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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 4, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaPrinted and published sunday by the Winnipeg few company limited. 300 cd Fulton Strutt Winnie to Manitoba. R. S. Malone publisher and editor in chief Peter my unlock Maurice Western editor Ottawa editor r. H. Shelford general manager Winnipeg free press Western Canada s National newspaper Winnipeg Friday december 4, 1970 pages Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights or. Cross there can be nothing but the most Heartfelt Relief and thanksgiving that James Cross the kidnapped British dip Lomat has been restored to the world after eight weeks apparently unharmed and in Good health. The drama that attended or. Cross release on thurs Day was matched Only by his kidnapping and that of the late Pierre Laporte. The kidnappers As by previous agreement have been Given Safe passage to Cuba. What awaits them there Only time and Fidel Castro know. In the two months that have elapsed since or. Cross kidnapping there has been much criticism of Law enforce ment agencies in Quebec. That criticism should be Large by stilled today As a result of the skilful operation which brought about or. Cross Safe release the end of this affair is also proof of the tightness o the course followed by the Federal and Quebec govern ments in the face of the attempted blackmail by the Fly the exile of the kidnappers May not be the end of irresponsible violence and mindless terrorism of this kind there Are still fanatics in Quebec. But they know now the response that further acts of terrorism will bring. Their cause will be further set Back not forwarded by such acts. Cool budget canadians who expected finance minister Benson to Cut taxes in his Winter budget on thursday were disappointed. Not Only did the finance minister fail to reduce any taxes he announced that the three per cent surtax on personal income tax due to expire at the end of the year would remain in Force through 1971. For these peo ple it was not much of a pre Christmas present. Yet the reasoning behind the government s action or Lack of action in this area is hard to find fault with. Those who favored tax cuts argued that they would help to stimulate the Economy in that they would release More free Cash. People would use this Money to buy things and More important a feeling of Confidence would be imparted that would Lead to Freer spending and greater economic expansion. The government considered this argument and decided against it apparently on two grounds. The first was that while a tax reduction would undoubtedly be stimulating it would be so in a general Way and could by bringing about an upsurge in consumer demand bring on another round of inflation. Clearly and this is to their credit or. Benson and his col leagues were not stampeded by demands that the fight against inflation must be totally suspended while other problems such As unemployment were dealt with. The dangers of unrestrained inflation still loom Large in the government s mind and this it Felt was a sound reason for deciding not to take the spending lid off to any marked Freedom is. Security by Harold Creer farther into the red Poronto Vernon sing 1 or and Jerome Cho Quette Are two provincial Liberal politicians both Are lawyers and both Are very much concerned about organized crime. And there the similarity ends. Or. Choquette As minister of Justice in the Quebec government has been talking very Tough about fighting organized crime by giving the police the same kind of special Powers which they now have for fighting the Fly. He apparently believes and he May be right that the political climate is Ripe for acceptance of the old argument that Freedom and Security Are really incompatible and that if we want Security from the mafia we Are going to have to surrender some present freedoms from police interference. People had better get Whit is needed to com Bat crime is not necessarily greater Powers for the police but better investigation by Law enforcement agencies. Budget for a baffling situation degree. Ottawa Edgar Benson has yielded much less than might have been expected to the clamor for eco nomic stimulants at the sex p e n s e of the continuing struggle to contain inflation. The budget in fact signals a net increase in the tax Bur d e n since the temporary three per cent surtax on per Sonal and corporate incomes which was to have expired at the end of this year has been reimposed for 1971-72. Even so the government was already into the red Ink by of Stern before the budget changes. The second reason for the government s action was the forecast deficit is that it is More interested in a selective than in a general with Cash require. Stimulation of the Economy. It believes that the most help ments of Mamion a the Flo should be Given to those sectors of the Economy or those areas of the country which need it most. To try to do this the budget provides for programs which in or. Ben son s words will penetrate More surely to the particular Points in the Economy where stimulus and Relief of eco nomic hardship Are most the general he said was More growth and create More jobs without generating More it to this end the budget provides for Low Cost Loans to Talling million to the provinces to be used for Job creating projects Manitoba stands to Benefit by new incentives to manufacturers and processors to build and expand changes in the Industrial incentive program to assist