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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 12, 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba24 Winnipeg free press saturday december 12, 1970 fishing Coop set for Iii Ord agriculture minister san Yuskiw Friday announced that a fishing co operative will be established at Alford 275 Miles North of Winnipeg. The minister also said there will be an Extension of the operations of the South Indian Lake co operative at Leaf rapids in Northern Manitoba. The Alford co operative he said is expected to produce be tween to pounds of fish annually with an Nual sales in excess of a Quarter of a million dollars. He said that 50 local fishermen will be engaged in the project. Or. Yuskiw said that facilities were purchased from Sod nor fisheries Ltd., owned by Norm Rondo. Among the items purchased by the co operative from or. Rondo s company were a fish packing Plant located at Alford including such equipment As two ice machines and other utensils required in an ice packing operation. Total Cost i fourteen fishing Camps each equipped with an ice House fish packing station Dock and bunkhouses. Total Cost 0 additional fishing equip ment such As snowmobiles out Board motors boats and ice augers. Total Cost or. Yuskiw said the co opera Tive and the company Are continuing negotiations on the Pur Chase of nets corks leads Flats and other fishing equipment As Well As equipment used in fish ing stations. The co operative has obtained Short term financing from the Freshwater fish marketing corporation and has applied for Long term financing from the Manitoba agricultural credit corporation. The minister reported that or. Rondo has undertaken to leave k per cent of the total Cost of the facilities with the co operative for three years to As Sist it in getting under Way. The co operative will begin fishing operations within a few Days. Extension of operations of the at South Indian Lake to co operative fisheries Ltd. Of Saskatchewan which then flew it to Lynn Lake for packing grading and readying it for Market. The facilities at Leaf rapids will enable the South Indian Lake co operative to take on these responsibilities. One important development is the decision of the South in Dian co operative to Purchase two freighters to ship its fish to its own or. Yuskiw said. Previously it was flown out at a Cost last year of the employment of two freighters will reduce these costs to annually a substantial saving for the co it s interesting to note that the saving which will be effected by using boats instead of air planes will More than make up for the Cost of a new he said. One boat will operate on South Indian Lake the other on Granville Lake. Or. Yuskiw noted that the Sav ing works out to five cents per heritage program starts for natives the department of education in co operation with the Mani Toba Indian brotherhood and Manitoba Metis federation has initiated a program to identify and develop More suitable curriculum material for and about children of native ancestry education minister Saul Miller said Friday. Curriculum materials now in use reflect the values and attitudes of the majority or. Miller explained. It is hoped he said that by supplementing existing pro Grams with materials related to the culture of Manitoba s native population children of Indian and Metis ancestry will been South Indian Lake fisheries co operative Ltd. Will involve the construction of facilities for packing and grading fish at Leaf rapids located 50 Miles Southwest of South Indian Lake on the Churchill River. Work on the facilities will begin in april and will be completed by june 1971. It will involve a Quarter million Dollar capital invest ment. The facilities will enable Resi dents of South Indian Lake to package and Grade their own produce at Leaf rapids. Previously they had sold their fish Pound of fish and when you consider that the co operative produced More than pounds of fish last year the saving is about 60 fishermen Are engaged with the co operative which also operates its own store with total annual sales of and a total membership of 93 people. The co operative paid its member fishermen for their fish last year. Or. Yuskiw said that the store has resulted in substantial Sav Ings for its members. For example the Cost of gasoline has been Cut in half 50 cents a gallon since the Coop was established 20 months in tracing the trend towards the establishment of co opera Tives in Northern Indian communities in the past five years or. Yuskiw said that recently 55 residents of grand rapids Gath ered to discuss the formation of a co operative with the intention As they put it of com battling courage to develop a positive identity with their heritage and other children will gain a better appreciation and understanding of the Indian and Metis Peoples. It is also expected that the proposed curriculum changes will assist the Indian and Metis child in relating his school experience to his cultural Back ground he added. Most of the materials books pamphlets films and picture charts