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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 9, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press wednesday december 9, 1970 Long hair puts Barber in soup by Stephen r1ley hair s the problem. Unless Long haired men Start getting cuts or at least styling More often Manitoba s Barbers could find themselves in serious difficulty. That at least is the word from Walter Jakobs new president of the Manitoba master Barbers association. He said in. An interview tuesday that the business in some City Barber shops has fallen by 20 or 30 per cent. He also noted that the former president of the association believes the figure is closer to 40 per cent. And the problem seems to be due mainly to an in creasing trend among men. Not just youths to Wear their hair Long. I would say that in the i past half year nine i a months it has started to j become even he agreed the Barbers Are the victims of a trend but he said they need not be. I try to Tell people that if they Don t want it Cut. At least to come in for a shampoo a styling. People with Long hair think they Don t have to go to a Barber a stylist when in fact Long hair requires More care take you for he told the interviewer. When was the last time you had a hair us june. So right there we re los ing six haircuts. That s from you said or. Jakobs. So where s the Barber s business going to Barbers Are starting to be recognized More and More. The study is longer there s a night course Avail Able so the. Barbers you can see Are trying to bring up their own Stan but people too often have a tendency to go to just any Barber whether he has a High Standard or not he said. From this there can arise a difficult situation. The association sets a Price of for a haircut but the member about 500 in the province Are not required to stay at that Price. They can go higher or lower. If i Barber goes lower he May attract More custom ers to his shop but another Barber will be losing those same people said or. Jakobs. If the Factor of Long hair is combined with that it could leave some Barbers with a Tough financial prob Lem. A Price increase per haps or. Jakobs hedged on that a bit then agreed that if business continues to de crease a Price increase would probably have to be instituted perhaps by next March or april. But we be never really bad the press with us on that. It certainly does t help when you say in the paper Barbers put prices up again he favors a minimum Price he said a Price that could be set by Legisla Tion. But he doubted the provincial government would go along with that idea. At that moment in the interview the door of his shop opened. A woman about 40, stood there looking a bit con fused. Or. Jakobs went up to her. I have a Young said the woman. He s 14 us and you know the Long hair bit he s a Good kid otherwise but i said or. Jakobs. He looked sympathetic. He was sympathetic. Said the woman. He s afraid to go to his regular Barber because he cuts too much off. So i was wondering if i had him come Over Here after said or. Jakobs. Is about his name is said the woman. Brooks. He has to get his hair Cut before Christmas or Santa Claus in t coming. Just neat As Long As it s said or. Jakobs. The woman turned and left. M r. Jakobs sat Down again and shrugged. See what i on the other Side of the City at 594 main Street is the Moler Barber school a private firm that teaches the Trade. It is operated by International associated hairdressers of which d. M. Macneil is the con troller. Enrolment at the school is 12 people at present but it is normally about 20, he said in an interview. It s entirely Likely he added that Long hair is one reason for the drop off but a reason May also be the economic situation in the province. That situation was de scribed by or. Macneil As h i s company has not Given serious consideration to closing the school he said but it May Bave to unless enrolment increases. And Well kids just Aren t getting their hair Cut As often. They make up half the population and that s a pretty big portion of our one portion of that Busi Ness about Worth in fact is called Young master Brooks. And it is possible just possible that he May have had the following words on his mind when he walked into or. Jakobs shop tuesday words writ ten for the Rock musical hair by James Rado and crome Ragni who one suspects were not big boosters of the Barber Trade. The lyrics say give me a head with hair Long Beautiful hair shining gleaming Stream ing Flaxen Waxen give me Down to there hair. Shoulder length of longer birth control Munro s topic by Ken Kelly Canadian press science writer Ottawa up health minister John Munro said tues Day he Hopes soon to remove t h e Legal uncertainties sur rounding operations for male and female sterilization. He made the comment at a news conference where he expressed favourable reaction to recommendations of a special committee on the safety and effectiveness of the birth control Pill. The committee headed by or. R. A h. Kinch Montreal obstetrician and gynaecologist found that for the couple with As Many children As they Wint sterilization is the safest form of contraception. Next to that the committee found the. Pill presents a lower risk of death Over a lifetime than use of any other form of contraception or of no contraception at All. Death rates in 1967 for women in the age groups 20-34 and 35-44 were respectively 20 and 51 per Materni ties including deliveries complications of pregnancy childbirth and the 90-Day Post delivery period. Annual risk of death from Pill use is 2.1 per users com pared with 22.3 from unprotected Intercourse and 1.5 from male and female sterilization. Lifetime risk including risk of death from two planned pregnancies is 89.2 per from Pill use 280.9 from no contraception and 46.2 from female