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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1914, Page 25

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 5, 1914, Winnipeg, Manitoba Women s Section drama music Winnipeg saturday december 5, 3.914. Canadian women and farm life Mary Lee s Little Lis for the housekeeper .10usbkeepkr. A if Demer. In tie inde inner York vat is the think you do the thing you cry _ not warm and enclosed " r o n i harm tha t you thrust the cur h ivc i no toiled to build for you a. I i e fio i the in to bored beside my mate when work or the world he.3n, i ii v. I i t he i kept Wenle my children slept i will keep today my Man have crouched too Long by the Little hearths at the bidding of Man Myin at to 10 to the Hearth of the world Man has left desolate would rather sleep of thistles than the saucy Short shirts for soldiers sister Susie sews. Speaking of soft sibilant sounds show us something so surely soothing As the Susie song. For it is a song and a very popular one with the women of England. Moreover it is set boys girls frankly it is the to a martial air and when the Are singing tipperary the illumination did not extend to the Case j Manitoba Climata. But certainly it is of the wife and daughter. The Root reason of the discontent of the farm woman is not because of the hard work not easy to unravel oneself from such soda water Siaz Lings. Give us one with r s. Factly respectable letter e is a per in the farms Ana the fact Liat in most cases her devices Are labor involving i Ere Are some canadians who have rather than labor saving. Farm life visited in England and carefully Fol to Ilow English As she is spoke numerous compensations labor and Canadian women Lazy. But in the generality of commend me to a Farmer to hold on o All the visible and invisible capital re j16ts? presented in the concern. It is this Ninfi the morning should do to. Another is that As a Rule wage earning women have Only saturday afternoon in which to make a round of the stores and that therefore other women can show their consideration by keeping away that afternoon especially. Neither should orders be telephoned in. Christmas is too Busy a time to be harassed by Telephone orders. But these few words Are not entirely confined to the consideration of the tort women How Many of those from the country Semi in by mail order for their Christmas packages and How Many of these orders Are left to the last few Days if you Haven t your parcels All tied up in White tissue paper and deposited in the top Bureau drawer make a re the wife and the family purse by e. K. Wooley. I have been Reading a statement credited to a. California judge said a divorced woman to the effect that the disintegration of the modern Home is i la the Home gave my Mother a weekly sum Lor room rent the first Money of her very own that she Ever Harbough my clothes and other needs and in i time managed to put aside some thing m the savings Bank. What i i saved-1 spent for my Trousseau when i much. But it i roamed at the age of Twenty two had been a Little More i pc married a boy i had known nicest 1o 1v1f1 -.11 v. _ _ " f sep mtr 1 � _ ,. If Vir i u i Wiwie Vij Jio Tva Jav Flugl ii trios Vith the Money they earned a of my 1 t a. And but it s truly said in. Take a Little More pains to you in t know a Man von live women in the value of Money bin if they had t held onto every non try caused by woman s desire for i depend u/11 1 their lordships were assured of month a. ,. ,., ,. I thai i ii Lii ii t f w. i. ,.-. The m i i Emi to or jugs in we a Ere married if """�1� a i need Dent m each. According to this judge the old system under which a husband was absolute master of his family because he was also lit master of the. _.,. A o b to family finances was the 3 Ideal system turn Midnight pickpockets to get a lit because it kept the wit in subjection j tie needed Cash if men had t been so when a wife becomes financially inde absolutely selfish in the handling of pendent according to him she has no the family income married women for family ties and becomes would t be so eager to Jinp at the asked for an allowance the first he Sud he it is what with the family Honor if they had not made it necessary for their wives to . Ia1 Luc jcth3i3u. . in in Vul Ujj j. I j a j. I t to j. To Are not who Are distinctly of the opinion the solve the it Neit a Turda will see them a. That Large discontented class j first Chance to get a sob that would Are not acres hip a Ronal Atlin that next hat Roas win see Iceni a Etc l is flocking. To the divorce court make them financially Independent. F cases1" Ami Fratea across the Road asian a tic tet cd. Well it was the desire for