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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 8, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaPrinted my published daily except sunday by the fret press company limited 300 Carlton Street. Winnipeg Manitoba. R. S. Malone publisher and editor in chief Peter Mclintock Maurice Western executive Erli Hir Ottawa editor h. H. Shelford general manager Winnipeg Western Canada s National newspaper Winnipeg tuesday december a 1970 pages 33-46 Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights at Cross purposes with the abandonment of its wage prof it Price guide Linos and the drastic shift in its fiscal policies the Canad an government is trying desperately to pump up the National Economy in a period of business recession hoping that it will not mean an inflationary upsurge a Little later on. This much is obvious to everyone after Edgar Ben son s latest budget speech. But not so obvious even to the government is the fact that its pump priming strategy for the Short run is flatly contradicted by its tax strategy for the Long. Clearly the problem of inflation and deflation will be solved Over time either by reasonable remedies or by worldwide economic disaster. Within this Broad context however the Canadian government must grapple with a peculiarly Canadian problem the need to make the National Economy grow at a steady sustainable Pace and absorb a labor Force growing faster than any among the industrialized nations. That need has been emphasized Over and Over again in Complex figures by the economic Council of Canada. Now it is re emphasized in a rate of unemployment easily understood by the most ignorant Layman. But even if the immediate inflation deflation problem were solved miraculously today the problem of fully employing the present and potential labor Force would remain on a smaller scale to be sure but still Large and stubborn enough to demand the Wisest and most constructive policies. One thing is certain As the government agrees full employment in either the Short or Long run cannot be achieved without massive savings and investment in new or expanded industries. Any governmental measure which restricts savings and investment must diminish the growth of the Economy of jobs. Yet at the very moment when it will do the most harm the Benson White paper on taxation is still part of the government s Agenda in one form or another for enactment in Law next Spring. Including or. Benson himself can pretend that these plan would not discourage canadians from saving and investing. Their major purpose indeed is to tax the Saver on his capital while he lives and to seize most of his estate when he Dies. Toward a swinging nato b All this we Are told is not designed to swell the government s total Revenue though the figures Are disputed by various provinces but Only to ensure greater social Justice. No sensible Man will dispute that objective and few canadians Are unwilling to pay enough current taxes out of their income to finance adequate help for the poor. But there will be no social Justice Only worse injustice for the poor especially in the poorer Canadian regions if the Economy is starved for capital investment. Thus the Cardinal fatal error of the White paper is its attack on capital As distinguished from current income. And while taxes on income can be quickly moved up or Down to meet temporary economic fluctuations As or. Benson s budget demonstrates capital gains and estate taxes at the world s highest rate when once installed will not be lightly changed if changed at All. Such a Rubicon can be crossed quite easily Given an obedient Liberal majority in parliament and will be crossed if the White paper or anything like it. Becomes Law. The return must be difficult if not impossible. It took the present and former Canadian governments at least five years to Sec where their reckless financial policies were leading. Then prime minister Trudeau though late was courageous in his Effort to get the National budget under control. Now the Short run strategy has been reversed again. The familiar deficits have returned. The Money Supply is rapidly increasing. Interest rates Are beginning to fall. The Erder from the Ottawa Bridge to the engine room is full steam ahead. Nevertheless the White paper which orders full steam astern so far As capital and savings arc concerned has not been abandoned or oven changed much As far As the Public can learn. The contrast Between these two policies of expansion and contraction the Paradox of the government s Campaign for investment and its attack on the investor is so glaring that or. Trudeau with All his dialectic skill can not defend it. But before taking the final plunge he has Lime yet to reconsider and avoid a decision certain to undermine All his economic plans and All the nation s Hope of durable Prosperity. Little Progress the official release on monday of the final report of the local boundaries commission was pretty much of an anti Climax since the report s contents have been known for a couple of months and there appear to be no major differences Between the report and the initial stories. That being so the report remains a disappointment to those people who were hoping that the commission would recommend at least a substantial move toward the integration of greater Winnipeg. Instead it merely recommends reduction of the 12 present municipal units to nine enlarged Powers in some areas for the metro government a larger metro Council with some direct representation