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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 18, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free priss Friday december 18, 1970 a Rock festival of another kind for school kids Hoys dec. U draw c . At civic caledonian ice no. 11 Williams River Heights is Peters Steinbach 12 Kenick John Pritchard v Mcgimpsey Gordon Bell 13 Enright Lac Dubonnet is Sells Munroe or. 14 Becker Dauphin is Gessner Charles Wood 15 Belian Miles Macdonell is Chuvy West Kildonan. At Heather 41 Taylor Crystal City is Bradshaw River East 42 Jones Glenboro is Finlay Souris 43 Harris Deer Lodge is Wasylyk River East 44 Embury Hamiota is Isenstein Irwin Joseph Wol 45 Chase St. James Coll. Is Galay Rorketon 46 Fox Westwood is Crewson Brucejr. 47 Kyle Virden is Coppock West Kildonan 48 Gurcie John Henderson is Dowsett Minnedosa. At fort Rouge is Hicks Portage is Byle Stonewall s3 Hayden Stevenson or. Is Wood Bruce Kelvin 53 Evans Murdoch Mackay is Barren Robert Andrews 54 Peterson St. James Coll. Is Wilson Minnedosa 55 Mcgavin St. Pauls is cram Neepawa 56 Scharfstein St. John Raven is Robson John Gunn or. At Thistle 82 Williamson Miles Macdonell is Hodson Kelvin 83 Hatcher Transcona is Smith George Neepawa 34 Ruud Sprague is Shorey Boissevain 85 Hubar Garden City is Mccannell Pilot Mound. At Deer Lodge 91 Buckowski Sisler is Bethune Gle Lawn is Tait tech voc. 93 Stawychny Sar gent Park is Kruchak Gle Lawn 94 will Daniel Mclntyre is Restall River East 95 Fisher the Pas is Magura Beausejour 94 Casey Morden is Robertson Boissevain at Pembina 101 Wolovick West Kildonan is Ledyard. Grant Park 102 Simpson Kelvin is Riley Selkirk 103 Tim Nons j. B. Mitchell is Han Yolin Morris 104 mar Vin Forrest is Howie Portage 105 Hickok Transcona is Anderson tre Herne 106 seals Swan River is Janz St. James Coll. At fort Garry 111 Bergson Munroe or. Is Loxton Miles Macdonell 112 Pawluk Teuton is Simpson Shoal Lake 113 Hechter St. Johns is Lerner St. Johns 114 Hick. Son Forrest is Mccharles Golden Gate 115 Wood Bruce Windsor Park , Dakota Coll. 116 Hayden tech voc. Is Shearer Windsor Park. At Victoria 121 Ramage Baldur is Vandevyvere St. Boniface 122 Ross Jefferson or. Is Gill Strathclair 123 Graham Miami is Carberry 124 Devlin Grant Park Sveinson Vincent Massey. At West Kildonan 141 Smith Art Neepawa is Morris River East 142 Nichol Warren is Vic Toruk Miles Macdonell 143 Velin St Johns is Mclaughlin Neepawa 144 Moore Stonewall is Millar John Hen Derson. At Grain Exchange 151 Fallis Grant Park is Denise Gle Lawn 152 Brough Ness or. Is Rands Macgregor 153 Langner Whitemouth is Scott Springfield 154 an Drews Forrest is Kerr St. James Coll. 155 Allen Elmwood is Gottfried Gimli. 154 Dionne St. Jean Baptiste is Braunstein Joseph Wol. At valour Road 161 be sics River East Vij Bishop Nelson Mclntyre 162 Sweetland Stone Wall is Sigurdson Munroe or. 163 Rome Wawanesa is Heyrich tre Herne u4 Ritchie Vincent Massey is Pauls Steinbach Steiss Gladstone is Taylor Rossburn. At Kos Mere 201 p a i s s o n Arborg is Simon Ashern 202 Buhr Transcona is Day Ness or. 203 Litster Macgregor is Resch Miles Macdonell 204 Rattray hockey scores standings o Boston new York Montreal Vancouver Detroit Toronto Buffalo Leaf g w l t f a f 30 20 5 5 133 77 45 30 19 5 90 51 43 29 u 10 s 100 74 33 32 13 16 3 92 109 29 29 10 is 16 102 24 30 11 ii 1 97 23 29 611 5 54 109 17 West i Vilin 30 20 5 i 117 41 45 30 15 7 8 76 61 38 30 12 13 5 63 75 29 29 12 13 4 73 72 28 31 7 14 10 10 16 24 28 8 16 4 29 8 19 2 75 105 20 64 99 18 Chicago St. Louis Minnesota Philadelphia Pittsburgh us Angeles California result thursday Buffalo 4 los Angeles 3 games tonight