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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Dec 25 1914, Page 6

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 25, 1914, Winnipeg, Manitoba Editorial Section Fott pages 7 to 12 wino peo Friday december 25,1914. Published every Day except sunday by the Manitoba company. Limited at their offices .500-302-304-305 Carlton i rest Winnipeg Manitoba. B. H. Macklin Pras Leiu i and general manager. Telephone Calls. Main 6340 private Branch Exchange connecting ail departments Day and night Eun Duya and Public holidays. 1 West us a e Mvusi face it tooth courage and go Forward. The note for today is not merriment and happiness but courage and thankfulness courage to meet the demands of Fate and thankfulness that this great and unexampled test has found this generation worthy of its great inherit Ance of Freedom called upon to meet Ane it. An Issue thought to have been settled beyond All possibility of re opening by their forefathers the men of today have not faltered putting aside All their ambitions and desires they have become the champions on the Field of Battle of the principles of Freedom self government and inter National morality which have been so Freedom of Trade Liberty in religion savagely challenged by the military Equality in civil rights. Caste of Prussia. Relying upon their vast armies and the. Mechanical Perfec Friday december 25, 1914 j Ion of their organization the mar lords have planned to destroy he world s c Milcas of Declerque 800 wallers Vav York of be Louis Klebahn 306. No. 34th Street. Eastern Canada representative de Emir a. Guy life building. To Ronto. Ensyl a represent a Tiv a f. A. Large. 23 Ludgate Hill London k. C. Kaki Sterett at the general Post of face London. England for transmission the malls in postal rates. The Brit ish Isles at Inland Christmas 1.914. The Christmas of 9\ 4cannot be a merry Christmas. The world lies in the Shadow of the greatest War Ever known. Ten million men Are armed for conflict under the warring banners half this number arc actually in Mur Freedom thereby bringing into play j against Terji those imponderable moral forces that in the last analysis decide the Fate of motions. To the British Peoples allies has been Given the task of vindicating in the face of the armed millions of , the moral Law of the universe and Derous conflict on two immense Battle Fields. There have been murder Battle and sudden death in every continent North America excepted. Every race every color every religion has its representatives on the Battle front. On land three million men have suffered from the War one fifth of them dead establishing on the Field of Battle the truth that in the Lorig run right makes might. During this Christmas season we must think not of happiness but of duty not of peace but of War not of family but of bitter part jugs let us cherish the Hope that out of this bitter evil Good May come Mountain Trail with a new testament researcher who h id gone to the sources and who knew these big Gerthan. I asked questions end he talked straight ahead even when jumping through mus Keg. But at the Caine fire that night he spun Good yarns for the entertainment of the party and the next Day he climbed his first Snow Mountain mount Aberdeen. Professor Deissmann pays warm Tri Bute to his greek and russian colleagues and also to roman Catholic investigation which in Germany stands just now in an of he declares the new testament to be the Book of books no in the world not even scientific Power criticism can eve r destroy it. In one place he refers drily to the gymnastic. Exercise of assaulting the. Historicity of the Bookman. The salvation army an the poor twice As Many More crippled the re mat this Wcur unlike the great conflicts minder injured and ill at sea by Slidell fire by mines by torpedoes a Hundred warships have been sunk and at least nine thousand men have been drowned. The figures in comparison with the casualties on land Are almost contemptible but they Are the equivalent of five disasters like that of the titanic which less than three years ago moved the world to a passion of sympathy and sorrow. Such Are the ramifications of this unexampled that there is hardly a family in creat Britain France Austria Germany european Russia which has not already experienced the Shock of War by the killing or wounding of at least one of its members. The Cable s bring if news of whole families on the Rhale Side. Out. We. In Canada that our baptism of fire is Ai Rland we too shall if tto the exaltation arid the agony of sacrifice. Over jail the War ring nations there is a deepening pall what has been inconceivable As it is is but the prelude to what is to come. All the achievements of science hailed As gifts to the great arts of peace Are being put to hellish uses. Wireless