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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 2, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaF Winnipeg free press wednesday december 2, 1970 Sharp warns of peril by John Best Brussels up external affairs minister Mitchell Sharp Caid tuesday an Atlantic Trade confrontation would have dire consequences for Canada. We stand to lose perhaps More than any other country from United states protectionism and from retaliation by he said. We could be left with the Choice Between moving totally into the embrace of the United states or out into the cold. Neither Prospect de lights Sharp s statement in an address to the foreign journalists association of Brussels was an Appeal to european Public opinion similar to appeals he has been making in private to leaders of common Market countries and Britain which is negotiating entry to the Continental trading association. The Appeal is two tiered the common Market should be generally and it should provide a lengthy Transi lion period after British entry giving countries such As Canada a Chance to adjust to their new Adverse position in the British Market. United kingdom membership in the common Market Wil bring about disruptions and shifts in Canadian exports particularly agricultural products Sharp said. A new kind of trading bloc is emerging in Europe the min ister went on. It is composed not Only of members of the Market or european economic Community but a Large number of other states accorded preferential treatment by the dec. This is happening at the same time As protectionist tendencies Are re asserting them selves in the United states. One is justified in being concerned that these two european and american Phenomena May a Csc to feed upon one not to their Mutual during a question and answer session the minister was asked whether Canada would assert its personality by retaliating against passage of restrictive Trade legislation now before the a scene from Cannon for Cordoba opening wednesday at the Carrick theatre. George Peppard plays the . Army lieutenant who leads a group of army misfits and guardhouse inmates on a suicide Mission into the territory of Cordoba a sadistic Bloodthirsty mexican Bandit played by Raf Vallone. The movie has an adult classification. School changes in 71? . Congress. He replied that retaliation. Would not be a sign of Canadian Independence but evidence that Canada accepts the inevitability of a Trade War. We would do our Best to avoid a Trade War from which we have More to lose than any other Lewis enters race by Victor Mackie Ottawa staff David Lewis Deputy Leader of the new democratic party wednesday officially declared his candidacy for the National leadership of the party. He becomes the fourth candidate in the leadership race to be decided in a convention to be held in Ottawa next year. Or. Lewis declaration came As no Surprise. He has been the acknowledged front runner for the leadership Ever since t. C. Douglas announced last year that he was stepping Down. Or. Lewis 61, is the father of on t a r i o nip Leader Stephen Lewis David Lewis represents the Toronto Riding of York South. He was first elected to the Bouse of commons in 1962. He was Defeated in 1963, but re elected in 1965 and 1968. Nine members of the nip parliamentary caucus have Al Eady pledged their support to or. Lewis and it is expected hat he has the unofficial sup port of at least a half dozen other nip maps. For or. My among those who have Mally pledged to support Ewis is Stanley Knowles or Winnipeg North Centre. Or. Lewis told an Ottawa lews conference that he did t hink his age mattered. He said be thought capacity not age hould be the major determinant. I feel pretty vigor he said. A Don t think i have to make any apologies for my the Deputy Leader said he thought he had widespread support within the party As Well As the Trade Union move ment. He told newsmen that he has no doubt As to his abilities to win the leadership if the convention was held within the next few weeks. But he said much could change in the next five months and that he was not taking the Campaign for or. Lewis said he would not undertake to Lead the party in any Given direction. It would be the party members and not the Leader he said who would decide policies and principles to guide the party in future. Recommendations of a Spe Cial committee on the a animation of secondary schools in Manitoba could come into effect As Early As september 1971, education minister Saul Miller said tuesday. The committee on reorganization of education report recommends that students in second Ary schools in the province be allowed to work at their own Speed take subjects that suit their own abilities interests and needs. Or. Miller said it is hoped that the document will serve to generate discussion on a province wide basis among All who Are concerned with second Ary education. No program can Hope to succeed unless it enjoys the support of All who Are involved in it. This kind of dialogue is the committee will be meet i n g with various discussion groups throughout the province during january and february. These meetings will be locally organized and Are intended to involve parents students and trustees As Well As parents. Graduation from the revised system would require the successful completion of 27 credit courses each representing be tween 110 and 120 hours of study in a school year under the committee s proposals. Ten credit courses would be compulsory and 17 would be optional. A student could choose his options from a wide variety but would be required to take two courses. Each in language arts social sciences mathematics sciences and Canadian studies. Division of students into grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 would be eliminated. Or. Miller said the work at your own Speed recommendations and the introduction of the credit course system could theoretically mean a student could Complete the four year secondary school program in two years. But practically speaking it was t Likely the program could be completed in fewer than three years. And this would require a very Bright or. Miller said the program would not require any More teachers but improved facilities would be needed especially to allow students the widest Choice in the option courses. J he said Many schools especially in the Rural areas of Manitoba do not now have the facilities to offer students any More than just a straight Gener Al or University Entrance course. The minister said the propos als in the committee report would not make it any harder for a student graduating from the secondary school system to get into University or any other Post secondary school training. If anything it would make it easier because the student will be More the school system has been a rigid non flexible thing that forced the student to tit a Mold or flunk or. Miller said. We Are looking for a method of updating that sys tem this would be one Way of doing students feel that the school system has become a very in personal thing he said. Students Don t know their teachers and the teachers Don t know the students with one teacher facing 300 students Dur ing the course of a teaching Day it gets very impersonal. Too Many students Are fall ing out of the system the answer is to get a flexible new system that will be More Able to fit the needs of the student instead of the student fitting the needs of the Patriot s Job Boston Paul Revere famed american Patriot was a Gold and Silversmith As Well As an engraver of Early renown. End of a career David Lewis Vancouver up an 82-year-old former Queen s counsel was sentenced tuesday to three years in jail after pleading guilty to six counts involving conspiracy breach of Trust and theft. Gerald Vincent Pelton penniless and nearly Blind was assisted into the court on two White canes to hear sentence imposed. It is a Clear indication to this court that your special skills knowledge and experience As a lawyer were employed to execute a scheme to take funds entrusted to judge John Anderson told him. A total of 47 counts of fraud and theft including the one of conspiracy were Laid against Pelton. He was accused of misappropriating funds totalling from estates he administered be tween 1945 and last Spring. He was disbarred last year and lives at a Salva Tion army Hostel. His lawyer said a term in jail would appear to be a sentence of death for this Man who has already paid his debt to society with disgrace and disbarment from his meanest thief Indianapolis apr. And mrs. Harold l. Allison awoke sunday to find someone had stolen the figures from their outdoor nativity scene. The thieves took the holy family three Wise men shepherds and animals. Stealing a baby Jesus is really taking Christ out of mrs. Allison said. 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