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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press saturday decem8er 19, 1970 Prairies aim free Trade hold joint discussions be fore any one of the three prov inces increases medical fee schedule increases under the National health care insurance program. Increase co operation i n the fight against pollution of Waterways. Press the Federal govern ment to remove what the prov inces say Are discriminatory freight rates. Ask that the three Prairie provinces have direct repro s e n t a t i o n on the Canadian wheat Board and other Federal agricultural agencies. Ask the Federal govern ment to extend its Cost sharing formula with the provinces on Hospital care to include alter Nate care setups such As Nurs ing Homes. Ask Ottawa to Reinsl tute its roads to resources program discontinued about five years ago. The free Trade Resolution excludes those grains under the control of the Canadian wheat Board wheat Oats Rye Barley and flax. The Resolution was spawned by the Trade War that began in Quebec six months age and now has spread to All 10 prov inces. Premier Schreyer called the situation a sad mess and added who would have thought that the three Prairie provinces would have to set up continued tract fewer students could be amalgamated so that Only one of the universities in the three provinces would offer instruction in that Couise. The province would then subsidize the student who had to travel to another province to take the course he wanted it would be cheaper than duplicating the facilities in each he cited optometry and Veter Inary Medicine As examples of this kind of course. Premier Schreyer in agree ing with the Saskatchewan Leader said that the provinces have All put Many dollars into higher education and must now take Canada angers . A free Trade area in Premier Thatcher said he would have liked to see the make every Effort phrase left out of the Resolution and added that he would invite any other province in the country to join in the agreement with Saskatchewan. This would mean that Saskatchewan would be willing to offer unrestricted Trade to any province that agreed to offer the same to Saskatchewan pre Mier Thatcher said. The Saskatchewan Premier said this was the most important topic in the 16 items on the Agenda that the three men discussed at the one Day meet ing. I Only wish the Resolution went Premier Strom said he was hopeful that the Resolution would be of value in resolving the Trade problems facing the provinces. I Hope Canada is not Balkan sized into 10 marketing Manitoba s involvement in the Trade War is restricted to the import of chickens which mus meet certain requirements be out by the provincial govern and Are administered by the ment and Are administered by the Manitoba broiler Chicken producers marketing Board. Manitoba s regulations Are so stiff that it is virtually impossible for chickens from other provinces to be imported Here. The province has made one unsuccessful bid to have the supreme court resolve the situation and is now proceeding with other court action. Resolutions were also passed urging Ottawa to do All it could to end the situation. Another topic which All three premiers considered High on the priority list was the rationalization of education costs and possible amalgamation of cer Tain University courses. The Resolution passed on universities Calls for a meeting in Regina Jan. 28 among govern ment and University officials from the three provinces to Dis cuss More efficient use of University resources. At their meeting Friday the premiers approved a series of recommendations from the University coordinating commit tee made up of government and University officials. The recommendations urged Prairie universities to Cut costs by establishing priorities and avoid ing duplication through sharing of Post secondary education facilities. Premier Thatcher said that continued pointed and profoundly regrets that Canada acted. Despite pro Gress in the United nations efforts to develop the Broa Dinter National agreement on Ocean problems. Officials later said they had hoped Canada would reconsider its plan in View of the in Progress. The. Failure to do so would set Back the International Effort it was said. While the main focus of Atten Tion in official statements was the Extension of fishing claims it was the pollution control claim which appeared to hold the greatest potential for Fric Tion Between Canada and the . In relation to the fishing ques Tion the . Was arguing Prin Ciple rather than practicality since Canada specifically excluded the . From plans for restricting foreign fishing activities in order to prevent depletion in the areas concerned. By contrast the pollution control claim apply without qualification to Waterways heavily used by . And other foreign shipping. The new Canadian claims Are comparable to those made with a View to the Protection of the Arctic with the difference that in this Case the claims touch established shipping routes rather than an area where com Mercial shipping is