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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 9, 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba46 Winnipeg free press wednesday december 9, 1970 action Ami reaction universities and the press he author h a Mem Ber of the political Sci ence department of the University of Manitoba by Tom Peterson universities and newspapers in a relatively free society share a common Pur pose. Both have a responsibility to collect and report accurate information. The evidence thus secured helps us inform and qualify our judgment. Unchallenged by evidence our ignorance and prejudice can become entrenched intolerant and destructive. Without endorsing Nuques t i o n i n g 1 y the idea of Progress it seems to me that the gradual improve ment of our society and our individual lives depends upon and needs accurate in formation. Problems whether social or individual whether Public or Pri vate yield less to escapism haired or violence than to studied appraisal. Ii e n c c living successfully learning continuously seem inseparable. The school and the University have the initial task of encouraging a respect for truth and preparing individuals for a life of learning. Authors and journalists can assist this purpose. Books and newspapers can help encourage a respect for learning. The 18th Century writer Edmund Burke in. Declined the importance of this purpose in his View that we should Start with the world As it is not As we would like it to be. This May be considered a conservative View and if so universities and newspapers Are Allied in a conservative cause the scrupulous examination and assessment of our society As it is. In practice however this examination does not serve any particular political or philosophical View. What it properly does is subject every View to continuous re appraisal in the Light of new evidence and information. Journalists and teachers alike therefore offer Tenta Tive judgments subject to amendment by More Evi Dence. Their achievement can not Only give us new in formation and perspectives but can also serve As a Model of the procedure whereby views must be sup ported by logical reasons and specific facts. In the latter respect a Good writer o r teacher can achieve much by his example. Newspapers admittedly must also serve other goals the earning of Revenue through sales and Advertis ing and the provision of simple entertainment through such devices As puzzles and comics. But they still accept their Pri Mary responsibility in their it was a sad Day for the Noble sport of Snail racing when that noted Trainer of champions. Chris Hudson decided to break up his stable. Chris 15. Achieved Fame through his four year old speedster. Colly who beat off All Chal lengers to set up a string of world records. But Colly died in october and since then no new Champion has come . Boozy who trains happily on Beer has failed to take the sport seriously enough and has not lived up to his Early Promise. The final blow came Whir Chris was on Holiday in Spain. He rather sacrilegious by tried some edible snails and to his horror has developed a taste for them. Obviously he will never get the Best of his assorted racers if they see him eating the edible snails. So now he is setting to work to find Homes for his collection of 30. He says. I Hope they la go to serious students of the Snail and of course they must not be dissected or eaten. Incidentally Boozy is the big fellow bringing up the rear in the Farewell March past. Continuing emphasis on re porting the news and Basing their editorial comment on the news. Radio and television in contrast now give their primary emphasis to entertainment. As one who has been permitted occasionally to comment through these Media on Public issues i have experienced their limitations. Because the allocated time is so Short some times Only about two min utes the opinion or com ment tends to be superficial and unsupported by much evidence. The daily broadcast of such opinion can be a poor example because it suggests no distinction Between pre Judice and evidence. I have persisted in giving Broad casts when asked however because i still Hope that even within the time limits imposed it May be possible to serve the purposes of learning. It seems too soon to conclude that these Media necessarily jeopardize the common purpose of the newspaper and the University. More emphasis on the fair reporting of info m a t i o n and the dispassionate assessment of this evidence at greater length May yet develop. Within this context t accept in part the free press criticism directed against a recent two minute Broad cast that i on the subject of the War Mea sures act. In it i suggested briefly that the act May have overburdened and distracted the police investigation in Quebec. Since then fortunately or. Cross has been recovered. But whether this recovery was