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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 14, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaManitoba Centennial 1970 Winnipeg free press final edition vol. 78 no. 66 Price 10 cents 15 cents monday december 14, 1970 Sunrise . Sunset . Moonrise . Moonset . Forecast Cloudy brisk winds -5 and 10 Retreat Gen. Dayan declares says Israel won t pull to pre War frontiers Washington special tons Israel s defence minister Moshe Dayan termed unacceptable sunday any withdrawal to prewar frontiers even with minor in effect Gen. Dayan was say ing that Israel s Security re quires holding onto substantial portions of Arab territory. Gen. Dayan said nevertheless that Israel was prepared to negotiate without prior con but he added i Hope we shall do very Well through the negotiations when you enter into negotiation you Hope to get the maximum of your among these Gen. Dayan included the Golan Heights Jerusalem the Gaza strip Sharmel sheikh and the Jordan River As a Security in the past he has described these areas in guide lines for minimum retention of Arab territory. With some vehemence he said sunday we Don t want withdraw we Don t want to go to the old lines and we Are not trying to hide on saturday evening Gen. Dayan said that any peace arrange ment would have to permit jewish settlement in Hebron an Arab City on Jordon s West Bank where Abrahao is buried. See no Retreat Page 6 Villa of vice revealed Saigon special tons four hysterical american women three peroxide b 1 o n d e s and an 18-year-old Black girl dashed from a Plush Villa in downtown Saigon and screamed for help from a passing Jec Load of military policemen. They told the startled my s of being forced into prostitution and virtually imprisoned after arriving in South Vietnam 10 Days earlier with contracts As entertainers. Within minutes the Shook up my s had the women at the . Embassy where they Al j most incoherently babbled their j Story to a Stream of consular officers then resuming from j lunch. I while the women s status As j entertainers quickly evaporated j after the incident pm j Bassy wits called that affair Pic Case of destitute prostitutes it appeared that the rest of their Tami of to hockey Gripe fatal Prince George . Up the father of a National hockey league player was shot and killed saturday night after he forced a television station off the air because it was t carrying the game in which his son was playing for Toronto Maple Leafs. Roy Edward Spencer 59, of fort St. James ., was killed by a mountie As he left station a mpg. Police said Spencer fired at least two shots and possibly a third before he was struck in the Chest and face by two of four shots fired by ramp. They said they returned fire after a Constable was shot in the foot and another Bullet struck a gun Holster which a a lineman was holding in his land. Spencer father of Brian Spencer of the Leafs had driven for two hours from fort St. James to complain that the Sta Ion was carrying an nil inc Between Vancouver and Oakland rather than the one be w c e n Toronto and Chicago Slack Hawks. Official accounts said the bizarre course of events resulted rom Spencer s complaint that he was being denied a Chance to see his 21-year-old son play in a National hockey league contest being shown by the Csc s television affiliates in Eastern Canada. Please see hockey Page 6 Roundup biggest Ever 27 held in Bookie raids Washington a the Justice depart ment in what it called the largest co Ordin ated anti gambling raids Ever has arrested 27 persons in an Effort to crack Down on illegal sports operations. A department spokesman said More than half the raids involved illegal professional foot jail betting operations. Agents confiscated in currency luring the raids which occurred in 26 cities around the United states. A prime target was Las vegas nev., where two top executives of Caesars Palace a ambling Casino were charged Vith using telephones to Aid racketeering. Three Las vegas betting houses also were raided on a charge of in effect acting As illegal underwriters to the nation s top the department said. Attorney general John Mit Chell said Fri and internal Revenue service agents served 60 search warrants during the raids. The Justice department said much of the information on which the raid was based came from irs criminal Fields. The raids were staged Satur Day under the direction of the National Council on organized crime a new Agency created by president Nixon last june. When you have two dogs to haul your Toboggan who needs a Snow Mobile these two Toronto children put their pets together in harness and went dashing through the Snow during a recent snowfall. Lights go on again in Britain electricity go slow ends tribunal to review wages London up electricity workers called off a week Long Power crippling slowdown today and expressed readiness to have their wage demands reviewed by a three Man tribunal. General Secre trades Union reporters that fists Fly on to Power worker Pui Bill denounced Montreal group of citizens including politicians teachers and journalists denounced saturday the Federal government s replacement Bill for the War measures act and drafted a Resolution demanding its immediate repeal. The 275-Mcmber group. Led by