Montreal at Vancouver Philadelphia at California America league Quebec 3 Providence 2 Western Canada intern division w l t f a pts Estevan 19 8 1 112 79 39 Winnipeg .16 13 1 139114 33 flin flon 15 12 2 104 101 32 Brandon 11 21 0 122 171 2j Regina 8 17 1 74 101 171 Western division Edmonton 21 7 1 142 97 43 14 10 3 96 71 35 15 2 101 114 28 13 14 1 126 129 27 i 16 Calgary Swift current Saskatoon Medicine hat 8 21 0 114 153 results thursday Calgary 2, Swift current 3 Estevan 4, Brandon 0 Manitoba Junior North division w l t f a Pis Portage 13 8 s 92 31 i Kenora 13 Dauphin 12 Selkirk 5 15 Smith Divi Iofi West Kildonan 9 9 s 94 102 23 Winnipeg 10 11 2 102 17 22 St. James 8 9 4 61 71 29. Of Boniface 11 4 h 16 thursdays rest Portage 3, St. Boniface 6 8 1 80 27 7 3 105 83 27 4 13 121 14 i West Kildonan at St. James Winnipeg at Kenora Selkirk at Dauphin Manitoba Junior up w l t or of Eleswood 12 7 2 1 is River he fonts 11 1 2 m for Garry 18 2 10 8 3 3 1 p. Prairie Stone wan 7 1 t thursday s scores Nashville 4, Salem 3 Clinton 4, Jacksonville s Syracuse i new Haven 6 Peterborough 7, Niagara fans 3 Montreal a harm Tofi 2 Hombert 3, Regina 1 Central Onyta for Worth Owoc Forf h. Esp Snofa s olympic Lea aug St. A. A w l t f a boor Nevate Vitoria 2 3 Berder wry Fiew part w St. Chines s c a e i i 5137 Feer Todut s3mjt 2 25 7 4 c 4 7 i 2 1 1 7 2 t 7 5 s in j s 3 73 2 3 Kelvin is Pattimore St. James Coll. 205 Jim Gordon Bell is Bubbs Vincent Massey 206 Richard son Windsor Park is Campbell Brucejr. At Assiniboine 231 found Portage is Little Golden Gate 232 Cockbill Darcy Virden is Scaletta Louis Kiel 233 Mclean Mani Tou is Graham Snow Lake 234 Stebe Leski Elphinstone is Mctavish Murce or. . At civic caledonian 11 Heaton Brucejr. Is Light John Gunn or. 12 Chudy Munroe or. Is Ras Mussen Sisler 13 Stewart Stonewall is Gates Churchill 14 Hornby John Hen Derson is Russell Carman. At Elmwood 71 Braunstein St. Johns is Stewart Melita 72 Woytowich Rick John Tay Lor is Breecher Rorketon 73 Mccan , Melita is Ferens Windsor Park 74 Franklin Dakota is Johnson Daniel Mclntyre. At Heather 41 Newfield u. Of mpg. Is Gilfix West Kildonan 42 Timm Miles Macon Tyre Wookey Gle Lawn 43 hatha Way Deloraine is Hodges West Kil Donan 44 Dusablon Nelson Mclntyre is Whitehill Nelson Mclntyre 45 Bridges Cartwright is Hamilton Birtle Craig Neelin is Wilson Daniel Mclntyre 47 Parkes Daniel Mclntyre is Zaretski Arthur Day 48 Naven Chur chill High is Robertson John Hender Ion. At fort rough 5- Kelly Swan River is Jackson Morse place or. 53 Mcdonald Brandon is Lazar River East 54 Cumming Hamiota is Vandal West Kildonan 55 Dobson Silver Heights is Iverson St James Coll. At Thistle 82 Mctavish Miles Macdonell is Karlinsky Grant Park 83 Robertson Craig Gor. Bell is Burtney Spring Field 84 Scharf Manitou is Elson Grant Park 85 Shackell Vincent Mas sey is Shaw Beausejour at Deer Lodge 91 Cockbill Scott Virden is b res ton. Pilot Mound 92 Stephen Munroe or. Is Hawkes Miles Macdonell 93 Cowan Pinawa is Duffy Westwood 94 Birch Treherne is foot Vincent mass fit 95. Stapon Morse place is Mcrea Vincent Massey 96 Jamieson Hamiota is Maclennan Gladstone. At Pembina 101 Fergusson West Kildonan is Tallon Westwood 102 Edwards Crystal City is Earl Morris 103 Mclennan West Kildonan is Demman Portage 104 Ryan St. James Coll. Is Franklin Miles Macdonell 105 Petrick chief pegu is is Ottenbreit Windsor Park 106 Lowenstein Garden City is Mavash John Henderson. At fort Garry 111 Witts Rivers is Wilford Charles Wood 112 Derrett sansome or is Phillips Hastin or. 113 Edie Spring Field is Green Grandview 114 Gunn i a u g s o n Tuxedo shafts is Birrell Thompson 115 Woytowich Randy John Taylor is Houston