will be designated for use throughout the Manitoba school system not specifically for classes including Indian and Metis children. The program is being con ducted by miss Verna Kirkness curriculum consultant on Cross cultural education with the assistance of Sealey associate professor in the univer sity of Manitoba faculty of Edu cation. The program is focussing on two major areas in 1970-71 Lan Guage arts and social studies exploratory investigations have begun on the possibility of teaching native languages As second languages and provid ing instruction in native languages in pre school and Pri Mary grades. In social studies the program is attempting to add discussions of topics relevant to the lives and culture of children of Indi an and Metis descent to exist ing programs. For example snowmobiles would be added to an examination of the Means of transportation. Committees Are now consider ing possible innovations in the grades 7 and 8 social studies program and the High school program. Work is near completion on supplementary material for a Leview by Peter Crossley children delighted with ii of w musical the grades 5 and 6 social Stu Dies programs. This is expected to be available in the fall of 1971. Supplemental mate rial has already been provided for grades 1 to 4. Scarcity of material on the Indian and Metis culture suit Able for classroom use has been a problem in the past or. Miller pointed out. This has indicated a need in some cases to produce original materials be fore necessary changes could be made in curriculum. He found it encouraging How Ever he added that one pub Lisher has hired a writer of native descent to prepare a Book let for possible use in the Grade 5 social studies program a regional geographic study of Manitoba. Stanley Wilson of the Pas now is writing a Case study on the Pas Indian reservation which will include an examination of the current economic changes in the Community and their effects on the residents of the area. W. Robert cordon who has been named associate general Secre tary of the Manitoba teachers society. Or. Cordon a resident of St. James Assiniboia joined the society in 1957 after nine years teaching experience in Manitoba. He said that their papers for incorporation As a Coop were currently being processed by the co operative and credit Union services Branch of his department. Or. Yuskiw added that the residents of Pukatawagan located 60 Miles North of flin flon were also actively considering the establishment of a Multi Pur pose co operative engaged in fishing trapping tourism and lumbering. He said residents of that Community appeared very enthusiastic about the idea. Two get one year for trafficking vets system gets 6 new districts a provincial government plan aimed at establishing 32 Region Al veterinary clinics throughout Manitoba sufficient to care for All of Manitoba s 1 million head of cattle As Well As hogs and poultry by 1975 surged ahead this month with the Addi Tion of six veterinary services districts to the present three. Agriculture minister Samuel Yuskiw said the following Veteri nary services districts will be established Ashern St. Pierre Selkirk Shoal Lake Pembina Valley centres on Pilot Mound and South Central notre Dame de he said that veterinary ser vices districts already existed at Roblin Arborg and Souris. Or. Yuskiw said that foundations have already been pc pared for veterinary clinic buildings in seven of the nine districts. These clinics Are expected to be fully operational j the nucleus of the 32 proposed clinics. The estimated Cost of trans forming each of these buildings into a clinic is the project has provided employment for 16 Indian and Metis workers who were obtained through the auspices of manpower corps which has a construction trainee program. The 16 men split into two teams were engaged on All of the clinics under construction. According to the provincial program municipalities arc permitted to group together to form a veterinary services District. The provincial govern ment underwrites the capital costs of the clinical Laboratory facilities offers Matching Grants to the participating municipalities to operate them and provides incentives for veterinarians. This program will signify two Young Winnipeg men have each been sentenced to one year in heading Ley jail for trafficking in restricted drugs. The two appeared before judge j. W. M. Thompson in Winnipeg county court judge s criminal court Friday. Douglas Murray Carr 20, who was living at 109vi Bryce Street at the time the offences he was charged with occurred pleaded guilty to trafficking in hashish marijuana and Ltd. Douglas Peter harder 18, up accused with Carr in trafficking in Ltd pleaded not guilty. He was living at 107 Bryce Street at the time the offence occurred. In the Case of Carr Federal Crown counsel Eugene Kucher told court that on the evening of March 12, the Young Man met an ramp undercover agent in an apartment on Mary land Street and sold the agent five foil wrapped ounces of hashish for or. Kucher said Carr met the agent at the same apartment the