centennial Maired to ind acc of acids which or Ungar save can to regarded As the letters of a result higher doses alphabet. Lox Dox a Maurice wrong. Fowl do Lawra Yaslin 5. Iks Satt Niay m wet Het. Fbri1css s t r c c Street waiter Fie 5 cd or. 412 Michael Start or. Ungar said in a Rmer sat Lay memory is the of a pet pfc is cart armed m the be Wace o its amino Ackfer. He or. Mujar face fives toe fewer he is g face my the free press Winnipeg want ads Thoni today appears Tom Oiw phone 943-9331 acc

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