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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 4, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free miss Friday december 4, 1970 Cross in Good shape continued ques cosette Trucl and Pierre Seguin and unknown Man. With them Are Lanctot s wife and child and Trudes wife. Or. Cross remained in Cus Tody of cuban officials thurs Day night under an agreement Between his kidnappers and the Quebec and Canadian govern ments. He was released about 2 . Today after cuban officials it s wonderful that he s out for or who once referred in a note passed on by his Cap tors to this bad heard reports of his death on radio Early oct. 18 after or. La Porte s body was found in the trunk of a car. Premier Bourassa said or. Cross would Fly to Britain either today or saturday. Original demands of the Fly for or. Cross release included stakes were High continued received word from Havana release of 23 so called political in jail or that the Kidnap suspects had arrived. But the Diplomat spoke to prime minister Trudeau and Premier Robert Bourassa by Telephone and met Quebec jus Tice minister Jerome Choquette at the Man and his world site where cuban authorities were holding him thursday night. Or. Bourassa described or. Cross As in excellent shape and excellent he told me it s the first time he has seen the Sun in eight the Premier told the Quebec National Assembly. The thing he found extremely hard to Bear for eight weeks was to be completely Cut off from or. Cross had said he was held in a Small windowless room during his Captivity. Awaiting trial in connection with Fly terrorist activity. But there was a hubbub in the Quebec National Assembly the terrorist front de libera Tion Clu Quebec has claimed responsibility for both the Laporte Kidnap slaying and the Cross kidnapping. Release of or. Cross came after police and soldiers had when Camille Laurin House Leader of the parti quebecois urged the Quebec government to cancel emergency measures applied in Quebec in october. While or. Laurin hoped the crisis in the province would have a Happy ending without any men he also said we Hope the government will take advantage of the circumstances to ask Ottawa to recall the army to ask the fed eral government not to Sanction the Public order act and to withdraw the War measures there were shouts from the government benches after the remark. Meanwhile the search for the cornered suburban his captors in Montreal North the duplex in which the Diplomat had been held since his oct. 5 abduction. Late wednesday night apparently in response to what must have appeared to be imminent capture someone in the House threw out a length of pipe containing a note offering to negotiate the Diplomat s re lease in return for the govern ment s offer of Safe passage to Cuba. The offer had been standing since oct. 17. Early thursday lawyers Rob Ert d c m e r s and Bernard Mergler entered the House to begin negotiations. The govern ment had named or. Demers in october to negotiate on it behalf with the Fly. M Mergler has defended Fly kidnappers and killers of Pierre Laporte continues. Justice minister Choquette vowed thursday night we will pursue to the end the murderers of or. Whom he called a valiant members in court a number o times. Reporters were kept Al a Dis Tance by a heavy cordon police and troops. But Early in the afternoon the cordon opened to be through a cavalcade of Pouci motorcycles and cars sirens screaming which escorted a battered 1962 Chrysler at High Speed through Montreal to the Island Man and his world fair site. The occupants of the car which included or. Cross Lanctot Carbonneau lawyers Mergler and Demers a girl and a senior provincial police officer held newspapers Over the windows to avoid being seen. Premier Bourassa said later the car was Booby trapped with dynamite. At the exhibition site Ricardo Escartin acting cuban Consul general in Montreal was wait ing to take charge of or. Cross. He had been tipped Early in the Day that something was Hap and was asked to go to the former Canadian Pavilion Al expo 67, declared an Exten Sion of cuban territory for Pur poses of dealing with the Kidnap perjury cited by judge continued Lane of water Avenue just West of Provencher Bridge. The Easton s truck being driven West by or. Bodner was in a head on collision with a car being driven East by Arthur Ross Norman a student. Or. Norman was killed and or. Lavallee and or. Bodner were injured. The claims against or. Bodner and Easton s cleaners were Laid by lawyer Alan r. Philp on behalf of the estate of or. Norman and by or. Laval Lee and his wife Theresa. In passing judgment wednes Day or. Justice Bastin said that to determine the truth in the matter he had to rely on whether the evidence was con intent with probability