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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - December 1, 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba18 Winnipeg free press tuesday december 1, 1970 Actu protests Kerr show Regina up the Saskatchewan Branch of the women s Christian temper smash and grab thief sought o Winnipeg police Are looking for a Man who smashed a store window and made off with a television set Early tuesday. The thief smashed the front display window of the Bem television service company 569 Euice Avenue. No further details were available at pres Stime tuesday. Ance Union is planning a letter of protest regarding the use of wine by Graham Kerr on his television show the galloping gourmet. A news release from the Actu executive said it takes the position that the television chef s use of wines and his explanations of their use Are contrary to provincial Law which for bids the advertising of liquor in Saskatchewan. Designer thinks women want modesty revived steel scrap Cleveland steel scrap provides about one half of each ton of newly made steel. By Margaret Ness Honolulu up a lot of men have been joking recent months about Mother h u b b a r d fashions in the new longer lengths but Here in Hawaii it has really happened original Long look brought to these Tropic is lands by 19th Century missionaries is the new fashion item. The native word for the Mother Hubbard missionary line was Muumuu and now trapper retry bless her heart strikes again trapper Betty s dress party -6m-90 4 Days Only open til 9 tuesday wednesday thursday and Friday Betty Withrow trapper Betty i Green Wool dress. A Knock out. Size 12. 2 brocade dress. Rust and cold. Swirly skirt. Size 13. 01.95 3 rust knit suit with suede. Size 16. 4 Green corded knit. Casual dress. 5 knit jumpsuit. Plum color. Size 14. 6 Pant suit. 2-pc. Brown Cas Ual. Size 12. 7 knit suit. 2-pc. Green great. Size 8. .8 Slack suit. Wool. Rust color. Outdoor Type. 139.95 119.95 84.00 105.00 73.50 135.00 94.50 56.00 189.95 132.00 97.00. 1 English Wool. Green jacket dress. Size 12 2 brocade coat and dress ensemble. Size 10 3 velvet theatre Coats. Black size 12 Brown size 14 4 knit dress. Wow purple and White. Size 14 5 knit suit. 2-pc. Cold. Size 8 6 White crepe. Dressy Black trim. Size 10 7 Pink Chiffon gown. A shocker. Size 12 8 Coral casual dress. Zippy. Size 10 1 sizes Blyle polyester suits. 12-16. 10 Only. 2 English crepe dinner dresses. Lime 12. Blue. 16. 3 Dressy Black velvet dress with White Chiffon. Size 12 4 Dressy com brocade dress. Size 12 5 Dressy printed Chiffon co outer. Size 8 6 polyester yellow sleeveless for cruise. Size 12. 7 White lace dress with Pink Sash. Size 10 8 Pink afternoon Wool. White Collar cuffs. Size 10 79.95 89.95 29.95 65.00 49.95 60.00 89.95 89.95 if 2.95 t9.9s 85.00 total of 120 garments t.99 total 90.09 no gentlemen allowed past waiting area note to patrons business As usual recommence monday dress parly ends saturday. Stock up for the Don t come once come twice trapper Betty s open might til 9 in Venor the Malia of Honolulu fashion House will feature the Muus in its collection for Spring. Timing for the fashion was right said Mary Foster who Heads the Malia House. We Are ready for a revival of victorian modes Malia s eight Muu styles Are named for the first missionary wives who arrived in Hawaii in 1820 after a five month voyage from new eng land. Each missionary style com Bines at least four Calico prints plus lace and trim since As mrs. Foster said the missionary wives were very frugal in character and certainly would not have thrown away any scraps of so in a leg of Mut ton style is in a tiny Spriggel Floral print with its Yoke and Mutton sleeves in Floral stripes or any other Calico combinations and with the tight sleeves below the puffs in two different prints. Jerusha in real life was rather fashionable and so her style is a party Princess with a deep ruffled Yoke and Long cuffed and ruffled sleeves. The sleeve ruffles Are lined in another color. It s these details that bring the missionary Muus into the Price Range. Most of the Muus have modest High Collais and sleeves. But to update some Malia took Eliza Beth out of character in a tunic pants suit but with the collage of prints. Sybil is also modernized in a sleeve i hints i from Heloise by Heloise Cruse total of 240 garments dear Heloise i to link i have an easy Solu Tion for mothers who have kids who want to hang onto their favorite stuffed animal for As Long As possible while mom wants to throw it away. Cut the head off the animal. Slip it onto a mop or Long stick. Then Nail it to the stick All the Way around. Then let Junior take Over. He will have fun painting or color no the stick body. Add some Multi coloured yarn for a Tail and Presto a stuffed stick animal hell love it and it will keep him out of mom s Way too Mart Gressang age 13 now that s a real Cool idea. And it s Nice to know hat