sociologist Guy Rocher of the University of Montreal also drafted a Resolution calling on the Federal and Quebec govern ments to pave the Way for granting bail to persons still detained under terms of the act invoked last oct. 19. Khiuit Milchev Memphis coup plot alleged London Reuter Mil Lions of britons saturday night saw an angry Farmer on the David Frost television show punch a go slow Power station worker on the jaw. It happened during a heated debate Between a representative group of Union men and the studio audience with to inter viewer David Frost As chairman. The Farmer sitting in the audience claimed that the Power cuts this week had Cost him about a Day on lost egg production and that out of his Birds had died. Tempers frayed and the Farmer walked on to the stage. A Union Man stood up and peeled off his Jac Ket. You re the Farmer bellowed and swung a punch at the Union Man who fell . Or. Frost who retreated from the stage when a band of hippies invaded his show several weeks ago managed to Calm the shout ing Melee that followed. He told the antagonists Good hum redly the my h m a d Ali Bonavena match was last tuesday. This is a talk the Farmer who threw the punch was 50-year-old John Medlicott of Cam Bridge who sprayed six tons of liquid Chicken manure Over local electricity workers cars Friday As a protest against the death of his chickens. When electricity workers followed him to his farm he fired his Shotgun twice in the air. His wife Joan who watched the television pro Gram at Home said hundreds of chickens suffocated during the Power cuts because they Are kept intensively and rely entirely on electric fans for the Man who stopped the punch Tom Diss of Lon Don said afterwards he was not Hurt. Bitter poverty Gaspe Quebec Symbol Vic Feather t a r y of the Congress told the electricity Union decided to resume full work without even waiting for settlement of terms of How the review will be con ducted by a so called court of inquiry. Feather said he sees no great d i f f i c u 11 y in getting Union government agreement on the Structure of the court As Long As it is free and to observers it appeared from the sudden change of Union attitude that the member Union were forced into please see lights Page 4 my pay report today Washington special tons pigs invasion Nikita Khrushchev s purported j radio. Effort on the Story was largely True. Please see Villa Page 7 Richer nations warned memoirs of the 1962 cuban mis Sile crisis report that Robert Kennedy told the soviet Ambas Sador that president Kennedy feared the . Military might overthrow him and seize the Story recounted in the fourth instalment in life Maga Zine out monday is attributed to Anatoliy f. Dobrynin then and now Moscow s top Diplomat in Washington. In a precede i life says the remarks attribute j de to Robert Kennedy arc sex or. Khrushchev s idea was to get the missiles into Cuba without letting the United Stales find out until it was too late to do anything about but the result was a period of perilous tension in which the americans were trying to frighten us but they by David Waters Montreal special not too Long ago. The word Gaspe evoked an image of a pastoral picturesque. Tourist oriented part of Quebec. Today the word has become a Symbol of the bitter unrelieved undignified poverty of Quebec s underdeveloped regions. In Many ways the Gaspe is a visible easy to understand example of Many of Quebec s larger prob lems. For decades gasp sians quaintly avoided the industrialized evils of North America s Urban infernos. A Well travelled Scenic Road rimmed the mountainous rough Hen Peninsula. At regular intervals along it Small clean villages nestled where the Salt water inlets lapped against the thick forests of the Interior. Each Village had its Small colourful fishing Fleet. The gasp sians were poor but not destitute. Effectively walled in behind the ramparts of familial cultural and ecclesiastical Solidarity j their work life was hard but simple. They fished they Cut Wood and they Farmed. A few i became notaries lawyers poli j Ticiano. Journalists and Small a town businessmen. But the machinations of big business they a intently left to the capitalist oriented englishman. As a society it was clearly heading for disaster. What was True of the Gaspe was once equally True of the now fully urbanized parts of Quebec. In Urban areas the rough marriage of the Quebe Cois to the economic and tech n o 1 of i c a 1 gestalt of North Mina Tion on the part of Many of Quebec s English speaking nabobs to preserve As Many of their acquired advantages As possible. The extent to which French speaking Quebe cers missed out on the benefits of the Post War affluent society was revealed by the b and b report. In 1961, English speaking earned on the a unilingual que Cher America began Many decades average a year. The ago. Yet the full benefits of that j a v e r a g c unilingual French marriage have still to be Rea speaking person earned Only Quebec. Most French speaking Quebe cers were too fascinated by the Mirror it held up to their own internal problems to care very much about what might be done outside the province. The statistics quoted earlier were for the year 1961, and the Gap was probably closed somewhat since then. But it is unquestionably still True that being a French