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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 12, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press saturday. December 12, 1970 East Pakistan election is Victory for local autonomy by Tom Oleson it is no Surprise that sheikh Mujibur or Mujib As he is commonly known Rahman s Swami league emerged As the Clear win Ner in the present general election in Pakistan. For the first time seats in the National Assembly were apportioned according to pop the Manitoba expropriation act the honourable attorney Gen eral for the province of Manitoba extends an invitation to All interested parties to attend a seminar to be held in the auditorium Norquay building 401 York Avenue on thursday december 17th, and Friday morning december 18th, 1970 when the above noted act will be reviewed by or. Ross a. L. Nugent q.c., applications for registration May be obtained from or. H. A. Good director land acquisition Branch 116 Edmonton Street Winnipeg 1. Telephone 946-7901. Marion realty Ltd. Announcement Rene fort Marion realty Ltd. Congratulates or. Rene fort of our mar Ion Street Branch for h is achievement As top Altiman of the month for the month of november. Or. Fort would be pleased to have you drop in to discuss the Purchase or Sale of your Home. Traditionally Fine funeral service since 1887 Kerr s funeral Chapel 120 Adelaide Street by innit leg 2, Manitoba Chapel office 943-6688 Illarion with the majority going to East Pakistan where sheikh Mujib is regarded As something of a hero and his autonomous movement is in keeping with the spirit of the people. The Swami league car ried 15 of the 388 seats that were contested and is expected to take All nine of the seats in the disaster stricken area when the elections Are held there. In West Pakistan Zulfi Kar Ali Bhutto s left Wing people s party took 81 of the 138 seats. Thus the two will be the strongmen of the new National Assembly. Pakistan s future will depend on whether they can get together on the drafting of the new Constitution. President Yahya Khan who called the election has Given the Assembly 120 Days after their first full meeting to make the draft of a new Constitution. If they fail he will dissolve the Assembly and continue to Rule through martial Law. Democracy has been an elusive goal in Pakistan since its formation. This As Sembly s predecessor perpetuated itself for eight years before it finally drafted a Constitution and Yahya Khan has made it Clear he wants no such foot dragging from the new one. The election Campaign was mostly a Battle of personalities the Only major Issue was sheikh Mujib s platform of autonomy for Pakistan s provinces Nota Bly his own province of East Pakistan. Resentful the bengalis in East Pakistan have been very resentful of what they regard As domination and exploitation by the More advanced and intellectual West pakis Tanis Pakistan was formed from the partition of the British Indian Empire the Eastern and Western districts ludicrously separated by a thousand Miles of hos tile India. East and West Pakistan Are different in almost every Way climate Popula Tion wealth the tempera ment of their people. The Only real tie is the moslem Faith and the fear of hindu India. The government has always been controlled by the punjabis in West pakis Tan and not without reason the bengalis feel that their development and problems have been ignored while the West has been built up. As Early As 1966 sheikh Mujib began agitating for East pakistani autonomy. His Arami league in that year published a six Point program that limited the authority of the Central government to defence and foreign affairs. His move ment was attacked by the former president Ayub Khan who perhaps rightly saw it As an Effort to set up a n Independent state in East Pakistan. In 1968 the sheikh and 33 others were arrested and accused of plotting armed revolt against the govern ment. A year later As the forces will bring Yule to tiny Village a Grade 6 teacher at Allard elementary school St. James Assiniboia has spurred the Canadian forces into a Christmas Airlift that May rival Santa Glaus himself. Competing with the Jolly Man and his Reindeer will be two Otter aircraft of 402 City of Winnipeg squad Ron which will carry 500 pounds of books and Candy during the weekend to waa Sag Mach 250 Miles North East of Winnipeg at the Edge of Island Lake. The project began when Donna Jaworski suggested it in connection with a social studies program in her Grade 6 class. The school s 470 students gathered 400 pounds of books and 100 pounds of Candy for the 159 children at Waas Gomach but that was Only the beginning. Residents and merchants of East Kildonan have also contributed to the Christ Mas Airlift. As one of the City s final Centennial projects a cargo of food clothing skates toys and Ottier gifts will be flown by the 402 Squadron otters to St. Theresa Point red sucker Lake and Sha Matawa. Maj. Roy Wilson of East Kildonan and it. Roger Zwickel of St. Boniface will Pilot the aircraft picking up some Northern flying training at the same time. Situation worsened and bloody riots wracked East Pakistan he was released. His detention had made him even More of a hero to the bengalis and along with his platform of autonomy More or less guaranteed his sweep of the seats in East Pakistan. The Cyclone and flood which devastated parts of East Pakistan further added to sheikh Mujib s popularity. The sheikh accused the government of criminal indifference to the plight of the survivors. Whether or not this accusation was justified the bengalis were All too ready to believe it. Although the government has since the terrible disturbances of 1969, paid More attention to that area the memory of 20 years of neglect is not easily erased. President Yahya Khan on a visit to peking was in formed of the last month s disaster in East Pakistan by a