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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 5, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press saturday dec Imper 5, 1970 . Soldiers believed fighting for n. Vietnam Saigon special tons four men who appeared to be United states soldiers have been operating combat patrols with North vietnamese troops coastal Binh Dinh province official sources said Friday. A report the four men was filed by South vietnamese police forces investigating a raid by communist troops the Hamlet of Phu Van. Although the report was Brief incomplete it was the har dest evidence yet turned up that some . Defectors or deserters May now be serving Binh Dinh a rugged province about 200 Miles up the coast from Saigon that Cauca sians have been seen with the North vietnamese or Viet Cong. Usually these reports have referred to caucasians who did not appear to be prisoners. The sightings were frequently Brief however under the Circum stances it was impossible to obtain further verification. Authorities say the latest re port was More specific. The local population was Able to observe the caucasians Over a period of time. The South vietnamese police with the North vietnamese. Report said that a company of . Military authorities said they were aware of the South vietnamese police report but could add nothing to it. The matter is being investigated further officials said. For More than a year there North vietnamese infantrymen along with unknown number of Viet Cong entered Phu Van Hamlet Thanh Village hoi District Binh Dinh province nov. 28 or 29. With the communist soldiers English speaking caucasians armed with m-16 they did not appear to be prisoners. The report indicated that they did not appear to be under guard. The communist band spent some time the Village. They took some Money some medical supplies other items kidnapped five Vil lagers. person was reported to have been killed probably As the communist forces with Drew. There was indication of resistance the Village which is several Miles Inland area of frequent North vietnamese Viet Cong incursions. There has been frequent have been sketchy reports from i the report said were four witness describes my Lai Slavings my it Benning Georgia Spe Cial tons when the defence lawyer got through with him Friday Dennis i. Conti sex i from Providence Rhode Island was portrayed As a sex hungry Soldier who constantly smoked marijuana Vietnam. But the lawyer s brutal Cross examination did not erase the even More gruesome picture which the 21-year-old truck Driver himself Drew for the army courtroom old platoon Leader Lieut. Wil Liam l. Galley trial for murder. They were pretty Well messed or. Conti said of the people be saw being shot by at my Lai Hamlet. There were lots of Heads shot off pieces of head pieces of flesh new off the sides As for his old commanding officer who flushed red listening to the tale or. Conti said Lieut. Calley was methodical amidst the Gore. I seen a woman try to get or. Conti said As she tried to get up i saw Lieut. Calley fire hit the Side of her head blow it when several Small children remained standing according to or. Conti the lieutenant shot them by when a group of civilians fled from the blood or. Conti said the Pla Toon Leader hollered order get pm get pm kill for Lieut. Calley charged with criminal responsibility for the deaths of 102 my Lai inhabitants it was a Long Day which wore Down his usual smiling Demeanour. For the army prose cution it was a dramatic Peak by Means the final this trial. Through 10 Days of testimony 31 witnesses capt. Aubrye Daniel has slowly sketched the background scenery for the government s charge some times with tedious detail that seems Only remotely linked to the lieutenant himself. But or. Conti vividly filled the fore ground figures As four or five others Are expected to do next week when the Case re Sumes. For three weeks the six jurors have watched frustration As capt Daniel showed a Large color photograph to wit Nesses for identification but did not let the jury see it Friday they were shown the picture prosecution exhibit. 