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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 4, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press Friday december 4, 1970 . Vietnam veterans describe War crimes tons forty american vet Erans of Vietnam who say they witnessed . War crimes concluded three Days of graphic testimony thursday with a plea for a congressional investigation and an immediate halt in the my Lai mass murder trial of it. William l. Galley or. Former army Captain and West Point graduate Robert b. Johnson of Annapolis Mary land said he and other wit Nesses have developed sub s t a n t i a 1 evidence the War crimes in Vietnam Are not aberrant isolated acts that War crimes Are a Way of life in Vietnam that they Are the Logi Cal consequences of our War. it. Calley is a victim of National War or. Johnson said in closing the National vet Erans inquiry at a downtown hotel he is a Scapegoat for National policy. Ask any Viet Nam the Calley trial at fort Ben Ning Georgia must be stopped until there is a full scale National investigation into our War policies which inevitably and daily Lead to the Slaughter o f or. Johnson said. The Prospect of a congressional inquiry however did not look to be Overly promising at the conclusion of the Veteran sponsored hearings. Although All members of Congress were invited none attended. One congressman elect Par Ren j. Mitchell of Baltimore did attend and said he would talk to some of his new col leagues about moving the bar Ings to Capitol Hill. We need that kind of formal forum that would be acceptable to the great majority of Ameri c a n people to hear these or. Mitchell said. Or. Mitchell said it might be necessary to form a special congressional committee of interested congressmen and Sena tors to hear the testimony which in spite of the sensational nature of the allegations Drew Only moderate press coverage. In the three Days of open hearings . Veterans of the War said they had witnessed in discriminate killings of Viet n a m e s e civilians suspects pushed to their death from air borne helicopters Bertemy sol Diers crucified and blown up and others subjected to elec tronic tortures. Thief dissolves in tears an 18-year-old Winnipeg woman walked out of provincial magistrate s court in tears thursday after receiving a Tongue lashing from magistrate Lawrie Mitchell. The woman had been placed on a two year suspended sen tence and assessed a total of in court costs on six charges of theft. The woman had pleaded guilty to the charges late last month and sentence was imposed following completion of a pre sentence report. At the time the woman entered the guilty pleas Crown counsel William w. Morton had told court that on sept. 24. The woman and a 19-year-old female accomplice had taken wallets containing about in Cash from various rooms in the school for the deaf in Tuxedo the Convent of the sacred heart Charleswood and the men m onite Brethren Bible College in Winnipeg. Or. Morton said the two women had just decided to go around to the three places to see what they could pick up. The two were seen and identified by the Dean of the school for the deaf and were arrested in a suburban shopping Centre later on the Day of the offences court was told. In imposing the two year sus p e n d e d sentence magistrate Mitchell told the woman she was getting a break Only be cause he Felt compelled to follow in line with a sentence imposed by another magistrate on the woman s accomplice. But the magistrate told her she had an extensive juvenile record for theft breaking entering and theft and robbery and another appearance before him would probably mean a sure trip to jail. Magistrate Mitchell set the court costs at on each of the six charges. Organizers of the inquiry which came after similar regional hearings held in major cities around the country since March acknowledged that its Early sponsorship might have caused the press to question its credibility. Sponsors included David Dellinger one of the defendants in the Chicago seven conspiracy trial movie actress Jane Fonda and or. Benjamin Spock longtime Vietnam War protestor. But they insisted that these and other sponsors were sought a year ago shortly after the disclosure of the my Lai incident As a Means of rallying financial support and did not play any significant role in or g a n i z i n g or conducting this week s hearings. None of the sponsors mentioned appeared at the inquiry. T. Griffitts Ellison a 24-year old former Marine Corporal who now is a graduate student in business at the University of Virginia said he and others spent the last year searching out Vietnam veterans inter viewing them and checking out their credentials and their stones in preparation for the regional and Washington hear Ings. As witness after witness re counted his Vietnam experiences newsmen and others in the audience usually less than a Hundred repeatedly asked Why the witness was speaking out now about incidents he said he had seen a year or two or More ago. In most cases the testifying Veteran said that what had seemed acceptable in Vietnam appeared abominable on reflection when returning Home. A hearing participant or. Robert j. Lifton a Yale proves Locke s unit was pinned Down on patrol and called for a. Res Cue helicopter the men were told no choppers until you get two More pc or. Locke also said men in his unit and elsewhere in Viet Nam painted the words re member my Lai on their Hel mets and he first thought it was meant As a Spur to the men to get higher body counts. Later he said he deduced that it meant Don t get and everybody he knew so interpreted it. Steve Noetzel 30, of Long Island n.y., formerly in Spe Cial services with the . Special forces said two or three suspects were placed in a room with an eight foot Python and were forced to spend the n get prying the Constrictor off each other to stay alive. Gordon Livingston 32, of Baltimore a former regimental surgeon and West Pointer said a chaplain was instructed by his commanding officer to Pray for a big body and produced this prayer help us of