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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 21

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Winnipeg, ManitobaFreedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of rights h top Winnipeg saturday August printed and published except sunday by the Winnipeg free Farsi company limited 300 Carlton stent when Lei Man tobit authorized u Dur the poit Sloce department Lyric tour Sifton r. S. Malone t pay usher ghant1 Dexter we. Lord Altor general Mana sir the Campaign ends the general election Campaign is ended. The issues in the Campaign have debated at length from the platform Over the air and by leaflets and pamphlets. There is no need to refer to them Here. The electors must now decide. It is their responsibility to choose the 265 members who will constitute the Twenty second parliament since confederation. This is no Light responsibility. In the Ordinary course the parliament now to be created will endure for the next four or five years. One need but look about the world today to realize How tragic it would be if this country which despite its Small population is one of the More powerful members of the world Community should be made impotent by reason either of the election to office of a party which would shirk responsibilities As inseparable from us As our shadows or even worse of fail ure to give any party an adequate majority. Events in the far East since june 1950, the Ever present and Ever changing course of the cold War need Only be mentioned. Then there Are the Domestic questions indissolubly linked to our role abroad taxation debt expenditures tariffs and the like. These have been under constant debate since june 12, when the present Campaign began. The worst conceivable result of this or any other general election would be stalemate. To have stability in government there must be an adequate majority so that a ministry is secure against the changes and chances of Surprise votes in the House of commons. What befalls a country when there is not an adequate majority behind a government is distressingly Clear to Day on the continent of Europe. Ever since the end of the War and indeed before 1929 France has been undone by political instability. The same condition presently prevails in Belgium. Indeed it is Only necessary to recall what happened at Ottawa after the general election of 1925, to realize the consequences of stalemate. No party won a majority in the election of october 1925 and As a consequence we had eleven months of governmental paralysis. Parliament sat from january 7 until july 2, 1926 in a state of Complete deadlock. Nothing could be done. Policy came to a standstill and the essential administration had to be carried on with Money obtained by governor general s warrants rather than by votes of parliament. The end came with the constitutional crisis and the return in sep tember 1926, of a Liberal majority. In sum vote wisely but above All vote. It should never be forgotten that the secret ballot is the Only real safeguard of Freedom. If not used it must inevitably lose its Sovereign Power. Toms act a conservative government could values for duty at whatever height it pleased. The Tariff schedules As passed by parliament and As known to All business men would be meaningless. What or. Drew is saying is that a conservative government under a false Trum Ped up charge of dumping would refuse to admit textiles from the United states until the textile manufacturers a Quebec and Ontario were unable regard less of Price to fill the do-., Mystic Market. This is not honest but dishonest Protection. If or. Drew were to say that the conservative party regards 30 percent As too Low a Tariff on silk wearing apparel and that it should be raised to 40 per cent or More that would be Clear and understandable. But he says no such thing. He pled Ges his party to prohibit imports of textiles not by Legisla Tion in parliament but by order in Council arbitrarily raising the dutiable value of imports. This is the ruinous kind of Protection that this country suffered from under the Bennett government from 19.30 to 1935. The electors should not be deceived by the soft words of conservative apologists Here in the West. They should look directly to such speeches As the one just quoted and they should prevent a recurrence of 1930-35 by defeating the conservative Candi dates. Or. Drew and Protection some Effort is being made by conservative candidates in the closing Days of the Campaign to pretend that there is no Dif Ference Between the position of the Liberal and the conservative parties on the Tariff. It is quite True that the pre sent Tariff notwithstanding the very great reductions since the defeat of the Bennett conservative government in 1935, could and should be reduced but it is doing violence to truth to say that there is no difference be tween the two major parties. The Liberal party has not reduced the Tariff As much As it should have done. But the Liberal reductions in the Tariff in 1936, 1937, 1938, and 1949 have aroused the vehement opposition of the conservative party As wit Ness the present Campaign by or. Drew. Apologists for the conservative party Are saying look at the Tariff on washing machines bicycles textiles an 3 so Forth. An excellent idea look at it conservative present Tariff 1935 Liberal Tariff washing machines 35% bicycles 30% 25% silk wearing apparel 45% plus 30% 7c per ounce hats 32% plus plus is per do 90c per do z. Boots and shoes 40% electric refrigerators electric 40% Irons electric toasters 