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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 2, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaIf Irene rings your door Bell and says Good morning or Good afternoon i m with the National tra Vel you la know she s Selling magazines Irene a pleasant Young girl who says she s completed her firs year of nursing education in St. Catharines ont., naturally won t Tell you immediately that she s Sheet writing term applied to soliciting Magazine subscriptions. She explains that if she accumulates so Many thousand Points Shell get a scholarship to continue her education. I did t wait for her to get to the Magazine pitch which she acknowledged and i la admit i was surprised when she and her partner refused to Tell their last names or the name of their Crew chief. She promised she d have her Superior Call me but i m not surprised there s teen no Call. I neglected to ask Irene for her Manitoba direct seller s licence which she must have for any Sale Over in addition her employers must be bonded by the provincial government under consumer s Protection legislation if they employ More than five sales personnel and must have a Manitoba address. I never did find out the names of the magazines and it s possible but highly unlikely that i missed some real bargains. Good night Irene. A publication that s being currently offered for Sale with an Eye on Christmas giving is the symphony Cookbook sponsored by the women s committee of the Winnipeg symphony. Titled music in your menus the recipes Are being repeated please Par Don that phrase to help finance the free children s con certs. The Cookbook contains Over 250 recipes with Many contributed by the symphony s guest artists. The one that attracted me was by Jan rubes Walnut cake in three Quarter time. I Don t know if that Means it Only takes of the time to bake or if you have to Waltz around the Kitchen while you mix the simple ingredients. Reta Barber says further information is available from her at 489-9220 or from mrs. S. C. Cairns at 453-3143. No one is More alone than a person with mental illness or who is recovering from it and has no close friends or relatives. Each Christmas the Manitoba Branch of the mental health association stages Christmas parties for them and presents them with gifts. You can help by donating a new item suitable for an adult or teen Ager enclosing the gift wrapping and dropping it in the gift boxes located at sky Job. Harman s drugs. Portage Avenue and Sherbrook Street or by contacting the mental health offices at 942-4919. Winnipeg free press wednesday december 2, 1970 class mail registration number 0286 Eaver moving storage phone 786-6081 Marnow. Allied Van lines . Citizens irate Over school s condition lord Wolseley setup labelled antiquated Miller says action s a matter of priorities physical education class in hallway teacher weighed about 65 parents of children who attend lord Wolseley school in East Kildonan Are hopping mad about the state of the old school and trustee James g. Smith chairman of the River East school Board says the Board is in almost Complete agreement with them. But education minister Saul Miller of Manitoba says lord Wolseley s problems Are the same As those facing Many of the province s older schools that Many parts of Manitoba have no schools at All and that these areas have greater priority than lord Wolseley. Trustee Smith said wednes Day the Board s plan for. Build ing an addition to the school and making other alterations has been turned Down twice by t h e provincial government s Public school finance Board. Finance Board approval is required for All capital expenditures in Manitoba school Divi Sions or. Miller and trustee Smith were commenting on a meeting held at the school tuesday night. Parents had criticized the condition of the building and the Lack of a gymnasium and other physical education a of the older schools in Manitoba have gymnasiums there is nothing the minister said a request for the addition which would include a gymnasium May be accepted by the province s pub Lic schools finance Board. When the children at lord Wolseley school play basketball during a physical education class a teacher must stand on a chair with outstretched arms to act As a hoop. But usually the Young Stu dents Don t play such a game anyway since running in the school s narrow gymnasium actually a 50-foot corridor often results in a bruised hip or Cut forehead. And when it comes time for Art or music instruction the children Are marched out to the second level of the school where they sit Down on an Asphalt floor and go to work. This was just a portion of the picture painted by the parents tuesday night. The meeting called by organizers of a move ment to get the addition built and facilities improved. And after being informed that a three year Battle with All Levels of government had failed o result in any planned improvements at the school the parents agreed it s time to get out there and step one they decided is to Aunch an immediate door to door canvass to obtain a lengthy petition signed by All parents of children who attend the 55-year names and notes thanks to mrs. K. Medgyes for a very pertinent letter regarding my viewpoint on playing Christmas music too soon i agree that the hymns at Christmas Are very relevant in comparison