next evening and drove with him to another address in Winnipeg where Carr obtained four ounces of marijuana which he sold to the agent for at the rear of a House on Len nox Avenue in St. Vital where Carr and one of the men made a fruitless search for a stash of drugs. Or. Kucher said Carr had then asked the third Man if there would be any Chance of getting the Ltd that night but it was finally agreed drugs would be produced the next afternoon at a Pool Hall in St. Boniface. The agent s Money was returned. Court was told the City firm gets Ottawa staff Federal government Grants to tailing to Reliance products limited of Winnipeg for the production of plastic containers and lids was announced saturday by Supply and services minister James Richardson. The Plant expansion will create additional employment for id people and the new product expansion will create 31 new jobs. Construction work is expected to Start on or before Jan. 31, 1971. The company will receive two offers under the provisions of the regional development incentives act for Plant expansion a primary incentive of based upon 12 per cent of approved capital costs for new product expansion a com b i n incentive of based upon 17 cent of approved capital costs and per Job. Total estimated capital costs for both Are court was told that on March 26 the agent opened negotiations with Carr to buy 100 tablets of Ltd for the next Day. The agent turned the Money Over to Carr and then the two picked up a couple of other men and drove to a Lane by next Spring. Preparation of j increase veterinary scr a foundation for the proposed Selkirk clinic should begin next week while work at Ashcan will begin in the Spring. By the end of the summer of 1871 we expect to have 14 Veter Inary services districts in Mani Toba and five additional districts Are in the process of sub mitting applications with my department in All likelihood we will have 19 veterinary services districts in Manitoba by the end of the summer of he said. Or. Yuskiw said that 32 government owned buildings a t Macdonald Airport will serve As 52 dead in vice to Manitoba s livestock producers perhaps double it Over the next five said or. Yuskiw. Jumble flight fares to Rise agent drove to the Pool Hall the next afternoon and was met by the third Man from the night before the Man with the drugs was waiting on the Sec Ond floor of the Pool Hall build ing. Or. Kucher said the agent refused to go into the building to get the drugs and they were Ater brought out to him by a girl. The agent received 101 Tab cts of Ltd for in the Case of harder a trial was held at which the under cover agent testified that it was harder who had been the third Man the night the search had been made for the stash of drugs and that it was harder he had met the next afternoon in front of the Pool Hall. Deaths 53, of judge Thompson had sen term on the Ltd trafficking term on the Ltd trafficking charge and two concurrent nine month terms on the hashish and marijuana trafficking charges after hearing the Evi Dence read out by or. Kucher. At the conclusion of the trial of harder about two hours later the judge found him guilty on the charge of Traffick ing in Ltd and imposed the same one year jail term As he had handed out to the co accused Carr. Quak Lima pern renter the official death toll in the severe earthquake which rocked North j Era pern and Southern Ecuador i Rose to so today with Esth nates j batting the member of injured at Wen Over 1.000. As troops and civilians and Rescue teams cent Raed to comb i he Adies of rained tall dogs m both sides of the Border there were fears that casualty for Gores Wrid go a win higher. The associated press said. Government sew res the death Tot at Sias stars Fly the Dufferin Avenue suite 313 Anne Gibson of 41 Sunset St vital mrs. E. Gay of fort can Drin Man., and h. Chilman of Yorkton. Sasic. In Eraes win be mailed to she winners shortly. Answerer a to a terse Perez Tes to 4529 Are it frito. Raves Groft stylus a Mystik Fer Montreal up one Way air fares will go up but More excursion fares will be available to North americans travelling to Southeast Asia and the Caribbean the International air transport association announced Friday. The air fares win be effective april 1, 1371, pending approval by the individual governments. A total of 107 Iata member airlines Are participating in the air fare talks that began in Honolulu last september and Are continuing in Geneva. Among the new rates Are first class 21-Day individual excursion fares Between the United states and Caribbean to be made available year round while Economy class to be available on a seasonal basis at rates increased by three to 14 per cent info Ideal excursion fares Between Canada and Caribbean to be available on so mixer i basis at fares increased i by 4.3 to 6.3 per cent respectively first class fares to Ash to increase by and Economy class by and Kcf shaky Dass to the South Pacific Fey Clifford Here to choreograph new Ballet John Clifford one of the world s youngest choreographers arrived Here Friday afternoon to create a