telegraphy the pre Lector of. Human life on f he seas has become the Agency that betrays the Quarry Io-1 its destroyer. The airman glorying in his Conquest of the air has become the cannons guide finding its human tar gets for the Shell of shrapnel when he does not himself launch ruin and death from the Clouds. Motor transport has seeded up tenfold the business of daughter. The adaptation of a popular toy has made the torpedo almost a sentient thing Hunting its prey through Miles of sea and without warning de livering to the mightiest ship its death blow. There Are guns that shoot farther and quicker than Ever before and new explosives that rend and destroy steel Concrete As though it were Brown paper. The Telephone outstrips a Hun dred couriers and in an instant of time orders ten thousand men to their death. This War is being waged by the nation primarily responsible for it in a spirit which has no parallel in modern times. The world has watched in amazed horror the re emergence of the primitive fighting Man with his lust to kill his Blind Faith in his tribal gods his Confidence in his right to put alien races to the sword and spoil their pos sessions. In Belgium the German army has lived up to the letter of the instructions in the official War manual which declares that " a War conducted with " Energy cannot be confined to attack ing the combatants of the enemy and its fortifications it must at the same time be directed to the destruction of " the whole of its intellectual and material this is the seed which has borne fruit in devastated Belgium in the sacking of cities the massacring of civilians and the out raging of women creating spectacles which have chilled the heart of Man. With the world thus engaged in this dance macabre the conventional Christmas of custom and literature is beyond the reach of Man. We could not if we would invoke the traditional adjuncts of jollity and merriment. We cannot forget even for a Day what that deadly conf it upon the Plains of Europe Means to us and to our country. Indeed our own comforts and the Happy faces of the children must is to a Fuller realization of the con Trast Between our Well ordered Homes and the desolate deadly trenches in which Gallant men \ Are making bul a of their breasts to keep out from or land the tide of elemental Ruih acis death carrying r savagery which Nas submerged Belgium. And North Eastern France. And in How Many Homes the vacant chair of the absent one Mill Mark the Day with a special solemnity what a Gulf Between to Day and the Christmas of a year ago Tith its Light hearted gift bringing and tacit acceptance of the peaceful conditions of life As something fixed far above the possibilities of change and Nhat of the Christmas of 1915 p but of the past will not Breed new wars but will awaken the world to the Folly and wickedness of what has passed for the Wisdom of men. The cynic has said that this Wei has bankrupted christianity. It has beyond doubt put the organized churches of the warring nations o the proof but As for the teachings of Christ it has but revealed a How Little they Are regarded by those who profess his name and Bend the knee to him in seeming submission. " peace on Earth Goodwill to has been All Down the Ages a Mere hollow formula when the Christian churches really believe in it and live up to it refusing to remain longer repositories. F o r racial and National hatreds and prejudices there will Dawn a Christmas which will not find the nations either awaiting the signal for killing one another or actually engaged in late wit i the bless Ings of the priests upon their endeavours. Christ is the a fince of peace but alien shall he come Mio his kingdom a charitable work which might Well receive today the encouragement and support of the Roplo of Winnipeg is that carried of by the salvation army for the purpose of bringing a gleam of happiness into the live. Of those who find it necessary to look for sympathy and assistance at this time of the year. The demands upon the salvation Arney Are this year exceptionally heavy. Are sending out some-2jgoo Christmas cheer to poor people an in crease of nearly �5 per cent. On the figures of last Yar. At the Christmas _ dinner to be Given today in Manitoba 1 Hall one thousand meals will be served As compared with 600 a year ago. Considering business conditions in the Community the support Given to the Sal vat Lon army for these services. By the e Public is generous. The pots along the streets have been kept i boiling for. The past few Days l a. The Bills and coins thrown in by charitable passers by and there have been other contributions but though the amount thus collected is somewhat larger than that secured last year it is relatively less in keeping with the demands for help which the association is trying to meet. Winnipeg citizens who desire to Sweet ii their Conj Intra is by the thought that they have made the Day brighter for a Reader s notes boots arc a. Finer world within the world less fortunate the salvation army their make Ler with the certainty that the Money thus entrusted to them will be wisely is still time for All who wish to take part since the army s collections today will be employed immediately in alleviating distress and spreading Good cheer among those who need a helping hand. Report of penitentiaries commission. 