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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Aug 29 1914, Page 23

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - August 29, 1914, Winnipeg, Manitoba Women s Section women s Section Winnipeg saturday August 29, 1914, i not s Betell our Little Toad suffer from the White a Teart May Core am stay a break and bum into its Knees i is idiot the i0iiiron? the loss of Hus Hind and mothers o or the in land Pale faced Maiden on her to guard some toward the Northwest k her god leads Herr othe harm lifted Arm. Ill this even if they do it at the loss of their dividends. One Winnipeg Man i Beard of this who can week announced his intention of Dis charging1 his chauffeur and storing is car because there would toe so Many people to toe helped this Winter. The Friend to whom he confided this resolve asked him if it would not toe As Well to keep the chauffeur rather t Han add this Man and his family to the list of the unemployed who might have to toe helped. There is sound Wisdom in this suggestion. The More people Vjio can kept employed even at reduced remuneration the Toetter and the cheaper it will toe Lor All concerned. It is not always Economy for the housewife to discharge her maid or her was woman because times Are hard. If she suffers a curtailment of income which actually compels her to do so much the worse for those whom she has employed but if she does it solely because times Are hard and Money is tighter than she has teen accustomed to and she wishes to Havo More Money to spend on Lor herself and daughters it is mighty poor business and worse patriotism. This too la not drawn at a venite re but int Hope i Chat the Arrow May arouse i d rays to shield her love from m proud up a will face quivers thus thinks of my wild aching is target of a Warrior f i he Stata no Moro a run the glories was no a word to even remotely suggest tha any sense of responsibility rested upon them in regard to their pupils. 3o not for one moment cite thes Young women As representative of the aching profession in Canada tout blushed to remember that a couple o weeks before i had strongly disagreed w than English Friend who was Send ing his boy and girl to boarding school a owing that the Public schools did no for Good discipline and nicety of behaviour and language alas o it Sun these Young pedagogues All alighted a she has put from to ?140 into her that very town where he lived and Selling some of them were going to teach thro Ugia an agent she made a Good pro but she is now working up a per Sonal Trade and making much More. She has a direct Market now Lor Al most All she raises and by another Vear expects to do All her own Selling. She describes the work As Bemar suited to a woman. It is not hard and Shn says a woman is particularly Good at making the by products pay. For instance she is getting a lot of orders for canned fruit at a Good Price Honey is also a considerable item has built a Nice Bungalow and expects to pay Oft the mortgage in Short order. This Iclea should work out Well in Manitoba where Small fruits May be so successfully grown. I have just been told of a Young girl who has made a pretty Success of a Small fruit farm and am passing the hint along. She took five acres of Grod ground not far from a railway station where she could teach a considerable Market. The place was suit Able to the raising of Small fruits though there were no plants or vines planted when she took Possession. She planted two acres the first year doing most of the work herself and putting in strawberries blackberries raspberries and currant Bushes. She get the Best varieties Only Market Ber Ries and treated them in the mos approved fashion. The year following she got the three other acres planted and made enough from the two acres to pay for this work and for the plants. She also set up four hives o bees both As being Good for the Funai and a Side line to help profits. Big Money in Small fruits. The third year she began to Mak Money in Earnest putting most of i Brick into the land for she lived economically growing enough vege tables for her use both summer an Winter and keeping Down expenses As As possible. She figures that ff-1 1 nursing this Veteran of two hard campaigns gave it As her verdict that Thor Ough training must be supplemented not Only by a Strong body and nerves but by initiative and sound judgment an excellent Hospital nurse would not necessarily make an excellent military nurse. And As for Good intentions alone they might be productive of Ter i Rible confusion and calamities fee thought wide awake Brainy Canadian i girls trained in a Hospital such As the Winnipeg general be a splendid class to get As Canadian girls were so typically Alt round. If they were Clever at one thing they could generally turn their hand to almost any ing men were whispering a message for sweetheart or Mother to hear them sit up and shout with their last breath for Joy because their Side had won a Vic tory a thing of such heroism and pathos As wrenched the heart almost behind endurance hat trimmings Are usually Tail. Two Are Good examples of Hie style. The first to the left is i Bluck velvet , closely fitted and with a draped Crown and is trimmed with a Long Ostrich Feather fancy in Black that shades