accomplished by the Broad emergency Power assumed u under the act or by Ordi nary police perseverance in a difficult situation remains unclear. I concluded the broadcast by saying that the Federal government s h o d at least provide More information on the reasons for its policy. It still seems to me that this information is Neces sary since the act was drafted in 1914 to Deal with War or rebellion not kid napping or murder which Are presently provided for i n the regular criminal code. In recent editorials your newspaper has made the same request for information and made it More effectively than i did. Like newspapers and University teachers generally your newspaper and i share a common interest in secur ing More information. Beyond this however i have to try to respond to some of the comments in one of your newspaper s columns on dec. 5. The writer attacks a Broad group of unnamed persons who he claims suffer from a k i and of this May be True. Karl Menninger s Book. Man against himself indicates that such impulses com Mon if not Normal and can express themselves in bins t c r i n g la Suase. Projection of Crim i n a 1 i t y Zeal to punish others in lieu of oneself and exasperation of one s Hardy masculinity in exposing Ami vanquishing sundry conspiracies. The Book suggests further that what we attack most fir cell is frequent la what we most fear within our focus selves. But to substantiate the sort of speculation advanced by your columnist would require extensive psychoanalysis. All including the authors of such charges would possibly then understand themselves a Little better. For the time being i can Only speak with reference to my own beliefs. I be been exceptionally fortunate to enter a teaching career. The opportunities that i received could Well be More widespread. That our society is moving toward greater equalization of Opportunity appears due to the Effort of Many persons from a variety of occupations and political groups. In assessing the tangible results of this Effort rela Tive to the continuing persistence of poverty malnutrition and discrimination there Are More effective procedures than name calling. Your writer also labelled me As an Independent personally i Dis Trust the impulse to Label persons or groups. Party names and slogans seem less informative than the particular policy proposals that each party seeks to promote in each separate election. Accordingly i have voted for three Dif Ferent parties Over the past ten years. And in an earlier Broad cast this fall i questioned our provincial nip govern ment s policy in apparently not expanding and assisting employment opportunities for the Indian and Metis Community in the new Chi development at the Pas. Nor have i As yet Ever campaigned actively for any political party save for a Brief Effort on behalf of the liberals Many years ago when i lived in flin flon. Your columnist s Asser Tion would be trivial if i were not trying at the University to convince students of the value if not the necessity of forming in dependent judgments based upon As much information As possible. In effect his assertion can now under mine that task. Worse the column sets a bad example his use of such words As anti Gentile Ivory Tower bar room lawyer and half is Little better than calling the police pigs. The words he uses do him Little credit. That they arouse hatred and viciousness i can now testify from personal experience. Surh words excite reactions and counter reactions whose consequences can be tragic. In a society Hurt by invective free universities and newspapers m a y become casualties. Their search for truth ran be replaced by a search far scapegoats. Arreh Cly. I express the that your co Lennist try to More moderate Lan Cirace and present nor evidence for particularly of i Mav a that he intended not to inform. I but to entertain. I like Chr Kromirs. However it was not. Funny. Land of plenty of garbage by William Mil Myshir Washington give her the latest appliance for says the Sears Roebuck advertisement in the local paper. It costs it comes in a Choice of four colors White Avoca do. Copper and Tawny Gold. It is called a compact and what it does is crush solid household rub Bish to one Quarter its nor Mal size. It is the latest Commer Cial idea to be hooked up to the ecology bandwagon. Book publishers who get their Basic raw material from paper Mills that pol Lute water in the most obnoxious Way. Are churning out titles about the Environ ment. One Oil company uses a soulful Folk song Jingle to boast of the contribution its Lead free gasoline is making to cleaner air. Another boasts that its motor Oil containing detergent x not Fly cleans your car engine but reduces exhaust Jases. A soft Demk com Pany uses radio ads to an a Jice i Jet it is Retro dec refer Sable Bette toy the tattle Van is a of scare so its wad Toffice told we that fee As a solid waste is undoubtedly a