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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 12, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaSays or. Leblanc. This gives a Chance to the per son without much education. We always give two or three intelligence tests because some people show themselves to be Strong in the verbal tests or the written tests and that does t mean they re Bright in a Down to Earth level. We use blocks pictures and other culture fair tests. If our applicant is French Canadian we have equivalent forms for All the tests. With an immigrant we try not to give too Many writ ten tests. All our tests in any Case Are Given two by two so if he did t get a break on one he shows what he can do with the other. There Are some industries and consulting firms which try to give tests which Are fair but unfortunately they Are the or. Leblanc showed me one Man s intelligence test results. Out of three tests his score varied from a Low of 65 to a High of 99 had he been Given Only one test he would have been either highly underrated or overrated. On All these tests there is a margin of error either Way of five to 10 Points out of 1001. A person May do better on one Day than the next. On the question Naire Type test i think the margin of error is wider. For this reason we Don t like to give scores to the company because we re convinced the company can t interpret these scores. A High score May land you the Job but you May not be qualified to do he Job and this is where personality comes into evaluation. As intensive As our testing says or. Leblanc. Maybe As often As one in 10 times we can recommend a Man who won t work out. You can never have a perfect record and the company is urged to use us Only As a since every psychologist i talked to seemed dead set against mail order testing and since Many companies use thai Type of testing. I called the Klein Institute for aptitude testing inc. In new York a company which tests by mail and talked to vice president Nicholas Vistica a certified psychologist. We begin by analysing the Job requirements on the basis of a twp report from the client then we decide which types of tests o give to fit the he says. After interpreting the results we write our client i simple English giving him our recommendation and also describing the candidate so thai the company can help him with his weaknesses and know the Besl ways of deling with him. We Don l interview the applicants but we assume that s been done by the company. Without the inter Ference of extraneous information such As what the Man did prior to applying for a position with the company How he looks at the Lime of the interview what people say about him As a result of the company s inquiry asking Lor recommendations our aptitude Tot evaluation reports Are kept completely objective. The lest analyst never sees the Leske. Nor is he Given any information regarding the Back ground of the Job applicant just age. Height and since n was the Klein Bailery which dubbed me a Dodo i asked How accurate he fell their ratings were. In 30 year of testing 400.000 Vistica says we be teamed a Tot abort testing. We Don t Deal with any one aspect of the Man separately we synthesize a whole portrait of my. Scores on a test Are not necessarily the Besl scores and vice versa. H depends on the Job require ments. We score on a per Centre Range of one through 99 and the averse Man a Ftp m the 50 bracket As for accuracy. The test is Only one part of the selection procedure and we remind our clients of this but if we Don t recommend a Man the client will invariably regret it if they hire him anyway. The Odds Are greatly against him succeeding. The con he says is not so True. A Man May be Good on the tests but not necessarily on the since they rate against different Scales depending on the Job How different can one person turn out to be on the same test with a different scoring scale in some of the tests they could come out pretty much the he laughed when i told him i took their sales test and failed miserably. Compared against writers you would have had a different personality profile altogether. Writers Are usually Sensi Tive and creative and rate Low in the personality area caution the most intensive face to face testing still has room for error say most psychologists in the sates rating. Let me get your file and i la give you the figures for you based on the general Popula Tion and then there were three of me. No More 15 in stability i am 67. From 23 for objective mindedness i become a resounding 68. Dominance soars from a lowly 30 to a magnificent 78 it s a whole new me. Of the companies i talked to who use psychological testing in hiring or promoting. 1 found that peo ple seem to like and Trust the lest they use. The Only real difference was that those who use Industrial psychologists or management consultant firms tend to have examined the whole Field and rejected the mail order technique. Whatever the method they All Praise the High accuracy of their tests and Many would t hire a Man the tests did t recommend. One employer however expressed this doubt i Haven t hired anybody the tests did t recommend since we started using them two years ago. And you sometimes wonder. How Many Good people you be if i had my Way i d never be tested at All. Ideally the Besl Way to determine Man s potential is to put him in the Job tet him gel on with it and see How he worked out. But mistakes which take years out of a person s working life Are costly to the per son and to the company and this is one of the great rationales behind testing. I asked father nod Minoux. An internationally respected psychologist who is a former president of the Canadian psychological association and current head of the department of psychology at the univer sity of Montreal to have the last word on testing. We teach All the tests at the University and we recommend them he says. But much depends on the Quality of the person who is using and evaluating them. Psychological examinations Are a very elaborate process or should be. Testing by mail i would t do it. It is Jmst like a medical doctor treat my somebody by Telephone. And me very but word is mine. What do i think of psychological tests it depends on what the test thinks of me. N a mama m Tampa x tampons Are make owl by Canacan tampax corporation Ito. Barrie. Ontario Weeke a mtg Vine dec. 12, 5

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