Complete new work with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Or. Clifford at the age of 23, has already choreographed Sev eral successful ballets for the new York City Ballet one of the world s top companies. Or Clif Ford is a soloist dancer with that company. His new work called concert fantasy will be danced to the music of a Tchaikovsky con Certo j he begins working with the dancers saturday afternoon in the Royal Winnipeg s Smith j Street studios. Or. Clifford is accompanied by Gil Wechsler and costume designer Tom Pritchard also from new York. Brooks. George William of Valois que. Cowie mrs. Virginia 91, heritage Hospital formerly of Duck Point Man., widow of Louis Cowie. Craig James Gordon 85, of Deer Lodge Hospital St. James Assiniboia formerly of 732 Brock Street. Crawford mrs. Adelaide 63, of 46 Cortez Bay St. James a s s i n i b o i a formerly of Thunder Bay ont., widow of Roy Crawford. Dalik Adam. 62. Of 45 Kings Wood Avenue St. Vital for Merly of Otterbourne. Man. Glenn. Joseph Reid 82, of 970 Point Road suite 216, fort Garry. Ferris. Mrs. Annie Maria 86. Of Carman Man., formerly of Sperling Man., widow of Thomas Wilmot Jennings. Tom 83, of Toron to. Green mrs. Alberta i Wise 86, of Sault St. Marie ont., widow of Henry Green. Kruk. Harry 40. Of because Sotir Man. Mcbain John resell 74, of 553 Sherbrook Street suite 2. Locomotive Engineer. Magnusson mrs. God Mai Dur 70, of Langruth Man. Phipps. Mrs. Clarence Mildred 48. Of Saska Toon sask., formerly of Cal Gary Alia. Sera mrs. Samuel of 1305 main Street suite 2. Three out of four three out of four look in the shield and you la find one this is the key Riddle in an excellent musical comedy for children which opened at the University of Winnipeg convocation Hall Friday evening. It is titled the magic shield written and directed by Reg Skene with original lyrics and music by Del sex Smi h. The Story line is. Made up of All the basics of every Ever written there is a magic shield an evil magical a roaring lion a Beautiful Princess trapped in a Tower a fallen King a Glass clog a Royal banquet a handsome Duke a simple lad off to seek his Fortune and Manx other Little ele ments that make a fairytale so enchanting for children. And enchanting is just what the magic shield is. A fairytale must Appeal to a child s imagination with wonder and magic and just the right amount of reality. The Story must be Complete As a child is Quick to notice anything false or anything that rings untrue about a Story. The magic shield is True and Complete. The children that filled the auditorium Friday evening to Novation h a l 1 Friday evening to standing room Only capacity were in a state of Awe throughout. They booed the evil land 1 o r d who sends Mother Goose to the poorhouse they squealed when the lion rushed out on stage with a ferocious Roar they warned simple Jack of impending dangers. It is a Story for children a Story with a moral when Good meets bad Good will always the Large cast was made up of the University of Winnipeg s theatre association members. Most of the cast had two or More roles and carried it off very Well. Mother Goose was played by or. Victor leathers moustache and All. He was perfect in the part but unfortunately his singing voice has not All the Power it should so at times it was hard to. Hear him. His performance can be summed up in one word Camp. He was delightful. Mother Goose of course has to have a Goose that lays Golden eggs even if Only to pay the rent. This part was taken by Jolly Robinson the Young lady who scored such a hit in revue 70. She is an excellent mime and was a Beautiful magic Goose. Mother Goose has two children a boy and a girl simple Jack and Little Ash pit played and Sung by Brian Bjorklund and sue Parker. Or. Bjorklund has a Fine singing voice and a Talent for creating Beautiful characterizations. The Audi ence was with him every step of the Way through the enchanted Forest Over the wastelands up the mountains under the sea and outside the evil magician s Tower. He won the hearts of the children particularly with his first entry into the enchanted Forest. Miss Parker seemed too strained when singing As if the music was in too High a key for her but even when the key was changed her voice was no match for or. Bjorklund. She is a Good Stevenson mrs. Jessie a., 94, of Vancouver formerly of Harding and Winnipeg widow of William v. Stevenson. Smith mrs. A May of bran Don formerly of Souris. Man., widow of Edward Smith. Palarko my of 650 Sim Coe Street Turko Henry 65, of 200 aus tin Street farther Fer Maimi please see classified death notices Zagreb Yugoslavia a Milisav Scmitz and Ranko do braves. Two Veteran yugoslav pilots who won Many decorations and honors for their feats in the air were killed wednes Day in a traffic Accident near the Airport. Actress though and had All the sympathy of the Chil Dren As she was turned into a Kitchen slave for the evil landlord and his three ugly Sisters. The evil landlord was played by Nelson Rajotte. He was the most evil mean and underhanded Man in the whole kingdom. First