Little More than a theoretical possibility. In the area affected Canada claims the right to enforce Broad prohibitions on dumping of wastes into the water. This is related to the fishing claim in the sense that the prohibitions Are meant to prevent pollution of the Waters which could dam age fishing resources. . Policy is not Cut out of line with the general thurst of Steps to avoid duplication of services and to get rid of sex Alberta is concerned about increasing education costs but we must strive to make it education More available to As Many people As said Premier Strom the premiers also agreed to investigate the possibility establishing a Prairie Region police training facility along the same lines As the plan for rationalizing University costs. A recent decision by the big three automobile manufacturers general motors Chrysler and Ford to drop the Fleet purchases of. Cars was another topic the premiers considered. Premier Thatcher said this decision Means that the prov inces will pay More for each car they Purchase and to Saskatchewan these Means an increase of million. All three premiers agreed to Boycott the big three if Nec Essary and to look to other Auto manufacturers for their car requirements. Premier Thatcher said he would also like to find out if the decision made simultaneously by All three manufacturers was a violation of the Federal anti Combine Laws it s three against Premier Schreyer said and we Don t intend to Back the premiers decided to broaden the terms of reference of the Prairie provinces water Board to include pollution of in Ter provincial Waterways. It was also decided that the polish rioting spreads rioting has taken place in these four polish cities shown on map following demonstrations against Price increases. The trouble in Poland has been centred in the cities of Gdansk Sopot Gdynia and so Checin where radio broadcasts Friday appealed for Observance of the nightly curfew instituted thursday after Public buildings were set afire and shops looted. Warsaw radio reported Friday that life in Gdansk is fully Normal once More. Sign that the authorities consid ered the situation not sufficiently under control to warrant a Public statement. News that a curfew was Bein maintained in Szczecin Frida for the second successive nigh came in a broadcast by Radi Szczecin monitored in Cologne West Germany. A later broadcast by Thi same station ordered Bakers to go Back to work on the nigh is Hift and said dockworkers should turn up for duty today. Resentment at Sharp pre Christmas increases in food prices and some aspects of cur rent economic reforms have been acknowledged in Loca press reports As the Root cause of disorders along the Baltic coast. The official polish news Agency Pap reported that the port and main shipyard at Gdansk were Back in operation Friday. But earlier newspaper articles indicated that not All the workers who went on strike monday had yet returned to their jobs. Shooting was continued honors list published provinces would hold joint Dis Cussion before any one province increased medical fee schedules under the Universal health insurance program. A Resolution was also passed calling on the Federal govern ment to act on the discriminatory freight rates that make it difficult for the West to com Pete with the East. Premier Thatcher called this a perennial Resolution. Friday s meeting was the ninth the Council has had since it was formed in 1965 by Premier Thatcher and former premiers Duff Roblin of Mani Toba and Ernest Manning of Al Berta. The last meeting was held in Edmonton and the next meet ing will be held possibly next Regina is the next City in line to Host the meeting. N Bourassa drops soft approach continued Canadian policy whether in relation to the conservation of fisheries or the control of pollution by such Means As the set Ting of strict standards of construction and operation for Oil tankers. The . Is however firm in its opposition to unilateral action and on this account would balk at any Independent Cana Dian efforts to apply Canadian regulations to . Shipping in he designated areas. On the fisheries question . Officials argue that Canada could have worked through sex sting commit tech of fishing nations to secure a reduction in Ishing where there., was a great of depletion. In its prepared statement on he Canadian action the . Ica Vily stressed the desirability f concluding a Broad internal ional agreement on the sea. It v a s noted that outline plans workers to the extent that he met several times with pm officials in an attempt to per Suade them to accept the de Mand. The results of what or. Certain courses those which at or the in Call for action on such questions As preferential fishing rights for coastal states conservation of living resources of the sea and the Protection of the Marine environment including the prevention of poll it was noted with emphasis that Canada played a key role in so caring the in agreement to tiie convening of a Confer Ruyf Januc Bourassa regarded As the test of his language policy were disappointing. The