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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 12, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press saturday december 12, 1970 Vermont Battles to save historic Lake Champ lain Ticonderoga . A will the Green Mountain boys lose the second Battle of Ticonderoga the vermonters won the first skirmish in 1775. Today Var Inonu cars threaten a Legal Battle before the United states supreme court Over the same is Champlain. Ethan Allen s rag tag band of so woodsmen and Farmers sur prised the British Garrison sleeping behind the ramparts of fort Ticonderoga nearly 200 years ago. No longer vital As the Wilder Ness Gateway to Canada 100 mile Lake Champlain which forms Vermont s Scenie Western Border is threatened by Mas Sive pollution. Gov. Deane c. Davis and fellow vermonters have sought for months to Force the International paper co. And the state of new York to clean up a mess that conservationists say is killing the Lake. A million and a half cubic Yards of paper Mill sludge nearly half the bulk of the youth beat by Brian gory a year ago when youth beat was a full fledged newspaper i struggled with the problem of really getting through to our readers. I Felt at the time that regular presentation of news and views was entirely Irrel Evant to students thai it did t get through to where their Heads were at. I also had a feeling that students who weren t leaders knew where things were at better than their leaders. At the time i described my feelings this Way do nothing supposedly apathetic students Are More with it because they Aren t trying to Lead anyone. They know the essence of what they Are about and Are simply following their natural feelings. Printed words on a Page Don t really mean anything to them. They Are external manifestations something Over there instead of the staff discussed putting out a different kind of paper a paper with illustrations and drawings to which the Reader would respond internally rather than verbally and rationally. The Reader would say that s it that s me without being Able to verbalize Why he Felt so intensely about the thing. A recently published Book widely acclaimed seven articles in the new York says exactly the same thing i deduced. The Book the greening of America is written by a Yale Law professor Charles a. Reich. Or. Reich divides people into three categories consciousness i super Square believes in character morality and consciousness ii Square believes in the Public in and such the Kennedy Are classic consciousness Iii liberated no matter h o w Young and inexperienced seem to possess an extraordinary new knowledge do not know the facts but still know the truth that seems hidden from sound scary it is. If you Haven t Felt it. But to the people who have it s a More meaningful reality than All of the Small talk material things and essentially non Hunan Contact that characterizes our lives. It s scary too. Because it poses a threat to the people who have clenched their Teeth and firmly resolved to Pur sue a certain life style. It invites people to come Down from whatever trip they re on to appraise the meaningfulness of their lives. Promoters who sponsor Rock shows and con certs for kids in greater Winnipeg must take kids for being real push overs. With hardly a whisper and after shelling out hard earned Bucks Lor a show kids put up with assorted abuses shows that begin late real late. Bands setting up equipment when they should have done so earlier. Volume turned up so loud it s impossible to hear the music. Being turned away at the Gate because a group has t shown. Having the location of a site changed when they get there because not enough people have shown up remember Ohio keeping no show tickets for months and months j because the promoter has made All sorts of promises the group will come in soon. Last saturday s appearance of ides of March in the University of Manitoba students Union gym is a Case in Point. Most kids had to wait in line for an hour or so because get this Only one door was open to take their tickets. The people running the Gate Frank a Mciner was taking tickets said they had to do that because some phoney tickets had been printed. That s True but could t five or six people have spotted phoney tickets just As easily As one the show Bogan 45 minutes late and ended earlier than their two hour contract said because the commissioners were booked until Midnight. Arrangements for seating wore something Rise. If you had to go to the washroom during the show there just was no Way. To provision had been made for an aisle Down the Centre of the floor and Steps in the stands were jammed with people. If the fire inspector had been there. I m sure he would have stopped the show. And i wonder How Many kids went Home with cigarette Burns in their jackets if kids started standing up demanding to be treated i like people instead of a profitable Herd of cattle things would certainly change. If if great Pyramid of Egypt extends a putrid Delta into t h c narrow end of the Lake. The sludge covers 300 acres of the shallow Lake Bottom. Partly organic Wood Fibre it boils and stinks like a Witch s cauldron in the summer con suming the oxygen of the Lake As it decays. For nearly half a Century the International paper co. Mill has dumped refuse into Ticonderoga Creek. It flows a half mile fur ther to empty into Lake Cham Plain. Last week Vermont officials were thwarted by the . Army corps of engineers when they tried to prevent the paper company from opening a new million Mill four Miles North o f Ticonderoga before they cleaned up the mess at the old Mill. The new Mill will use about 20 million Gallons of Lake Champlain water each Day dog bred with cat result Dat mansion England Reuter pet store owner Roy Tutt claimed thursday night to have succeeded in a crossbreeding Experiment where every animal expert has has crossed a dog and a cat and produced a Dat the result is a pair of two Small animals that look like dogs at the front and cats at the Back. The Kitten puppies have dogs Heads but cat s whisk ers cat s fur and cat s legs. Tutt 50, said the puppies or Dittens resulted from crossing a Black cat called Patch with a scotch terrier called Bones. The dats Are far from monster like. Photographs show them As Small cuddly animals with wide gentle eyes. They Are docile and Good tempered and should make Good Tutt said. They will eat meat or fish and they make a noise Between a Yap and a which will be returned to the Lake