1 to the editor of the free press. Sir the first treatise Ever published our country of Canada on the humane treatment of human beings has appeared this year. This pamphlet is the report of the commission on penitentiaries his majesty s printers Ottawa obtainable free f charge. Elioso of us who take note of Public responsibilities were startled Early in this year to read of such cruelties in King Sto prison As hosing a prisoner at to its. Pressure for the offence not proved of singing in his cell on old year night this causing paralysis and As that of strapping a Man into a cold water tub until unconscious. That such things not Only occurred but. Are part of the corrupt system is evidenced by the specially constructed hosing cell and by the ample testimony found Iby the Royal commissioners. This hosing was said to be in some ways less terrible torture than the cat lashes yet the commissioners re Mark As a disciplinary Agency it should be ranked with the rack and the thumb screw cruel and the insane of whom there Are Between forty and fifty recognized As such Are not always exempt from of punishment. And. One Man after being in ind out of than once nil continually s_ub3ecjedv-to solitary Cor Fine peace in his ocl religion and she suggests a new religion that will bring Leace. What kind of peace does mrs. Spitzer mean is it the kind of peace we now find in Europe is it True that Only one Brand of religion brings peace and All others Ijo not if so Why All his warring amongst european Christ an nations Why then offer the jew something that you Haven t yourselves i will Grant mrs. Spitzer that the jew who comes Here from Europe does find a different spirit i of christianity in this and which results in his becoming bet or acquainted with his neighbor s re Ilion and respecting him More. And for this reason we find the jew and the Christian of this free land respecting and understanding each other. I am sure or. Editor we have the sympathy of lie intelligent Christian and he will Liftee with. Me that to at tempt to convert a jew to a new Faith is a needless and useless labor and that the time and Money expended could be utilized particularly at this thine for a higher and better purpose. ". Israel. Toss car. Winnipeg Pec. 17. Or ent and. Flo out to be an s g s y r. ,. fact which should have been observed by any but utterly careless officials when he was first condemned. The description Page 14 of the place at Kingston prison called the Hospital is like a Page from history of several centuries ago. But every sen tence of this instructive Book is Worth car fill Liat through knowledge and Public spirit every Canadian person May Nife la True reformatory instead of a d a of Seq rim ti6ri and the commissioner have to tier work most efficiently. The Public should see to it that the recommendations of the commissioners ire adopted without delay. Kelowna b.c., dec. 13. D. F. Verh. Re proposed inebriated Home. I end people Nave Ciao or Fellows or the baser sort and loud the inconvenience to Wincn Ami bigphemou8 their jests and there. Is nothing like scientific re search among. New testament sources for friendships at first sight Catholic or protestant. Russian or German or French or English it matters not. The Bond is be invented at a moment s notices says . Adolf Deissmann the scholar a rac3r and gossipy paper Iri the constructive quarterly that is As racy and gossipy As a German new testament savant could possibly be. The article was promised in november1d13, and written in the Spring of 1914. After consulting or. Harnack the author of it agreed to its publication As if nothing had happened. And both of them were in the famous group that made the absurd and not very ingenious defence of German aggression if that too mild expression is permitted. By the Way sir Robertson Nicoll puts professor Erick in on a level with Martin Farquhar Tup per for commonplace Nessi Well silly old Tupper used to put himself on a level with Shakespeare which is one Point behind Bernard Shaw in colossal conceit. Towards the end of his life Tup per was visiting in the Highlands and a certain circumstance which i forget necessitated his walking a mile or so with his own impediments. However he transferred the Burden an Ordinary grip of our Day As to size to a. Boy who trudged along beside him. At the end of the journey