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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 9, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg fret press wednesday december 9, 1970 farm report by John Clark United Grain growers . Farmers for years have been grinding and storing High moisture Grain in expensive air tight silos. N o w Western Canadian formers can do the same thin g in much cheaper Bunker silos As Long As the silos have a Concrete floor and Walls made of Concrete or plastic lined planks. Alberta department of agriculture livestock Man a. W. Erichsen says there s increased interest in in Siling High moisture Grain. It is a practical alternative for Farmers in areas subject to fall Rains High humidity and Short instead of artificially dry ing Grain Down to 14.5 per cent moisture for storage in a granary a Man with cattle or pigs could grind the Grain first then store it in a silo. The Grain can be stored anywhere Between 25 to 40 per cent moisture says or. Erichsen. A simple test is to squeeze some ground kernels together. If they stay in a Lump the Mois Ture Content is satisfactory. If the Grain Falls water must be added to bring the moisture above 25 per cent. Table 1 pounds of High moisture Grain necessary to Supply the same amount of dry matter As one Pound of dry Barley to per cent 15 log 20 1.12 25 1.20 30 1.28 35 1.38 f. P. Publications 40 45 a ground or rolled High moisture Grain does not spoil As whole Damp Grain stored in a granary because it can be packed tightly there is not enough oxygen for bacteria to cause spoil age. The key to preventing spoilage is an air tight Bunker silo says Erichsen. In a Concrete walled silo he suggests starting plastic sheeting two feet from the top of the Wall. Grain is packed against the plastic and the remainder of the sheeting is pulled Over the mass of Grain. A plastic cover Sheet should be slipped Over the plastic and this can be weighed Down with dirt or a layer of Green chop forage or weeds. Bunkers with wooden Walls need More care when sealing. The sheeting must extend Down both sidewalls and two feet under the Grain on either Side. A Bunker silo 10 feet wide and 50 feet Long filled to a depth of six feet will hold Over bushels of Barley. This will feed 60 steers for about 200 Days. Cost of such a silo if built of planks with a Concrete floor would be about m r. Erichsen cautions that silos should not be built too wide. Build them just wide enough to permit a tractor to pack the Grain and a trac Tor and loader to remove the Grain. At least two to 1.50 1.64 three inches of the face of the silo should be fed each Day to avoid spoilage prob lems on the open As a feed for beef cattle arid pigs High moisture bar Ley rates about the same As dry Barley. Table 1 shows More pounds of material must be fed to provide the same amount of dry a. Ter. Montana researcher j. L. Kroll found pigs and cattle did about the same on Damp Barley As they did on dry Barley. He foun d cattle liked Damp Barley Best and gained faster Early in the feeding period. But this advantage dropped As the feeding period progressed. In his experiments with pigs he found that pigs ate about 1-10 of a Pound More daily on a dry matter basis however they needed about 1-10 of a Pound More feed per Pound gain. On a chemical basis there is Little difference be tween Damp and dry Grain. The High moisture Grain May have slightly More Fibre since less will be lost during threshing. The harvesting system generally goes like this from the Combine to the truck to a roller Miller or Hammer Mill where the Grain is either reloaded onto a truck for dumping in the silo or angered into the silo. When filling the ground King Coal returns in Western Canada Stuart under Bill Stuart under Bill of Montreal who has been appointed assist ant general manager of f. P. Publications limited Winnipeg according to an announcement by r. S. Malone president of the company. Or. Under Bill for some years held various executive appoint ments with Reuters news Agency both in Europe and the United states. Currently he is assistant publisher of the financial times in Montreal. He is expected to take up his new duties in Winni Peg Early in the new Toronto up the West Ern Canadian Coal Industry is being revived by a growing demand for coking Coal among Domestic and foreign steel producers. The Bank of Nova Scotia current newsletter says ship ments of Western Canadian Coal to Japan by 1972 could Rench More than 25 million tons compared with 1.2 million tons in 1969. Canada would then be supplying one third of Japan s coking Coal requirements. Fort Garry office space modern building Pembina Highway reasonable rents Large and Small suites up to 3300 so. It. Fort Garry realty 452-2132 comptroller wanted for diversified group of food processing companies. Position requires management ability in planning and operations. Replies will be treated in strict Confidence. Box 723 free press mortgages Lor Sale visit our new mortgage gallery make your investment a Flection personally toning or saturday viewing by appointment Only. The following Are a representative selection of Mort gages Auw wit interest term 2nd Fol 5 5 years 12% . 