Sanford 116 Poppel Birtle is Lee Waskada. At Victoria 121 Maguire Gle Lawn is Magnusson Riverton 12j Marantz Joseph Wolinsky is Mills Prin. Eliz. 123 Mowat tech voc. Is Keast fort Richmond 124 Mann Deloraine is Boyd fort Rich mond. At West Kildonan 141 Gorlock River East is Bay Grant Park 142 Mccartney Morse place is 143 Ferguson Vin cent Massey is Barclay Souris 144 Lavallee Pine Falls is Peterson Emer son. At Grain 151 Oswald Gladstone is Hula Bow St. James Coll. 152 Erickson Selkirk is Sitko Virden 153 Campbell Charles Wood is Stewart Portage 1s4 Wood Howard Kelvin is Campbell Altona 155 Isenstein Norman Jos. Wol. Is French Emerson 156 Coates Glenboro i Mckay Sanford. At valour Road 161 Hochman Grant Park is Bridgen Melita 162 Rivard Louis Riel is Scott Churchill High 163 Maxwell Deloraine is Wilton Golden Gate 164 Friesen Morris is Nye Brandon. At Rossmere 201 Anderson Varennes is Mackay Neelin 202 Christie Glenboro is be Dora Varennes 203 Servante Neepawa is Crell Snow Lake 204 Chartrand lunar is Wachal River East 205 Stratford Rivers is Dejong Vincent Massey 206 Wood Ian Churchill High is Kapernick Garden City. At Assiniboine 231 Miguez St. James Coll. Is Hunt Grant Park 232 Nichols Miles Mac Donell is sitar Lac Dubonnet 233 Riesen Gretna is Vandale Charles Wood 234 Hargreaves Silver Heights is Wood Ken River Heights. It will be a roaring Christmas Holiday for Mani Toba schoolboys and school girls. Yes sir about of them will turn several metro Curling clubs into one giant Rock festival As the 31st annual Schoolboy and the first annual schoolgirl Bonspiel move into the Hacks. The boys with a Field of so foursomes Start Chuck ing the Granite at . Boxing Day while the girls launched their 80 rink Spiel dec. 28. There Are five events for the boys and four rinks will qualify for the provincial championship while there arc three merchandise events for the gals. Granite will play Host to the boys event finals dec. While civic Caley will play Host to the girls finals dec. 31. Dec. Ii . At Elmwood Brunsdon wild Wood is Bowman Kelvin Neely Swan River is Lawson Morse place Mahaffy Granite is Lins . Rutledge por Tage is Mowat Tec von. At Thistle Parsons ii of m is Everatt Gordon Bell Binda St. Johns is Ivanoff St. James Curry Manitou is Schwartz Ashern Sundell Treherne is Hill Carberry. At West Kildonan Evans Brookdale is Wheeler Treherne Stephen Heather is southward Virden Cook Charleswood is Klips Transcona pen Gelly Virden is Zyl Way St. Vital. At valour Road Lee St. Vital is Bruce Miami Fortes Clande Boye is Granger Emerson Whalley St. James is Murphy the Pas Forbes Portage is Rogalsky Deer Lodge. At wild Wood Payne Snow Lake is Bathie Sisler Lynch Granite is Despins Sisler Morrow Pilot Mound is Kozoriz Elmwood vane Wawanesa is Wentziger . . At Elmwood Cherniak Morse place is Parsons Granite Gould car Man is Tomasson Riverton Vaccher Tuxedo Shaftesbury is Claggett St. Vital Portz Westwood is Mason Strathclair. At Thistle Dott Granite is Jern Berg Steinbach Mansell Elmwood is Birchall Rossmere Morris Souris is Kulchyski Elphinstone Mcdonald Gladstone is Jackson Rossmere. At West Kildonan Mills Eriksdale is Russell Transcona Aitken Windsor Park is Fitzmaurice Portage Stam mers Transcona is Fennell Kiltie Kurling Norosky Strathclair is Mills Brandon. At valour Road Zuk Sisler is Brown Balmoral Shiach fort Rouge is Regnier Elie Halpin Pine Falls is Sawatzky w. C. Miller collegiate Johnston sol Girth is Hunsaker Hani Lota. At wild Wood Scon Macgregor is Stewart Hamiota Sandercock Morden is Boissevain Recksiedler Morris is Roberts Sanford Poole Glenboro is Hancock wild Wood. 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