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Saturday’s jackpot is an estimated $ 7 million. Guaranteed prize draw number was 20720307- 02. WESTERN 649 Winning numbers Wednesday were: 2, 9, 21, 24, 32, 36. Bonus number was 34. PICK 3 Winning number Wednesday was 568. EXTRA Winning numbers Wednesday were: 2942386. INSIDE LOTTERIES A 2 FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2015 winnipegfreepress. com K EN Schultz estimates he’s rescued three pelicans tangled in fishing line in the past two weeks alone just below the Lockport dam. That was hard enough, but the one that continues to bother him is the one that flew away over his head a few days before, fishing line twisted and trailing around its feet. Schultz saw a man hook a bird when he cast a line from the shore. The man just cut the line and the bird was left to contend with the fishing line attached to its body. “ It flew up there, but once that line gets around its legs, it won’t be able to fly. I bet it’ll just be sitting there somewhere on the shoreline waiting to die,” said Schultz, who was fishing with his wife, Ann. On Wednesday, Schultz, his wife and Cats on the Red owner Stu McKay rescued a pelican trapped in fishing line — there’s no way to know if it’s the same one or a different one — and they took video of the rescue. It was floating alone and was so exhausted they were able to catch it in a net and bring it into the boat. It just laid there passively as they tried to help it. Schultz said the line was so tight around the bird’s legs one leg was discoloured. It took several minutes to cut the fishing line from both legs and around the body. “ It was really hard to see. It brings you to tears, it’s so sad. They can’t fly anywhere, so they just forage what they can and eventually they starve to death on the shore,” he said. “ My wife was really upset; she got very emotional.” He added, “ I’ve still got the line that came off the birds last week and this week. It’s bad. It’s so tight around their legs, I don’t know if they’ve got circulation anymore.” Schultz said when anglers cast their lines into the water in the popular recreational fishing area located near the fish ladder at the locks, they will often hook a pelican or birds will get tangled in the line. The area is full of fish, which use the ladder to get through the locks. The pelicans congregate there to feed on the fish. When lines become tangled around the pelicans, fishers cut the line. Over time, the line wraps tighter and tighter around the body parts of the bird. “ We saw him sitting there all by himself and I said to my wife, ‘ I bet that one is wrapped up in fishing line’ so we just turned around. I pulled the boat close to him and he couldn’t fly,” Schultz said. They went back to a fishing business called Cats on the Red to pick up McKay, who has rescued a number of pelicans this season. The three of them were able to catch the injured bird in a net and painstakingly remove the fishing line. The video cut out during the rescue. So, the bird flew off and was fine, right? “ It couldn’t fly. It could swim OK, so I’m just hoping it found a group ( to float with to catch fish) and its legs will recover,” Schultz said. Schultz and other concerned anglers want the area closed off to fishing to protect the birds from getting hurt or killed and to stop poaching. “ I’ve been trying to get the minister to shut that area down for three years,” Schultz said. “ I’ve seen people take so many fish out of that corner. They’re not supposed to fish there. It’s fenced in and there’s a gate. They need to lock the gate; the sign says ‘ No trespassing when gate locked.’ I’ve seen people walk out of there with 50 fish.” He said the government also needs to extend the restricted area farther than the current 23 metres from the opening of the fish ladder. Crafty anglers will fish from the allowed area but let their lines drift. “ People have gotten smart. They cast and the current takes it right around into the fish ladder and they just pull them ( fish) out of there, one after the other,” he said. “ That’s where all the pelicans are. They’re in there eating the fish, and people just cast into them. Their lines go around the corner and these poor pelicans just get tangled up in them.” Schultz said last week, conservation officers caught three people who had fished over the allowed limit from that spot. ashley. prest@ freepress. mb. ca Pelicans fishers’ unwitting victims Birds get tangled up in lines tossed at dam By Ashley Prest See video at winnipegfreepress. com ¥ PHOTO COURTESY OF STU MCKAY Rescuers work to unravel fishing line from this unfortunate pelican’s legs Wednesday. A_ 02_ Aug- 28- 15_ FP_ 01. indd A2 8/ 27/ 15 9: 02: 13 PM

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