language Issue was not resolved in the settlement of the strike. The strikers agreed thursday to return to work and brusquely tossed the language Issue to or. Bourassa. If Bourassa wants pm to do something about French he will have to negotiate directly the a shop Steward said. The Premier maintained that pm had accepted the principle of French As the working Lan Guage at the Plant and had made a few other concessions. However h e acknowledged that he is not completely satisfied with the outcome of the pm dispute and will hold fur ther talks with company officials. More significantly he told the Quebec National Assembly the government has asked its labor and manpower advisory com Mittee to study possible Amend ments to the province s labor code. The amendments would at least require All firms in que to allow their employees to express their grievances in French if they wish to do so ence on the Law of the sea in am might go further. Is73, and a general commit ment to International action. In View of this the statement concludes the United states is deeply disappointed and profoundly regrets that Canada has chosen to assert a unilateral claim of jurisdiction Over Ocean space Only one Day after the United nations with the approval of nearly ail Ririe fibres of member states including Canada determined to resolve these problems regarding the Law of the sea by International a i As usual the selections Cut across Canadian life in both categories with the medal recipients including actress Frances Hyland originally from Shauna von sask., sprinter Harry Jerome Peppery journalist Margaret a Murray a Brit ish Columbia legend and que Wood sculptor Jean Julien Bourgault. Or. Lesage 58, developed from a Young Liberal my Back Bencher to become Federal Northern affairs minister and then Quebec Premier from 1960 to 1966. He has returned to Law and business in Quebec City. Or. Dunton 58, is a former chairman of the Csc Board of governors and or. Filion 61, is president of Marine industries and served As editor of be Devoir from 1947 to 1963. He is an author and Winner of National newspaper awards 1951, 1958 and 1960. Other companions or. Claude Fortier 49, head of the physiology department at Laval University s faculty of Medicine and vice chairman of the defence research Board s coordinating committee o n medical research. Roy l. Kellock 77. Supreme court of Canada judge from 1944 to 1958, former Chancellor of Mcmaster University Royal commissioner on the Halifax riots of 1945, on espionage in 1946, the moronic steamship fire of 1950 and on the 1957 rail diesel inquiry. Luc l. Lacourciere 60, widely known director of the Folk lore department Laval univer sity Quebec. Rev. Bernard Lonergan 66. Roman Catholic theologian author philosopher and lecturer. Appointed Stillman professor for roman Catholic studies at Harvard University for 1971-72. H. R. Macmillan 85, British Columbia industrialist the one time chief forester of the prov Ince who is director and chair Man of Macmillan Bloedel Ltd. And president chairman and director of . Packers Ltd. J. W. Pickersgill 65, former academic and senior Public ser vant who joined the Federal Cabinet in 1953 As state Secre tary later serving As immigration and then transport minister until his resignation in 1967. . Guy Simonds. 67. Former chief of the general staff from 1951 to 1955, wartime service including North Africa commands of 2nd and then 1st Canadian divisions in Europe later 2nd Canadian corps and 1st Canadian army. Continued Ter Philip Garratt 76, former managing director of de Havil land aircraft Ltd., conceived original specifications of famed Canadian Beaver Bush aircraft Stuart m. Hodgson 46, former Trade unionist now Northwest territories commissioner Frances Hyland .41, actress who began professional career n London returning to Canada to appear in numerous Strat Ford Csc and other productions As Well As in new York or. Jerome 30, world class sprinter now recreation Consul Tant Here or. Samuel r. Lay cock 79, Dean emeritus of Edu cation University of Saskatchewan Kenneth Campbell Loch head 44, Painter now professor of Art University of Manitoba or. Leon Lortie 68, widely known chemist and author or. Colin b. Mackay 50, former president of the University of new Brunswick. Or. Walter c. Mackenzie 61, Dean of the faculty of Medicine University of Alberta right Rev. Malcolm a. Maclellan 74, former president St. Francis Xavier University Antigonish . Mrs. Murray 83, Salty tongued British Columbia Interior journalist w. Bruce nod Well 56, Calgary executive and Oil Industry inventor Thomas h. Randall prominent Canad an author from Nova Scotia Winner of three governor general s awards for literature Stefan Sznuck famed polish air Man vice president of the Ca Nadian polish Congress mrs. Jud Watt 76, retired Warden Rupert House Beaver preserve Indian worker now Liv no in North Bay ont., William a. White 55, Toronto business Man and Community worker. Heard on also Calm again Pap reported. Poland s biggest transatlantic liner the Stefan Batory was scheduled to sail from