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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 12, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaNew Leisure Winnipeg free press saturday december 12, 1970 got the Ocean in a pail by or. A. C. Forrest some readers May have heard about the Little boy when on his first trip to the seashore filled his Sand pail with Salt water and trudged up to his saying triumphantly i be got the Ocean in my i some people Are like that i about religion. We be got it in the Baptist Church or ours is the True or but you Don t believe in the Virgin birth so you can t be there Are those who would if they could bottle up the Sun Shine and pin Down the wind. And although they Don t know much More about the life of the spirit than they do about the source of the Sun and the wind they do try to condense it into dogmas and confine it in creeds. Ecclesiastical terminology is so difficult that those who attempt to categorize religious experience often confuse us. The wind blows where it likes. You can hear its sound but you cannot Tell where it comes from or where it goes and that is the inner life of it was Jesus speaking. It was late at night and he was talking about the things of the spirit to an elderly and Learned Man who was troubled about his soul. I often think of it when i hear persons imply that the Way of their Church of Demon mation or sect is the Only Way of eternal life. Some try to bottle it up in terminology. Some try to tie it Down in doctrine. Brother Are you they will ask you Christ s life traced in color through holy land by Rev. Ii. H. W. Egler for those who would like to join the thousands of Fortu Nate people who make the Pil Grimage to the holy land but who can not because they can not afford the expense i have a wonderful solution. For those who Are unable to imagine what the holy land looked like when Jesus was on Earth or even As the holy land is today i have a wonderful solution for them too. For those who want to feel that Christ is was and always will be real living with real people in a real land i would like to reveal my wonderful secret and solution to these problems. The solution is found in one of the most Beautiful books i have seen for a Long time. It is Beautiful in Many ways. The Book itself is beautifully designed and constructed from cover to cover containing 83 Lovely full color illustrations and 48 in Black and White. I refer to in the footsteps of Jesus which is in reality a pilgrimage to the scenes of Christ s by Wolfgang e. Pax the director of the Institute for Bible research on the via Dolorosa in the old City of Jerusalem. This marvelous Book has been published by g. P. Putnam s sons and was printed in Israel. Obtainable in Canada. S78.75, Longman Don Mills. Ont i have read Many books on the life of Christ. I have seen Many pictures of the holy land both still and moving Pic Tures but none have moved me As much As this Book has done. This Book beautifully com Bines passages of scripture with appropriate pictures with comments and explanations and a free running commentary of the Story of Christ s birth. For centuries the holy land has been All but forgotten and for some strange reason per haps Best known to god who chose this land and its people in spite of All the changes with which we Are familiar in this space the land the peo ple and their customs remain Modi the same today As when Jesus lined suffered and died and Rose again As god had promised to the patriarchs Abraham Isaac and Jacob. It is More than a biblical or historical commentary because the biblical truths the history As Well As the geography Are All so beautifully interwoven As one reads that one is almost unaware of what is historically ancient or Modem. The explanation of the various customs past and present make one feel that he is present and taking part personally in the events. As one reads this Book with an open heart and mind As i one senses a feeling of spiritual elation through sharing the emotions of Mary Joseph Elizabeth the shepherds and the Wise men. Whether we join the pilgrimage in spirit for Christmas. Palm sunday or easter this Book makes you feel you arc there too. It is also interesting to note that at the proper times the author draws comparisons be t w c c n Caesar Augustus the Symbol of world Power in his Day with Jesus and his Spiri Tual kingdom. He compared him with Herod the figure head King of the jews compared with Jesus the True heir of the King of David. He writes of Pilate the roman governor and his authority of life and death in the judgment of Jesus the final and eternal judge of life and death. Last but not least May i say that the holy land has Many churches Many shrines and Many places of worship for christians moslem and jews which Are adorned with Many types of Art. Many of the buildings Are ancient and Many Are modern but All Combine to remind the pilgrims to the holy land that Jesus lived Here among the shepherds fishermen shop keepers Farmers lawyers and teachers. From these and the surrounding Fields and the sea of Galilee Jesus Drew his mate rials for his parables. Would Yon really like to in stops of Jesus in this chair pilgrimage to the holy suggest you follow in the foot de stand Jesus better to Feu i land. On the Streetcar and there Are some who find it difficult to Dis