message that came straight from Dacca. Before 1969, this would have been routed through official channels via the capital of Rawalpindi. A More typical if perhaps extreme example of the Way in which East Pakistan has been administered was the governor who was reported to have said that he was guided to his decisions by a celestial Light emanating from the presidential Palace in West Pakistan of former pres ident Ayub Khan. The bengalis conviction that they have been by exploited by the men in Rawalpindi is the basis for sheikh Mujib s hold on them. Since his entry to politics at the age of 22 he has been their Champion and their Martyr. Now that the sheikh Heads the government and Grant aids teacher Standard study critique by John w. Graham inconsistent but intimate Bruce n. Or 01 optometrist Eye text mint. It met. To font w. 222-2030 Transcona rest Strucki the Gallerie fore in present ing an exhibition with the title of december Choice can be expected to have put together a diversified but delectable Selec Tion intended to Appeal to a collective yet variable taste. In no Way could this be said to be a definitive View of Art today but it is an attractive segment of the total scene much of which is not painted with marketable intent and therefore could hardly be expected to be found in such a situation. While a reasonable percent age of the work on View has been seen there before in the context of one Man shows there is some work which is new and one artist who is a newcomer to the gallery. It is usually preferable to View the work of an artist in some degree of completeness with enough work to be seen that one can determine the degree to which it is representative of his style and viewpoint at least the first time he is presented. However the four Watercolours by a japanese Canadian Kazuo Hamasaki Are deft and sure enough to be assumed with some Assurance to be representative of his work. The resultant Harmony Between the Brush and the stroke with which he evokes his subject matter is the most personal and unusual Are several charcoal portraits by Helen Lucas. They have a Static dreamlike almost haunt ing idealization suggestive of a kind of monumental pre Raphaelite race. In spite of the obvious inconsistent character and style of the show the Over All impression is intimate in scale and personal in its variety Well suited to its intent. Floor the clearance Sale 12 x 12 Vinyl Asbestos tile each. 12x 12 tile random lots each. 2c 9x9 inlaid Pinole him tile each. 7e 46 Warehi flaw Street phone 247-2619 the result of his sum painting at school in Osaka. It is interesting training in the Nanga to compare candidates May get 5c a head Ottawa up Hyliard Chappelll Peel chairman of the special com Mons committee on election expenses said thursday the com Mittee will probably recommend financial assistance for candidates in Federal elections. Or. Chappell made the com ment after the committee heard evidence from the Canadian association of broadcasters re presenting most private radio and television owners. Well probably conclude that candidates need some form of or. Chappell the Canadian Donner foun Dation has granted t the Canadian committee of the International Council for exceptional children to help finance study of professional Standard for teachers. Or. F. A. Mackinnon o Saskatoon chairman of the Ca Nadian committee said that a professional standards subcommittee will use the Grant t Complete the study started twi years ago. He said the International body and its Canadian committee were set up to Advance the Edu cation of exceptional children both handicapped and gifted but that to do this requires the provision of specially trainee staff. A statement of professional standards he said would be particularly useful to provincial departments of education universities and local school boards. The subcommittee on professional standards Hopes to have its report completed by 1972, or. Mackinnon said. He said the National Institute on mental retardation based at York University has provided a Grant of for the development of standards of Para professional personnel who pro vide support services for professionals working with exceptional children. The Canadian Donner foun Dation is a private foundation established by the late William h. Donner industrialist Ani philanthropist. Based in Toron to it makes available Grant for a variety of social science projects that do not fall within the terms of reference of othe agencies in Canada. Back to Jau after theft of clothing was Victor Paul Whyte 32, sentenced Friday to a second term in heading Ley jail in less than three weeks after he pleaded guilty to a charge of theft. In Winnipeg magistrate s court magistrate Anthony Pilu Tik was told Whyte of no fixed address had been discharged from heading Ley dec. 4, after Irving two weeks on an earlier theft charge. Whyte was arrested in a on s store thursday six Days after his release court was old. He had stolen clothing valued at Whyte told the magistrate he had been let out of jail with bout in his Possession. This in had spent but he had been trying to raise Money for his return fare to Toronto. The Swami league has a majority solidly based in East Pakistan a clash with Yahya Khan seems inevitable if sheikh Mujib Sticks to his six Yahya Khan has always intended that the new Constitution will Weld the provinces of Pakistan More closely to Gether. Any move by the new Assembly to draft one that will do otherwise is bound to Lead to conflict perhaps even if the conflict becomes extreme to the dissolution of the Assembly by Yahya Khan and the delay once again of a re turn to civilian Rule. Yahya Khan has made it Clear that he will not Toler ate seeing the country divided into five with this in mind sheikh Mujib May think it Wise to soft pedal his hard toned six principles and prefer to preside Over a Strong Cen trial government based on