needy areas of Ontario Quebec and the maritime an added million to Central mortgage and housing for housing projects another million for projects in areas where unemployment is High. And for those who will not get jobs As a result of these measures a ten per cent increase in unemployment insurance. So. For out of work canadians the budget May not be entirely unsatisfactory. But like All pump priming and this is a pump Prim ing budget All these programs must be paid for. Where last March or. Benson estimated a surplus of million in the present fiscal year he now anticipates a deficit of million and if nothing changes this will Rise to million next year. The government however thinks that what it is trying to do reduce unemployment and at the same time hold inflation in Check is Worth this Price. Canadians who face another year of unreduced taxes will Hope that it. Is right and if it is not or. Benson in what for a Cabinet minister was a remarkably Strong statement said if we do not achieve the restraint of prices and costs that we must have we shall not shirk from action that May be required on that he could hardly have been More explicit Quebec s immigrants there is nothing new in Quebec s latest complaints about Canadian immigration policy and the province s demands for changes that would suit its purposes bet Ter. Three years ago. Pre Mier Darnel Johnson made it Clear that Iris Union National government was putting pressure on the Federal government to give Teebee greater voice i immigration recruitment at that time it was reported that an agree ment Tad been reached by Quebec s provincial Secre tary and Jean Marchand then manpower minister which would result in a great for pro is disturbed because so Many people coming to Quebec from abroad apparently see less advantage in becoming French speaking Quebe cers than in becoming part of the English speaking Community. Not Long ago a Survey showed that 80 per cent of the immigrant children who arrived in Montreal hims voted for English Educa Tion after being enrolled in French integration classes. The reason Given for tins leaning of the children from foreign Exchange. The anticipated comparable Fig ures for 1971-72 Are million and million. Thus the minister of finance was a Man beleaguered with problems and with very Little room Lor manoeuvre. The situation was made worse by the fact that the government had to sustain the casualties of inflation. Of the additional million in budgetary expenditures for 1971-72, no less than million goes for social Bandage programs the interim ten per cent increase in unemployment insurance benefits and the increases already announced in Oas and other pensions and guaranteed income supple ments. With so Little available for new initiatives or. Benson was obviously subject to important pressures in the deployment of these limited resources. The first underlined by Winter unemployment figures was the de Mand for programs yielding the earliest possible results. The second was regionalism unemployment being particularly severe in Quebec with 45.1 per cent of the jobless and British Columbia with 23.6 per cent. In accordance with venera ble tradition the government has reacted to tile first pres sure with Public works pro capital development projects in the provinces As pre scribed by the new regionalism Money will be distributed according to a formula based on unemployment Levels. An Effort is to be made to co ordinate these projects with the programs of Jean Marchand s depart ment of regional economic expansion. The same emphasis is apparent in other relatively Small programs million for Access roads and other services surrounding Mon Treal International Airport special incentive Grants for a designated Region in three adjoining Ontario counties and assistance with obvious regional implications for the shipbuilding and competitively crippled footwear Industry. The one striking innovation in the budget riot subject to regional limitations is the special Concession per mitting manufacturing and processing value new machinery structures at 115 per cent of businesses to investments in equipment and the Tariff it would appear has become the great untouchable in Canadian poli this is the More puzzling because no government has had More to say on the subject of change. The very Bud get itself has lost its old Quality of permanence. In or. Benson s words the government has engaged in what has been virtually a continuous adaptation of our fiscal dwelling at some length on Post budget developments of the past year he showed that a projected increase in Cash requirements of million had grown to billion. So much then for projections. But in that Case what is to be made of or. Ben son s present estimates the Prospect is that we will be million in the red next year and that the govern ment As the minister said. Will face difficult borrowing problems All too Likely to generate a new burst of inflation. Hence the far from obscure warning that Ottawa May have to invoke Price and wage controls. Even this forecast must however be accepted with caution for continuous Adap tation is to remain the order of the Day in the finance department. The Outlook is Cloudy. There is perhaps one Consolation for the citizen if he finds the situation baffling so manifestly do or Benson s High priced economists. Today s scripture the nations shall Rush like the Rushing of Many Waters but god shall re Buke them and they shall flee far off and shall be chased As the chaff of the mountains before the