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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 26, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaTelevision Winnipeg free press saturday december 26, to new Leisure by Marilyn Beck James Mason who s been holed up in Vevay Switzerland finishing the script for the Bishop s move film sends word he s told heiress Jacky Hutton to stay away. No lovers feud Between them i m assured. It s just that James decided Jacky provided too great a distraction for a Guy with copy to Complete. Which is a shame in a Way. That Swiss chalet Mason bought with some of his earnings from night visitors and the age of consent his first production Effort is the perfect romantic hideaway. Harry Belafonte and Eloise Laws Eren t hitting it off very smoothly to say the least. Which is Why they won t be hit Ting the Road together anymore. Eliose says Shell finish her current opening act commitment with Harry at the Westbury music fair in Long Island but won t go on to Complete the rest of the Belafonte tour. I m told Eloise has t been Happy with the material Harry insists that she sing. Soaper fans should be glad to know super things Are happening for Heather North of Abc s Days of our lives. She and her producer Boss Yves Kenney Are tying the knot. Joof Happy someone at the department of motor vehicles evidently decided to do Bing Crosby a favor. The letters on his Rolls Royce licence plate spell out big. Which does t make the crooner All that Happs i understand. He d just As soon not everyone in his Hillsboro Section of Northern California know Ever time he s coming and going. Reports out of los vegas grow stronger that Don Rickles won t renew Jas Jong standing pact with the Sahara hotel when it comes up for renewal. An that time Don Adams has been a voting to to development projects at this Universal office is finally paying off. In s scheduled to shoot the detectives this month with Godfrey Cam Bridge As co Star. And what about Oil that Taik last season. Don that you wanted to veer away from acting chores you think you be got problems Well life in t always so easy for those elves make Board games either. The company which produced the tiny Tim game last year thought they had a Roal Winner on their hands. But de Parker of Parker by others complains. Us tiny s popularity declined so did the Sale on the Parker has had 10 loom inc hard Way that you can t always depend on Holly Wood. Their Mary Poppins was a big seller but goodbye. Or. Chips was a sad affair at toy shops. Which should t be that big a Surprise. Or. Chips did t fare very Voll at the theatres either. Three Ifon Ilij never know it to look at Man from Shiloh Lee majors thai Fco s Ever had a sick Day in his life. He reminds me though that when he was a sunning Back at Eastern Kentucky state during College Days he suffered a foot Ball injury that left him paralysed from the Waist Down for three months. It or not he says. J was recovered enough to play again a car i believe it. Lee was even drafted later by the St. Louis cardinals but decided acting action was More his Ever wonder what happened to the actors from the our gang come Dies which later became a to daytime Staple during video s Early Days Eugene Jackson pineapple from that old gang gives me the rundown on some of the others. Lind one of the Early gang members is writing a Book about Jackson reveals. Sandy Mcfarland i believe is in Texas and Darla Hood is a nightclub he s lost track of buckwheat Thomas Dickie Moore and Mickey Daniels. Of course Jackie Cooper and Johnny Downs Are still As for Jackson he s never Given up trying to make a living in the Hollywood Mill. You probably did t recognize him but he had a Small role in night Chase the lbs Friday night movie which aired nov. 20. Connie Francis asks me to pass some news on to any robber types in puerto Rico who might be looking for Ward to her visit next month she won t be carting any of her real jewels along just some fancy looking copies of the real stuff. Connie had a costly ring snatched right off her Finger when she was in that Caribbean Paradise earlier this year. She has decided not to take any More chances. From the stories she tells one wonders Why she has t developed Sec Ond thoughts about travel in general. She s been on a Jet that was delayed on Takeoff More than four hours while Connie and her fellow passengers were interrogated by police to find out who if any among them was the Looney who had threatened to blow up the plane. She s been put under House arrest in South Africa charged with assault and Battery after As she tells it i gave a push to this thief of a promoter who was in charge of our tour there and would t pay half the and she s still Persona non grata in Mexico banned for the last four years since fleeing that country without pass port or work card and without fulfilling