12, right after or. Conti s bloody narrative. It shows according to prosecution wit Nesses the same bodies of women children whom Conti saw shot by Lieut Calley a company c Rifleman Paul Meadlo. Defence lawyer Richard Kay protested that it was inflammatory but judge Reid w. Ken Nedy accepted it evidence because As tiie prosecutor re minded him less than 11 witnesses including the sex army photographer have identified it As bodies they saw a Trail at my Lai s Southern Edge _ the same spot where or. Conti said be saw Lieut Calley shooting people. Capt Daniel argued the picture is of value this Case because the victims arc unnamed. It helps to establish the identity of these the jurors scowling squinting spent nearly minutes examining photograph. Sex private Meadlo who took the fifth amendment re or that he. Once threatened to shoot Lieut. Calley or that the lieutenant once reported him for attempted rape Battle. Despite these insinuations the defence did not mount much of attack against the substance of or. Conti s testimony his detailed eyewitness account of the my Lai slayings. Or. Conti was supposed to go through my carrying a mine sweeper m-79 Gre Nade launcher with the first platoon s command meaning Lieut. Calley his platoon sergeant. But when the helicopter landed or. Conti said he got lost the elephant grass Cut off from Lieut. Calley. his Way into the Village he fired a grenade at a Farmer running away behind some cattle but missed. Inside the Hamlet he saw a few Guys taking a few potshots at a Buffalo that was a pen there just for he saw enemy fire. Or. Conti who was 18 years old at the time caught up with his platoon Leader at East West Trail Midway through the dense foliage of the Village. As i came up Lieut. Calley told us to round up the people so i went out got five or six women All he said 30 to 40 my Lai residents were gathered together there. Lieut. Calley told me Meadlo to take the people out push them off into the Rice or. Conti related. We took pm out put pm fighting Binh Dinh province involving . Troops Many have been reported miss the general area Al though . Authorities were unable to furnish immediate figures. There Are enough Guys miss up there so that four could easily be officer noted. It is possible that they Are defectors or it May be that they were taken prisoner were brainwashed. They May even be still prisoners who Are stringing along for some Rea it is also possible that the villagers testimony to the police the was incorrect. However vietnamese have Strong to testify bunday was allowed to retort to his Home a Terre haute Indiana Friday hot he is Stin subject to possible prosecution for his re Teal. When tie defence got to or. Cort Friday witness was Obj Plant a ohm a Trail just South of the Village made pm squat Down so they could t get up run made them Bunch up. Lieut Calley came out he told us take care of the people we said Okay. So we stood there watched them. He came Back said i thought i told you to take care of these people i said we Are he said i meant kill Emmr. Conti paused what the prosecutor asked. I was a Little stunned. I did t know what to or. Conti said. When Lieut Calley told him to come around Abou 10 feet away or. Conti said h begged off grounds he was armed with a grenade launcher not a Rifle. I stood behind they were standing Side by he said. They stood line opened up directly into the the bursts of automatic fire from the two rifles lasted maybe a minute two min he said. As for the Vic t i m s he said they just screamed yelled. I guest they tried to get up too. But they could t make it that was it what was the condition of the bodies they were pretty Well messed up. There were lots of Heads shot off pieces of head. pieces of flesh flew off the sides arms. They were ail messed what did or. Meadlo do he fired a Little bit then he broke Down started cry said i can t shoot More people he handed me his weapon said Yon Doit " or. Conti Shook his Bead. I racial instincts could hardly mistake the course of the War How Ever Many similar reports the past have simply faded away. Most such reports have concerned individuals. the far North near the demilitarized zone there were reports for a time of a fair haired Man with the enemy forces. the South along the cambodian Border Lay. Ninh province similar reports cropped up More than a year ago. There have been verified instances Tay Ninh of american voices North vietnamese Field radio networks. Intelligence officers say these May have been manufactured tapes played to disrupt . Combat operations. The Only specific accusation of deserting raiding the enemy was made last month against Marine sgt. Jon m. Sweeney 21, now Back in hands after having passed through North vietnamese hands to Sweden then the United states. He is charged with quitting his unit feb. 19, 1969, to avoid Hazard Ous duty abandoning his Rifle ammunition the presence of the enemy aiding the enemy Joe Ritchot seated the free press snowmobile contest tries out his new machine