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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 22, 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba14 Winnipeg free press tuesday dece Hier 22, 1970 six Here hold tickets Dublin up the six m a n i t o b a holders of tickets drawn monday in the Irish hos p tals Sweepstake Are All greater Winnipeg residents. The Day they re waiting for is next monday when the sweeps hurdles will take place. The list of Manitoba ticket holders includes each horse s name ticket number the Holder s name or Nom de plume his Home town where Avail Able. They include Hunter s treasure Van 65177, d. Graves Winnipeg Gle Carrig lady Vyp 63799, Farmers Winnipeg Lakeshore drive was 67753, old Scot Winnipeg main Hill War 63482, Molicy Transcona per Sian velvet Vyp 65272, Murr Mare Winnipeg Vicroy War 64471, Busty Winnipeg. Other Western Canada ticket holders include irishman Vuk 53805 swoosh Calgary. Jolly mid night Young sask. Wal 54220 Green Hornet Calgary Odb 53077, be mine Gibbons Alta. Vek 66151, Buster Saskatoon. Coral diver Var 68263, Aaron Calgary Wenj 65432, Fly now Vancouver. Crespino Vic 59086, Gloria Brezovski Valley View Alta. French 64821, Skippy Calgary vim 64134, Bonito Vancouver. Polynesian Prince Wnm 646567, first time Lucky Lake sask. At East via 09093, come to me Vancouver. Big Valley vet 66656, Lake Meota sask. Bald 68662, Snow Ball Athabasca Alta. Wet 64344, Bradley boy sur Rey . Boat 60462, Little Joe Morrin Alta. 84489, h Pushie Biggar sask. Vuk 54302, George Trotter Calgary Vic 09029, Dona mar Victoria . Little fizz Vek 66151, Buster Saskatoon. Sask. Bill head Vive 67512, r r Cochrane Jasper Alta. Abb 46200, Nipper it. Cur rent sask. Not listed in Cana Dian Avo Dhu Eck 49941, Winner at last Vancouver Van 68439, Angora Vancouver. Miss 56413, b. J. German. Nelson . Was 66769, rag Okanagan Falls. . Vyp 64412, hum to Vancouver we 54134, subside. Gadsby Alta. Vector Wrd 61679, Exico Tasu . War 55895, i la see Kimberley . Wra 63458, caboose Nelson . 66612, this . Denys a Vennire Wrt 64045, spot. Saskatoon. Sask. Persian War was 65935, Bingo new Westminster . 63952, babe. Merritt . Main Iii Vyp 67566, 2x6 ind better nth Vancouver Frodo under War 65148, Gene o Connor Esterhazy sask. Snipe Day Wop 69175, can t wait. Vancouver wet 67157, something Lucky South Bur Naby . 72714, Monsieur. , . French 61393. Lucky Surrey. . Wop s9639, i. H. Janke Maple Ridge. . Bonne act 66138, Dave new Westminster. . 63655, Nicaragua Regina sask. Hampers going to needy continued mrs. Lois pin i fold executive Secretary of the cheer Board said. So far the total has reached objective is 000. And the Money has been coming from Many sources. T h e students from red River Community College donated the proceeds of their Winter carnival to Talling to the Board a n d m a n y parents report that their children save a Little of their allowance to give. Although it does not appear that the cheer Board will reach its goal for this year every Little bit of Money that comes in will pay off part of the debt. Contributions to the free press Christmas cheer fund can be brought to the classified advertising counter on the ground floor of the free press building or mailed to the free press Christmas cheer fund Winnipeg free press 300 Carlton Street Winnipeg 2. Receipts will be issued for income tax deduction purposes. Here is a list of donors c. Ring w. H. Wise Cathy Bill Judy Gordie Wareham mrs. E. E. Mcmillan or. E. Moray mrs. W. K. Lekehman mrs. T. H. Moore l. Phillips mrs. M. Bridges the e. W. March family s25 m. Mactaggart or. Mrs. S. Catchpole mrs. S. Wei Ford d. Cath s5 mrs. G. Hender son mrs. J. Chimko Mary Lottie Chomiak Joyce m. Mcfarlane mrs. L. J. Mick a c. Craig Manitoba cat club inc., 525 Royal Bank Stock Yards Branch miss e. M. Dickie George Pariseau Dora Dunbar g. M. Rollo Eric Barschel m. Landry Batt Saluki family a. Sibbald Kenneth r. Daviss n. Norman mrs. M. Murray Mcivor mrs. J. Daly ladies of Silver Heights club of Carman or. L. Balcaen h. D. Chur chill w. J. Schoofs i. Rein Hart s. Haagensen miss Ashdown Peggy Platt Ernie Vogt Kenny Epp Rita Neufeld Jonathan Isaak v. Hoch Heim from the students of Princess Margaret school Robert Stewart d. Doerksen Laura Heather Cameron 52 mrs. J. K. R., c. Ulph w. Hicks t. Bias . Robinson mrs. M. J. Bowman j.w., Donna r. Firby r. Peters i. Topping Ralph Mary Berry i. Ander son a. Maclak Frank Todd mrs. H. Crossley g. Graffin l. Baren j. Gauthier h. B. Warner m. Lyons j. K. Hodge i. Kennedy Jane Tsujimoto Catherine How left l. E. Mclennan employees of Cottrell forwarding co., m. Mcdonald n. K. Owner miss c. La ing or. G. Braid Mary Scott f. Grace mrs. M. Watson 55 mrs. M. Bach mrs. D. M. Stanes j. Russel fort Garry big sir Curling club red River chapter order of Demolay b. E. Thomson h. Graham b. Paterson j. Hyde Bert family w. Nicholson j. Zubrycki John m. King school staff j. Ediger or. G. St. Amana m. Wilson e. Johner or. H. Collins h. T. Dahl mrs. Phillips