some like a great Many other girls t .3 fax i tic. V v t l v not it Al Flat Tai to Rist i by pm Arr it a ten or Vii in Root Ion for a a Otai in. Ranii nit. I _ _ _ t _ i were paid if i had the troops charged. Now one can t hive everything charged but i never was Able to get More than warfare out of my husband and then he gave me car tickets. And i want to you that i never worked wristlets Are a comforting i things look decidedly Rosy for the. Anyway. They have no Collar return of mrs. J. K. Brown As school financial dependence this begging for j bands to put. On things sire not what j trustee for Ward seven. Even the Church collection that is cat Money of my own Sorri 3 Independence i started out to earn my keep what and self respect that led to my d i i left High school i paid my boar ing into the soul of the farm woman. They seem where Collar bands Are con j of course election s share with horse corned either have they heels traces the distinction of being difficult even in death a woman in Manitoba is turn then one has High Hopes of j to Prophesy still present Indi not sure of a livelihood. She May setting at least one pair finished be j cations give mrs. Brown the decide and does work As hard and harder for fore place is declared. De advantage. Without for one Nio the Home than does her husband but a shot a round Lay to wristlets ment Controvert ing the right of the everything is his and he can sell or i Gilt round ready reckoned wristlets. Gentlemen who have entered the con this instance test to do so yet has not heard of the duty not to men would a la circumstance Tion the peace and Good will of doing on the part of the Ward to have let the Christmas shopping Early k such have acclamation. Women give or will away the property without is there anyone still in Captivity who j asking her consent. In Saskatchewan and Alberta a Man May not will away his wife s share but during his life time he May sell it or give it away without consulting her. Lieutenant governor Brown might suggest to his legislature that they Amend this Gross i it comes to the actual performance of i it is widely reported that mrs there be they can now no longer plead i Are so Long overdue in Community con ignorance. But alas plenty of us know j be the Mats of that we ought to do things but when j twins As pleasant As possible. Women riders of great Britain have organized the women s first Aid nursing yeomanry corps to ail wounded British fighters in the Field. Picture shows some of the corps in the open the Over the Tea cups. Injustice As the first step towards securing the Contentment of the women. True most men Are better than the Law and will not take advantage of the License allowed them but by the same Token Laws Are not made for these the same we rather fall Short. For the last few years columns have been written on the Over burdened shop girl wearing out nerves and Lite in a frantic Endeavor to give other persons a merry stories have been told of Tiff Little. Nyrl Ferrande girls Brown s presentation of her Case at Hei first big meeting won her a straight two Hundred votes. Well it might not Only has she decided Powers of expression but her statement of a plat form was so sanely put so avoiding of extremes that it could not fail to a peal to the reason of All who heard her. Nth ered announced in the strongest of English curing i his command that from the Atlantic righteous. Our Laws Are prejudiced to tie farm life in the opinion j against stealing but most men do not of Home i was the last worst but. The j steal deliberately anyway. But the up and cannot Praise it too Ghl. It Ujj s really worked wonders i this replenishes the blood with the White cells that find the body again to the germs of disease. De in 1.000 hospitals and Santoria in Tina As 75c for 8 of. D $1.25 for 15 of. F5ul l i m i t e d Agency Ross Avenue. Winniola the male meanness. But the Condi Tion of income on a farm in these Western provinces is somewhat secular. The Money comes All in a big Lump once a year when the crop is sold. To that great time of reckoning is also left the payment of Bills and notes. The property is All together the Money comes in All together the Farmer him self feels responsible for the whole thing and As often happens with the sense of responsibility grows his sense of importance until he is fairly Well convinced he is the whole works. It is often said that Farmers organizations Are not effective because Farmers cannot co operate. It is not of course that they cannot but farm life tends to individualism and they Are not used to rubbing up against the world and considering others View Point. This criticism is gradually losing its truth As the Farmer goes