5 ton 14ty pm. 3 yeas p4, 3 Yean detailed investment information visually presented. All details arranged through our office without Obliga Tion. F 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 12 Juke realty Ltd. 212-2211 11, for the. Immediate says the review the world Coal Industry is in the unaccustomed position of being fully unable to meet the demand. This situation is Likely to last for several years since there is considerable Lead time Between the planning and completion of new Coal contracts signed with japanese steel interests by producers in Southern British co Lumbia and Western Alberta during the last few years have sparked mine and transportation development Worth More than million. The new contracts interrupted a steady decline in Coal product Ion which started during the 1950s when the railways switched to diesel from Coal weled locomotives. The Federal department of Energy mines and resources predicts a Rise in Canadian Coal production to go million tons in 980 from 10.7 million tons in 969. Transportation methods Art being improved to handle grow ing volumes of Coal. Railroads have developed trains consist ing of Hopper cars which can be easily loaded and unloaded. In the Vancouver area expanded port facilities handle bulk cargo carriers which can be loaded at rates of to tons of Coal an hour. Ship a research and development Ltd., a company owned jointly by Shell Canada Ltd. And Canadian Pacific railway has completed a study on the feasibility of building a i million 490-mile Coal pipeline to Roberts Bank. . From the Crow nest pass area. The pipeline would carry a mixture of crushed Coal and j water. The Coal would be recon is tinted to a solid form at a i Plant near port facilities. 11 improved transportation says i the review could enable steel Mills in Ontario to buy Coal from Western Canadian producers instead of from mines in the Eastern . The review says the . Is experiencing a Coal shortage because plans for new mines were shelved a few years ago when it was thought that nuclear Power would eclipse Coal As a Means of producing electrical Power. Unexpected delays in con and operation of m dear Power plants have fed Many . Utilities Back to Coal. In addition to great demands for Coal within the trans probation facilities for end thing i us tineral to Canada Are Voiad equate 1 ils. Coal prices have a creased Star pay Arimo he last 19 a Knob says the i with we w westers Coal wite a i Mush Terrie i tie Ftfe few fit Grain should be Laid Down in a slope in layers about an Inch thick. The constant travel up and Down will squeeze the air out. Crawler tractors Are generally preferred for packing. The feeding program usually involves dumping the Grain from a front end loader into a mixing Wagon where the Grain is mixed with minerals and supple ment and then put into feeders. One disadvantage to the whole system is that All the Grain must be ground at one time. Another is that moist Grain tends to Bridge in self feeders so Only a few Days feed Caa be put out at one time. The advantage to a lives Tockman of course is that he can Harvest his High moisture Grain right after scathing. No worry about the Grain drying. There is no dust problem either or losses from finely ground dry Grain blowing away from bunks. Livestock specialist Erichsen does t think it would pay to reconstitute dry Barley 14.5 per cent moisture or lower into High moisture Barley and store this in silos. Not Only does this process take too Long to raise the moisture Content to 25 per cent it involves extra work. He says two feeding trials comparing dry Barley to reconstituted Barley showed no difference Between the two feeds and therefore the process does t pay. Billion spent on pet food while some people starving by Bill Leader canadians spent billion on food for their pets in 196ft while Many old people were reduced to buying cans of dog food to survive according to or. R. A. Reg Gallop head of the food science department University of Manitoba. Or. Gallop said this in an interview following a Talli he gave to delegates at the Luan Toba food think conference