from the municipalities. There is no recommendation for amalgamation of police forces although three of the 16 commissioners apparently favored no recommendation on fire fighting forces no meaningful changes in the school division set up. The Best that can be said of the report is that it is probably the most palatable politically that the commis Sion could have come up with other than recommending no changes at All. It is not Likely to get much Static from those local mayors Reeves and councillors who have consistently opposed amalgamation or anything approaching it. Admittedly total outright amalgamation As has been advocated by mayor Juba does not seem politically feasible Brussels detente the fashionable y o u n g e i brother of the nato brain child defence came of age last week at the Alliance s Semi annual ministerial meeting. But it was defence who received a new suit of clothes and More than usual attention. This year s Triumph was in the european members agreement to contribute million in Cash and Materiel to improve defences. So heartened was the Nixon administration that it under took to remove its mid-1972 guaranteed time limit for keeping american troops in Europe at their present strength of about now More confident and secure than at any time in the last two years the Alli Ance can determine whether it is possible As external affairs minister Mitchell Sharp believes to have the same degree of Security at a lower level of the the next move is the soviet bloc s. They have been talking vaguely about a eur conference until the Spring meeting there was Little specific about the Means to achieve that Security. The ministerial commune quo issued after a meeting two and a half years ago contained a five Point statement about the status of Berlin. The communique issued last week picked up the same theme until there is a four Power settlement in Berlin there can be no Progress to wards reducing forces. Other negative aspects of the present East West Situa Tion Are the Lack of Progress i n Intra German relations perhaps due to the intransigent or. Ulbricht the War saw pact arms buildup in Central Europe the increasing soviet naval activity in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean the negative response of the soviets to last week s communique. But since the May ministerial meeting Progress has by Dave Humphreys rope an Security for two years. At the recent nato meeting in Brussels Canada s defence minister looked Forward to at least the next decade of nato but observers wonder what May be in the White paper on de Fence. Depend for ratification on a settlement in Berlin. This Progress by the Bonn govern ment alone forms the basis for present optimism. There remain several Rea sons for caution. Not least is the present trend in Europe towards a consumer oriented society which is not Likely to increase its defence outlay substantially. The Mil lion additional pledge by the europeans is a gesture but Over five years is not a great sum from a continent of 200 million people. The pressure against higher de ence spending has not been moved. He could hardly do More that there for further than were announce no plans reductions. He had some fun with re porters Over what might be the foreseeable future. By implication he could not see too far some people can see farther than or. Macdonald was Evi d e n 11 y among those with longer visions. Here was nato said he approving a defence review for the 1970s. Yet while we considered it and like Canada. European governments would prefer to spend less not More on defence. The approved re View of defence for the 1970s acknowledges that defence of pundit urls of european members declined by four per cent from 1964 to 1969. Therefore it was important to maintain close collaboration to ensure the most effective defence substantial North american forces were essential. External affairs minister Sharp and defence minister made unusual but in the train of Ottawa j policy understandable con j tribute on. Or. Sharp arrived j in Triumph As the eternal of to be a useful step we approved the conclusions we did find it rather restrictive in scope and that it had been focussed rather too narrowly on the immediate situation that is at this end of the decade rather than at the other canadians will he pleased to know that or. Macdonald is thinking in terms of a Dor i Ade for nato. Moreover probably by mid-1971, he said he will table a major review of defence policy. He May have caused some apprehension in nato with his reference to the fundamental defence decisions to be made in the White paper. Particularly so when he went on to report that Many canadians considered the Al Liance to be staid and conservative. It s just not swinging. Man. The government with i t s deep commitment to nato defence and detente May be expected to try to update the image. Look out you canadians Here comes swinging nato. But or. Macdonald offered a signal service by introducing the time scale. He is right to summon Forth the vision of the decade. It May Well take a decade to lower the level of confrontation on a balanced basis. If talks opened next year they would continue for several years. They would be at least As complicated As the Salt talks and the Intra German talks which Are on a time scale of years. Even or. Nixon s ringing commitment cannot really extend beyond 1972, when there is a . Election. And Sena tor1 Fulbright and his confreres will continue to exert pres sure to withdraw substantial forces. Or. Macdonald hoped to have seen More scenarios