in the circumstances. Among those whom or. Jus ice Bastin found had perjured themselves were Max Ratner resident and principal share older of Easton s cleaners or. Lavallee and or. Bodner. Or. Ratner and or. Bodner and lied to make it appear that Ole responsibility for the acas it turned out the three persons holding the 49-year-old envoy got wind of the police presence and threatened to kill him if any attempts were made to Rescue him. After police had encircled the off now for an in definite were ready to move in thursday morning someone threw out a Lead pipe containing a roughly worded message which read if you try anything Gas guns Etc. Or. J. Cross will be the first to die. We have sever Al Sticks of dynamite with Deto or. Choquette confirmed police fears about the danger involved in any premature action saying they had to pay Atten Tion to or. Cross life. The threat of an explosion was a real with the House completely cornered by several Hundred police and soldiers or. Cho Quette said the three men hold ing or. Cross had to negotiate their Way out. What would have happened if i the Trio had refused to negotiate i can t see Many i or. Choquette said. I can. See a siege a Long drawn out siege or other police actions. But the problem never 1 o i smiling wife c7 has big Date Bern Switzerland a a smiling Barbara Cross said she said there was one bad Day in Canada when a hoaxer today she Hopes to be reunited pretending to be her husband with her husband in London phoned her. I Only found out it saturday. Wearing a and stroking Blue coat dress her Dalmatian James Jasper Cross talks to police thursday try for port fails continued Quebec Presse Oraw Veber sea for thursday enter negotiations. Or. Mergler was selected and an agreement was reached about 1 ., with a total seven persons getting Safe Pas Sage to Cuba in Exchange for or. Cross or. Choquette said. The port from her overnight an chorale about four Miles off the Manitoba Shoreline. It is the first time a ship has in this the probe made with the a p r o v a 1 of Federal transport minister Donald Jamieson and to j to i i i Wuriu Tsai Iii out Diu Robert Demers acted Asne the encouragement of Mani Goti Ator for the Quebec and fed Toba s Industry minister Leon eral governments. Ard Evans dampened the Hopes or. Choquette said it was of Many port of Churchill sup even a tight rope situation in porters by proving that in cer getting the entire group to the Tain conditions the ice shelter Canadian Pavilion on the around the port is almost in with or. Bodner crisis. Negotiations at the fair dragged out Over provisions for immediate families of the kid n a p suspects to accompany them into exile. But in the Early evening the suspects were taken to Mon Treal International Airport by helicopter and boarded the Yukon which took off at There were indications that police were aware of the hide out location before they began surrounding it wednesday night. A lop level source in Ottawa said police knew its location for or four More no less. He also said that Trudel and his wife who were Given Pas Sage to Cuba were arrested wednesday. This seemed to Back up a report in Montreal la press that an upper level of the hideout was occupied by police for several Days at least the newspaper said the occupying forces feared raiding the hideout because it might have been rigged with a Dyna mite trap. Carbonneau is the Only person to take Sanctuary in Cuba who has been officially connected with the kidnappings. A War rant for his arrest i connection with both kidnappings was is sued oct is. No warrant was issued for Lanctot i the Cross Laporte of ident Lay itself. It was to the advantage of i a s t o n s cleaners to have Odner accept the sole Rispon ability for the Accident and the provision of the company s Law yer the signing of the bail Bond by Max Ratner and retaining Bodner As an employee would be a Small Price to pay for this or. Justice Bas Lin s judgment said. According to Bodner him self such a bargain was made and carried out by Max Ratner and As for or Bodner "1 hold that his negligence caused the or. Justice Bastin wrote. He had been driving the truck much faster than the 30 mile an hour limit the judgment said and several witnesses testified his breath smelled strongly of alcohol. Or. Lavallee contributed to he Accident or. Justice Bastin found by sharing his bottle of whisky with or. Bodner when it was obvious that the latter was already impaired. Former site of expo 67, where or. Cross was to be released on temporary cuban soil and the seven would be taken to Montreal International Airport. I Don t think that they those found with or. Cross were armed when they reached the Canadian Pavilion. But i am told there was dynamite in the Back of the the car an old beat up Chrysler was driven under