an East pakistani majority. He has already dropped his demands for the com plete separation of East and West Pakistan and indicated that he is willing to con cede the Power of taxation to the Central government. If sheikh Mujib and Yahya Khan can agree on a limited concept of autonomy to be embodied in the Constitution then the sheikh May be Able to control the Hartline secessionists in his party. He is too firmly committed to the concept of regional autonomy to aban Don it completely however and if he does clash with Yahya Khan there Are Many in Pakistan who would be glad to see him fall. Although the election was peaceful and Good natured enough the delicate task of framing a new Constitution and the Mutual distrust with which each faction regards the other May cause trouble in the future. White French Ryf 5 890 Westminster bakery do incr Bioko we rent new apartment furniture Moder Nace furniture 222 Mcdermot ave. At Albert Tail by Max Steiman and Bailiff s auction Sale of the Complete fixtures and equipment of the Creek Village restaurant on the premises at 595 Broadway Avenue mon., dec. 14th at 11 . Instructed by Simpson eve bailiffs we will sell 19 fables 7 tooth 16 upholstered Chain 7 Wall mirrors lunch counter 11 Chrome stools 3 Milkshake mixers toaster display counter Cash Reg in portable . Set Chrome coat rack Arnett Freezer Admiral refrigerator Bell 4 doer re fridge Titchen counter Fry master with 2 latkes All dishes cooking him Sill cutlery fixture and goods and chattels of every description on the not exempt by Law. M. K. Steh imn h. H. St limn of Kimton Simpson co. Bailiffs Sherbrook St. Pm. You can save a child in desperate need of the life giving food medical care clothing end Shaltaf that you can provide through donation mailed the the Canadian save the children fund 521 Broadway ave., Winnipeg 1 warehouse new elegance for today s suite set a1j Concrete Safru Twe. Fire protected spacious suites. Away from Industry and traffic. Wide open space with flowing Creek. Landscaped play ground. Party and recreation facilities. Indoor swim maj Pool and Sairy. Indoor parking. Sura special super saving for mme me or future possess on Bachelor is 35 1 bedroom st55 special s 55 2 bedroom Start at s195 3 bedroom s270 special s250 to include Row Power water drapery coloured fridge and stove. Marl de Verv to each suite. Year Sarky cd at no charge Indur Rimml died inc heat room control Large balconies. Carpeted corny oct weft be Ccray a Iffet. Doors. Goes surtes. Off Portage am fas rooms from anywhere wire see. Fcker in Reee Rai or flows. Trove fvmnvi5mb sat Oay sunday wbkdays9 his paintings with those of Toronto artist Marjorie Pigot who has been affected by the same stylistic technique hav ing lived in Japan for a number of years prior to the War. The assorted collection on View includes a wide Range of Media and techniques As Well As subject matter and expression. There Are the ubiquitous pretty landscapes but happily they Are in the minority. Generally the landscapes run from the Post group of 7, through the Hish impasto Al most surrealistic interpretive expressions to the minimal definitive understatement evoking rather than specifically describing the landscape images the implied space and detail Jsn sed rather than seen. In contrast to the extreme sophistication and elegance of Cater there is the richly evocative and seductive texture and color modelling of Tommas. Art Horsfall is Best represented by an excellent Watercolour and a spontaneous Felt pen drawing of a twisted crab apply tree while the truth of less is More is precisely demonstrated in a modest Bat com plete Watercolour of the Prairie expanse North of Saskatoon by Nick Prins. Abandoned farm an egg tempera panting by Meridith Barry is a Haze of Sun and dry grass with a Young boy moving through a humming Nimbus of Light. Inc traded in the selection Are a number of excellent Prats most noticeable those by David Siverberg. La is of j dance he allows the color radiations to expand the Fie ear spore. The his said. He made it Clear he was speaking in terms of assistance and added that a Grant of five cents a voter to each legitimate candidate might be a realistic figure. The major problem he said is in trying to develop a formula which can be used to make certain candidates have Access to an forms of communications so they could spend their Grants whatever Way they chose. Michael Forrestall Dartmouth Halifax East said he is not As committed to recommending financial Assis Tance for candidates As or. Chappell. The committee asked the . To prepare a draft for Mula for the Best methods of using Grants to Bay time on broadcasting outlets. The draft will be considered at a closed meeting of the committee with the ., Csc and possibly Canadian radio television commission officials. W. D. Mcgregor of Kitchener ont . President told the committee candidates should make much More Ose of Short j message Type announcements instead of lengthy presenta i tons. 1 he said this would be less costly and More effective. It would also be More acceptable to radio and to owners. Or. Forrestall asked whether costs involved in radio Advertis Westinghouse color and up Westinghouse ing prevent some Canadian in ww4skwm front becom ing involved in politics or. Mcgregor said radio is one of the most effective Weth i ods of advertising if candidates j would abandon some less effective teen does. Owr Al Cost a quantities Victoria arms St. Wije Wulw Jyh act St. Awot sess face m Lowers owe a Rome octet after a 1x9 mtr Fra m a j Atefeh we sentences m warn Fig Italy Starc Fere s utta Pfail Sec sets feature powerful Volt Chassis memory Fine tuning patented color purifier circuit Imus West Ghouse Stant on year picture tube Protection year factory service policy v my vow 9cwvcc warehouse we Mimi she town stay jus woe the Iffla 1030

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