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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaBe played on several Levels of sophistication. War games Are simulations of the real thing As Are sports and business titles. You make judgments and take risks but you Don t suffer the real life consequences. There Are games for latent coaches of Al most every sport As Well As Stock Market and real estate tycoons. Throw the Dice Chance does t play major role in any of Are what count. Role playing carries Over into the so called psychological games too. Blacks and Whites lets people 1 who might never experience ghetto life explore its frustrations. Other psychological games group therapy in sight advertise themselves As helpful but one won Ders what their effect might be on a group of friends who must Analyse each other s personality and be Havior. And then there Are the real party games involving More or less sex and drinking. They seem to legitimize behaviour that people might forego were it not All part of the who buys All these new products everybody say the retailers who handle them. We have no typical claims Peter stat Ner who is Busy building a Small Empire of Union Jack shops in Ontario. They sell nothing but wigs and unlikely combination that even stat nor can t rationalize. Two years ago he stocked a few adult games in his boor Street boutique in to Ronto. They soon took Over and pushed the clothing right out. Now he has opened Union jacks in Lon Don Stratford and Kitchener is readying a second shop in Toronto and plans to franchise similar operations elsewhere. Statner Feck the demand for games is insatiable so along with his resident intellectual games Buff. I Ari j. Zobeny he is planning to Start producing original games designed by Doherty. One other Canadian company the House of games is already marketing a few original titles. Blitzkrieg unlike most of Ike War games this is played Over fictional terrain. Experts Praise its endless variety historical fact plays no part except that the situation it exists at the beginning of the game is militarily logical in a period of intensive air War. The Back ground and research for the game have come from material edited and authenticated by the United states War College and the office of the chief of military history in Washington. A Aton Hill company a fun proof endlessly Fascit tag for children As Young As six and of mathematics As Well. Takes some initial perseverance if you Are not already familiar with the language of symbolic logic. A fun proof publishers. Vice lombards game football a Tunny in which you manipulate a nil and Al payers team fets arc updated free every season through actual a Pitnu Jated Field. Dice Are Lisej. But strategy is More important Man a not. Research games inc. Canadian forces personnel and their families can pick up adult games in the Exchange stores on the 75 Canadian bases. War games have not yet caught on in a big Way with the military men says d. C. To lanyard who does the purchasing for the stores. But he expects the fun things to do Well. I guess everyone has a sense of says Holmyard. And the illustrations on the boxes Are schools buy games too. Ralph Wintrob is librarian at Zion Heights Junior High school in North York part of metropolitan Toronto. Games can be borrowed there As easily As books and Wintrob sees simulation games in particular As important learning aids. The kids can explore through their own experience. With games you can simulate reality before you go out into the Reeds a Toronto gift shop attracts a particularly affluent Type of customer because it has a depart ment that specializes in yachting accessories. It also has a Large display of games for grownups. So Many of our customers already have every thing and they Are always looking for something new and says Olive Bosworth who runs the shop with her husband. Mrs. Bosworth finds that women often buy word and thinking games As gifts for their husbands while men occasionally pick up a risque game to take to a special party. Bill Mckee who buys adult games for Eaton s Ontario stores says his sales of them have More than doubled in the past three years. Just before Christmas he organizes a gallery of it is strategically located near Santa s throne where it diverts weary parents whip their children stand in line. Another Toronto department store Calls one of its Christmas boutiques groovy but no one seems to know exactly grown up people Are suddenly buying giving and playing quite expensive games in unprecedented numbers when retail sales Are generally Down. Several people have theories. Arnold Bobkin thinks people Aren t being challenged in their jobs and Are looking for mental exer Cise. He also says that when a night out for a Young couple including a movie parking and a baby Sitter can Cost people tend to stay Home and have fun there. You can get a lot of mileage out of a Good game. Earl Doherty of the Union Jack says people Are currently anxious to relate to each other even in a contrived situation such As a game provides. And everyone Points to the fabled Success of monopoly during the 1930s. People then had even less Money for entertainment and they also enjoyed the Challenge and role playing monopoly brought to their often dreary existences. Toys and nov elks. An american Trade Publica Tion quotes a games manufacturer As saying i be been in the game business for 40 years and i recall that we always did better in bad and of course people have Alvvs played games in their Leisure Lime. With More Leisure they Are simply playing More games. Because today s parents Are better educated than their parents they Are look ing for More intellectual pastimes for their families. Allan Stein Gail a Grade nine student at Zion Heights has his own theory about games. Thinking and reasoning and predicting other people s behaviour is what life is All about. The most interesting part of games playing is the insight it gives you into the people you Are playing Arnold Bobkin does t much care about people s motives As Long As they keep on buying his games and inviting their friends to play them thus doing much of his advertising for him. And he is really awfully grateful that he knew Bob Bennett who knew Linda Greene whose father lome bought a game one Day. Stocks and Bonds players face actual Market situations and use their own judgment As to when to buy and sell securities. Stock prices fluctuate according to Rolls of the de. Bonds Trade at Par. Player who most shrewdly manages his initial wins. 3m, Blacks and Whites a spoof on the artificial ties of a racist a monopoly Type Board but Power Black and White is what gets you places. When a White player goes bankrupt he leaves the game. Bui a Black goes on welfare and keeps playing Rote playing at its Best. Dynamic design industries. Inc. Is 3 diplomacy payers assume the Rote of one of the great euro Pean Powers in 1901 Russia. . Through military and political strategy each tries to control the continent. Not so complicated As the classic War games and with the added element of Freedom to negotiate treaties and Back Stab allies no Dice or Chance involved. Games research inc. Group therapy players All of whom Are assumed to be Hung work their Way to being tree by obeying instructions on therapy one example hold each member of the group in a Way which shows How you feel about him. Each completed bit of ther apy is judged by other players As being a cop out or with it to Rale the latter you must perform in an honest open sincere aware and giving Man Ner Park plastics company pass out another monopoly Type Board on which payers move through squares marked take a All take a Light Etc. Includes Pink Ete Phant cards with Tongue twisters to be read aloud. Pass out. Bottoms ii can be payed in a risque or straight fashion As the players desire. Aim is to Fet through accumulating credits for answering legitimate quiz questions and also accomplishing such things As Lake a drink and acting out simple charades. Taurus creations. Inc. 4

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