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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 10, 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba26 Winnipeg free press thursday december 10, 1970 a different Way to fertilize Trees by Tom Stevenson the Washington Post Washington there has t been enough research on fertilizing Shade Trees to pro vide All the answers but there is one thing about which almost All tree experts agree. It is that fertilizing is one of the Best things that can be done for them. It should be done every year. Late autumn is a Good time to do it up until the time the ground freezes. Young Trees grow faster when they Are fertilized regularly. In fact slow growing species such As the Oaks will grow almost As fast As the faster growing kinds of fertilized generously. Fertilizing can help maintain mature Trees in a vigorous condition. A vigorously growing tree is less Likely to be seriously Hurt by insects and diseases than is a less vigorous tree. Canker causing fungi occur More commonly on weakened Trees. Healthy vigorous Trees tend to resist borers those growing under unfavourable moisture and nutrient conditions Are More susceptible to attack by these insects. Established Trees weakened by Leaf diseases insect Defolia Tion mechanical injury soil compaction drought or other causes often show poor growth or dying Branch ends. Fertilization May stimulate additional growth so that the tree compensate for the conditions that cause poor health. The method usually employed to fertilize Trees has been to punch holes in the ground 18 inches deep spaced about 18 inches apart under the spread of the branches and to fill them with fertilizer. It requires a lot of time and labor As a do it yourself project and costs Money if a proves Sonal does the Job for you. Studies at the Illinois natural history Survey by Dan Neely and e. B. Himelick have shown that there is a different Way to do it one that is effective we entirely practical for the average person. It is no More difficult than fertilizing the Lawn in similar. Stake out the area where the feeder roots of the tree Are Likely to be located and apply fertilizer with a spreader and then water it in Well. Most of the feeding roots of the tree Are under the spread of the branches and perhaps a few feet beyond depending on the species. Trees that Are four inches or More in diameter Are unlikely to have feeding roots within two feet of where the trunk enters the ground. The amount of fert Uxer to be applied should be based on the size of the area to be treated. When a Square or rectangular area is fertilized it is easy to calculate the area involved. Also it simplifies distribution of fertilizer around each tree. Four stakes should be placed in the ground to designate the per cent nitrogen six per cent phosphorus and four per cent in other words there Are 10 pounds of nitrogen in a 100-Pound bag of 10-6-4. For an area of Square feet use 100 pounds of 10-6-4 and spread it evenly for 500 Square feet use 50 pounds for 250 Square feet use 25 pounds and so on. Don t apply nitrogen fertilizer to any grass in the area while it is Damp. After applying the fertilizer water it. The idea is to Wash the fertilizer off the grass Blades. Use a Lawn sprinkler or a Spray nozzle on a Hose. Fertilizer remaining on grass Blades that become wet after a Light rain or Dew forma Tion May cause burning. Rainfall will carry the nitrogen Down soil where it will be available to the roots. School changes draw parents9 admiration Thompson Man. Hundreds of proud staff Thompson phosphorus moves slowly Down Ward in the soil. Almost no phosphorus is carried away by water. Potassium is More water soluble than phosphorus but less so than nitrogen. One Penny returns Corners of the area. The stakes should be located so that the entire Branch spread of the tree and a few feet beyond will be included in the area to be fertilized. The area in Square feet is determined by ing the length times the Width. The recommendation a to use enough fertilizer to provide four to six pounds of nitrogen for each Square feet five pounds is a Good average amount. Nitrogen is the nutrient most often lacking in the soil and a deficiency is certain to limit Plant growth. One of the Best fertilizes for Trees is 104-4 10 London a a 30 year old Mother of two won a record prize of wednesday on the soccer pools. She asked for secrecy and her name was not revealed. The pools firm simply said she lives in Berkshire and has a six year old son and a four year old daughter. Her prize topped the pre Vious record of paid out to Percy Harrison of Gainsborough England in 1966. Mrs. Anonymous took advantage of a Small space on the pools Coupon where bet tors Are invited to put a Cross if they wish to avoid publicity. The big prize came on the Penny a line treble Chance Pool in which bettors try to forecast games ending in ties. The bettors try to pick eight games that will end 1 1 or 2-2 or 3-3. Last sturday Only seven British games ended in that Way and the c h Aln c e s against having them All on a Coupon were millions to one. The Berkshire woman had All seven plus another game that ended in a 0-0 draw. She was the Only per son in Britain to do so and won the whole first prize. Parents were escorted through the open classroom expansions of Riverside and Deerwood elementary schools by enthusiastic student tour guides Here this week. Officiating at the ribbon Cut