30% granted the present Tariff should be reduced. But what is the conservative party s Posi Tion As stated by or. George Drew it is that the present Tariff is too Low. Or. Drew on platform after platform in the Industrial Ridings of Quebec and Ontario has pledged the conservative party to increase the Tariff. Is a duty of 30 per cent and Valorme on Silks and other Tex tiles adequate not for the conservative party. Listen to or. Drew at Sher Brooke Quebec on july 22. Early last year the conserva Tive party urged the govern ment in the House of commons j to Stop the dumping of products from . At prices far below Cost. Neither Canada nor any other country can stand Cut Throat Competition. It is not a question of tariffs or Protection or anything of that kind. Canada already has an anti dumping jaw. It is a question of whether the Law is to be or not. If a conservative government is it will enforce that Law. We will be sure there is employment for the textile yorkers Here Trust the conservative party unerringly to go for the dead Liest kind of Protection. The dumping clause of the Cus Brazen no one not even or. Cold Well would suggest that the c. . In this election has the slightest Chance of winning a majority of the seals in the House of commons whose membership will be 265 Mem Bers. The ., at dissolution on june 12, last held 13 seats As follows Newfoundland none Prince Edward Island none Nova Scotia one new Bruns Wick none Quebec none on Tario one Manitoba three Saskatchewan five Alberta none British Columbia three. Nevertheless or. Coldwell and his supporters Are Declar ing themselves hopeful of be ing Able to exert a decisive in fluence on policy in the new parliament. Speaking at Regina on june 25 Canadian press report or. Coldwell said the liberals could lose a lot of seats and the Might find itself in an inter Esting position a strategic Posi or. Coldwell did not Ela borate. Elaboration was forthcoming from or. Claude Ellis the . F. Candidate from Regina City. Speaking at Regina on july 15 he was reported by the Regina Leader Post As follows Claude Ellis Federal Candidate for the City of Regina said tuesday the Hoped and expected to hold the balance of Power in the next government at Ottawa. The Group in Ottawa will be in a position to demand and to have their i they seek legislation affecting the people of this province he the meaning of this is Clear.1 the Is nominated 172 candidates of whom a handful Are certain to be Defeated. Its policies will have been placed fairly before the people and will be rejected. But against the declared views of the people despite the rejection of its policies the c. . Is hoping that there will be a stalemate that is no party will have a majority so that it May use its handful of Mem Bers to gain from a minority government by extortion what will have been denied it by the people in the election. The . F. Thus Hopes to flout the will of the people As expressed by their ballots and to make its policies prevail regardless of Public opinion. Attention conservatives or. Drew who bitterly denounced the Liberal government throughout world War ii for what he regarded As Lack of Zeal has strange bedfellows in que Bec his candidate in the constituency of Lotbini�re is or. Roland Legendre. Or. Legendre is running not Only with or. Drew s warm and unqualified support but also with the Active assistance of or. Rene Bernat Chez a Duplessis . Or. Bernatchez in behalf of or. Drew and or. Drew s candidate said this be Soleil re port the county of Lotbini�re which was fooled in 1937 to the effect that no Man would be sent overseas is represented to Day by his son who ironically enough is the minister of the victims of his the son in this Case is Hughes Lapointe the present Liberal candidate the father it. Hon. Ernest Lapointe whose speech in the House of commons in september 1939 was decisive in bringing Quebec into the War. King for a Day. The Pound and the Dollar or. Drew s policy Well said or. St. Laurent or. Drew the Leader of the conservative party has described the Liberal government tax Ren Tal agreements with the prov inces As the greatest threat to the Constitution since confederation. At least that was the line he took in Quebec. By the tune he got to Winnipeg the agreements were still a threat to the Constitution but he prom ised not to cancel them. When or. Drew got to Bathurst new Brunswick he was beating his breast and protesting according to the Globe and mail that there never had been any suggestion that a conservative government could cancel the tax agreements Well i Don t pretend to know what a conservative govern ment could do but i do know that if i were the Bead of a government and i honestly believed As or. Drew says he does that the tax agreements were destroy ing the Constitution i would consider the Only honest thing to do was to cancel facts and theory a favorite theory of the Is that there is no difference Between the Liberal and conservative parties. Speaking at new York on november 17, 1948 Canadian press Premier Douglas said that his party the Is forcing Canada s old line parties to join forces against it thereby confessing that the difference be tween them is no More than that of Tweedledum and does or. Douglas think that the Duel Between or. St. Laurent and or. Drew which has been underway these past eight weeks confirms his Prophesy from the Golden books from music by Walter Savage Hamlor Many love music but for music s Sake Many because her touches can awake thoughts that repose within the breast half dead and Rise to follow where