heavy police escort by Marc Carbonneau wanted in the kid napping oct. 5 of or. Cross and the oct. 10 abduction of Pierre Laporte Quebec s labor min ister slain oct. 17. Or. Choquette said however that despite the warrant for 37-year-old former taxi Driver he was not involved in the Laporte Case. Otherwise he would never have been allowed Safe passage to Cuba since people wanted in the Laporte Case Are not included in the Exchange offers from penetrable. Capt. Paul Fournier said in an interview that the Progress made by the St. Laurent indicates that Early Winter ship Ping in t feasible in the near future. Capt. Fournier who com mands the biggest and most powerful non nuclear icebreaker in the world said larger and stronger commercial vessels will be needed to Challenge the ice. Action would have been completely different. With a West wind moving the ice away from the Shoreline and releasing that great pressure we could have just walked in the Louis St. Laurent had accompanied the United states supertanker Manhattan on part of its voyage through Arctic Waters in the Spring. Bear Admiral Tony Storrs said that the ship s failure to come alongside in Churchill did in no sense mean the project was a failure. Previously had some idea what the ice conditions were like but now we the rear Admiral said developments in the near future would have to emphasize other things beside a longer season to increase the port s use. Even if you Are prepared to spend vast sums of Money you will still have to go where the ice will let or. Evans said he is disappointed the ship could not make Harbor. 80 cows killed by fire a fire in a Hayloft destroyed three barns two tractors and 80 head of cattle near Stony Moun Tain Early Friday. The cause of the fire is unknown. The ramp said the fire started about . In the main barn of the John Lozowy farm two Miles Northeast of Stony Mountain and spread to the two adjoining barns. A spokesman for the Stone Wall fire department said the Call was received from mrs. Lozowy. Or. Lozowy had gone out to the barn and found it ablaze. I Don t know How they Man aged to Wake up at that time of the the spokesman said. But it is a Good Job they did or the farmhouse which is not far from the barn area could Holly she told a crowded news conference at the residence of British ambassador Eric Midg Ley i am deliriously Happy after these Long weeks of tension Dur ing which like my husband i was my own prisoner. But i never gave up looking tired after Only a few hours sleep blonde mrs. Cross said she was too excited to remember her husband s first words when she spoke to him on the Telephone during the night after his release in Treal by kidnappers who held him for two months. But i remember him saying seen 162 French films on television and this improved his understanding of the Lan Guage. But he said he spoke very Little with his sitting beside ambassador and his wife Are old friends of the Cross family and Canadian ambassador James Roberts she said my husband said he lost a lot of 20 pounds. I asked him what food he had had he just said he did t like it very much. The kidnappers gave him a Good collection of revolutionary literature but its very unlikely he was two men with sub machine guns guarded him Day and night and he said he kept hoping they were Well trained in controlling she said her husband did not was t him when i got a bit suspicious and asked him for the name of the Bull terrier we used to have in India. He did t she expressed gratitude for the support and Comfort from an enormous number of Canad an friends and hundreds of peo ple unknown to her who sent letters and gifts. She said they came from French and eng Lish speaking canadians. They sustained me through out this will take my husband six months to read them seem bitter towards his kid nappers. He was so buoyant. He told me he got the impression his captors were not very keen on the idea of going to Cuba but it seems they had no Quebec and Ottawa. Or. Choquette said Carbon Neau s main activity was connected to the Cross abduction. With Carbonneau on the flight to Cuba were Jacques Lanctot his wife and child Lanctot s brother in Law Jacques cosette Trudel his wife and Pierre Seguin an unknown. Or. Cross according to pre Mier Robert Bourassa spent most of his co Days of Captivity in a Small windowless room. As or. Choquette put it i can assure everyone that or. Cross seemed in excellent physical and mental in a Brief Chat with or. Cross or. Choquette found him to be stoic and courageous accepting his lot but he was a Man who had lost two months of his or. Cross had suffered physically to some extent because a Man who was held in detention for two months was bound to have some the Captain said we could have made port but it would have taken two he said Strong Northeast