there today for Canada with 400 Pas sengers. Telephone communications Between Warsaw and the Trou bled coastal cities remained Cut for the fourth successive Day and air flights Between the Cap ital and Gdansk and Szczecin were cancelled. The communist party news paper Tribuna Ludu conceded that the government s increase in food prices of As much As 20 per cent prompted the riots though it said those who rioted record Harvest Hong Kong Reuter a record sugar Cane Harvest was gathered this year in Kiangtung province the main can producing area in China the new China news Agency says. Spontaneously did so out of misinformation. Instigators took advantage of the change in retail prices introduced a few Days ago either by disorientation or cold premeditation and hate toward people s the newspaper said. With the tense quiet prevail Saadi it 3ut were rumours throughout the Capitol of planned strikes at several factories to protest Price changes. The Tribuna Luda editorial was reprinted without separate editorial comment in the soviet communist party newspaper pravda the Only soviet paper to mention the riots today. Previously the Only mention in Moscow of the polish disturbances was a Short Pap article in pravda thursday. Tass the soviet news Agency distributed both reports the text of an address by Premier Jozef Cygankiewicz of Poland ordering militiamen to shoot on sight persons destroying property and a decree of emergency adopted by the polish Council of ministers. All liquor control commission stores will close at . Thursday dec. 31, 1970 the liquor control commission grand opening of 3 new 1971 Model Homes at 121 Maple Glen drive the Maples old Kildonan pm. 339-8697 or. John University w. Of t. Spinks 62, Saskatchewan president since 1959 and a chemist widely known for re featuring Diplomat Bungalow. See this stunning 6 room 3 bedroom built in appliances colourful bathroom fixtures Many other deluxe features such As Wall to Wall broadloom directions drive to Mcphillips Ink Ster blvd., West on Inkster to Fife St., North on Fife to Maple Glen or. The Diplomat full Price City of Winnipeg notice refuse collection due to Rhc occurrence or he Feys Dur Rig the refuse Cost Effion schedules Are rearranged. Refuse cd Flection Are Crews be working december 2is? december december 28fti to december . There we i be on boxing Day As z of the hos Days on Fri Fey wr3 be ahead of use Ray remt re x sat remix wifi is Fly be exp Tif each week. Yew is Rex exsted a yer refuse garbage ready for w. O. A just additional legislation will probably follow the publication Early next year of the govern ment s White paper on language and the preliminary report of a provincial Royal commission studying the matter. The government also has a special Cabinet committee headed by Francois Croutier min ister of cultural affairs and considered one of the government s most nationalist members working on measures to apply the language policy. Any Progress or. Bourassa has made in getting French t a b 1 i s h Edas the province s working language has been modest at Best besides the decision to to t Rod Ace amendments to the i Lawr code or. Bourassa can cite Only two other accomplish j merits in the language Field. J tie first is a government i order that French be j search and publications on atomic Energy. Graham Spry. 70, former agent general for Saskatchewan in London founder of the Cana Dian radio league which was instrumental in the creation of the Csc former journalist with the Winnipeg free press Cal Gary albertan and the times of London. Or. Paul Thorlakson 75, sur j Geon and Chancellor of the uni j varsity of Winnipeg author of More than 70 publications i founder and director of the win j Nipes clinic. Recipients of the medal of j service j Helen Allen. Toronto Tele Gram journalist originator of the newspaper feature today s child Jean Julien Bourgault. 60. Quebec Wood sculptor or. Alexander Brady 74, University of Toronto political economist and writer Yvette Charpentier 69, retired garment workers Union Leader or. Ian Mctaggart Cowan 60. Dean of graduate studies and zoology professor. University of British co j 1 a m b i a Vancouver Clande j Gagnon. 48, Quebec City barns j Cash Down to one . Mortgage. See the newest and largest designs in Homes from Winnipeg s largest builder Quality construction co. Ltd. Fok fur Jar information visit or phone any of our Model Home locations Nia Kwa place ii Wolseley icon Rooe Heights 121 Nunra u. Pm. 250-2115 ph.137.9271 6 Calpine place pm. 889.2616 act of pollution and external Coro with owe exception. The exception is that Tokyo renter the Jap Werte Siviy a us own eternal i Tauese parliament Friday passed Tibbs. 14 mus giving the government Cove Jar Powers to crack on the que Beers write Bills Kcf cute revisions to the and receive existing Laws and six new ones a reply m Shew Law Vage. Covering or. Land River however the goes tax pub Tjon. The new Law repress East of a Csc forge impose terms pics ctr. To seven years or files to w pc Mai

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