virtually devoid of pollution company officials said. Vermonters say that Ralph Kittle a vice president of the International paper co., is a member of president Nixon s pollution control Board. The Complex Issue of the Lake was transferred to the new fed eral environmental conservation Agency last week. William Rue Welhaus administrator designate of the Agency assured Vermont s senior senator George d. Aiken that an order issued by Interior Secretary Walter j. Huckel before he was fired setting dec. 15 As a deadline for new York to file a plan to eliminate the sludge bed still j new York is expected to ask i for an Extension of time for fur ther study. Vermont attorney general James m. Jeffords has said he will file a suit directly to the supreme court after dec. 15 if there is no satisfactory Settle ment of the Issue. In the background of the dispute vermonters say is the fear on the part of company officials that if they Are forced to clean up the Ticonderoga area a Legal precedent will be set for possible action against them at other paper Mills they operate in the United states and Canada. Mail to . Now Normal the embargo announced thursday to second third and fourth class mail being sent to the United states has been lifted it was announced Here Friday. Bill Solonuk Public relations officer with the Post office in Winnipeg said in an interview that the end of the railway strike in the United states has led to the lifting of the embargo. For those sending Christmas parcels into the United states mail service is now he said. Two firms to alter Bubble Bath formula Washington a food and drug administration officials say two major manufacturers of Bubble Bath for Chil Dren have agreed to reformulate their products in response to complaints of irritation and urinary tract infection. Fra spokesmen said the two firms pure and Gold Seal agreed to remove from their Bubble Baths what one official described As an Industrial strength detergent. Laboratory tests of the deter gent had failed to produce read Lions in experimental animals but the Agency pressed the arms for the formula change on the basis of complaints from doctors and Consumers. The Fra concluded that even though the lab tests didst show anything the difficulties do exist and therefore something ought to be done about said or. Alfred Weissler chief of the pads cosmetic division. The products to be reformulated Are purees Bubble club fun Bath and Gold Seal s or Bubble. Both Are listed As among the most widely sold brands with or. Bubble sales estimated at 25 million boxes last year. The firms did not intend to recall Bubble Bath still on s u p e r m a r k e t or drugstore shelves. Weissler said both brands had been found to contain High Levels of Alk Laryl sulfonates which he said Are powerful enough to clean children with out scrubbing yet still keep a ring from forming . Pasadena. Calif. A m. E. Quick s pet Parrot had a head cold. So Quick put a Light bulb in the Parrot s Cage thursday to warm his Bird s abode in the garage. The Bird nibbled on the Light socket s Cord shorting it. The fire spread to a cloth protecting Quick s motorcycle. The cloth burned the Par rot was burned and another pet. A Monkey got a dose of smoke which made him cry. A neighbor fire chief t. William Heidner put out the fire with a Garden Hose. The scorched Parrot sur Vived. He still has a cold. Oklahoma City a the Telephone company has disconnected Santa Claus. For a time children could visit with Santa by dealing a specified number a project of an electronics firm. But a southwestern Bell Telephone co. Official said As m a As 22.000 Calls a Day were burning up the lines with the result they swamped equipment and backed up into other subscribers Telephone numbers. Now when the kids dial they get a recorded message saying i m sorry but the number of Santa Claus has been Dis connected. He s getting ready for his trip on Christmas Herron novel selected and Fox and Harper has sold 15.000 copies in its first mad Magazine one of the few magazines in touch j month of publication and has with reality lists these Apt Christmas greetings from celebrities seasoned greetings the galloping gourmet Golda Meir h. Rap of to the world Abbie new year Abbie Hoffman i m dreaming of a Black Christmas Brown it came upon a Midnight perfectly Clear Richard Nixon Swient majority night spire Agnew police on Earth mayor Richard Daley who is wit am a. Kocse Tell me and win picture of him. Clue no. 6 his nickname is the same As a once famous Winnipeg Blue bomber. See monday s column for next if it South beating a Roux town first licensed dance at tache Hall. University of Manitoba. Open Christmas party Wilh Happy fee Frog from Cal Gary. Paul preys a drifter who Fries to survive by seffing is Covi Cartons and going to Woric As a disk for a Rabid Riga Wing new Orte aws Ratum Sfer Twat. Mow at ifs another of been selected by the new York times As one of the three Best detective novels of the year. A times reviewer said of the hound and the Fox and the Harper along with two other current mystery novels. Each has such stature that i am hard Pat to choose the Best of the year among i or. Herron a free press Edi tonal writer said i an inter j View Friday that be is Happy with the Sale of his second novel which published m of a Tober by random House. He said h is Selling much than did Miro. A similar novel a which was Pabi shed by radon i House in 1969. Movie rights to the Home and the Fox and the Harper Are being negotiated said or. Huffor. Who sold the movie to wino far a a Delft or Tebe Ort Efow. Ami he is wc5a face Calif of and Gan Fen Efcy is a Ftp Tufti Jagat sex weft few As Geraca Christmas Kittens Parr in phantom Gat sets Tretch Christmas store company All Kittens will purr when they discover their new feline Freedom in phantom cat suits. Stretch up. Out. Around and Down in this new Nylon ribbed body Clinger with Back Zipper. A smooth sleek fit from Turtleneck to snuggle toes. Just the thing All Kittens have been preying for. For exciting things to happen add scarves and chains. Wear your cat suit for casual Day or the night prowl. The thought is Freedom. The word is cat suit by phantom. Size a lits size b fits 125-155 ibs. Choose from Black Pixie purple Navy Brown or paprika. Ea., non run panty Hose in Champagne hint of Brown Rose beige 2-50 one site opaque potty Hose Rose beige Greystone Navy or Nutmeg Brown. Dill 7m-2i1j, talk lat a wifi a Micro main of hansom

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