mrs. E. Mayer room 19 heritage school staff of the provincial lab or. M. Newman g. Sharii mrs. P. L. Ashdown or. C. Larman j. Stevens 0 Psi Phi fraternal by staff Fred t. Cadham Public health lab., medical College e. E. Eldred Anonymous today s total previous total total to Date proposed 6ov.t. Boundaries Taiwan journalist arrested As spy Taipei Taiwan special tons the Long bitter struggle Between the chinese communists nationalists has been Replete with its share of turncoat double agents spies. Although legions of Chiani Kai Shek s followers defected when the communists triumphed the nationalists could gloat Over former personal aides of Mao tse Tung serving the nationalist cause in High positions. They also could savor such coups As infiltrating agents onto the Mainland to smuggle out key documents. But last week the smiles in Taiwan faded to pained expressions of embarrassment with the disclosure that a top journalist with High level govern map shows the the new municipal boundaries proposed in the report of the Manitoba local government boundaries commission. Rural merger proposed continued Gamble school wins Toronto up prof. Igor Kuzyszyn s gambling Stu dents have graduated in the chips. The York University professor has conducted an evening course on gambling for the last four months. When he took 19 of his 12 students to the Racetrack on a Field trip recently All who placed bets won Money. One Man made the professor won More than himself total winnings were More than i think this course has made w really realize Kim Ortance of self discipline in successful one student who plays Blackjack end sively said As tace Coone ended last week. The students were All men the majority Middle aged. One a Semi pro with a Wing Arcond in statistics had practically earned his firing from gaming tables for More than 29 years came to of seminar to find my financial Moscow petition Moscow a thirty one Moscow have petitioned the soviet parliament to live up to the in declaration on human rights allow soviet to emigrate to Israel. The petition to the supreme soviet was made available to correspondents today on the eve of the Start of hanukkah. The jewish festival of lights commemorating the Macc bean Victory Over syrian tyranny More than 2.000 years ago. The petition complained that although the soviet Union sub scribes to the in declaration most have been refused exit visas despite the legality of our demands with no sex other jewish informants re ported that the soviet authorities Are changing their tactics toward the who want to emigrate. They said an unknown number of have been granted permission to s i o n those larger amalgamated municipalities with jurisdiction Over a number of local areas including education local roads drainage systems fire Protection recreation garbage disposal to a lesser degree take a share in the responsibility for health social Wel fare. This plan is seen by the com Mission As being similar to the county system that exists in on Tario Many of the states in the United states. Each municipality would have a 20-Man Council with the municipality divided into wards with More or its equal Popula Tion. The regional governments that would be formed under the commission s recommendations would be responsible for some function now under the jurisdiction of the provincial govern ment including part of the health welfare Load regional roads. In addition the regional governments would also be responsible for research planning equal assessment of property within a Region alteration of municipal boundaries within a Region. The regional government Council would be made up of the Reeve of each municipality plus one other municipal councillor so the regional councils would vary in size depending on the number of municipalities incorporated within the Region. The Northern two thirds of the province under the commis Sion s plan would become a separate Region at the same time forming one municipality. It would be called nor Man. This nor Man Region would receive additional financial assistance from the province on a continuing basis in order to provide a reasonable Standard of Basic municipal educational services the report says. No changes Are recommended for the local government districts unincorporated villages towns cities in the nor Man Region. In Southern Manitoba the provincial government would also be asked to establish Grants to in the development of the larger regions. This report is Iri marked con Trast to the commission s earlier report on greater Winnipeg which called for As Little change As possible. Tins report says the comm believes that Radical Fri undercover agent purchased used drugs by Richard t. Cooper Seattle special tons the Young Radical defendants in the Seattle seven trial Are in jail for contempt of court. Their antics in the courtroom leading to tumult caused . Dist judge George h. Boldt to de dare a mistrial dec. 10, on grounds the defendants had prejudiced their rights to a fair trial. The commotion