winds caused the ice to build up in Hudson Bay along the West Ern coastline. The Northwest wind blows the ice All the Way from Southampton Island 300 Miles across Hudson Bay. The tremendous Force of this mov no ice causes it to build up on the West Shoreline of the he said Strong Northeast winds caused the ice to build up in Hudson Bay along the West Era coastline. The Northwest wind blows the ice All the Way from Southampton Island 300 Miles across Hudson Bay. The tremendous Force of this mov ing ice causes it to build up on the West Shoreline of the the Captain said that though the Normal surface ice on the Bay was Only about two feet thick the pressure caused the ice to build up in layers an4 thick pressure ridges. He said some of these ridges were As thick As 25 feet near Churchill Harbor. The 57-year-old Captain said the surface ice present on the Bay was no problem for the horsepower ton icebreaker. We Cut through that like bul Ter but pressure ridges and rafting Force the icebreaker to seek weaker patches of ice so that reasonable Progress can be the Captain said that if there lad been a West wind the Situ or. Evans disclosed a feasibility study is being done on the possibility of having a Perma nent vessel operating out of Churchill. Or. Evans said the Craft would be Small and would mainly be used to service isolated Northern settlements now being serviced by ships from Montreal. Apparently the Bay clears of ice More quickly than Hudson Strait in the Spring. By having our own ship possibly Provin c i a 1 government owned and operated we can add a sub Stantial amount to your ship Ping after the icebreaker failed in its attempt to get into Chur chill two helicopters based on the ship ferried people six Miles from the Mainland to the ship. The visitors toured the ship and had dinner aboard. Later in the afternoon a reception honouring representatives of the ship s Crew met with Churchill residents in the legion Hall at the reception the Provin c i a 1 government the ship s Crew and Churchill residents exchanged mementos. Have gone up the spokesman said the fire department could do nothing but contain the Blaze As the barn buildings were full of Bales of dry Straw. I be known John or. Lozowy nearly 20 years and you could say the fire destroyed All he had worked he said. I talked to him at the fire and tried to get him a doctor or take him to Hospital for a Seda Tive but he would t have any thing to do with mrs. Lozowy said she had no idea of How the fire started. One barn was full of Straw Bales about and the two adjoining barns were full of he said. We lost 60 mrs. Lozowy said her Hus band tried unsuccessfully to i Mons Public accounts 1 commit auditor Bill Dies Ottawa up Treasury Board president c. M. Drury said thursday he was pleased a Bill introduced by him in the commons restricting the Powers of the auditor general had been withdrawn. The Post of auditor general was becoming a political foot Ball he said. He also told reporters he had no intention of resigning Over the government s acceptance of an nip motion to withdraw the Bill from the commons order paper. Or. Drury who was not present in the commons when the motion was Given unanimous approval also said the Bill was t a government Bill. It had been drawn up to meet the recommendations of the com clean Bill of health Montreal up Fol lowing is the text of a state ment released by or. David costom and or. J. L. Brandt on the general condition of British Diplomat James Jasper Cross at 4 . Est today or. Jasper Cross was admitted to the jewish general Hospital at . And was seen by his personal physician or. A costom and by or. J. L. Brandt physician in chief to the Hospital. Or. Cross medical history during his 60-Day ordeal was quite remarkable except for the Quality and Quantity of food he received. On the physical Examina Tion he was found to be in excellent condition in All respects. His blood pressure was quite Normal. The Only aspect of his health at this time is to record a 22-Pound weight loss compared to his weight known about three months ago. He is quite Calm and unperturbed and May be considered to be in excellent health other than possible minor Vitamin deficiencies which Are easily now correctable. Routine and usual investigations will be carried out in the morning. Until these investigations Are completed or. Costom and or. Brandt will make no further the statement was signed by both doctors. Free some of the cattle. Spend Moke abroad Ottawa up Canada ran a million deficit in International travel payments in the first nine months of 1970, million greater than in the same period last year. The Dominion Bureau of statistics reported thursday that canadians spent million abroad tee. The Bill would have authorized the government to reply to findings of the auditor general Al. The same time As he pub i Lishco his annual audit. 