tues Day. The conference which started monday continues wednesday and is sponsored by the Industrial development Board of greater Winnipeg and the Winnipeg chamber of com Merce and supported by the Manitoba government. In the interview the austra Lian born or. Gallop said that people s priorities were All he said that while peo ple were looking after cats dogs and cockroaches the peo ple who had built up. Canada were neglected. But he said the old people could do a lot worse then live off dog food. Dog food is Proba Bly very nutritious you Only have to look at the dogs to see said had spiked Pigeon food with the birth pills to prevent them from reproducing. This method he said had the added advantage of no Public outcry. The creatures Are not killed their successors just do not show As has happened to the children in Canada he was referring Here to the birth control Pill and abortions. This is the Only Way i can see to bypass the hindu opposition to killing pests and so to decimate these useless Crea Tures that Rob the human hungry of the food that is often ample when produced. Unless the hungry humans can have Access to such needed food they cannot feel Well optimistic or energetic and without these essentials their development problems including that of High birth rates and resultant prob lems will not be eased nor can the world expect peaceful or Derly it had become fashionable he said to sneer at designed people like to Call these foods but with the present trend to wards population density in Urban areas and also the Gener Al population expansion design foods were becoming almost a necessity. These design he said could be made from any suitable mixture of materials both of agricultural or Marine origins. They had been developed by the United states both for their he said. In his talk he advocated the extermination of pests who ate food needed by people particularly the starving people. It is time we got our Priori ties right and made major International efforts to control the pests such As the rodents in sects the Birds the monkeys and cockroaches who together destroy a major part of the food produced in Many coun tries such As in Asia Africa South America and the Middle he praised the British who he Board quotas the Canadian wheat boar tuesday announced increase delivery quotas for wheat bar Ley and rapeseed. The general quota on wheat is increased to three bushels from two in 15 additional shipping blocks a general increase to 15 bushels per quota acre from 10 is effective in Barley at All ship Ping blocks and the rapeseed Advance quota for delivery to processing Mills has Jeen increased three bushels to 15 per quota acre. Points affected by the wheat quota increase Are Saskatoon Mam Saskatoon South Saska Toon West Prince Albert main Regina Edmonton South Han a South Hanna West Sas Katoon Wilkie Swift current Outlook Medicine hat Vulcan and Nar West As a result of the increase the Advance quota on durum of one Bushel an acre has been discontinued in the blocks added to the quota. Royal Trust drops mortgage rate Montreal up the Royal Trust co. Tuesday announced a reduction of one Quarter per cent on its Mort Gage rate for houses and duplex Loans. The new rate effective immediately will be 10 per cent. Other types of mortgage Loans will continue to be made at per cent. Space program and for the Mili tary. The design foods were often dehydrated and therefore were easy to transport and took up the minimum of space. There Are Many similarities in people living in Large cities to the men who Man the space vehicles. Like the space men people living in our cities live in a very closed environment. For these people there has to be a More efficient system of feed he pointed out the Large amount of wasteful pollutants that Are shipped into cities with foodstuffs he was particularly referring to tin cans. He said that in North Ameri Ca an average person spends 17 per cent of his take Home pay on food and it is expected to drop to about 13 per cent by 1975. People prefer to spend their moneys on holidays cars or caravans or on their he said. While food producers must concentrate on making foods More attractive they should also attempt to make them More nutritious. Many foods produced today were High in calories and Low on essential vitamins and minerals. We depend on obesity for cur Prosperity. Lets get our Cal ories from he said. Xmas luncheon always Success at Eiolett s restaurant 718 Osborne St. Of 2 Way whisky Mellow enough for him. Light enough for her. Per set a Ife rate Winf War lit v a to Sims wipers special blend.2 Way whisky

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