she loves to Lead. What various feelings came from Days gone by what tears from far of sources dim the Eye few when Light fingers with Sweet voices play and Rne Lodies swell pause and melt away mind at every touch at every tone a spark hath glistened and hat i gone. Today s scriptures blessed is lie whose transgression is forgiven whose sin is covered blessed is the Man unto whom the lord Imp Teth not iniquity and in whose spirit throughout this election Campaign or. Drew the conservative has been telling the Public tha t the Liberal party has been either opposed or indifferent to the problem of making Sterling freely convertible with the Ca Nadian Dollar. This is not True. The Liberal government the United states government and the United kingdom since the end of the War have sought continuously to make Sterling freely convertible. It is an objective upon which All informed and intelligent people Are a greed and have always been a greed. The Liberal govern ment has co operated constantly and fully with the govern ments of United states and the United kingdom in All the discussions of this problem. All three governments have done their utmost to find a solution. That what or. Drew Calls the Sterling Dollar Barrier still exists today is not due to any Lack of Effort on the part of the three governments. It is due to the inherent difficulties of the problem. If or. Drew Knovs How to achieve the convertibility of the Dollar and the Pound which he has been advocating since 1949, then As or. St. Laurent says it is or. Drew s obvious duty to explain his solution of a prob j Lem which has baffled All the governments of the Western world. In the 1949 election or. Drew demanded convertibility As if it could be ushered into existence merely by the word of the Ca Nadian government. After four years of consideration he still does not seem to understand what convertibility means., its meaning in fact is As simple As its enforcement is difficult. The Dollar both United states and Canadian is already converti ble automatically into pounds. The Pound however is not convertible except by the British government s permission and in restricted volume into Dol Lars. The whole problem there fore is to enable the Holder of pounds to take them into any Bank and secure their equivalent in dollars. Lacks sufficient dollars no Canadian or any other government can compel the British government to make pounds thus convertible. And Why does the British govern ment refuse to make them convertible simply because it does not presently hold and sees no Prospect of securing enough dollars to satisfy the demands of those owners of pounds who desire to convert them into dollars. Britain lacks sufficient dollars for this Pur pose because it is not Selling enough goods and services in the Dollar countries and earn ing dollars from these sales. Or. Drew says in the present election Campaign that he has. Finally compelled the govern ment to accept his policy to advocate convertibility and thus to. Vindicate his original Posi Tion. Actually the government has always advocated convertibility and done every thing pos sible to achieve it but unlike or. Drew it knows that the Lack of convertibility is not he cause but merely the symptom of Britain s ill balanced foreign Exchange. At its London economic con Ference last autumn the com. Mon wealth decided mainly the urging of Canada to run the risks of convertibility provided it could secure the co operation of the United states on terms which have never been fully j revealed. According to or. Drew this decision confirmed the Wisdom of his. Policy and he intimates was the result of his advocacy. Actually it was the result in Large measure anyway of the steady pressure of the Canad an government Over Many years. The Eisenhower govern ment newly in office and fully occupied with other problems was not ready to take the essential Steps requested by the Commonwealth. While these proposals Are still secret in their details their general Content is Clear. The Commonwealth suggested that the United states provide a Pool of dollars on. Which Britain could draw if necessary Dur ing the first Shock of convertibility when Many holders of pounds would eagerly convert them into dollars. Apart from this Stop Gap measure to meet a passing emergency the United states was asked to revise its Trade policies and by in creasing its imports provide Britain and the rest of the non Dollar world with More dollars. Convertible Pound the United states did not reject these proposals but Only postponed a decision on them. This was unfortunate though perhaps inevitable in the exist ing climate of United states politics and under a new govern ment Only beginning to find its feet it is certainly Clear at any rate that there can be no Chance of a convertible Pound until there is an improvement in Britain s foreign Exchange position either through Bri Tain s own efforts in expanding its sales in the Dollar countries or through a change in United states import policies. Both of those measures Are urgently required. In this the Commonwealth having proposed a plan of convertibility to the United states and the United states having postponed a decision for the moment or. Drew now proposes policies that assuredly would make convertibility impossible. He is pro posing though he is careful not to use those words a policy of direct Trade discrimination a against the United states. As a Start he would restrict the Export of Canadian raw materials to the United states this though Canadian Industry is vitally dependent on imported american raw materials and he would compel the Manu facture of the Canadian materials within Canada. Since they would be manufactured Here now if the finished products could meet the competitive Price of imports it follows that or. Drew s policy would involve the restriction of imports from the United Spates would break the Geneva Trade agree ments which include the 1947 .