to All the other commercial aspects. Thanks to e. A. Pridham for identifying the name on a 1914-18 medal i mentioned in Coffee break some weeks ago As being that of Herb Seagram s father. Herb or h. W. Seagram who retired recently from the vice presidency of air Canada also wrote me from his Home in baie d Urfe Quebec identifying the medal As one that belonged to his father. He is anxious to secure the medal and willing to reimburse the present owner. The item originally identified the medal As being in the Possession of a gentleman at the Dakota Village hotel. If he will Contact me again i will put him in touch with h. W. Seagram. If if if Herb Sanger. Winnipeg s Deputy City clerk says he civic department gets some strange requests generally about locating friends and relatives Here. This one must come under the heading of miss Carol Ineson of London Hospital medical College. Turner Street. London. Eng. Would like to get in touch with Clive Paul Beresford Arnold a gentleman in his mid thirties. Who she met in London 10 years ago. To quote miss Ineson there can t be too Many Clive Paul Beresford Arnolds mrs. V. Stoppel has Praise for 1he Sisters and students of Christ the King school St. Vital for their toy project for the Christmas cheer Board no doubt other schools have similar projects at this time. Parents of students in East Kildonan s lord Wolseley elementary school would like someone to Start a project to put that school s facilities on an equal footing j with others in the River East school division seems they just can t get similar teaching aids the school is located in premiered schreyers Rossmery constituency. The Winnipeg school Board is looking into the possibility of acquiring a crisis teacher for the sir Hugh John Macdonald memorial Hostel. The teacher would work at the Hostel with boys who Are severe control problems and chronic the Board s action comes in response to a request from the Hostel. In a letter to the Board j. J. T. Johns tone executive director of the Hostel asked that such a teacher be hired b e c a u s e of the significant number of boys who Are unable to function in a Normal classroom he estimated at eight to 12 the number of boys requiring such special at Tention. Carmen f. Moir. Superintendent of Winnipeg schools said the Board s administration is looking into the matter and expects to have report pre pared within a month. He told the Board he considered the Manitoba department of Educa Tion the first line of attack. The Hostel located at 159 Mayfair Avenue was founded in 1929. It is a residential facility for the care and treatment of 51 disturbed and delinquent boys ranging in age from 11 to 18 years. Unusual about the lord worse matter of or. Mill the petition once completed would be handed to the two new democratic party Las responsible for the area Ridings premiered Schreyer and Peter Fox who have so far just turned their backs on the school is at Leighton Avenue and Henderson Highway in East Kildonan. We Don t want a new mrs. Corinne one of the meeting s told the parents. But we also Don t want something that s so obsolete and antiquated As this something that s Only a reminder of a primitive system no longer in we have taken a defensive position for the last three added fellow organizer Bill Newton. But when i heard they were considering smoking lounges for some of the other schools that was the last organizers of the meeting supported by More vocal members of the audience made several observations and charges about their fight for the school renovations and about lord Wolseley school itself. These included in 15 years has been spent on the school mainly for general maintenance. That students usually have to use other libraries for re search since their own lacks an adequate Supply of up to Date reminder of a primitive system brakes now on overnight parking weather report morning bulletin tur fact Tiff Mai Imit to Amici Tutti to huf Lott Tom Mai Itoku 3s m Quebec a . Fand fess. Frederick a Richany. 5 184 Henry Avenue. Suite 2. Even the Board continue to pres very for the changes. Political criminals. Or an arro Down. Super of government and by very Means by which the gov the children Aeed Brou Glit control a fire at Csc wares jewellers. A team strut of ej5ce ave Awe. Life Row two Stavrev it Ottawa Ftp winery in and a soap maker win receive Way to create Grants totalling about and to a wild plants at Winnipeg the War measure act. And Gimli. Man. sex ils Repuk Enven. Ifcic Pawson department Grants okayed 17 c m. 18 Henry ave one. Suite 2. Wiroj uie pm Nice Okcu to or soap Plant. Pfc ded to 2 charge Mega i by Setins liquor i question abort it there s no trim 11 h inert fined pm by magistrate Mike a Taftsr to w g5tb" in Winnipeg Wasiura. Ate s court tuesday. A a of Fer hand there is no Gujri was told Hryc Hany som a civilized nation with sane doubt that the its bottle of nov. 7 to an government and a system of receiving proper Ide cover police officer. Itself to said or. Down. To tire is no Mae Fetrat Rary Tak my try Orar on a Groop of the can t Sefl fiame m criminals. A civis cd Natman he tear Cecers. l Art. Set Prece he sol. to to Toft Tutt. It a Octa Rcv to a Wreath. My wort Jess at the syp the e Parent Are Mthr owl Rye Hwy to relieve to of tar vow awol Friday tire of Fence to

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