he broke up Mother Goose s Home and led her children into danger then had her sent to the poor House. In the meantime he forced Little Ash pit into slavery and tried to keep her from meeting the hand some Duke. This of course was to no Avail. Or. Rajotte created a very believable evil landlord but not evil enough to not be forgiven when he restored the Golden Goose to Mother Goose. Howard Gurevich was a convincing evil magi Cian but his Black Cape could have been bigger the flourishes would have come off better. With the excellent makeup he was the silent lord of evil supervising All the wrong doings in the kingdom. The evil landlord s three ugly Sisters Diane Walton Jane Dick and Margie Schram were the biggest hit of the evening. These three talented Young ladies got the biggest rounds of applause and literally stole the show with their i am pretty song. They were excellent fun throughout the show. With three of the jewels restored to the magic shield simple Jack must find the fourth. He remembers the riddles and looks into the shield. The fourth jewel is an inspiration of Genius in technique and comes off very Well to the Delight of the children. The chorus of villagers and guests were a Good backdrop for the main characters. On the whole their singing was Good but their Jerky movements tended to distract from the action of the leads. This fault must lie with the director As they All did the same motions. Whatever the effect he trying to get failed Misera Bly. When peace and Happi Ness reign supreme in the kingdom once More after simple Jack has banished the evil magician there i s entertainment in the Royal a human Pup pet show. This done by Jean Maheo As harlequin Wendy Kellet As Columbine and Brian Baigrie As Zany. These three Young people have an excellent faculty for mime or. Baigrie also played the part of an Eagle and turned in a Beautiful puppet the magic shield is made up of Many elements of theatre which Are not usually found Side by Side in one play. The writers and director have created a Beautiful show one that should be a must for every child this season. The music and lyrics by Del Sexsmith were excellent and most fitting for a fairy tale. The sets by David hew Lett and the costumes were colourful and As enchanting As the play itself. The magic shield has a running time of Ivic hours. It will be repeated dec. 12 and 13 at 3 . And 7 . The admission is free with a Silver collection in Aid of the save the children fund. Merry Moss what do you want Ood spelling or Good savings and values Ben Moss jewellers night till open the liquor control commission liquor store hours Christmas and new year s period 1970 All Manitoba liquor stores will in closed All Day m 25th and 26th. 1970 and on Fantry 1st, 1971. Will close at . In thursday. Of cimber 24th and in thursday december 31st, 1970. Will be open during Normal hours in Mendar. Tuesday and wednesday december 28th, 29th and 30th, 1970. Greater Winnipeg on menday. Tuesday and wednesday december 21st, 22nd and 23rd tilt Kim Oft fort carry St. St. St. Vital Istle Sam cd Tran Xona Winnipeg not mate Shini 11 . . 1310 Highway 11 . To 9 . Dominion shopping Centra 11 . To 9 . 2549 Portage Avenue it . To 9 . St. Annc Road no. 1 Hwy. Ii . 10 . Is resent Tatt 11 . To 9 . Mam Street ii . To 9 . 423 Mcmillan ave no 11 . To 9 . Winnipeg 1020 main Street ii to 10 . Winnipeg sell service Nort Picato shop Tong Centra 11 . 10 . Winnipeg 345 Donau Street 11 to 12 emf. Winnipeg 755 Portage ave no ii . To 12 int. Winnipeg sett service Polo Park strapping Centra 11 . To 10 . Winnipeg sett service Crant Park Plata 11 . To 10 . St. Amps Anini Boia 3239 Portage Avenue 11 . To 10 . Self service Manitoba other than greater Winnipeg on menday tuesday and wednesday december 21st. 22nd and 23rd self service Brandon Dauphin fun fion la Prairie Selkirk Thi Pas Thompson Othir places municipal holidays 11 . To 10 . 11 . To 9 . 11 . To 9 . Ii . To 9 . 11 . To 9 . 11 . Re 9 , 11 . To 9 . 11 . To 7 . Numal Holiday december 1th hut Mccars in the get yours Dos. Saw Rcv. V Swai she flu jew my _ fix Jin eight awarded theatre study scholarships eight people have been awarded a scholarship each from the Manitoba theatre Centre for studying theatre courses at schools in Canada and overseas. The scholarships Are m Mem Ory of Moray Sinclair and Jean Murray. The winners Are Miriam i Greene Estsan Loadman. Grant Gay. Denis Lacroix at the a Fawwal theatre school Steve Prince Albert. Sast Waish and Stephen rtt Sueb at i Harold wafts a the University Alberta Caro Rowl exas at the Saskatchewan pcs Lyn letter and Marcel mar fares to a Points Toi Jeweary. Was in . France. By awol Reu pred is Ted Friday is in the kaisers Wal bom to we create to 4ays i Tai Safe Criag few i a broken a Cottet ficut to raise new Way Tor Toavs i Wmma we few next year. W j Mif 1wm m v i docs Wpc in a librarian attacked Oty two ref us Ewd a Etc a gift w two Toj c Trust photo cheques do it today. Drop Rutto our Hoftke Well fake Yow pm store and keep octets . 947-1541

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