Tupper told the lad that for the rest of his life he could boast that he once carried a travelling bag for Martin Farquhar Tupper. The reply does not belong to the Story. I la warrant it was a shrewd one. I have never confessed it before but Tupper was a Button Hole relative of mine and i was brought up to believe him some when 1 was a child a great Uncle went to see him accompanied by a compatriot the cards were sent in and the poets first words to his Visi tors were now let me Tell for myself which is or. Tupper and he put out his hand to the right Man. But i am worlds and worlds away from Deiss Mann when mentioning Tupper. The nearest thing to pure enjoyment in this life is scientific research in the interest of the new testament. So closely Are the cords of Friendship drawn that every item of definite knowledge wrought out by one is shared with All and received in a Mutual spirit of Devotion because it concerns the same new testament dear to All we get some idea of the hugeness and complexity of the occupation from a glimpse into a single workroom with its outgoing and incoming mail. Every investigator s study is a microcosm of modern then there is the Field work which has widened enormously allowing archaeological research in countries once closed to the investigator. And now the specialists one and All can make re searches on the. Very ground instead of through books. Or. Deissmann says that doubtless excursions will become com Mon for first hand study on new Testa ment ground for instance on the ruins of Ephesus americans swedes germans and frenchmen jesuits and lutherans will shake hands with each and so on. It is one of the richest of experiences when in the Hast on the stage of our holy history men become acquainted with colleagues hitherto known Only in a literary Way. They become intimate friends at a moment s notice. A Lively interchange of ideas begins and we smilingly com pare the mental picture we have made of our colleague from Reading his books with his actual appearance. In place of the Pale and crazy fanatic with his strange and exaggerated hypothesis there stands beside his horse peeling a Jaffa Orange a weather browned kindly looking Man whether Catholic or pro Testant it matters not to us. The Joy in that which is sacred to us both shines not in vain. To Tho so who lived from German sub marines in the North sea struck "t5 which a music Lover s ear exper Lenca after hearing some of the world s greatest virtuosos and orchestral conductors. If he had written after spending a Day t the Law courts or after witnessing the Ord mayor s show or the opening of parliament or to turn to the material Ide of London had he visited the great markets of Smithfield. Covent Garden and Billingsgate seen the Empire s wealth Ting Unladen at the Dadeks or had he turned to the Stock Exchange the Royal change or the Baltic Grain Exchange b would have surely told us a Story of Condon s greatness which would eclipse he Petty meanness of a life in a Quarter which after All constitutes but a phase if the life of the world s greatest City. A. A. must also know that the lass of vice which seems to have created of deep an impression upon him is less n evidence in London than in any other of the world s Large cities and i think t hardly fair to condemn so lightly the capital of the Empire by such a lurid and distorted description of what is after All but a foreign slum. Mrs a m account of being turned out of the cars n very severe weather. No alternative is left to the passengers but to step out in the cold and i have seen women with babes in arms exposed to the same inconvenience. One family was compelled to go into a neighbouring House and thaw the North l h is been exposed to he people in other parts have been subjected of having the cars run by them when they had already been standing from ten to fifteen minutes. At Selkirk Avenue on two successive nights Accord ing to my own observations men who had been waiting from seven to even fifteen had the pleasure of seeing two cars one a Charles and the other a Deer Lodge run by and the thermometer at the time was not less than ten below Ero. It seems As though Public sent nent had no serious effect on the Street railway policy in this City and that com plaints Are considered a matter of course even though they Are based on serious facts. It is a pitiable thing that at this time of the year the Public which have no other recourse but to ride on the cars Are not treated with fair Courtesy by a company that is drawing lucrative Revenue from the pockets of the citizens. Thomas a. Bagshaw. Winnipeg dec._23. A. C. writes it is going to take a whole lot More than those excuse talks to convince the people of Selkirk Avenue that the company is giving them anything approaching a Good service and if nothing is done to remedy it it will