those cute cuddly animals can be put to better use than just sitting on shelves collecting dust Heloise dear Heloise for those who use disposable baby bottle liners save the used bags. Wash them and put them Over the Index cards on which you keep your favorite recipes. This is a Good Way to keep your recipes from getting messed up and to make use of old plastic baby bottle inserts. Joyce Chisum dear Heloise i am an avid collector of greeting cards. I love to give them and to receive them. My daughter sent Lovely one that i wanted to keep Handy to look at almost every Day. What nicer place to find it than in my favorite recipe Book used As a bookmark. Any Type card in any Type took would be equally As inter Esting and a great Honor to those dear ones who Are so thoughtful to Send them. Mary Vieth dear Heloise i often find that i have a half cup or so of puffed or sweetened Cereal left in the Box but not enough for a full bowl. So i pour All the almost empties into a plastic bag until i have about six cups of mixed up Cereal saved. Then i melt two Tablespoons Margarine one package of chocolate chips and about 20 marshmallows in the top of a double boiler. Pour the six cups of mixed Cereal into the melted chocolate Inars Mallow mixture i and stir until All is mixed. I then pour the mixture into a Well greased pan and i press Down until Well packed. L Cool and Cut into squares. I watch that unwanted Curc i Al disappear Marv Lou Mackay dear Heloise i can t help but think of a those cite Little brides so tiny and Dainty who Are in for a Surprise. In five Yean they will All have Muscles like Hercules from trying to open packages that say just tear off plastic bags you grab with both hands and tug and tug to open Jar tops that you finally band Over to your better Naif. Of. Well it s in the game of survival. A housewife less ankle length version but with the High Collar and deep Square front and Back Yoke. To add to the old fashioned flavor Malia Calls the Calico prints by such reminiscent names As sunday meeting schoolhouse bandstand. And the colors Are old fashioned too As Candy Apple Strawberry soda spearmint Licorie Peppermint and Lilac. Mary and Bill Foster started Malia 10 years ago with a Little Plant of Square feet. Now there Are 105 workers in two factories. To capture the Canadian austra Lian and South african markets out priced by the High import duty from Honolulu the Fosters have a factory in Hong Kong. Prices from there Are practically the same As in Honolulu or the Mainland United states. The missionary Muus for Canada will be produced in Hong Kong and will be available in the Spring. The Fosters Are americans. Mary was born in Chicago and Bill in Hilo Hawaii. They met at Stanford University where Mary graduated in journalism and Bill in economics and foreign Trade. They have four teen age Chil Dren. One of Malia s several de signers is Beverly Stearns Bora in Niagara Falls ont., and educated in Toronto and Seattle. She and her photographer husband came to Honolulu nearly two years ago. The missionary Muus Are Only a Small group in Malia s Spring collection of resort clothes. Included in the line Are prints that look like circular lava flows trailing stylized Flowers and Floral circles. Malia also produces two men s lines called first break and Sandwich the old name for Hawaii islands. There will be men s missionary shirts too but no in tended As a his and hers idea. They will have different Cali co tabs and contrast collars and cuffs. Two show off who missionary Muus that Aro Tho a toss fashion in Hawaii. Girl at it wars a eol Lago of Floral prints and Floral Strippa Yoke and who girl at right wars another of Tali to prints with puffed Scooros. Lorn Stylos Aro by Malia of Honolulu. When you care enough Send cards from Grant Park Plaza j dear Heloise i Cornbread is my bag. With the current interest in the wholesome primitive food 1 preparations Yon May have i readers who would like to know How our family likes its Corn bread. Bake it in your reversible Waffle Iron on the Sandwich Grin Side and add a Littfe extra of. Simple right but you will be amazed Bow much it is in j proved. Just spoon the Batter to the Grafl and when Coo feed Cut into cooties about the site of a slip ref bread. Then if Yew Are Lucky enough to have any left Over they can readily healed tout toaster for serving with a later j5me2i in vc90pemmc to your Ananiss Phai toys _ vmm9c1 ones Onri Wuh i pit we a War w .41 Slaff enl w vim to Eaton s the French Hove a phrase for it. La period it transition and we Hove the Best of it. A Beautiful 18th Century transitional commode from France. Superb reproduction in Rosewood with exotic Wood inlays delicate hand painted musical design and Flowers Bronze Dore mounts on set Marble Fop chased Bronze mountings on the legs. Magn Fique. 1200.00 now in Eaton s gallery of Fine furniture downtown Call us at

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