wind and like a rolling thing be fore the whirlwind. Isaiah used to the according to or. Choquette that if they want to live in a Safe society with a certain Sac Rity the police must have More adequate methods of control hot to limit the Freedom of individuals but on the contrary to permit Law abiding citizens to have their Freedom and be protected against those criminal ele ments who want to diminish their freedoms by crimes in the area of terrorism and organized crime and so or. Singer As Deputy Leader and Legal critic for the Liberal party in. The Ontario legislature has been saying just and he has been saying it in the course of calling or. Morton Shulman nip High Park a fascist. This is a risky thing for a politician to do considering or. Shulman s hero status with the voters and the Public s current hunger for Law and order but or. Singer is taking it precisely because he fears Public Opin Ion May be ready As a result of the activities of or. Shul Man or. Choquette and others for less Freedom and More Security a proposition which or. Singer regards As a snare and a delusion. Down in one recent speech for example he complained the . Criminal syndicates Are coming to Ontario to hold meetings because they can have privacy Here free of the wire tapping arrests on suspicion and other harassment with which the police hassle them across the line. The Standard Shulman technique is to present Evi Dence obtained by private investigation usually from unidentified police1 officers which creates the implication the government is hushing something up and to de Mand a Public inquiry which presumably will expose All sorts of things and show the need for better Laws and bet Ter Law enforcement. It is a valid approach on the surface but As or. Singer has pointed out there Are two fundamental things wrong with it. One is that it is an open invitation to mccarthyism. No politician no matter How Good his sources May be can possibly get All the facts in the right con text the temptation to Exten uate to reach conclusions by innuendo and establish guilt by association is therefore Strong arid in or. Shulman s hands All too often irresistible. The Shulman thesis is that the authorities Are too soft on organized crime and that the police must be Given new aws and Powers to crack this hurts innocent people but there is another aspect to it which is not so obvious it creates situations for the government which Are Al noggins participant the cloak of democracy m1 their actual Cost As a base for earning capital Cost allowances. This is a Short term measure expiring March 31.1972. Its purpose is Plain to achieve the greatest Grams. Federal departments and agencies will spend million in the current fiscal year. A new loan fond of million is also being established to finance new possible employment results in the immediate future by speeding the capital outlays of private interests. Some of the sunnier Pas sages in or. Benson s obviously difficult text refer to the Gratifying state of our International Trade. It is the More depressing that the minister missed an obvious Opportunity to bring some Relief to Consumers and Many producers by reduction of the customs Tariff. With inflation still admittedly a serious concern and with the expressed anxiety of the government to reverse protectionist trend in the world or. Benson had very much greater Freedom in this re Spect than in doling out tax concessions and incentives. Change in values do the recent arbitration awards on and policemen s salaries indicate a change of emphasis and a possible change of values on the part of the Winnipeg Public certainly these Are not the Type of awards that would have been expected a few years ago when Educa was wrong information Given a ten was All important and immigrants before they left then Homeland. Plainly a Federal govern ment wham be in advised to do anything about Quebec s of forces of Law and order were neglected. The decisions of arbitration than the awards themselves that the likelihood of a new trend m Public Tii inking a disenchantment with some phases of the educational process including spiralling costs and a con Cern for Taw and order in a society that a glowing rate of both juvenile and adult crime. The award was Only a fraction of a per cent More than com have been y neighbor mrs. Alfred noggins re turned Only today from the recent convention of the lib eral party in Ottawa and assured me that it had been a great Success despite press reports to the contrary. The she explained were jealous be cause they could t participate. Everybody else participated like crazy. Even tru Deau took a few hours off to indulge in democracy and that could t ave bin easy Fer in. Why sure e told us. Participate All you want and enjoy yourselves with Good clean fun so Long As you Don t interfere in the affairs of the nation which is strictly the Gover mint s business. So you May be sure i participated Fer All i was Worth vat he for every Reso Lution even when they contradicted each other. In Hon esty you could t do less when your travel he expenses was paid in Advance. It was like my appendicitis operation last Spring. Who was i to Tell the surgeon of to do is Job especially when i was unconscious and after it was Over at Ottawa i Felt jest like i did after the operation never Knowin wot came out of it an and a bit confused from the Anaesthetic. But i was in Good shape jest the same except Fer the usual Gas pains. Anyways. I was mighty glad to ear from de Benson mat everything gone a to Pian