off to Taupe on the edges. This the Crown and is wired up in front in two Long Curling ends. The second Model is made of White breast and Wing feathers and. Lias a round Crown of White Satin. Two White quills Are crossed to fill the space in front and slope slightly to the Back. Either of these designs will make splendid costume hats that is developed in a color to match one s suit or gown. Housekeeper s scrap Book j and roundabout epithets. The first came from one of the first in military nurses Ever appointed by the government of the United King Dom. That was at the time of the Zulu and egyptian campaigns. The second was told by a nurse who served to Chickamauga Tennessee during he outbreak of typhoid in 1898 among the troops awaiting to embark or Cuba. A third woman now resident m Winnipeg went through the Campaign n South Africa As private Secretary to a renowned general another a woman originally received a medal from Queen Sophia of Greece for her splendid services As head of a. Military Hospital at. Port Athens during the Greco turkish War m 1s97. The medal is a Coin shaped Silver brooch with a Cross Cut in the Centre and a red ribbon run behind it. The Date. Is engraved on it one Fig ure in each Corner. The first Matron in chief of Tae British army was mrs. Deeble. After Florence Nightingale had so heroically demonstrated what a ministering an gel a woman nurse could be amid the horrible suffering of War mrs. Deeble was trained especially for the work in spite of an outcry from some quarters against allowing a woman in a military had not at the time been included in her sphere. She was sent with six nurses of save the in it. Never refrain will i dare to assert the training of our Public schools is All that be de sired. Sorely Yea surely should be some Means of Weed out such undesirables. There is too much a feeling of panic the War situation and Many both business men and House holders in their desire to Over expense Cut precipitating a which otherwise never come. Crisis might Are having examples of Lack of the she never. Little Owlet in the Glen. J ii Tou should say to whom to whom. Not to who to your Small Friend. Miss Katydid May be Green tis True but you never hear her say Katy do she Christian advocate. Patriotism on the part of Canadian f pm ashamed of you. Manufacturers which May Well make us Blush for our country. One conc in i , which has teen fostered for years and protected by the government closing Down and throw ins thousands out of work before War Nad been declared two weeks was not Rne rely taking Juisti Fiatele precautions was making the War an excuse 11 was not possible for them in that t1toe to determine that their Export would cease. Wealthy manufacturing concerns an Best show their by keeping every Man and employed at reduced salaries the Story is told of sex president Taft that when he was a Small boy his Mother made my a new pair 01 pants. To play. He put them on and he soon returned and a to his Mother Haw. These paints Are too tight they Are tighter than my no Willie they can t be tighter thai your his Mother answered. Yes they Are maw i can sit Down in. My skin tout i Cam t sit Down in these oi1c w 4.1-.-, whom the narrator was one to Netley which was the invalid ing station for government employees from foreign nests the nurses under her were called Sisters each being in charge of a Large Ward or division where actual work of nursing was done by male orderlies. While on night duty one of them would have perhaps too patients under her care. The Experiment was so successful that it was sied at Woolwich it was still fur ther extended on recommendation of a Royal commission appointed to look into the medical department after the circulation of ungrounded stories concerning Hospital administration during the egyptian such As that men were operated on without giving an Anaesthetic. During that Campaign these first military nurses took charge of a Toast Hospital at Che front not right on the scene of action though. That might be two Miles or 25 or 30 Miles from the Hospital according to the move ments of the army. On the lines of communication Between it and the Anne were the Field hospitals. There the wounded were taken by the men of the bearer column and if Neces sary Iven a preliminary dressing be fore being passed along to the base Hospital. The work there was much the same As at Netley the duties of the Sisters being largely those of superintendence and administration from there the patients were sent Home on a Hospital ship. Army nursing service Reserve mentioned above the work was extended after the egyptian Campaign. The army nursing service Reserve which filled the breach so splendidly during the Boer War. Was founded in ism it now includes five or six thou Sand fully trained nurses from 25 to 35 years of age who May Volunteer for service abroad and must serve at Home in Case of invasion. Then there Are the Bona fide army nurses or staff nurses who belong to the Imperial military nursing service organized in 1902 candidates Are required to Nave had three years training and service in a recognized civic Hospital thay arc under military discipline and have to serve at Home or abroad whenever required. The Kaval nursing service

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