a nightclub engagement. Enough trouble was going to hang she evening Wear Rived a terrible earthquake struck. The City was in shambles buildings were in flames. I ran from my hotel room in my Nightgown and Mink coat got a ride in an ambulance to the Airport and slipped an airline employee a few dollars to let me on a plane bound for Home. Who could think about details like passports or a nightclub appearance at a time like that c just wanted if you re keeping up or. The continuing Saga of Dean and Jeanne Martin scratch their latest reconciliation. Dean is Back at the romantic fun and games again with one of the Chickies on his show. I understand he s getting a trifle uptight though Over her suggestions that she d make a groovy mrs. Martin. If Dean wanted to be married he could go Home again. As it is the Bachelor life is costing him a Fortune. One film land observer reports that a few months Back he signed a year s lease on month apartment for Kathy hawn who was number one Gal on his string a few months Back. Tiny Sinatra wants the world even Bob Wagner to step referring to her As Tina. She s an grown of new prefers the name Christina. Wildlife country on Csc network outdoors Man Bushman adventurer conservationist these Are but a few of the terms used to describer Tommy Tompkins who spends much of his life travelling through the wilds of Northern British Columbia the Yukon and the Northwest territories in a ceaseless search for wildlife. Tompkins is not a Hunter All his shooting is done with a camera and results of his Hunts will be presented in a special series on animal life in the Canad an North on Csc to beginning Jan. 6. Entitled Tommy Tompkins wildlife country the 13 part series documents the self styled explorer s unique Way of life in the deep Bushland of Canada s Northern forests and his relationship with the Birds and animals he encounters during his explorations. Tompkins and Ray Hazzan executive producer of the series have prepared the programs in sequel to the High by acclaimed Csc special Tommy Tompkins Bushman telecast twice during 1970. Special filming by the Csc will show How Tompkins travels sets up Camp finds food and relates to the wild residents of the isolated wilderness he explores often As the first person to set foot in those regions in years. Each year in the Spring Tompkins is flown into the Bush and sets off on his own with a few pounds of food a camera and a Rifle for Protection. Until october he lives on Small game and wanders in the wilderness befriending animals and then approaching them with his camera. His film footage on such As Mountain sheep goats elks Griz Zly bears and other denizens of the Forest has provided valuable documentary on Many species now endangered by extinction. Tompkins describes his life As that of a Man who travels alone and does what he wants to and his is a moving plea for increased conservation of our fast vanishing wildlife. He feels that our North lands have become literally the last pasture for species increasingly destroyed by Man As technology constantly reduces the wilderness. What s there now won t exist any More come the next he comments and adds that while he feels it is too late for this generation the Success or failure of conservation lies with the next generation provided it is made to realize what its responsibility to in my. You owe me one honeymoon if the onslaught of Winter s Grey skies and wet wind Are beginning to get you Down it s time to take a vacation to friendlier climates. And Why not take advantage of a free Holiday to eight different countries All at the expense of the Csc dec. 29, on the Csc to network a one hour color special. You owe me one honeymoon will offer viewers Light musical trip to Germany Poland Italy the Ukraine. Spain. Israel Yugoslavia and Mexico. The one hour color special is produced by Mario prize. And features a Bright array of singers and actors As they musically traverse their Way around the continents. Comics Barbara Hamilton Mike Magee and Paul Kligman do the travelling in a running sketch sub titled around the world on eighty cents. Musical numbers will be offered by the following folksinger and guitarist Malka Angela Antonelli Lesia Zubrack Barbara Gryfe Edita Symock the Paula Moreno dancers the ukrainian Kalyna dancers and the St. Stanislaus polish dance group. Ivan Romano i and his chorus and orchestra will add their usual ethnic background to the music. The Light comedy sketches of Barbara Mike and Paul intersperse the wide variety of musical selections include the following Adelita and Al Cascabel Gural dance Gli and Occhi mini and Luieda Natacha atcha and Tamo Dalenko Sev Shianas Jota and flamenco dancing the Oak tree and on Silvery wings raindrops whistling cossacks and ves Yanka the in Prater own we Jer die biome and Hof Brau Hans

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