Ting ceremonies at both schools were school superintendent Eleanor Ingalls and Clifford Rivers and Michael Babulic chairman and vice chairman respectively of the mystery Lake school District. Addressing the parents follow ing a Christmas Carol Welcom ing by the schools glee clubs mrs. Ingalls said that in mod Ern society democracy is strengthened by a heightened level of information and Educa Tion among its citizens. This she said is evident in Teras of the economic growth of a country and the participation of people in their society. The stimulation of a ice of learning that will continue through life mrs. Ingalls Felt was the key Factor in modern education where High school graduates May need to be re trained for new occupations five or More times lives. The aim of the modern school she said should be to enlarge the student s social perspective Sharpen his moral and artistic sensibilities and strengthen his sense of responsibility and commitment to a Pur principals Alex Venables of Riverside and a i. Bate Niak of Deerwood president Over proceedings at their respective schools. Architects for the Riverside school addition were Waisman Ross Blankstein Coop Gillmor Hanna of Winnipeg. The design won the firm an architectural award late in 1969. The addition enlarges the school from a 12-classroom, traditionally styled building to a 22-classroom Complex. The addition includes a Large open classroom area a materials resource Centre gymnasium music and Art areas and administrative space. Renovations to the older por Tion of the school provided specialized kindergarten facilities and Large Multi purpose areas. Smith Carter Searle of Winnipeg were the architects who designed the addition to Deer Wood school. From a traditional 16-classroom school they created a 22-classroom Structure with a Large open area classroom materials resource Centre specialized Art and science areas and a Large gymnasium auditorium. Bush Clearing pact pleases officials Thompson Man. Staff Cross Lake Indian band members working in Pon ton on their first self operated Clearing con tract with the Manitoba highways department Are making excellent pro according to Ray Houghton of Ninette a department official who has been employed by the band to train some Cross Lake men in time keeping and other bookworm. When reporters visited the Camp 100 Miles South West of Thompson Foreman Ruben Mckay of Cross Lake was in action with 14 Wood cutters Miles in the Bush. Or. Mckay is a band councillor an armed ser vices Veteran and an experienced first Aid Man. He was selected for the Posi Tion of Foreman by the Cross Lake band Council. The contract Calls for Clear ing of j2.6 mile Section of the Manitoba Hydro s Power line right of Way run Ning from Ponton to Stoll Lake. The work Force has ranged from 20 to 30 men who have so far penetrated 1.6 Miles of their 12.7 mile contract which is valued at some of the workers have left to take More permanent jobs at the Mansbridge mine site. The Cross Lake supervisory staff has divided the working area into stations and the rate has been established at per acre. Some work in pairs or threes. It is expected that when the contract is completed at the end of january the men who have been on the Job the entire time will have a take Home pay of from to the Bush Camps seemed Well equipped the tents Are new. Spruce boughs covered by ground Tarpaulin com prised the floor. Cots Are provided and All new stoves and pipes. According to the Woods men they have been warm even in 30-below Zero weather. Cooking is done individually or collectively on the tent stove. The men order food of their Choice which is shipped in wholesale from the Pas. Food and such items As axes Chain saws and files and on the Job requirements Are deducted from their pay. The operation began on nov. 13. The men will break for Christmas dec. 19. A-1 Ower plants due Madrid Spain is expected to rank eighth in world atomic Power production in 1972 and by 1985 to have 36 atomic Power stations. Merry Moss what do you want Good spelling or Good savings and values Ben Moss jewellers night till open every swears Wells Portage ave. L find such Low making comeback Toronto up Home Canning is making a comeback says a spokesman for one com Pany that makes lids for Glass Canning jars. Gord Keller sales manager for Anchor Cap and closure corp., of Toronto said his company s sales of Canning Jar lids were up this year com pared with last tons up ships Down Oslo the norwegian Mer chant Fleet had a net increase of Gross tons in the first half of this year and consisted of ships totalling Gross tons on july 1. This was a decrease of 42 vessels. Ban on Beer ended Washington a Gen. William Westmoreland . Army chief of staff has issued new directives permit Ting Beer at army dinner tables and Beer dispensers in the Barracks liberalizing pass regulations and dispensing with daily turnouts for reveille. The changes will do away with sign out and sign in for men on pass As Well As Dis Tance limitations that often accompanied passes. One thing that May Cut Down even ceremonial reveille formations is a West Moreland directive that when there is a formation every one will turn out from the commanding officer on Down. The changes Are part of the armed services program to attract volunteers and eliminate the draft. Prices again new Vij Bykum has a Boult in took of loveliness. A it needs is a

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