speaking que Becer exacts a stiff economic penalty even in a predominantly French province that is not by Victor Mackie Ottawa staff an in creased indemnity for members o f parliament raising their take Home pay Well Over the Mark perhaps As High As a year was expected to be recommended today by the advisory committee on parliamentary salaries and expenses. The increased indemnity unlike the present amount paid to maps. Would be All taxable it is understood. Today a member of Parlia ment jets a year of which is tax free for cd Liz cd. What is More its advantages have been continuously hindered by a need to Shore up a seriously threatened culture and language and by a deter s3.099. For most canadians the shared by the province s eng Koscs. In effect counting the Chi aaa to hindi Taftt d3v to what they should be doing to improve the lot of French speaking canadians outside Lish speaking minority. Such sociological factors partially explain Why the up genetic charges made in the Fly s first manifesto received an empathetic response from a sizable minority of French speaking que on which he docs not pay taxes a member of the com Mons receives the Squi Valint of a year. Senators receive annually including for expenses which is non taxable. Donations slow Ork starts on hampers be cars. The manifesto s anger the report was scheduled to was carefully directed As the be tabled in the commons by Tremley j this i n s t a 11 m c n t of or. J Khrushchev s alleged memoirs j covers the missile crisis the 11961 Bay of pigs debacle his j 11955 meeting at the Geneva j Summit with president Eiscn-1 Hower and their 1359 campy David meeting a hitherto Are j ported 1354 meeting on Vietnam j with the chinese and North vietnamese his conversations with Mao tse Tong the 1961 j Lead to economic j Berlin crisis and his personal i appraisals of presidents Reiswi j whose warning Hower Kennedy and Nixon of amid widespread concern i Bifid Castro and of Stan s j Here Over a Trade daughter Svetana Afifi Oieva. I but before the us. Congress. It is reported in the the . Donar s that or. Kane Sychev re Paris better president Pompidou warned us world s Richer nations today against the renewed temptation of Trade protectionism which he said slowdown. Please see coup Page 5 sister held in slaying Kenora special a a for a wort Rowry for organi Katimi for new Wowe m wite face was in Jam in May my. If was to Uri Todl skates foam dead a Fefres ii at or a tone. After a afew mtg Afati is Maftei to test Fanity is. Tvs. Swe meet Pfefer today today s Inoch a hoax a Granite affair 37 40 the packing of Christmas cheer Board hampers starts this week despite Lack of donations to the Board. The executive Secretary of the Board. Mrs. Lois fold said that Board workers would go ahead and buy what was needed pack the hampers and Hope that donors would come through with More Money As they have done in the past. The hampers go to Winnipeg people who cannot afford to have Christmas food and gifts without help. Mrs. M. Is one of those people. Mrs. M. Has six children two to 15 years of age and has been getting hampers from the cheer Board for 10 years. She is on welfare. Her tar band is dead and mrs. M. Has her hands in Rifle with the a Shroi and therefore is to work a Fuir ice hamper says mrs. A live a Wmk to Christmas the Bow for re cows a we nah Vas Ivet eth a fit Skiff Ohff w Ami tiie Trewe is no Opportunity to save for such things As Christmas presents. Help to put a smile on the faces of children whose Only gifts will be those tucked in the hampers they receive from the Christmas cheer Board. Bring your donations to the classified advertising counter on the ground floor of the free press building or mail them to the free press Christmas cheer fund. Winnipeg free press 300 Carlton Street Winnipeg 2. Receipts for income tax purposes win be Given. Following passages illustrate. J have had our fill As i have More and More que j i be cars of a government which j performs a thousand and on j acrobatics to Charm american j millionaires into investing in la Belle province j j where thousands and thousands j of Square Miles of forests full of game and Well stocked lakes. I arc the exclusive preserve of j i the powerful 20th Century i incurs. I we have had our fill of i taxes which the Ottawa repro j j tentative to Quebec wants to i give to the anglophone Bosses j to incite them to speak French j j to negotiate in French repeat after me cheap labor Means manpower in a healthy mar please Sec 3ip Page 6 be door blasted by bomb new York Reuter an explosion blew out the front door of the general electric Headquarters building Early at i while we always remain the co w e r i n servants and Boot lickers of the big shots who live in Westmount. Town of mount son. Stead police said the blast apparently resulted from an explosive device placed Al the doorway of the building on Lex Outremont and Hamp Egton Avenue near East Alsi there Are reasons for so the building is Only a Block there away from the 17th police the Liberal Victory yes j Are reason for poverty Anem j pro Kroeni misery and the precinct. The injured person was a please Sec Page 7 inking in lord knows them the j worn an passerby. She was fishermen of the Gaspe. The i taken

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