lord to fulfil the standing order of this regiment give us the Wisdom to find the bastards and pile Robert Osman 22, of Arling ton Virginia a Marine Forward observer said his unit came from patrol after taking heavy casualties and was greeted by the sight of a dead North vietnamese regular nailed to a tree with detonation Cord around his Waist and plastic explosive fastened to his head. As everyone watched the Man s body was blown up. The other commander of a companion company had fixed him up As a Surprise for or. Osman said. His first reaction when he saw the Man nailed to the tree or. Osman said was wow that s reall great. Later while we were standing up waiting for it to go off i thought wow what Are we turning on the weekly Union is paying Winnipeg s welfare committee was asked thursday to consider paying welfare benefits to strik ing machinists who cannot sus Tain themselves benefits their them. James f. Burgess the Busi Ness representative for local 1953 of the International association of machinists the Union currently on strike against motor coach industries Ltd. Of Winnipeg appeared before he committee to make the request. He cited several examples of people in his local who cannot live adequately on the a welfare Aid eyed by strikers Here week the Union pays them in strike benefits. He quoted Feder Al welfare minister John Munro As having told newsmen in Ottawa that welfare payments should be paid to strikers. Discussing the request the committee decided to ask the City solicitor for a report on the matter and to obtain opinions from or. Munro municipal affairs minister Howard Pawley and social services minister Rene Toupin before making a decision. Or. Burgess stressed that the Union is Only asking for a sub not Complete coverage. Also it would not be for All striking employees Only those who cannot sustain them selves on strike benefits and presumably savings or other income. Asked in an interview Why he could t go to the Union with his request for More Money or. Burgess said the Union s strike benefits Are already among the highest paid by any International Union. Also the Union s strike payments do not become effective until the third week of the strike. Local 1953 has been on strike against motor coach industries Ltd. Since oct. 30. About 670 hourly paid workers Are in. Solved. They voted 97 per cent in favor of the strike. R. H. C. Hooper Winnipeg welfare director told the com Mittee that to begin such a Wel fare policy at the civic level would create Many administrative problems and Force Many judgments that would better be made at a higher govern ment level. R regarding or. Munro s state ment in favor of paying welfare to strikers or. Hooper said if a higher government feels the Aid should be available then that government Federal or Provin Cial should give it. Alderman june Westbury said unions May give up their strike benefits if they find governments willing to support strikers. The International association of machinists she said is a wealthy International Union. Surely they have an obligation to provide Aid to their Aid. Lloyd Stinson said he would support Aid to strikers As a matter of principle. But he added that he could see the administrative problems that might arise in deciding who is truly needy. He said the com Mittee should give serious consideration to the request. It s Light to your taste. And Light on your Wallet. With three lancers you be got the Best of both worlds. A Low Price. And great taste. Three lancers. An easy name to remember. And the one Canadian Rye whisky that treats you to a master blend of Choice Rye whiskies. While it treats your Wallet. Three lancers your Assurance of Quality. The Best entertainment in the House. Grain moving Donohoe e. F. Donohoe Winnipeg assistant Public relations manager of the Canadian National rail ways thursday denied a Rumor that the movement of Grain from the Prairies is being adversely affected by the Auto strike at general motors Canada Ltd. The Rumor is that the pm strike has resulted in a Scarcity of Diksel locomotive parts and that consequently fewer Loco motives Are hauling to world Sor of psychiatry attributed the delayed reaction to a psychic numbing that can occur to a Man under combat stress. One of the witnesses Peter Marti sen of los Angeles told of tortures he had seen and helped inflict As a prisoner of War interrogator in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. Or. Martinsen who said he is a Cost accountant and is currently undergoing psycho analysis As a result of his War experiences said he returned to the University of California at Berkeley and decided to speak out As a result of teach ins on the War he heard there. Or. Martinsen recalled an occasion in May 1967 at the Michelin Plantation when a suspected Viet Cong was brought in with one leg blown off by a grenade and the other nearly severed. Or. Martinsen said he denied the Man morphine until he interrogated him and added i was actually pretty sadistic. I drank ice water before him and licked my or. Martinsen also said that electronic torture techniques were taught at the army s intelligence school at fort Hola Bird. Maryland. Once during a break in the regular class he said a trainee asked How one interrogated a witness who would t talk. You take a Field Telephone and put the wires around his genitals and ring him Martinsen quoted us instructor As saying. Later in Vietnam he said be saw this technique used. Interrogators called it the Bell Telephone or. Martin sen said. The Credo is font leave Marks he said. That s Why electronic torture j is so common or beatings with an open i the los Angeles Veteran said he had testified earlier at the Bertrand Russell War crimes tribunal in Copenhagen and welcomed a Chance to Tell his Story to Congress but not the defence department which has said it is investigating an charges of us. Atrocities. To tired of Beag a War Trimmal he said. Fig Heights of other veterans testimony in ended Sylvania products Are most appreciated by perfectionists. 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