sterilization. Or. Munro was asked what would be done in the Light of the committee s comments on sterilization about the confusion As to the legality of sterilization operations. Or. Munro re plied that this has been consid ered in the past and there now is Good reason to consider clarification. I would Hope that we could come out with a clarifying statement on the state of the Law on this question with respect to other commit tee recommendations tabled in the commons tuesday or. Munro said he accepts most of them and expects that one involving a warning pamphlet for every packet of birth control court upholds acquittal oppose Ransom Rio de Janeiro a sentiment is increasing in Bra Zil s military government against making concessions to the kidnappers of Swiss Ambas Sador Giovanni Bucher. Authoritative sources say a growing hard line faction feels that if the government gives in every time there is a political kidnapping there will be a rash of abductions. Another faction made up mostly of former army officers is said to feel that if the government not do its Best to get Bucher released it win be setting a bad example and will forcibly lower its moral stand ing among other Brazil has gained the release of three kidnapped diplomats in the last two years by bowing to terrorist demands for the free ing of political prisoners. Police and officials were studying two documents they said were the first word from the terrorists who kidnapped the ambassador. One of the documents was said to be a manifesto from the kidnappers and the other was reported to be a letter written by Bucher. Both were said to be hand written in French. Bloemfontein Reuter the South african Appeal court upheld today a decision by a supreme court judge acquitting 19 africans charged with terrorism. The africans had been found not guilty at their trial in sep tember on charges under the terrorism act. The charges included plotting the violent overthrow of the government. The Appeal court had been asked to consider a question o Law in order to test the correctness of supreme court judge Gorrit Viljoin s decision to acquit the africans. The unanimous verdict by the five Appeal court judges is the latest episode in a Long Legal Battle by the africans against charges of subversion and terrorism. The 19 africans including Winnie Mandela wife of jailed nationalist Leader Nelson Man Dela twice stood trial. They were first acquitted in february on charges under the sup pression of communism act but they were rearrested and jailed the moment they had been released. This action by the govern ment brought loud protests both inside and outside South Africa. When the africans stood trial again it was on new this time under the terrorism Art. Their counsel Sidney Ken Ridge noted defender of Afri can nationalists Here and in Rhodesia successfully submit Ted they already had been acquitted on most of the allegations at their previous trial. Premiers to meet Here the Prairie economic coun cil a conference of the three Prairie premiers will hold a one Day meeting Here next week. Premiered Schreyer said tuesday at a news conference that the meeting win be held dec. Is to discuss agricultural products marketing practices freight rates economic develop ment and Northern coct and transportation services. Premier loss Thatcher i Prei High on the Agenda including a discussion of ways and Means to ensure the continuing free flow of agricultural products Between the provinces of Canada. A joint position of the three provinces on freight rates that discriminate against the West Battleford planned the by Ueni to news will also be considered particularly As they affect rape seed Oil and meal. Premier Schreyer pointed out that the present rate Structure favors the processing of rape seed into Oil and meal m Eastern Canada to the detriment of existing and potential troc Essig in the Prairie Region. The Premier said a common interest in Northern develop ment Watt Fern the need for transp Atatim and if for fee second . Are to he to Issacs Fth Fatm atm i m i Watt at w i in at Fanner a orients and staff the cow was Wail Ufeo tvs Wuwer it. He at m Al lir tiler it Prairie flew were us Tan Reid in talk rat Rivil a weft 4tfmf if off pills will be in Force in a matter of months. The committee suggested that each time a woman buys pills on her doctor s prescription she receive a warning leaflet about potential signs of trouble from such things As blood clots. The literature also should emphasize the need for continuing medical supervision while using the Pill. Or. Kinch estimated that some Canadian women Are taking Oral contraceptives in use about 10 years. He said he Hopes the commit tee s detailed technical study also will explode the argument put Forward at times that the alternative to the Pill is preg Nancy at higher risk. Simply stated he said the committee tried to say that if virtually 100-per-cent Protection against Conception is demanded the Pill is the most reliable. But the Price paid is certain actual and some potential risks to health. Only in knowing those risks could the doctor and patient decide together whether to use the pills. These Are some of the More than students who took part monday in seven Oaks 70, a Musi Cal production in the Centennial concert Hall posing in front of a mock up of the original seven Oaks school. The program which mirrored 100 years of history in the seven Oaks Community West Kildonan old Kil Donan and West St. Included choirs bands a jazz combo an orchestra Folk dancers Folk singers creative dancers and gymnasts. I 25% to 40% at Eaton s catalogue clearance Centre Low prices now on casual slippers 2.99 Reg. 1.99 to 4.99 give her the cos Iest Christmas Ever with a pair of casual slippers from Eaton s catalogue clearance Centre. 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