for various nato responses to situations of Accident and miscalculation vis a vis the East. Today All we see is the same old familiar scenario. The soviet Union ignoring m e s s r s Sharp and Mac Donald. Says the Brussels meeting was dominated by Hawks. Nato is accused of creating artificial Obstar . Berlin to detente. Nato now awaits the initiative from the East. Or. Macdonald s time scale remains vitally important. Particularly if initial Eastern response is the prelude for action. But As or. Sharp says who can foresee the future who could foresee the future ten or 20 years ago Back in credibility Gulch by Flora a Wii one was one Only a Washington defence Secretary Melvin Laird has said he decided to Revea the Sontag prisoner Rescue raid Only when he noted a certain credibility prob indeed. When the . Announced that it had bombed North Vietnam but Only below the 19th parallel and Hanoi insisted there had been attacks nearby Over 150 Miles North of the Paral Lel All the world knew some lying. But which decade ago few people anywhere and even fewer americans would have had any doubt. Communist regimes have never shown any sense of obligation to truthfulness. . Govern m e n t s have always been Viown to keep secrets but they were believed not to Tell untruths. To know who said sufficed to know whose to take. A few years served to undermine that National trea sure of Confidence. It was t he Nixon administration s doing. They inherited that deficit and they were Well aware of it. In the Early Days of the administration soon after the inauguration scarcely a new office Holder could be found who did t list As the government s greatest and most urgent task the restoration of belief in its statements. And Here we Are already floundering i n credibility Gulch again inching up to the Light but slowly with new bruises As each bit of in formation has to be followed with another disclosure that Well it was t quite the Way we said but embarrassed at the failure to bring Back any prisoners the administration planned not to Tell anything about the Sontag raid. It counted on Hanoi s embarrassment that americans could land so near to make of the enemy an ally in a tacit conspiracy of silence against the Public on both sides. That was fairly shrewd reckoning. Hanoi has told its people very Little. But the North vietnamese leaders have also heard about America s credibility prob and More shrewdly seized the easy Opportunity to aggravate it with the announcement that americans lad bombed nearby. M r. Laird denied that. There was Only the Rescue raid he said and diversionary action by Navy planes dropping flares to confuse Hanoi s air defence. Any vietnamese casualties from Aerial attack must have tse strength of in open society is in its Ness a fact that does not yet seem to be realized by the Thixon administration. Attack radar Sites near the North vietnamese capital As Protection for the Comman Dos and their escorts. Any More revelations it remains to be seen. Doubt has been nourished again. It in t difficult to under stand the dilemma of officials dealing with an enemy who regards facts As nothing but weapons. Hanoi still does t publicly admit there Are North vietnamese troops in South Vietnam Laos and Cambodia though it no longer tries so very hard to pretend there Are none. That is one reason Why it will not even consider an Exchange of prisoners. Theoretically it has no soldiers abroad to be captured and if they Are caught Hanoi refuses to acknowledge them. North Vietnam does t need to worry about what the Home front thinks. It has no anti War demonstrations to Ace. Nobody there parades around flaunting the enemy lag. Nobody offers Legisla resolutions to bring its oys Home. Been caused by Hanoi s Man anti aircraft rockets shot wildly and on Low Trajeco said the Pentagon. Hanoi look French correspondents out of town and showed them Shrike missiles with . Serial numbers. The Pentagon backed up a Little further. The . Did but it is. Difficult to under land Why american officials till seem to think that the Vay to Cope with an untruth us enemy is to copy him. Liere have been so Many e s s o n s so painfully acquired of How that technique boomerangs and How much it damages the . Even those who Are interested Only in technique and feel no urge to truth for its own Sake have been forced to admit again and again that it does t work Here. It is the old piteous fallacy of How an open society can match the advantages in propaganda and secrecy of a closed one. An open society in t helpless. Its strength is precisely in its truthfulness in the belief it can inspire. If it weakens that in t due to the other Side s deceit but to its own unilateral disarmament of its Best shield the facts. No one would have asked or. Laird to disclose plans to Rescue prisoners before the attempt. That would have doomed it. But any american administration which in effect seeks Collu Sion with an enemy to mis Lead its own people will necessarily find itself on the other Side from its people. The last decade left Fine reserves of National Confidence in the word of Lead ers badly depleted. Our government indeed our country cannot afford to lose Little Iacre is left. Spain s softer strike stand Adrid general fran-1 Cisco Franco s author j Simist. Last year he had called for positive and j plans to soften imaginative nato Initia j its 34.year-old ban on strikes fives to discussions with the j a Law which would found who seem inclined to i use the name of Freedom As i a pretext for refusing to sub soviet bloc on specific