in around the courtroom provided the drama National attention. But hardly less dramatic yet Little noticed was the Testi Mony of a Seattle businessman who worked undercover for the Fri in a unit of the violently Radical Weatherman faction of the students for a democratic society. The witness 33-Yearoh Horace l. Parker testified that during More than a year among the Weatherman other Radi cals he was paid by the Fri acted under its instructions or within its guidelines when he bought five pounds of potassium chlorate a chemical used to ignite Molotov cocktails automatically after the Fri Analysed it tamed the chemical Over to Weatherman. Offered to Supply dynamite ind blasting Caps to the weath Erman purportedly through a Friend who would steal the explosives from a mine in Idaho. Or. Parker said he took from a Weatherman to buy two cases of dynamite several Hundred Caps but never delivered the material. He testified the Fri had told him to make the offer. The Leader of the Weatherman collective he was infiltrating with an illegal tear Gas gun. Murder charge reduced held firearms instruction sniping discussions target practice sessions for weather Man members Many of whom had Seldom if Ever held a gun in. Their hands before. Or. Parker posing As a former Green Beret said he held the sessions to determine the Radi cals level of skill. Used Fri Money to Supply 14 cans of Spray paint intended for use in a demonstration at the Federal courthouse in Seattle after defendants in the Chicago seven conspiracy Case were sentenced for contempt of court last Winter. Contributed a .22-calibre automatic Rifle tear Gas to the. Armament of the weather Man s collective apartment called the when he joined. Soviet Fleet key continued Bat Only a often an Arab israeli settlement Bas been reached. The mid. The soviet ministry of internal affairs is reported to have Tom them to persuade israeli Premier Goma Meir to conclude a peace treaty.77 changes Are essential that staged changes w minor changes at this time would be ineffective a cold net con trim rte to the strengthening the development of local gov Ein Hunts in Manitoba. Meanwhile the secret Ponce in stating its reasons for j or Kab has increased its Sar a Keg these sweeping changes Vellance of who Nave Manitoba s Monici parities fied for visas. The combw sewn says oat of i recent to cited in about 29 mos cow advised them Onwu Flar dec Ostmoe their efforts total Tessia. Obi Eimee their continued information from the police department alleging that Tay Lor was a Deun agent cud by reason of suspected arson felony Morder resulting from the anon. Sobreo Weot reports from the police department. Charter said indicated out they did not have Joff Kent it Kolence to Prore anon did take that Taylor Mas if it another. A High or Artel Leader tame to of cow to use taws. A Fol be Tucey a fee demanded fimm riot v v aws comm flt Yutt mfr tint sell pc vhf la j in inc we in ovum coca co i tace Tat did charter said the Nav Umlor in menu annl it Lei of maj i we Best merest of the Powk the tartar said he was in the hate trying to help Rescoe i a City spam amt for Usu Nib Mir per few Wpm Wink the starts to mass sky w 0r interest was sent of state in Many areas most notably the Mediterranean. Or. Feath maintains that South Africa s co operation is necessary to help counter the threat on the Cape route. He says Britain has an obligation to Supply South Africa with naval armaments under the 1955 agreement permitting Bri Tain to use the base at Simon town South Africa. Canadian officials concede that a big Point of difference let Ween Ottawa London May be founded m distance. Lie Canadian government might View the situation Dif trently if it sat where or. Heath his ministers sit but the View Here is that Bri Ain s so called obligation under the Simon town agree ment to sell South Africa arms strictly inferential. The Origi Nal agreement As published made no such provision beyond a commitment by South Africa to expand its Navy Over an eight year period Between 1953 19s3 to buy the requisite frigates minesweepers Seaward defence boats from Britain the Heath government s Posi Tion is Best summed up in a Howe of commons statement last Joly which noted that two Yean previously the labor government re negotiated the Simmonstown agreement to Transfer major responsibility for Security in the sooth Atlan tic Region from Britain to sooth Africa. Then said the statement that government retard to allow sooth Africa to Hoy the equip ment it needed to carry its _ it m _ j h v c w Heath s Onsen acre regime Moo in to Correct this Walky. Jun math has teen to is or. Parker testified that the Fri also paid for the printing of stickers that said serve the people Stop the pig that his expenses As an under cover agent had included Pur chases of Ltd marijuana Speed Metherine the government informer said he had distributed drugs to others had used them extensively himself while he was among the Weatherman both As part of their life style to keep