1 the auditor general s reports j in the past have been critical of j the government. Many Cabinet members have Felt he was Over pm now Law Ottawa up the government s Public order Bill stepping his and intruding which will replace regulations in the Icid of government poli under the War measures act cd the was Given Royal assent in the Senate chamber thursday and immediately became Law. Assent to the Public order temporary Mea sures act. Given by Gerald Fauteux chief Justice of Canada acting As Deputy to governor general Roland Michener the Public order Bill was i Given final approval by the1 government obviously was caught by Surprise when Stanley Knowles Nipes North Centre moved that the House give unanimous con sent to the government removing the Bill from the order freighter Captain charged Detroit a the . Coast guard has charged a great lakes freighter Captain with negligence for allegedly failing to assist two drowning men. A coast guard hearing scheduled for next tuesday will de Termine if the licence of capt. Burris Wolters of Sandusky. Ohio should he revoked for negligence. The hearing will be in the Federal building in de troit. . Robert Ricard the coast guard investigating officer said he will testify that Wolters failed to halt the Steamer Sylvania nov. 21 As the two of a boating struggling t o stay afloat in the Detroit River about 18 Miles South of Detroit. Although the 572-foot Coal car Rier was Only a few feet from in the january september j Senate earlier in the Day. It period this year while foreign j was approved by the commons visitors spent million in tuesday after almost a month paper. Or. Knowles said he made the motion because Jar. Drury had said outside the commons the Bill could be withdrawn Only Vith the consent of All maps the men. The coast guard said her officers called on the radio Telephone for coast guard help and did not Stop. The 65-year-old ship heavily loaded and labor ing against the current was or. Lavallee who had tuberculosis and already hearing defects resulting from his imprisonment by the japanese at Hong Kong during the second world War suffered the follow ing injuries in the Accident extensive facial fractures resulting m total blindness severe facial disfigurement some breathing difficulty a fracture dislocation of the left hip result ing m sciatic nerve damage which caused a paralysed foot constituting serious wafting Handicap and necessitating a fair although there were re j Erwn to fact me Filini Rufii 1 so Hoer. Or. Justice Bast made the deaf parties last pwt that mrs. Cross Start fed him As one of the four men in voted Siuk Cross abduction i to he was wanted however a warrant charging him with cob a Percy m abortive plot to Kidnap the israeli Trade own Iris sewer earlier this year. Passes Mere earn has bees identified As ims wife Sot new of ease. Is was awarded sij36 for wages of when she was Worth to Fry mrs. Crass a Bewie pc by Teart i Teays to in Muao or estate towage Allan Mceachen said outside i the commons he had intended to ask consent to withdraw the he said the nip motion government House Leader about six Miles an hour Al the time. Ricard said. A following freighter saw the two swimmers and threw them and were pre paring to lower a boat when they disappeared. The body of one of the Vic Tims William Caminiti. 35, of Gibraltar mich., was recovered by Ontario provincial police two Days after the incident the body of the other victim e. Bruce Leboida. 39. Of Trenton mich., has not been found. Lebow was the father of two. Wolters. A 38-year Veteran of Lake sailing was not immediately available for comment. Was not entirely unwelcome because we cleared an item of business in record conservative Leader Robert just Airfield said in an interview j that it was nonsense for or. Dairy to say it was not a government Bill that had been withdrawn. But the Issue was not dead he added. The freezing of the salaries of the auditor general most be lifted the motion by or. Knowles caused something of a proce Dural dilemma in the House. Speaker Lucien Lagro Oread exiled for any As the opposition cheered and dared j handle the liberals to oppose the to i he Brodsky to speak professor Marvin Brodsky. Associate professor of psychology at the University of Mani Toba will speak on How to anti semitic incidents speak at the regular i evening service of Temple Sho privy cow Neil president at Dee. Ii pc Mace Adwa. House of cowrie House Pritchard Are to and Sarer Street prime minister to Deal tagged heft few of Sec eve and Hack his seat. Liberals it Fly Jamel m of Csc Fig far Watt a 4f of Tel of Che Hal i High the my can was 3 w tries in the it by. The k a a the Mem Sven full ims seen Law i a

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