be up to the railway commission. I suppose that the e traffic magnates will answer that the Deer Lodge cars Are especially subject to delay owing Totne Railroad crossing at St. James. Then Why on Earth do they supplement them with the St. Charles cars which Ara equally subject to delay or Why., do they not run both lines Down say main Street North where of Iii to the other lines the delays would not be so noticeable. I was just delighted the other Day with the delicious dry humor of the manager of the Road. I can t help think no he has scotch Blooml in his veins when he makes an imaginary passenger say How Stuffy these cars Are it Toter Soniot for Christma 1914. At even in the Village Green there of their kind. � Drew alter the crowd manner laughter a Little in lid came dear and Ere the knew stood in their midst. Their Heads in silence Bowe jests. Blasphemy forgot and spirits Cowes. They turned away a sobered she me feed Crew keep drink the vandals of a. Poisonous Creea or Force and lies of hatred for the to the fraud. These de their greed. Lips in cruelty idols insolence and and sow comes the Christmas an i. May a they see pc cleaner and Jod. A sweeter Faith in Winnipeg dec. 22, 1914. Christmas in Tim of War. Bernard Mcevoy that far beyond the City s r a Sod Belfry were the run Erb group beneath the silent would almost remind him of those boy = Lood Days when he made the excuse j no Grant. He Middle of Winter that Liis father had ont. ploughing and he still got the-licking.,. .,.,. I must apologize for taking up so a reply to mrs. Spitzer. To Faa editor of the free press. to Taco vera.few.,of the raised by mrs. Lugo a pitied in her address to the s Council As reported in your paper under Date of Lith inst. The pious old fashioned. Jew she says is a moral and righteous Man and might be left alone,.hairing., enough religion. I Trust she will abide by this. What mrs. Seltzer seemed to be Wor ried Over is the reformed. Jew of " formed As she saw fit to put it As w As the socialist and atheist jew. Why should particular exception be taken to the socialistic arid atheistic jew have not christians recruited the ranks of these bodies far More proportionately than the jew. Tho jews of this class Are the product of the progressive literature o f Urtha Day and we. Feel quite proud of them. And whatever they May hold As individual b beliefs the fact remains that they have riot deserted the jewish Camp was it not a German Jefat fun socialist Herr Liebknecht i who. Atone in the Ger Man Rei Stagat rules Jyl stood omit land refused to vote icy ranijr.furtber4 Money Grant to. Conj Tahti Elliis if Tieful european War Wylie the in " i of the Tierica party who largely represented in the Reich Stag , for this As to the reformed jew lecturing on Christ and singling1 Sankey a hymns anything in the name of Good music i just As delightful to. The jew As tin Christian and Why should he not enjoy Sankey s music As Well As the Chris Tian does Mendelssohn a a jews mrs. Spitzer divides us into four Dif Ferent classes i will add a few mor classes. There Are besides the orthodox reformed socialist and atheist the zionists and territorial lists but All Are jews and still stay by their own race How absurd it is to say that the jew Are divided. The jew lives in Christian lands. A Hommedal lands amongst the buddhists amongst the Heathen but Al Down through the centuries wherever you find him you jul find. The same of Bible with the jew practising the mosaic Laws and the Laws Given him on the mount of Sinai. Are there not sufficient creeds Amon the Christian people that possibly need uniting before attempting the task o uniting the jew there Are methodists presbyterians. Congregationalists. Baptists unitarians roman catholics an much of your space but-1 almost feel � stood there weeping. Then Behoc ads wearing the Belle of yuletide yet to shall dread War affright thrice Diest Are they who die that this May be. Who Are that right and Freedom . We celebrate their glory and Vancouver b.c., Deo is 1�14. Chris thai Bells 1914. By Austin Doboe in Colu is what do your Clear Bells Rin to mein this glad hour of Jubilee not Joy alone. I. Sta instead of Many Adl so Anahy dead so Many who but yesterday went out ,.to the fray living up All that they could rive to night for sooth for right to Jfe was before them larger scope space for the future a boundless hone now they lie Stark Aad cold in the ruthless game of War. 1 Tilory and Power Honor ease. What Are All those today to these what Are their laurels now they lie jelled in the trenches three feet High this surely that to duty s fall. They answered nobly each and All this also that their blood is seed or Bonds a loosed for nations freed not less your peal of Bells to me All veins Deeptha fever through was

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