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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 16, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinning fill miss wednesday december 16, 1970 Manitoba backers should t Knock the Odd by John Down five will get you ten. Confused Well there s no need to be. It s simply a matter of Bias really because there s five Manitoba rinks in this week s Hunt for the Jackpot at Winnipeg Arena. The countdown on one of Curling s Post prestigious Clas sics Man sphere s tournament of champions steadily ticks off. Sixteen of the world s finest foursomes will compete in the four Day affair which starts thursday morning and ends sunday evening. The Field has been split into two eight rink groups or round Robin warfare from which two rinks in each Block will and v a n c e to sunday s straight knockout playoffs for the Bounty. It says Here on the draw Sheet that if five won t get Yoi ten then there s every reason to think that ten will get to ten. Now you re confused Okay so ten of the 16 skips will be either directing Mani Toba or Saskatchewan fron ends. The Manitoba contingent which includes the no. 1 Choice time out Smith has taken his lumps even though they number of players who Sel Dom see regular action Minnesota Vikings had Little Trou ble with Boston sunday. While the patriots were Well Bea ten Joe Kapp did t look that bad against his former teammates because of the of the Field it was difficult for pass receivers to get where they wanted to go but Joe was throwing the Ball Well and accurately and still showed that great desire which is his trademark Kapp has been forced to take his lumps this he has been injured twice hurting his ribs in a game with Baltimore and suffering a concussion against Miami Bobby Lee who has Quarter backed the vikes to their last two victories since the injury to. Thei Rifo. 1 quarterback Istria son Otan associated press sports writer As a youngster of 13 he did some leg work for his father getting locker room stories about the University of California s Rose bowl bound team was. The quarterback for that club when the pair were together As members of Bud Grant s Vikings Joe used to help and give Lee much Sage advice j May leave the als is that Bob Ward defensive coach of the Montreal Albu ettes May not be Back with the Grey cup champions next season i Ward went to the als from the Ottawa rough riders and proved that the Success he enjoyed in the capital the previous year was no Fluke in the Grey cup final his defensive squad was As Good if not better than that of the Calgary stampedes who were regarded As the Best in the country prior to the National final Ward was offered a position with the Baltimore Colts last season but As he had already agreed to. Terms with the Alou ettes he chose to Honor his agreement with Sam Berger and general manager red o Quinn. Something Gerry Williams did t do when he was at Calgary Williams found a loophole in his contract and headed for Philadelphia where he has experienced Little Success anyway. Ward has advised the Montreal club that should the Colts show Terest in his services for next season he would Likely make the move he resides in Baltimore the year round and would be Happy to coach there but if a position in Baltimore does not open up there will undoubtedly be Many other changes in the nil coaching staffs which might interest Ward 1 tartan turf yet the Minnesota 3-m people will show a film about tar Tan turf to the Board of directors of the Winnipeg in this afternoon at the Winnipeg Arena which could be a Strong indication that artificial turf is being considered for the Winnipeg stadium and May become part of the expansion parcel requested by the Winnipeg football club let s face it. It la have to come sooner or later if Winnipeg is to keep Pace with other centres Given artificial turf there is no end to the extent which the stadium could be used As it is now. Many events can t be staged there because of the claim pro football has on the Park artifice turf has resulted in the Vancouver exhibition people getting much More use out of Empire stadium than Ever before and has produced added and needed Revenue where there s smoke there s fire they say and it s no secret that Percy Downton. General manager of the Arena was in min Neapolis recently talking to the 3-m people How about you in tie spirit of cd ustas since our peal for donations to the Christmas cheer fund got wider Way on the sport pages two weeks ago we have constantly reminded readers that the fund is lagging Well behind that of a year ago As it stands now the sum needed for two charitable work will not be reached however we must aay that it has been rewarding to hear from Many people who can ill afford to give there was a 12 con received yesterday for example with which the writer enclosed this snort accept ibis Little donation to your fund. I wish it were More but i am an of age pensioner and expect to go into a miming Home soon. Merry christinas to a. Hope you reach your it was signed simply a Haw you done bit to make Little hearts Happy on christinas Here arc some Good people who Haw. A Wel gift of in ims 1mohk, treasurer of we War Community base hah league Era Calls Winnipeg Granite its Home while the wheat prov Irice sends its five from thre farming communities and the two major cities. Don Duguid and his reigning Brier world and Manitoba champions of Rod Hunter Jim Pettapiece and Bryan worn have to be seeded As most Likely to succeed. Dugie or Danny digit on has 20 games under his Belt o Manitoba ice this season Alon with 13 More on the Road which extended As far a Europe. But he s Only lost on game. Joining Dugie in a division c the draw Are dub mates Bob Lemecha and Gord Lowry while Terry Braunstein am Larry Taylor round out the Keystone skipping contingent in b group. Lemecha Lowry and Taylor if you la recall gained entry 32-Rinjc Manitoba play Down last weekend. Bob Pickering the defending Champion from Milestone and the Little Guy with backswing that startled Many onlookers at last March s Brier Heads the Saskatchewan group. Then there s four time world Curling Champion Ernie Richardson of Regina Harold Worth of Delisle Merv Mann of Salta too and Doug Wankel of a Lbw. A extremely Tough delegation to say the least. That s