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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 7, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press monday december daily crossword e. Margaret s 24. Tele other name 7. Landon 8. Drudgery 9. Butte i relative 10. Quote Pale. Graphic Dot 25. Build ing sex ten Sion 14. Appellation 26. De 18. 19. Simple song 20. Tease 21. Mem Ory filled years 22. A est Savoured 28. Sup press 30.100 Cente Simi 32. Indistinct 33. Sour 34. Sensible 35. Swerve 37. Separate saturday 1 Ai intr 38. Different 39. Equal 42. Press for payment m across 1. Opposite 11. Degrade 12. Medicinal plants 13. Tuxedo slant sods 15. Williams 16. Fall behind 17. Ballad 18. Frost covered 20. Partial refund 23. Thought 27. Sardonic literary style 28. Long legged Bird 29. Slam 30. Slightly 31. One of the bronzes 33. Donkey 36. Wrath 37. Vitality 40. Pleasures of life sods 43. Sluggish 44. Malediction 45. Noted librarian 46. Matriculate Down 1 beyond 2. Hau boy 3. Praise 4. Snake b. True state of affairs daily How to work it axed la a a Ebli Longfellow one letter simply stands for another. In this simple a used for the three l a x for the two o a Etc. Single Letten. Apostrophes the length and formation of the Are All each Day the code letters Are different. A cryptogram quotation pms Blu Elwawi Iluk b Erlb Blu lbs a pms a Tjuk pub Blu lbs a pms i Axuk. saturday s crypt note what you do Speaks so loud that i cannot hear what you son 0 1970, King features Syndicate lae Goren on Bridge by Charles h. Goren b by to Trimmel answers to Bridge quiz q. As South vulnerable you hold the bidding has proceeded East soft to West pass pass pass 1 0 pass what do you bid now two no Trump. Despite the Lack of a club stopper this is easily the most descriptive Call your balanced holding. Pol lowing an original pass thai bid Ihori Imp Holch card and partner to go on with any values approximating a sound opening. Q. Neither vulnerable As South you hold the bidding has proceeded North East Solh West pass 2 pass pass what do you bid now while you have a very found hand no stronger Call indicated inn much you have already de scribed a highly Hom Lotf by your take oat at the level of two. Q. Vulnerable As South you hold 4aqi7s3 oq7 the bidding has proceeded West neck East pan 1 0 pass 1 pass 20 pass pass 3 it pass what do you bid now Spades. Prospects very Bright when partner a into the by diff but my have i numb an for slam and a simple lame should now be Yow goal. Homic a Singleton club four looks a Little safer. Q. 4-neither vulnerable. With a 70 part score As South you hold the bidding has proceeded Nark East West int pass pass 24 pass pass what do Yon bid now West not Mutas the m atm Fet vulnerable and he May live to regret Lack hand is in your Possession and the size of his loss will depend on the strength of your club holding. A. South vulnerable you hold the bidding has proceeded sooth West North East 1 pass 1 pass 3 pass 3 it pass what do you bid now either four or four could prove the be a safer contract but it might net to prudent to oven me decision especially Vinee he Al ready been warned to expect an unbalanced hand from us. A South vulnerable you hold it hoped to find in hts partner s the bidding has proceeded North East set eth 20 what do you bid no Trump the same Call you would have chosen with out the intervening bid. Q. Vulnerable As South you hold 4akqj 2s43 the bidding has proceeded Seuth West nth East pan fast 19 past 1 pass 2 v pass e what do you bid now taking a Sec. Ond bid in this holding to slightly aggressive but there Are Many that partner Celd Nave where a game contract at went would depend upon a finesse. Q. South vulnerable you Bokju 45 uas3 oku97s 4aim4 the bidding has proceeded nerf a East Seth West 14 pass 20 30 pan 3 it pan. 44 pass what do you bid now partner by a highly hand. Pre Temy my and a Geek one since he pie Feild to rate our first rather than make a remd in is own Salt. Our aces Are and make slam very Strong. It is not Louime Shew both of them at pent met a cot in May efficient to Tamal Pewtner to contract for a slam. Saturday s answers jtjo.1 2-Jhe Lytz i n7el a Sellus t a 1 a 3eulj Ratchf in history Todd Al upper Canada rebellion was comedy of errors by Bob Bowman shakespearian actors can play shylock two different ways. They can portray him As a cold hearted villain or As a Man deserving under standing and sympathy. Historians treat William Lyon Mackenzie in much the same Way. Some portray him As a Brave reformer who fought the establishment then known As the family compact. William Lyon Mackenzie King was proud of his Grandfather. Typical comments from the opposing Points of View were he is a Little red haired Man about five feet nothing and extremely like a Baboon but he is the o Connell of and a cowardly Ruffian who curiously enough bore not an Irish but a scottish in any Case Mackenzie s upper Canadian rebellion came to a head dec. 7, 1837. It was a comedy of errors. The attack on Toronto was supposed to begin on dec. 7 when col. Van Egmond would arrive with troops from the country. Actually they had Little training and apart from a few old muskets their weapons consisted of pikes made by Samuel Lount a Black Smith who was hanged later. Mackenzie did t wait for his troops but began to March on Toronto dec. 5 with a follow ing of rabble. The government sent