-Cahada agreement under birthdays Charles j. Sharp Portage la Prairie Man. Born Leicester England August 8, 1863. Mrs. J. Peacock Boissevain Man. Born Luevale oat August 8, Harry t. Rushton Winnipeg born Liverpool eng land August 9, 1871. Col. Arthurw Morley Winnipeg born huhtsvllle., which we have been Selling each year either live or As meat hundreds of thousands of. Cattle hogs and sheep and vast quantities of other farm pro ducts. Furthermore As or. Drew has made Plain in his Campaign speeches in the Tex tile centres of Quebec and on Tario he proposes to place additional dump duties on United states textiles. He has promised More Protection All through the High Tariff Ridings of Industrial Ontario. An Ocean Between like the ., whose Leader or. Coldwell once expressed the wish that he could place an Ocean Between the two coun or. Drew and the conservative party Are fundamentally antagonistic to the United states. A policy of discrimination a against United states goods would have Many results beyond exact calculation in terms of Canadian prices and reduced Canadian Trade. But one result certainly is Clear if Canada and Britain in co operation embark on a deliberate policy of discrimination against the United states they need expect and will deserve no United states assistance in making the Pound convertible. That project goes by the Board. Even if Eisen Hower desired to do so he could never persuade the Congress to support the Pound when american business was the target of damaging discrimination. Or. Drew continues to advocate convertibility As if it were his own private revelation. He is also that seriously enforced would make convertibility impossible. Attempt to destroy tax agreements fundamental mistake everyone in Western can Ada especially in Manitoba will remember the performance of the late Premier Mitchell Hepburn of Ontario both with regard to the sittings of the Rowell Sirois Royal commission and to the Dominion provincial held at Ottawa in january 1941. To consider its re port. Or. Hepburn then Premier of Ontario refused to co operate with the commission. He appeared before it at Toronto Only to denounce its personnel and its Aims. The Only provincial Prem Ier to be More hostile than or. Hepburn was or. Duplessis who was then As now Premier of Quebec. Or. Duplessis boycotted the commission refusing to appear before it or to present a Case in behalf of his province. Commission s report or. Hepburn always referred to toe commission s report As he opposed it be cause he did not propose to have Ontario made a Milch cow for Western or. Duplessis outdid or. Hepburn in vilifying the commission. He regarded it As a conspiracy against Quebec. Indeed or. Duplessis by stat Ute of the Quebec legislature in 1953 set up a Royal commission to reverse the findings of the Rowell Sirois commission. This commission was actually hold ing sittings in Quebec when the present Federal election was Cal led. It adjourned until after aug ust 10. Not until last november was it known that or. Drew the pres ent National conservative Leader was a consenting party to or. Hepburn s performance of 1937 41. During those years or. Drew was the Leader of the opposition in the Ontario legislature. In the House of commons last nov Ember 24, Page 31 unrevised or. Drew said that he had been consulted by and had approved of or. Hepburn s attitude at that time. Speaking at Bathurst new Brunswick on july 13 Globe and mail report or. Drew added further and most Illuminat ing facts to this record. He told his audience that the Fields of taxation should be re allocated As Between the Dominion and the provinces. He added that had the Ontario government not believed that this would be done when the first wartime tax agreements expired the Hepburn government would never have entered into an As a War measure. The Globe and mail reports or. Drew As follows this was within his personal knowledge because As opposition Leader in Ontario he had been asked by Mitchell f. Hepburn the Premier of the Day to accompany him to Ottawa Foi the i was kept fully informed of what was be ing or. Drew said. And i know that no agreement would have been signed by several of the provinces if the Dominion government had not Given a sol emn undertaking that the agree ments were temporary and that the financial position of the provinces would be established later and a Clear definition made As to their taxing what is of importance Here is first the statement that or. Drew was not a passive but an Active ally of or. Hepburn the wrecker of the Rowell Sirois report and second that the present tax agreements Are in tolerable to or. Drew and his party. Needless to say All these agree ments from the outset in 1942 have been voluntary and Tern Horary. The first round of a. Ree ments were for War and Cov ered All the provinces. The Sec Ond round was from 1947 to 19 52 and the third round will run. Until 1957. Ontario and Quebec declined to enter Irto agreement s with Ottawa in 1947 thereby proving conclusively that there is no compulsion about them. But Ontario made an agreement in August 1952, leaving the Lone standout among the ten provinces. The Frost government in ont Ario is a