problem even in a country like this built on a Continental scale. The american daily output of rubbish is getting on for ibs. A head. The accepted National figures for a few items Are 7 million worn out cars a year 30 million tons of paper. Million empty bottles million cans and some four million tons of assorted plastics. Not All of this is collected and disposed of in orderly fashion. Empty cans in particular often slip through the net their round shiny Bottoms gleam like Dis placed cat s eyes from the Roadside when you drive at night. And the Story is still told i a tone of indignation and self abasement of the american Admiral who boarded a new deep diving Craft plunged to a depth of 2.450 feet 50 mites off he coast of san Diego to find that he first wonder of Oie deep he chem see resting on the floor of the Pacific Ocean was an empty Beer can. Even Fem is Caref Tuffly Cost acted. Huere re Mains Tibe proft Fani of to 31, tie cow try tvs two Tram i tuft far Ipp uses wre Al Silor buyer feel that he is not Only keeping up with the Joneses but is also helping to keep America Beautiful. This can no longer be said of the waste disposal unit in the Kitchen sink. The ecology conscious arc not putting about the fact that while these appliances do reduce the amount of rub Bish to be carted off to the local dump the Mush of chewed up food they pro Duce is helping to overload the sewage system. The also known As the trash is not Only push Button easy it is ecologically pure. All it does is compress whatever happens to be under its powerful ram. When you press the Button. The flattened result Falls into a special bag having been automatically sprayed with deodorant there Are several safety features designed to avoid children and pets. To make it work you have to turn a key As wifi As press the Button. Orbs Hwy stops 2 the we tort 55 these Are arms Writy to a Cwm. Of cd a Attar Tarn Patsale Simms Fife cry 9o every Cav Iii therefore puts the accent on convenience to the owner no More frequent trips to an outside garbage for the individual the problem still ends at the Back door or at the Kitchen sink. For the country As a whole and especially for the cities it will continue to grow. When the initial results of the 1970 census were for Mally presented to pres ident Nixon the other Day there was no great Surprise. The size of the population at 204.765.770, was within of what it was thought to be. The immedi ate focus of attention was on the redistribution of popu lation Between the states. Which must be translated into a redistribution of con Gressional seats. Some states such As California and Florida win have More scats in Congress and therefore More electoral votes in of next fial others sack As North and sooth Dakota. Win have fewer. The game is to spot which party is fikely Frew the a there fart that Kyce kj3 per m million people have been added to the american population. All of them sharing in the rising expectations of the american consumer for More and better goods and commercial and Public ser vices. And each of them at least potentially a producer of ibs of rubbish a Day. The Prospect for the future decades is even More awesome As those bom i the Post War baby Boom have children in heir turn. Another warning contained in the census is the continued Drift from Rural to Urban areas and from the City centres to the suburbs. As the population grows it is also concentrate i n g and environmental problems Are concentrating with it the old cities at the heart of the suburban sprawls continue to Jose Middle class taxpayers while having to face always heavier demands on their welfare and other services. As America coasts to wards some kind social disaster worrying hew to dispose off empty Ficter caws seem r is Rawhy the sir to fee pm wyms 0? Tiff of a Nathim Taw emf Brett acc. Afef w Low Low prices at Clover farm gov t. Graded red or Blue Brand beef round Steak or roast sirloin Wing or club Steak Canapa Grade a eviscerated roasting chickens 4 to 5 ibs. In. 49 Canada Grade a eviscerated Frozen turkeys in. 12 to 16 ibs. 45 four maids Canada Standard Pacific i la. Tin apricots .14 Al. 2 for 49c evaporated milk 2 f0. 39c 85c of. Tin for f for Baker s Semi Sweet Kraft fan free Deal 30 of. Chocolate chips 63c pizza thin Spaghetti 24 Al. Of. Bottle 6c off Crisco Oil planters b of. Jar dry roasted peanuts punters 7 of. Jar dry roasted mixed nuts aunt Jemima Breien waffles 01 to Weston s Raspberry clusters 45c wow food specials Cut Macaroni or Kettle thin 75c Spaghetti 27c Saran wrap 12 in. X soft. White Swan White or Pink bathroom tissue 55c White Swan 2so i Serviettes Aux 34 Al. Of. Siertle liquid detergent Crest family site toothpaste ice off Anam tablets anacin tablets my mud Florida hmm Grapefruit can a no. 1 off is. U 11 10 u mbhm6 oct Clover farm 10, a 12. M trite to acis cart Fetto

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