cuss their religious Faith on the Streetcar just As they might find it embarrassing to discuss the affection they feel for their wives and children before strangers in a Public place. So with embarrassment they seek to explain or divert the conversation and then the questioner thinks he knows that the new acquaintance has not been saved. This is just one of the Many different words and phrases by which christians seek to pin Down the great spiritual experience spoken of by Jesus As the new birth. Some Are saved some con firmed some become christians some join the Church some receive salvation some Are converted some Are born again. Some Start on the new life with their sins forgiven some like John Wesley have their hearts strangely warmed. To some the change comes Sud Denly like love at first sight to others it is the slow dawning of a gradual love affair. So it was in Jesus Day. To one he said go and sin no to another it was be Lieve and thou Shalt be to others it was come and i will make you Fishers of and to Nicodemus it was be must be born when Nicodemus asked what that meant Jesus gave him the answer quoted about the wind and the spirit being alike. Sometimes the religious life is awakened in our friends like a soft summer Breeze blowing Over the Lake. Sometimes the change comes like a Tornado which passes Over the life of a Man making him so different that the whole world will Sec and Marvel. After All he create us differently. And his spirit works among us mysteriously. It is Best that we seek not to confine him but rather let him blow where he will changing some through the storm others through the breezes and others in the Calm. Oxford United Church i Fleet. River Heights i Rev. Garfield Barber 11 . F Advent Iii i Christian communion and j reception of members i i ii director and organist j Margaret Harrison c n h odium Graham . Holt communion 71am. Morning prayer 11 sunday so tied and Nursery 7 do. Evensong stay an4 Evensong St. Luke s anglican Church j nissm i clergy Rev. H. G. Rev. R. W. V. Cantey i choir director Neil i Advent Iii i . St. Mark s lutheran Church cordon and Cambridge you Are invited to attend . Sunday school 1 1 . Morning worship pastor. Robert c. Moland the rim View United Church f . I will present a Christmas i Candle lighting service entitled Christmas now j anybody on dec. 13 at . J everybody Welcome i the United Church of Canada i Crescent fort Rouge i Wardlaw and Nassau reverend George f. Dyker b.d., . J 1 1 . J White gift service Rev. Tim Sale preaching Nursery and kindergarten Margaret Granger organist i Orville Dorraugh choirmaster United Church Westminster ave. And Maryland St. Or. R. E. Vipond i j Rev. C. Mathieson i miss Barbara Bryant i 11 i i 1 . J communion service i How Long is it j till j j or. R. E. Vicondo i j 9 . J j nurses choral service j i everyone Welcome f choir director clan Harrison 1 organist Donald Monties j St. Stephen s 1 Broadway j United Church j Broad War and Kennedy . I White gift sunday j speaker David Van Encel . J the choir presents j Benjamin Britten s ceremony of carols Barbara Bondelid harpist j wednesday at . I study in philippians j Matthew Stevenson minister j Harold choirmaster i i Church Edmonton St. Of Appel la ave. reverend Donald Eruce . . . Reverend John a. A. 6 c. 1 1 of . Christmas communion and reception of new members broadcast Ever . Altona . Christmas communion in the Chapel or. Macdonald conducting both services Barry Anderson j Church 21 first English i lutheran 5 the Friendly downtown Church Maryland and Ellice ave. Rev. H. H. W. Egler. Pastor i Church 774-3143 i Home 772-7535 j sunday school 10 . Worship . I Sermon topic let cod be the judge i come and worship with us. The presbyterian Church in Canada i first presbyterian j Church Canora off Portage Rev. Bruce Miles or. W. C. Maclean 1 1 . Worship infant baptism cantatas in Dulei Jubilo Bitch Udo to us a Little child Tunder string orchestra. Conductor Pat Alfrey infant care provided director of Praise j Conrad crimes i i Baptist Gertrude at Nassau i interim pastor f or. E. L. Bendor Samuel i dec. 13 . Children s choir and Church i school conducting Servic f 7 . I prayer and Bible study Portage Avenue i Baptist i Portage ave. At Ingersoll St. Pc. Wilson. Pastor . J the Bible school i with classes for j every age group. 11 . I giving thought j 7 . Musical presentation j by the choir the pastor will preach. J . J the Daniel Mcl Nytra Madrigal singers will present a program of Christmas carols. J article car Tnp space is provided a the Church. The Church Nur Serje j to open for both the morning an Revie in services each sunday. I Grant memorial Baptist Church 261 Colony Street Friendly evangelical Church j cry e. Robinson pastor j 9.43 . I family Eible school j the old Church i with a new pastor i 7 . Sunday school program j cod s Christmas vessels j c 3c College and career youth vice Tine i in the highest in Pkt federation of Canada Union of Western Canada Conr Roncs with a vital message Bethlehem j 195 Mcc Fror i Broadway first Emmanuel i Euke Ami up acc 11 . 11 . 1 . The Rev. Michael Peers j Cumz Kildonan Sam to at a Kim . Oakview first Oakview at wart 11 . 7 . Pilgrim 41 Maple St. . 7 . St. Vital s Bank ave. . Tabernacle 155 11 . Tul nity f 7 . Ukrainian 300 Pott v. 11 7

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