the base for sask. Sweep if the of which goes to the championship Crew. The Odds against it will be Ormed by Hec Gervais Ron Northcott and Matt Baldwin All Alberta Alfie Phillips or. Of Ontario Bud Somerville of Superior wise., and last but by 10 Means least Lyall Dagg of . Dagg As a matter of served Duguid his sole setback n last Spring s Brier. He even Tole the vanning Point Northcott and Gervais How Ever will have to receive Spe Cial attention from the Man. Sask. Gang. N o r t h c o 11 has won three Briers and As Many world titles strictly on Premier Ihor Yalung and Muter strategy. But he May be missing bit second Man Bernie Sparks who has moved to . Gervais probably the biggest Man in Curling and definitely one of the most personable and colourful is raring to hit the Hacks. It was Gervais who handed Dugie his Only loss this season in the recent Csc television tournament. The first to arrive Hector was saying tuesday night that waiting for this event since the season started. He exclaimed when you put a Field like this on the ice under one roof there s a great Deal of Pride involved among the Fellows the Money is Nice to win but there s twice As much Pride to be Lemecha whose rink has been known to play musical chairs quite frequently this sea son offers Gervais his first test and it should t be a run away for either Side. Lemecha supported by the Dudar twins Bob and Al and Lead Steve Decter has played against most of the big names in various Bonspiel or during two Brier stints As third Man for Hersh Lerner. There Are really few under dogs and no dark horses in the t of c. Any one of the 16 is quite capable of going undefeated especially since it s expected they la be Curling on Brier calibre ice Andy Mcwilliams nature s gift to curlers and caretaker of ast year s Brier ice at Winnipeg Arena says everything is going smoothly again. Andy of course May even provide better ice if that s a Swible than last March Ince he now knows every quare Inch of the Arena floor. That knowledge also includes Many experiences with Consols be. Tickets Are on Sale at the Arena or almost any of the ocal Curling clubs. Remember he Best seats go to the Early users. What the Hec Hector Gervais Alberta s Curling giant has an countered Many a Tricky prob Lem on the ice lanes but he was t ready for Danny digit alias Don tuesday at the Granite. Big Hec could t resist rotting a Reck civics and All in preparation for thursday t tournament of Champ ions at the Arena but that s when Duguid also a t of c contender and free press photographer Dave Johnson interrupted the Taylor troupe came to the right place for experience by John Down Larry Taylor is 23 years old wears glasses and throws chunks of Granite. Larry Taylor is confident has a mind for trickery and is master of three Sharp shooting shot Maken who also heave 40-Peund pieces of rankled Granite. Larry Taylor likes to win hates to tote and is extremely proud to by skip of of of Manitoba s hottest and most i that carting a but this week thursday through sunday at Winnipeg Arena Larry Taylor Aad his eau any youth Al mates Are just four Brash Young paupers m a Field of hugs. Larry Taylor Bob Jen Ion Tom Lynch and Ken Hau you might say Are not expected to win mania phere s had tournament of champions. They Lack experience and. Have missed the pressures of n Brier Aad world championships. Their t of c opponents with the exceptions of a few Haven t but Larry Taylor and co. Have bees in tight situations before and have successfully persevered. Their Haven t been Many mind yen because the rink has safer been together slightly More than est year. A Curayag feat s a free and the Bonds were soon tied. Toe first thing toe four some did Wai win a Consols berth in the Portage fall Bonspiel. That was the first indication that the future might even hold brighter things. They followed in style by winning the Morden All Star invitational the Stonewall Cash Spiel and wrapped s up their debut by capturing the extremely Tough Granite Ciao Campio Naip. This season they finished second a the recent por Tage Centennial Cash Spiel and of course won six of seven games during the weekend to qualify for the of c. In the latter Competition that involved 32 of Mani Toba s top rinks the Taylor squad Only had three games go the full 10 ends including an 8-7 loss to club mate Jack Weremy. But what the rink lacks in experience they certainly make up for in desire and just Plain old fashioned con s i s t e n c y. They also get along Well together a most important f actor towards the building of a Power in the roaring game. Braunstein. Who won the 1965 Canadian title and is considered to be one of the nation s top strategists has said quote the Taylor rink will win the Consols within two years they re All Good curlers they be got compatibility and they won t be Taylor is especially look ing Forward to the t of c and his 3 . Friday Date with Saskatoon s Merv Mann in b division of the round Robin affair. I be always considered Mann one of the explained Larry. Sure he s never won the Brier but to me he s always displayed my idea of a Taylor and chums employ simple philosophy Don t mess around with garbage just pursue the fundamentals. They like a clean House. Hitting is their cup of Tea. But when forced to they can play the draw game just As viciously. Also in b group besides Mann Are Braunstein . Champion Bud Somerville Matt Baldwin a seasoned Alberta shot Smith and three More Saskatchewan rinks skipped by Harold Worth Doug Wankel and Bob Pickering. Larry Taylor is in Tough company. A script tout say 10 . Ait it. Amundr nuni a Ftp in vent want Flat. W. Hanu a weft. Thursday 2 . W. Teny Lambb v9f thursday but the marriage of Taylor to Jensen Lynch and Han May Down As one of the most perfect Reu the Des Duguid to Rod Hunter Jim Pettas eee and Weed. Taylor Didat even have a place m the fall my he was waru ung the Bench. Granite it Esmaie Paul Teny uht tartar. Ribay 12 noon Lynch and Hal. The its Tayrn was kit the an behalf of me Gaui Gays and gait at my Mew got Sam Omitty me most Gaff Civ we vib heard from is year Juchi him View of a new car for Only after a Down payment of month final clearance of 23-1970 envoy epics in Stock Holiday 3081 postage Avi. Chev Olds 837-8371

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