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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1991, Page 10

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 1, 1991, Winnipeg, Manitoba A o Winnipeg free press to december 1991 relax conspiracy of silence recreates tragic events pick of the week conspiracy of silence at Csc in this All you have to do is say the name Helen Betty Osborne and people know the its one of the most talked about murder cases in Mani Toba history a Case that remained unsolved for 16 years despite the fact Many people knew exactly who was responsible for the the Osborne Case played a Large part in the formation of the aboriginal Justice inquiry and prompted Manitoban to ask a lot of hard questions about our police our judicial system and this ambitious two part Minise Ries concluding monday does an admirable Job of recreating the tragic events of the night of 1971 and examining the years of police judicial Deal making and racist coverup that Michael Mahonen Road to Avonlea and Michelle John where the spirit lives highlights today the boy who dreamed Christmas 6 ctr Zachary Bennett Road to Avonlea stars in this Cana Dian made Holiday special about a youngster who finds himself faced with the task of putting Joy Back into Long John Baldry appears As nilus the the mysterious dreamworld Denizen who accompanies him on his Jour Ney to the North Scrooge 8 ctr Alistair Sim plays the famous grouch in this colonized and retitled print of the 1951 a Christmas its probably the Best screen adaptation of Dickens Holiday though if youre an old fashioned movie Lover youll want to tone Down your tvs color controls and watch it in its watching to Brad Oswald original Blacka Edwhite masterpiece theatre 9 a pts the award winning Brit import series scores a bit of a coup with Shes been a special two hour presentation of Dame Peggy Ashcroft last the celebrated English actress plays a woman sent away to a mental institution after suffering a series of tragedies during her teen 60 years Shes forced to face the real world again when the Hospital Geraldine Jones and James Fox costar As the relatives who agree to look after Lillian after her Scrooge 8 ctr Bill Murray ended fou year absence from the big screen with this 1988 reshuffling of the classic Dickens Murray plays a mean spirited to network executive who learns about the spirit of Christmas the hard Nova 8 a pts just in time for the annual Holiday pig out and subsequent health related new years the pcs science series presents a documentary titled avoiding the surgeons which examines the efforts of four men taking part in a lifestyle adjust ment program in order to combat the effects of severe coronary heart Star trek v the final Frontier 8 lbs int it a crazy coincidence that every time one of these never ending sequels is about to open in the the previous film in the series makes its prime time premiere no matter what youve heard about the newest trek Good or keep in mind that this 1989 voyage was the worst of the earlier Bunch frontline 9 a pts this award winning pcs investigative series is consistently High in but it int always easy to take this weeks for in titled who killed Adam Mann its an examination of a horrendous child abuse Case that ended with the death of a five year old boy who was beaten to death for eating a piece of frontline first visited this family in 1983 while filming a segment on child and at that time the Mann children had been removed from the Home and placed with Fos Ter this film examines the puzzling reasons and tragic results of the decision to return the Young sters to their nil hockey Buffalo sabres at Winnipeg jets sky former Captain Dale Hawer Chuk returns to the Arena for this game against his former and he probably wont like the Welcome he gets from the much tougher its the first of two televised games for the Home team this week the second one shows up Friday at on ten when the struggling Edmonton Oil ers come to How the Grinch stole Christmas Csc the late Boris Karloff adds suitably Snarky Narra Tion to this animated classic about Christmas in Thoville and the with a heart three sizes too who tries to Stop the Cerebra Garrison Keillor Home 8 Homespun hero of that mythical Minnesota Lake hosts this Holiday Celebration of a Prairie Home companion with a collection of songs and monologues from the town that time that decades cannot in where All the women Are All the men Are Good looking and All the children Are above aver the Willie Nelson special 9 off a the tax troubled country troubadour went looking for a suit Able guest Star for this primetime and he got the right baby Ray who joins Willie for stirring renditions of Georgia and always on my goals the hockey show analyst Gary Green teams up with 11yearold cohorts Laird Boughner and Darryl Szucs Wilson for this new ten which focuses on Canadas National obsession from a kid oriented Point of a Bunch of Munsch 7 ctr Canadas bes known childrens author unveils a series of animated adaptations of his beginning with Thomass snowsuit about a Young boys fashionable protest and 50 below a Young Ster who follows his father outside to try to awaken him from sleep for insomniacs Only Frankenstein Csc Boris Karloff stars in what might be the Best of Holly Woods horror the 1931 adaptation of Mary Shelley the Peoples network continues the corps stealing mood on wednes Day with the inevitable the Bride of Frankenstein also at Ouimette plays investigating officer in afternoon meeting place 77212 sesame Street g 63333 a nil football new York jets at Buffalo 303517 pea Golf 249536 qejs33nfl football Green Bay packers at Atlanta 112884 gentle giant 1967 Dennis Vera 7 120 be Tel journal g 8672197 qejtba51888 football new York jets at Buffalo 423130 trek the next generation g 36265 ee3e0pga Golf 430826 Ejna basketball Houston rockets at Detroit 659352 feb newday 846710 q3 Rodeo 676888 53 inf text 1360333 a Jasper 895623 of Peoples Church 9197623 s3 ideas on camera 5824371 lifestyles 63541 la Semaine Verte 41428975 88420 Emone week r 566062 i Theodore Wores 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