for while mrs., Ritchot Bill Watts manager co owner of Northwest Cycle motor company Admire his style. Erasure b y recording pro communist anti american propaganda making statements of a similar nature a Stockholm by Janice keys or. mrs. Joe Ritchot of 440 Del Morenie Street. Boniface found themselves about Richer Friday the form of a snowmobile two Complete snowmobiling out fits. The couple Are the winners of the Yamaha snowmobile con test sponsored by the free press that ran the latter part of november. The Complete prize supplied by Northwest Cycle motor company comprised the Yamaha snowmobile two helmets snowsuits Snow mitts goggles. The object of the contest was to predict As accurately As sible the High Low temperatures for last tuesday. Or. Ritchot s predicted High of 32.2 degrees was right the Mark but this was Only Good enough to put him a 46-Way tie for first place. The contest rules stimulated that if More than entry had the Correct High temperature the contest would be decided the closest guess. the Over night Ign temperature fail that the official number of hours of Sunshine half news conference last aug. 24. that news conference sgt. Sweeney said he defected after his company commander shot at him left him to die the Jungle. He said the Viet Cong treated him Well that he had joined a Viet Cong propaganda brigade made broadcasts. He said he travelled to Sweden a North vietnamese passport making stops peking Moscow. Sgt. Sweeney is now undergo psychiatric examination the Philadelphia Navy Hospital. The Marine corps investigation is continuing. Move i closer to Union by r. J. Anderson i adherents for each of the two said i won t do it if they re going to be ruled 1m not going to it let Calley do at that Post said or. Conti the Only visible sir Vrcon were a few Stin standing. Lient Calley killed own by be testified. Thee me so Fiers spa Ted a group of five women six Chi urea pm mag away to a nearby to define. Fey get get Kaffl pm according to icon i. Jail not probation a successful Crown Appeal to the Manitoba court of Appeal has resulted a six month jail term for is year old Winnipeg Man. Freed two years probation after pleading guilty City magistrate s court oct 21 to two charges of robbery. oct 21, Percy Frank Rundle of 2sb Sharpe Boule Vard St James Assiniboia had a p p e a r e d before magistrate Mike Barylak had pleaded guilty to robbing two men the downtown area the Day before. At that time. Crown counsel Hynew we Stein had told court that handle intoxicated condition bad been downtown with his girl Friend oct 20 had been attempting to so licit Noney from various peo ple. Or. We Stein said that Kund e approached a a year of after being Down had held the maa Fey Throat while taking the Money the Toronto up Canada s leading protestant theologians took another step a Long this week the Road that May formation of a new Church. Some viewed acceptance of what was emphasized As Only the preliminary draft of a proposed plan of Union As the most important move 27 years of negotiations Church Union. At least we now know what we re arguing said a member of the general commis Sion Church Union. Until now discussions among laity clergy the anglican Church of Canada the United Church of Canada have been based Only the idea of Union. No detailed outline of what actually would be involved has been put before the memberships. This was done Here this week by the general commission a group of 50 churchmen prominent laymen set up to draft a plan. No agreed with everything it but minor differences were swept aside with the of laying the foun Dation. Final acceptance or rejection is years away. Feelings of unease uncertainty prevalent among a Large Section of the memberships both churches were summed up wryly by Rev. Robert Craig the executive commissioner of the United Church when be said i interview i Don t think that i per major denominations Are Given As about 2.5 million. With the addition of others who profess to attend services of or the other this would mean a new Church if the plan goes through of about six million. The roman Catholic Church with about 8.5 million is the largest Church Canada. No name yet has been adopted by the general commission for the new 19 suggestions put Forward five ones members disliked the least be put before the courts of the churches the memberships for discussion. They arc order of prefer ence Church of Christ Canada. Church of Christ Canada. United Christian Church Canada. The United Church Canada. United episcopal Church of Christ Canada a documents Che proposed