himself awake during the Long hours he worked. At one Point he said he feared he was becoming addicted. On Cross examination by Charles c. Marshall Iii one of the Seattle seven who acted As his own attorney or. Parker acknowledged that he would go to any length to get the defendants including lying. Or. Parker justified his actions in most cases As Neces sary to convince the weather Man of his sincerity to gain Entrance to their quarters. He said the Fri told him to do anything that was necessary to protect my the Seattle seven were being tried on charges of conspiracy interstate activity with in tent to riot arising out of their alleged roles in violent demonstrations at the Seattle Federal courthouse the Day after defendants in the Chicago seven conspiracy trial were sentenced for contempt of court czech purge reported new York Cap a vast purge that has deprived Czechoslovakia of the services of Many of its leading scientists academicians journalists government functionaries other intellectuals is under Way throughout the country the new York times reports. Basing its account on info m a t i o n from Prague the times says the widespread Dis missals from their positions of intellectuals not deemed Relia b 1 a had demoralized the country. The account says some intellectuals have been unable to find work. Some Are digging a subway in Prague. Others have been forced to rely on their wives to take sweeping jobs in factories. Alexander Dubcek ousted communist party Leader is said to be waiting for a Job As a forester. Universities have been stripped of Many of their Lead ing faculty members the press radio television have lost Many of their top journalists the upper Levels of government have lost civil servants. Even communist party membership has fallen to from 1.6 million the Story says. A mood of despair has settled Over the country the account adds with Gustav Husak the current communist Leader pressing the purge to meet the demands of the soviet Union. Ment connections was under arrest As a suspected communist agent. If unconfirmed reports Are True i Ching Sun not Only had risen close to the top of the nationalist chinese information Hierarchy but he had fooled Tai wan s vaunted Security forces for nearly 20 years. Shocked reactions echoed through government Diplo Matic circles. I was too hand some too affable too Comfort Able to be a spy. The father of five children a Lover of opera literature inveterate Mah Jonggu player he appeared to be enjoying life in nationalist China. Born on the Mainland is years ago i was said to have joined the communist party in Fukien province in his teens. He came to Taiwan in 1949 in the exodus of chinese escaping the communist takeover. He was editor of the official Central daily news then be came Deputy general manager of the state operated broadcast ing corp. Of China Taiwan s principal radio Organ. He also was Board chairman of the to Rua great China evening news Taipei s fourth largest newspaper. I a member of the ruling Kuomintang party was in con Stant touch with top govern ment officials apparently privy to confidential information decisions. If any state secrets were involved however chagrined nationalist officials were not saying so. No Public charges were placed nothing was pub shed in the local press about he Case. Little information on Lis alleged cultural Educa ional espionage was disclosed although officials asserted that in was one Well informed source said j s work included organizing group s in Taiwan under the use of study organizations. His arrest in mid november climaxed a series of arrests of newsmen reaching Back More Han four years. Eight other persons have been apprehended m similar grounds four of hem reportedly connected with i. A former colleague of i said e happened to be Reading a Book on great spies of our time when he heard of i s arrest. Perhaps i will be the last he said. But with Taiwan s Security braces tight lipped while they completed their investigation there was no Assurance that it would be the last chapter in the during nationalist communist by game. Notice City of St. Boniface garbage collection Witk of Ducc Mytr 21st to 24th, 1970 no garbage will be picked up in the City of St. Boniface on Friday december 25th. Regular Friday pick will be collected on thursday. December 24th. Week of dec Ember 28th to 31st, 1970 no garbage will be picked up in the City of St. Boniface on monday december 28th. 1970 Friday january 1st. 1971. Regular monday tuesday wednesday front pick Only will be a Day late. All thursday Friday pick will be on thursday december 31st. 1970. My Lariace should in out oni 1 hour Carlier engineering department soy Way St Attr wife tart Yew at Mimm Yov went it still yer Clife it s understandable. Sell them for Cadi with a fast action free press want . You can sell almost everything except your wife. Just phone 943-9331. Winnipeg free press Cov Nhi s finest wow a so clod wires Woom ice

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