out Robert Baldwin and or. John Rolph under a Flag of truce and they met Mackenzie at Gallows Hill. The government did t know that Rolph was one of Mackenzie s supporters and it is believed that he urged Lount to wait until dark and attack at night. There was some skirmishing for two Days during which Mackenzie entered a banker s Home personally arid set it on fire. Egmont arrived at Mackenzie s Headquarters Mont Gomery s tavern dec. 7 but 200 of his men had deserted. Lieutenant governor head attacked on dec. 8 and the Battle was Over in a few minutes. Mackenzie fled to the . Where he stayed until 1849 when he was Given an amnesty to return to Canada. Other events dec. 7 1649 Iroquois massacred Huron Mission at St. Jean 1729 Missi sagas surrendered acres com prising Wentworth Norfolk and Haldimand counties of Ontario 1770 Samuel Hearne established base at. Cumberland Lake the first settlement in Saskatchewan 1782 More than 500 loyalists arrived in Nova Scotia from South Carolina 1869 Louis Riel put members of Canadian party in prison at fort Garry. First Issue of Ottawa free press 1899 Hugh Macdonald son of sir John a., led conservatives to Victory in Manitoba election and became Premier 1941 Capada declared War on Japan Finland Hun Gary and Roumania following Pearl Harbor at tack 1961 the names great Britain and United kingdom were discarded for the official titled Britain. Tumbleweeds Chowpo look Echo Honey i to i you re Kerry Drake and 40 minutes i Rock hotel yes the limousine what 6lvfs Here his jaw sump Peshut Lima movie wrap whiff i Saip i float a i m trying to sleep if you Don t i d still the plane like to a Friendly Vou that executive Prink or of Florsh x Custar turned hostile smitty ass i l Abner Horoscope Francis Drake move along or Ltd arrest you All for Are. Tougher than i crowd applying for my old Loq ii Gil Thorp score oakwood68.mikbnd 60. We May have the name but i think we found i rebounds look in the Section in which your birthday comes and find what your Outlook is according to the stars tuesday december i March the Anil n Ariel whatever your obligations handle them promptly and without irritability. You will see new advantages it your mind is year and receptive. April 21 the May 11 Tawrs you May be indecisive now not knowing whether to turn one Way or another but Don t wait Tor inspiration to help you. Get going and let past procedures guide you. May be Jumi it gemini attain ment indicated through steady endear or. Planetary influences now stimulate your Many talents. The use of these hould get you far. Juni n be july 93 cancer follow through on Well devised puns and procedures and Don t be Side tracked by non essentials. You can make rapid strides Forward if you capitalize on All skills. July m the a oust Lee note Why Many succeed where others fail. Alert observation along these line. Could prove profitable. An excellent performance is possible now. August it of Virgo have a Fine planetary set up. Be into the spirit of things and do your utmost to Advance your interests. I r m m oct Wir 31 Libra look for better ways to handle everyday tasks with the idea of Assur ing More efficiency and leaving More time for study As Well As expansion. 1 oct Oscr m nov emf r ser pie a better Day and better possibilities than May seem apparent at first. I planetary influences should stimulate i your ambitions and your incentive. Nov scr 33 dec mar 21 sail Tareb you May be called upon to make some weighty decisions. Do not make Mem in haste. Careful who Bohr realistic Altitude december 22 the january Joca tricorn take Short cuts if they do not Cut Down in essentials Ana tue qual Ity of Volji endeavours. Small gain indicated but Tio not belittle1 hum. January 31 to february a Jurius do wait for opportune j ties to materially at the i seek them out yourself. A Briod for sex erasing your innate imagination and ingenuity i february m be March 21 Pisces a generally Good Outlook. But tackle All musts before undertaking new ac-1 Tivi ties Many of which Promise to be i unusually attractive. Your born today Are endowed j with a Fine intellect excellent foresight j vision and extraordinarily Good judg i ment. You have a head for finances and could make a great Success in the Busi Ness world As an investment broker As a Fop executive in any Large Corpora Tion. You have a gift for words and because you can listen too would make an excellent Diplomat statesman or journalist. Birthrate of Horace roman poet Christina 17th Century Queen of Sweden Jan Sibelius renowned finnish composer Hervey Allen author. Friday Foster it Ewt if Yuwao that Shawn pm pkail5 havin t Ycu inv the gamer Aster int on stage 5t firms haul horses j Baltimore More than 50 j . Firms specialize in hauling i horses in tractor trailers. These interstate carriers use 6-to-i2- horse vehicles and Cany mostly thoroughbreds Standard brads show horses and horses con signed to sales. Their total an Nual mileage exceeds 100 Mil lion Miles. Horse owners them selves run up More mileage i transporting their own i animals. What s solid two Yam a half the time. With As will Check it out. Man Wmike m new Yoe. I m petes Magazine s a hts journalist and the my expert want to know his a station went has come up with a thin leap of the is Renous san oct Dennis the menace Andy Caw True but i Voulff i was t Roete

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