or. Ritchot s guess at the Low temperature was 0.3 degrees Only two tenths of a degree off the actual temperature of 0.1, this was enough to win him the contest. This is the first time we be won something we Don t know what to do said mrs. Ritchot at the presentation at Northwest Cycle 533 Logan Avenue Friday morning. This is the first time they be won anything of so much value or. Ritchot added. However the Ritchott Aren t really snowmobile fans so they plan to put their prize up for Sale. They snowmobiles Are for Young mrs. Ritchot said. Or. Ritchot said he often enters contests of this sort i enter them forget so he was quite surprised when he was telephoned formed that he was the owner of a Brand new snowmobile. He added that he had filled out nine entry forms put different predictions each. His secret Well he had a look at the temperatures from previous years took average it Down As a accurate guess it was. The official High Low Pera Tures for tuesday As Well As the. Number of hours of sunlight were obtained from the Canadian meteorological service of the department of transport Winnipeg International Airport. There were More than entries the contest. Metro hoots at plan suggestions by h i g h w a y s m ii s t e r Joe Borowski that metro should abandon plans for inner perimeter Beltway give free rides its transit system instead were greeted with harsh criticism from metro officials Friday. The provincial government is expected to announce next week that it will not support plans for the Beltway which is recommended the 20-month-old comprehensive Winnipeg area transportation study. Friday or. Borowski said the province should give metro million so it could give free rides the transit system Stead of million for develop ment of the Beltway. Harry f. Burns metro s transportation director said Friday the corporation can t provide bus transportation to fulfil the function the Beltway was designed to pro vide i m appalled at such a Short sighted suggestion. Metro chairman Jack Willis said the provincial government could take Over the transit sys tem if it wanted or donate enough Money to get rid of fares. However he said million would not be nearly enough for such a proposal. Councillor Willis said even with a proper transit system you strangle the growth of the City if you Don t have a proper ground transportation system Conn. Willis was replying to or. Borowski s comment i Don t want to make the same mistake that has been made throughout North America when you build More roads you create More metro the province have already spent about million land acquisition for the Belt Way each paying half. Or. Burns said the total land acquisition costs Are estimated at million. Or. Borowski suspended provincial contributions to Beltway acquisition 18 months ago since then metro has received indication from the province about its attitude to a transit subsidy Beltway acquisition or the transportation study Gen eral. Coun. Willis warned Toronto has been faced with High land acquisition costs for new free ways because of Lack of proper planning Community Chevrolet 964 Regent w. Tro Scono is ton panel brigade 2450 ton. V-8 engine. Lab. Flee Side red finish new tires. 68 Ford Side 6 Cyl., std. Ton up. Lab. Fleet 51750 68 Chev. Side. Box. Turquoise. Ton up. Lab. Fleet 1735 68 Chev 108 in. . 67 Ford . Blue. 67 Chev. 108 in. . 67 Ford lab. Beige. 67 Chev Side Box 4 spa. Trans. Van. Econ line 51350 Van. . 1350 ton up lab. Fleet 67 Chev. Flee Side 6 Cyl. 67 . Ton up. Immaculate. Ton up. Lab flee Side. 65 Csc Viz ton up. Lab. Fleet 6 Cyl., at radio. Red. 64 Chev up. Blue. Ton 64gmc Ideal camper. Walk in. 8 Van it. Behind i 1295 64 Chev. Blue finish. Ton panel. New brigade plan refer Church to the the Blank commission tonally would say that i was eager for Church onion. I accept Church anon As die win of god but my human instincts wish sometimes that it would go away that we could be just As we Are. We Don t like to change. It is never easy to do a key cd she a proposed covenant of Union the bask for dig document of the plan was that within the Fia nework Tob asprin Faith order the Ofa Caples of or. Court was my hat Kondle. Members of had later approached a 75-year-i Chorches Cleoh eld Aad Jenu Aiti j Are the practice of worship after Teang be nun bail the of the a Befle of Torch unpaged by tag Ejof won of omme Ramiy j was asked by the drafting com Mittee to. Choose a name return to jail two greater Winnipeg men serving part of a three year sentence a charge of entering theft have been returned to prison a new three year term after committing another offence. Dwayne Michael Kansky 23. Of 156 Avenue Walter Albert prank Hawara 23, of 1848. Ross Avenue St. James Assiniboia appeared be fore magistrate Lawric Mit Chell provincial magistrate s court Friday pleaded guilty to a charge of breaking enter theft Laid tuesday by St. James Assiniboia police. Crown counsel William w. Morten told court that the two men had spent monday evening drinking sometime Over night had smashed a Side base ment window at Klein s meat Yvon Maurice Trudeau. 