More into meetings with others. But it is this same individualism around the Home that makes it hard for him to recognize the vital part contributed by his wife and son and daughter. I of he would die for them Quick i enough but he s not so rapid about living for them. Work without visible return is Drudgery. In some few Happy in stances the Farmer has wakened up in time. The family business is the family business and is discussed in Timily Council. Each member feels falling asleep at their posts of the White strained faces of the sales women of the almost Frozen delivery Man each and All sacrifices to the thoughtlessness of others. These stories Are not the e products of an Active imagination. It is very True that there is plenty of copy to this sort. Man agers of department stores have spent thousands of dollars trying to induce people to come Early so there will be no Rush. Then the Samo managers have put on Sale a week before Christ Mas the very goods that a month be fore at much higher prices they were offering to the Public. As Long As that sort of thing goes on there will be a last minute Rush. Argument must give Way before human nature. And All the world loves a bargain even if they Only think it is a bargain. That is one Point that the stores on their Side might look into. But there remains a full share of applications of the Golden Eule for the general shopping Public. One is that women who can shop in special qualifications for the Post for which she is running. It is not necessary to. Repeat them. As Well she and her friends Are determined to do every thing that can be done in Honor to pile up a majority for Winnipeg s first woman school trustee. Alison Craig. A Christmas recipe Southern country sausage. Ten ibs. Of ground meat 3 table ship Fuls Salt teaspoonfuls finely gr6und red Pepper a teaspoonful Salt Petre 2 teaspoonfuls Black Pepper 1% teaspoonfuls Sage. Use both the lean and the fat meat just As it comes. Be fore adding the seasoning the Sage should be crisped in the stove and rub bed through a Sieve. After the ingredients Are thoroughly mixed form into Little cakes with the hands Fry in hot Ballet and Lay around the Turkey. Pictorial review. Our Community thinks your rail Road Aughter furnish a couple More trains per Day. We re going to take the matter to the legislature but very few people in your Community Ever maybe not. But we like to see the cars go by just the . Afternoon frock in brocade and Plain material by Lallian e. Toung the combination of Plain with brocaded Satin continues to find expression in a great number of the latest dress designs. It is a style which oddly enough has held through three sea sons and that is More than can ordinarily be expected of fickle Ifa Shin. In aluminium Gray the illustrated de sign will work up very prettily by that he or she is an integral part. They j using the Plain color in Pussy Willow know Why they Are working and what silk and the brocaded a Achcet portion the returns Are. They know what in some heavier milk. It May be All they can rightfully afford to spend in the one tone or suggest a bit of neither do they plunge into reckless color in the brocade. Extravagance for they Are regarded As the bodice is Cut with Short Kimono reasonable creatures and As is always a ? the Case they act reasonably. Farm it is worn a big hop sleeved ers adopting these tactics have no Dif Guin re with flaring Collar and softly keeping their wives contented sure iced fronts made of White Batiste Tony and daughters on the " a about farm. As Well they Are a Success in ways than that measured by the7 buying up of the next Quarter. There in the dawning Are already the streaks East that Herald the of the new Day. Gov bodice buttoning Down the Centre front with a close Row of Silver buttons. The skirt of the Plain silk is gathered at the top All round. The tunic is applied at the hip line and is also Gath ered and held in place under a narrow band of soft Gray Mouflon fur. The hem of the tunic is bordered with the Error Brown at least saw that there same fur. And clears the Jower e j was a problem and impressed his hear ers with its magnitude. And when the members of the Council were a s i r t it would be pointed which is to Confer with and i Green with dark fur bindings Fine suggest matters to the Dominion gov White Grimpe and Dull Silver buttons the underskirt by six or seven inches. If preferred the Blouse May be made up in velvet to match the silk of the skirt. It would be Ern ment Anent the improvement of the a Rose caught under the Collar. At one Side gives an attractive touch of farm Home the list contained the names Ojo.

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