conservative govern ment or. Frost succeeded mr., Drew in the premiership of the province in 1949. Or. Frost does not share the views of or. Drew and or. Duplessis that these agreements weaken or impair the provinces. Or. Frost in ing the Dominion Contario tax. Agreement said this it is agreed that neither can Ada nor the province Ontario shall be deemed by any reason of having entered into this agree ment to have surrendered abandoned or Given Over to the other any of the Powers rights privileges or authorities vested in it under the provision of the British North America act 1867, and any amendments thereto or otherwise or to have impaired any such Powers rights privileges or the real purpose the people of Western Canada should make no mistake. Or. Drew and or Duplessis talk about impairing our Federal sys tem and destroying the Constitution. Premier Frost Points out there is not a word of truth in what they say. Their references to the Constitution and the fed eral system Are merely to cloak the real purpose which is to re establish the position of Quebec and Ontario As the wealthy head office province of Canada. No doubt they think they Are acting in the Best interest of their provinces. Actually if they succeeded in destroying the tax agreements they would be injuring not helping Ontario and que Bec. The destruction of the tax agreements would seriously Hurt the four Western and the four Atlantic provinces. The Impact of this injury would speedily be Felt in the Central provinces. Or. Drew and or. Duplessis make the fundamental mistake of be Lieving that Central Canada can Benefit by bleeding the rest of the country. Like the child who in a department store has temporarily misplaced its Mother there is something pathetic and disturbing about a quotation separated from its author. It is a sort of orphaned brain child. There Are probably thousands of men and women who carry about in the secret recesses of their minds some pet saying some fragment of verse some aphorism or Maxim which through the years has stood them in Good Stead and to the author of which they would gladly make a grateful Bow if Only they knew who that auth or was. Fugitive lines j sometimes it is possible by publishing the fugitive lines in papers like the new York times and John o London which conduct departments for the express to re unite the author with his words. But not always for the phrase that strikes fire in the mind of one Man May Well leave a. Thou Sand others cold. They pass it. By unnoticed As they would a Plain Young woman of the Street. Their minds Are not sensitive to its message it is not for them the opportune moment. But just As the auspicious will bring along the Man who has eyes to see that the Young woman is really by no Means Plain so will it bring together the Reader and tie words which speak to his heart. We know one Man for Jsam pie a delightful Bright eyed fellow a . Chesterton though he Casserie by c. S. R. May have known dark Days has certainly never known a Dull one. When he was hardly More than a boy this Friend of ours came upon these lines As we journey through life let us live by the those Lor whom boyhood is merely a memory May find in these words nothing More than a sort of Edgar guest Ian Bro mide to our Friend they come As a Golden Talisman. A Good part of his journey through life has been travelled now. It has taken him Over a winding vagrant Road with a thousand excursions into curious and unexplored by ways from which he has brought Back some not inconsequential contributions to the store of human knowledge. But of the author who with that homely adage set his feet upon that rewarding path he ass no knowledge. Sometimes an orphaned verse has a vaguely familiar rhythm or texture. For exam Plene or can the living the Liv ing judge too deep the affection too the Man who quoted us these lines is sure of one thing they were riot written by Alexander Pope. He is sure because so persistently had such a notion haunted him that Fie re read Popes Complete works an undertaking he has never regret Ted but which brought him no closer to the source of his kindly admonition. The catalogue could of course be extended indefinitely lines caught As it were in mid air like jewels wrenched from their settings. The toil of drop Ping buckets into empty Wells and growing old and pulling nothing a Friend of ours with a philosophic turn of mind has carried that sombre reflection about for half a lifetime and not without profit. Scarcely any goal is Worth the reach ing by so red a the Trou bled thoughts of what sad poet arranged themselves in that Strong line As he brooded Over what grim Battlefield the Man who for years has carried that isolated sentence in his mind would like to know and it is quite natural that he should. The Mother lode the prospector who picks up what seems to him a fragment of precious Metal is no doubt Happy to find it but he will hardly be satisfied until he locates the Mother lode. For much the same reason the Man who has picked up what seems to him a Golden phrase would like to Trace it Back to the mind in which it was minted. It is of course quite possible that the elusive if he is found will prove a disappoint ment he May All have earned his obscurity. But o us friends will continue their search in the Hope that the mind which created one endur ing thought will have other treasures to Lay before that the Anonymous author who with one fleeting phrase Long ago caught and lighted lip their will one Day become a known Friend

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