18, of Market 1873 Ross Avenue 62 Ford 4 spa. Blue White. 60 Chev. Ton up. 595 4 Speed transmission. 56 . White. Ton up Ste Side Box. 375 ton up. 275 heavy duties 67 Chev. Jailed for meter thefts tandem gravel Box. C a in. Bogies 366 v-8 engine. 5x4 trans 900x20 tires a Biff 850. Tandem. Of Ruev new 900x20 tires. New 1000 tires front. Air brakes 4x5 trans. New 499s 65 Csc heavy duty 3 ton h gravel Box Trai Mobile tag. 327 v8 motor . Creen 656mc 3 ton 292 6 Cyl. Engine 2 spa. Axle 5 spa. Trans., 825 x 20 tires new 12 it. Grain Box hoist. Brigade Blue with red Box. Montreal who has been fre quenting the Headquarters of the committee representing youth problems name to avoid this Cumber. Today York Avenue was some phrasing. No agreement Friday was reached this Point. A committee member said people Are going to Start caning it the Markety Blank ten. Basic the proposed Cove Nant is permission to members of the three churches to continue using existing prayer books to continue As they Are with the sights sounds movements that Are associated War the new Church be or gaited with pastoral zones districts a National Assembly. Bishops traditional the anglican Chorcie but not the otters would head each District. Ministers pipe Sis would be called presbyters. Deacons emers replace the draft of die m a mass of total Flag Cost mat Jelm met Mommy a met fumm4vjotv or icy of Faith. For stealing Money from downtown had entered the building stolen Cash cigarettes Worth or. Morton said the men had then taken off for Regina. Where they were apprehended while the process of convert Winnipeg parking meters. I amount of change Ted eau appearing before was about Cash was i 65 Ford Box hoist new Saint. 2 pm. 10 it. Metal Grain re conditioned 65 stake Box hoops. 65 Gumc 1 ton. 10 it. 1500 magistrate Mike. Baryluk win neg magistrate court needed a translator when he pleaded guilty to two charges of theft Chrys Ancnik Crown coun Sel said Ralean had fixed address out was employed As a recovered the pair was re j turned to Winnipeg under police escort court was told. The three year sentence imposed by magistrate Mitchell will be served after the two men finish serving the 14 j from unexpired time i previous sentence. Tractor 409 v8 engine 5 spa. Trans. 2000 in. Front 18.500 rear Axle air brakes twin Saddle tanks. Red finish m 600, v-8 engine 5 spa. Trans., 2 spa. Axle new 12 it. Grain Box hoist. Brigade Blue with red Box. During the last month reran four persons charged with parking meter thefts they Are a staying at said or. Iwan Chuk. Recently magistrate Anthony pita Tiff visited . Bead quarters after becoming concerned about people with i Friday when he appeared association who bad j Winnipeg magistrate s court 18 months for car theft Stanley Albert Demontigny. Of Spence Street was sentenced to is months jail 64mrc 4 spa. Trans., Axle. 825x20 tires. 600, Chassis is. 2 spa. Rear 2350 appeared his court i pleaded guilty to a charge die a covenant Trudeau was arrested at i of car theft about . Friday was j Ponce said Demotigny stole the theft of the car a City Parkins lot from perking meters Smith j Joev. Is. drove it to Garry Donam streets Swift current Saskatchewan of Union. Of with or theft of night before he was by the state before Frow melees bar re Wpm he was Feto incl to v9wmv9 it. Gravel Box 61 tandem 13 aluminium Van 900x20 tires. 3 ton tilt cab Forward h it 3 ton. Cab Chassis v8 engine 54 Fotja 3 Ion 12 it. Box ?2 ton 900x20 tires. Was t witness a of win Nymn who Mhz just before the i by Mam was carrying. From magistrate pc Prymk rat but he i the two years of Prate _ whole at feast m die. Tap Meta. Of notice pc tote do two at of .n., i. I the frowns of Tom pose be As a i ments Story doctrine grave Street Market ave Wim Peg Urfer police escort die diaconate of Whf memo Noe. Remda. Or. Zuj Nahuk Tow we a3 arc to be pet before 97 tip Jean. Waco fee Pink my at for venereal disease or. Emf or. That he tagged of cd Freean Orck be Niles of Al reply set Ween to get Jakarta

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