in the finances economics and an that stuff. But of Louise the plan changes so fast these Days that no one can keep up gift it not even Benson. By Iriks the garbage from the parliamentary cafeteria and lost forever. No one regretted it least of All Benson. Like e says tis no matter now that the Gover mint As finally cured inflation and prices Are Goin up Only three per cent a year. Why should anyone worry when with Luck the Dollar May be Worth almost As much As 30 cents in ten years it sure encourages you to save and invest and develop the country. The Gover mint in t Wor Ryin anyways when it can borrow your Money at full value and pay Only Alt of it Back later on. All according to plan. Well it s a Comfort to know that Britain and the states Are Doin even worse and will drowned a Little quicker than us in deeper water. And it s a Comfort to see Joe Greene Kickin the americans in the Teeth every Day says Teeth Are probably false ones and ave no bite. There s nothing personal in the kick says Greene Only a matter of principle be tween lifelong friends like Uncle Erbert told the Jeal Ous husband of the Spanish Dancin lady before e threw in out of the tenth Storey window of the Otcel bedroom in Madrid. With one Greene i la crush the foreign monster into the ground but i la keep the other foot in Reserve so i can Limp into Wall Street for a loan of their evil Money. And if Nec they deserve it Greene and besides the Aid to Pakistan since the break up of the Indian sub continent the two Essary the Gover mint will raise the Tariff again after Keepin it the highest in the world already to prevent a fall in retail prices and demonstrate the historic free Trade ideals of liberalism. So the americans and bet Ter be careful says Greene or they la feel a cold blast of nationalist fury from the Ca Najiban North along with the Oil and the other nac Heral resources that we want to sell pm. After the convention in emerging nations India and Pakistan have had their differences. It is encouraging however to see that in the face of the great tragedy that struck East Pakistan recently leaving uncounted hundreds of thousands dead Huff in sick homeless differences Between the two countries were submerged. According to the Indian boards cannot. Course be this raises again the flown several budgets every equated weft tile government India gave wan said mrs. Noggins i reeled Down to Toronto full of policy resolutions participation and the Best refreshments All Fer free and i watched the Grey cup game. Trudeau was there too something grand to see in a big floppy Felt at and a Lovely cloak but e d left the Dagger at ome Fer the Day. Why e looked like one of those three musketeers in the French Book that i read As a child. But the trouble is Trudeau can t find the other two fit Fer Gover mint any wheres in the Cabinet. Never i Twat arbitration the poor Guy As to bring Ket Permisson for the dear a mind. As i seen Fer myself in Ance of Pakistan air Force Ottawa. De most impossible to answer. One of or. Shulman s recent forays for example involved a secret police report which described threats upon the life of a certain person or. Shulman made much of the apparent failure of the government to prosecute. In fact the threat Eners were charged whereupon they Sang like Birds and will appear As Crown witnesses in a forthcoming criminal Case. But the government cannot say this without prejudicing the right of the accused to a fair trial. The other difficulty is that Public inquiries or Royal com missions As they Are commonly called Are most imperfect instruments for uncovering anything. The com missioner is supposed to investigate but in fact he sits As a judge and conducts a hearing. Evidence is adduced by counsel to prove some body right or wrong rather than to ascertain facts. The investigating never really fool says gets done and the recommendations for improved Public policy Are limited in scope and easily ignored. It is hardly surprising therefore that there should be a demand for hard line solutions police Powers to arrest and search on suspicion from or. Choquette plus a requirement that eve e r y b o d y Cany identity cards new Laws governing racketeering loan sharking and wire tapping from or. Shulman. The real objection to them is that they Are irrelevant. Is there a police problem in identifying members of the mafia for example which would be corrected by compulsory identity cards not at All the police have a remarkably Good idea As to who and where these personalities Are. Their problem is to get the kind of evidence that will produce a conviction i court. What is needed As or. Singer has argued is More sophisticated investigation by the Law enforcement Agen cies and this requires getting into tile police forces and the departments of Justice per sons who Are expert in economics accountancy Busi Ness administration tax Law and sociology just As these agencies now have experts in the forensic sciences. To r k s j a trite academic so Fotion film. La Bat Aflfe great dream Moragn Lor do Yae pecs i equated Toon whether prot Raceil j year to slay in the race at transport planes carrying re i Best when there s Only a there is 4 no Mara request Otto perhaps it is negotiations Are really aces j a soft Chen frown sir phases fief Sepp fies from West a a single participant inside the itty Gierie if was an agree i fion that Way face Given and j to in fee awards was a feel to Tow Sci Chi trustees need a Cwm water to Reft j Fly

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