issues. Been recorded Between Bon what has transpired since and Moscow and Warsaw the treaty signed in Moscov Between West Germany and the soviets like the whole question of detente May yet was More than he had dared to expect he said. A care s e n t i n g a government in process of withdrawing two thirds of its troops in Europe. Participation legalize As Dis Tinct from politically to j strikes will be sub j milled for parliamentary a j Proval Early next year. The j proposed Law is intended to acts to be punished As such supplement a labor Reform j was changed so Iii at labor Hill now being studied by Jhc j conflicts purely economic in because of its desire to get into the com Mon Market and to be accepted by other euro Pean nations the Franco regime is relaxing its stringent Laws against strikes. It was bound to happen. University students want a larger say in the operation of universities High school Stu dents Tell the school Board How to do things even Public school students get into the act newspaper reporters Tell management How to run a paper workers in factories veto management decisions Etc. So it was inevitable that this kind of participation at the present time in face of the opposition of some my j Nic pal officials. But surely there must be some kind of j Progress toward the ultimate goal. Negotiations have gone on a hunger strike in 15 prisons. But policemen and prison guards on the other hand Are angry that the govern ment even started to have talks with the convicts on their demands. Policemen and guards have Long stand ing complaints about their salaries and about working Cortes. Strikes Are illegal in Spain and participants or organizers risk As much As two years in prison loss of jobs and deportation. But this is an improvement Over Condi origin could be treated More leniently. But a year later Spain s supreme court ruled that despite the changes in the 1968 there were 351. In 1963 a record number under Franco Rule 777. Behind the regime s Chang Mil to authority and for making Light of the duty of j meanwhile the labor re form Bill now before Parlia ment has run into heavy weather. The Spanish Catho Lic episcopal commission for a social apostolate has declared that the proposed Law does not satisfactorily re ing attitude is the wish to Fleet the Church s social win acceptance abroad and. In particular to overcome the hostility of labor cons penal code All strikes Are Cious democracies in Europe. Doctrine supporting the principles of free representative Trade unions. Government spokesmen illegal in the j Spain aspires to become a claim the draft Law takes tons prior to 1962 when All j court s ruling was prompted j full fledged member of the i into the recommend strikes were automatically j by the argument put Forward j european common Market. J regarded As subversive acts by employees of rolling i and dealt with unmercifully Mill at Echevarri. Northern j Spain to the effect that of revised article 222 of the liberalization first came into i penal code legalized strikes by Tough police action. Since a mild degree d a t i o n of the episcopal Congress of 1968 calling for More Independent representative unions. The same goes for the International labor office based in Geneva they in addition there is the in i say. The Ilo has urged perhaps not surprisingly it j in this is suggested Only in the feeble St Way in the bound j report. It will be looked for. Therefore m the pro vhf i Dan voc a c government Cial government s own plans for metro Winnipeg on Champion of Hertrich a White paper is expected in the next few Days. To j g e d and Downtrodden one suggests that the prov Mia government will be Poluti Cally naive enough to try to enforce amalgamation on the after witnessing the Crit Cissi the Rowin Gove Wnent after passers its metro legislation. Bet people Whf scope Wmk Wyrfel wifi he a her Awre i Sweden being the Best of an even s feel Fine Fly Sora Eft Law conditions. So they h a v e play eight years ago the j if they were staged for eco threatened to strike Over the i regime has shown a More Nonic not political reasons. Pact of Vatican Council ii Complete separation Between new year. Tolerant attitude toward what the regime is now trying with its Declara workers and management ctn. N it prefers to can labor a i to revive the distinction be tons endorsing the right to Freedom of association free what was that talk about not7nalitfes today strikes tween two kinds of strikes by j strike Freedom of Assembly i Dom from ties to political Are not necessarily criminal i new legislation. In May this and Freedom of expression i panics not voluntarily a acts in the eyes of 5he Law. J year he government issued to r k e is and progressive Cepter and the filling of All Thev can be classified As decree pertaining to Cofler minded clerics in Spain Trade Union posts including civil offences bargaining which was. Quote the following pro the highest by elections. However if a strike is in essence. Indirect and Noune ement to justify she w h i the government s deemed to be poetically Mission of the right to strike. Right of strike draft jaw gives a degree of to rated tide wite roof the decree permits the the Basic Rigets flexibility and representation of swinging Down he process of not Fitton Stewman person most he hot Larto afe sent from the re it is As Conci Tatton so fee initiated counted of freely Gas a s syn during a strike previously Tow britons to Dukai it to Lah Fow of fwd Tiv fetes if War Swaw arts a Fca Rcw pc

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