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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Winnipeg, ManitobaFinal edition vol. 60 no. 267 pages Price by Carrier 30 cents per week weather forecast Winnipeg sunny and warmer today and sunday. Winds Light. Low tonight and High sunday 55 and 90. Winnipeg saturday August 8, 1953 isun risen 6.07 . Sun sets 9.00 b m. Moon 3.s4 . Moon sets 8.53 . Forecast sunny and warm with wer voters decide monday predicted majority four platforms to choose from party managers have last word lit Lac change expected hours away Manitoba s four political party managers j still have a few seeds to Plant in your minds. Getting set to reap a big Harvest Are Douglas Revie in Manitoba picture by Victor Macknik Toronto special by Douglas revue prime minister Louis St. Laul 1. Or. Drew Nas indicated rent is expected to be re that pcs St pin her iai1h turned to office monday with on Protection. Four lads and a girl seats on Side. Ontario Cadet sergeant Douglas Hinchliffe of no. 519 Squadron Swan River man., Light a care a More difficult problem for a considerably reduced major Ity. That was the prediction heard on All sides in Ontario and Quebec during the elec Tion Campaign just closed. The Central provinces Are the key provinces in his election. On that Point there s general agree ment among politician of All Par ties. They also nope tired to be agreed that or. 3i. And his Liberal colleagues would have to hold Quebec and retain at least Hall the Ontario if they Are to have a comfor Abr working majority in the next parliament. J the consensus seems to he that the liberals will succeed in keep Ling the great majority of the que Jubec sents Canada along with cadets of France Norway and Sweden in Washington with miss Dolores Del Rio. Secretary of the Aero club of Washington. The boys conceded that he lube Las Are visiting the United states on an International Cadet Exchange program. While 120 cadets and their escort officers from 16 nations tour the . The same number of . Civil air patrol cadets Are touring Canada and Exchange countries in Europe and South Amer Ica. Hold half or perhaps slightly less Ithan half of the Ontario seats. This Malenkos says reds have Hydrogen bomb saturday Tures precipitation readings ending . 1 commission announced nov Halifax Vancouver 7-i i Calgary s3 Edmonton is Moscow Reuters Premier Georgi Malenkos the joint session of the supreme soviet today the states no longer has the monopoly of the Hydrogen bomb. A his appearance at the session of Russia s parliament came As a world s first Hydrogen bomb in a fort Willlam Surprise. It had not been Dis series of tests at the eniwetok closed beforehand. In the Marshall islands last Ottawa the Hydrogen bomb is a develop ment of the atom bomb but Many times More powerful. The United states atomic Energy commission j weapon experts said this was a veiled to the Hydrogen bomb j also disclosed that Grant j rubles Worth at the j agreed Western rate for rehabilitation in Korea. Malenkos also outlined a new government program for the production of cons Imer goods. He said1 it tit int the government was prepared to min. Free. .10 ,11 2. A vote for the Kcf is lir own away they have Chance of arming a gov the lib i Ai party has every in the of social vill continue to work hard Foj Trade unions co operatives and Par. Ity prices in sericulture. 4. We have i positive pro Gram to eliminate hunger and poverty existing among two thirds of Thi world s people and which will be the most potent in promoting world peace. By Keith Hunter 1. It s the Only party that combines the free enter prise of the capitalistic sys tem with the distribution of the socialistic system it has the blessings of both the curse of neither. Social Cre Dit has an eco nomic Reform that will pro v Ide Dis Tribu 11 o n without j. I iss of person i fiefdom is not depend ton racism or communism to Prosper Ity through Hunter War. 3. Peace i and Prosperity through distribution is our plan. 4. Social credit has no commit Ems in any special religious group but has a firm Faith in god com plete respect individual conscience in religious belief. Manitoba candidates wait voters verdict you will find Glatts Drew polity on defence monday and perhaps it will not be confined to Ontario. Away on Holiday Many industries in Ontario shut Down for two or More weeks Dur experts Sai tvs reference to North Vorea chiefs face executions commandos quell red food riots saturday candidates Manitoba s settled Back 56 to really Good Road conditions i held Promise of a fair turn a await their Fate at the polls out of voters. Ace features Pagie 36. Around the world paci1 2. Blondes die Young Page 7. Jook reviews Page 12. Bridge column Page 4. Church news Page 14. Comics pages 25, 26. Crossword Page 4. Deaths and funerals Page i financial news pages so 37. Garden column Page 13. Hollywood column Pace 5. Letter to editor pages 7, 10. Gressie conservatives in Mon by Victor Mackab Toronto a vote for pro monday. Booths open at Winnipeg North has sli348i actors Are 9 on the preliminary holidays and will not be Home to cd and close at 6 . Winnipeg North Centre j London letter Papp j9. Music news Page 15. Upor rioted in West ber vote on monday. Some Campaign workers were predicting saturday that they would be Lucky if they could get 135 to 40 per cent of the vote out i to the polls. J both prime minister St. Laurent and or. Drew have gone out of their Way to stress in their speeches the great importance of canadians exercising their fran Chise. I another Factor causing the i com Beals concern is ,4he apparent con i Tion on the part of Many voters Standard time 7 . That a Liberal government will be the Weatherman s Here s list of party hopefuls Winnipeg South 52432, Winnipeg fore South Centre and St. Boni face figures for the 1949 j election do not compare since con j Stit ency boundaries have been redrawn. I Days election be a vote to take risks with Zijic Security of the Canadian people prime min Louis St. Laurent solemnly warned an audience of at a mass Liberal rally Here Friday Foj the huge throng in Maple Leaf gardens roared approval As ithe dignified gentleman who leads i ivt1c, by Shane Mackay cies in defence Trade. And voting in the Advance poll thursday and Friday was Light but returning officers said this i was no definite indication of Mon-1 Day s turnout. George Lead to a in any Small army of Eluned to his Home Riding of Canada enable to carry Deputy returning officers poll Carleton Friday night to i s undertakings in the unit s of nations and nato he said. Make a major Effort in this London radio Tion. Today announced death sentences the budget he told the dept Lin late Friday but police rctllrnei1 to office this Nas Pri have been imposed on 10 top ties was a Bis step Forward to j diced two reactions according to Here is a list of candidates and other election workers his last main North korean officials accused wards building communism in and water can the findings of the party workers a Matoba s 14 Ridings for monday Skwere preparing for anything up Tel Fol of plotting armed rebellion and soviet Union and reflected the gov inon crushed a larks he pod first that there is no need election. Voters in the ele Cllon Campaign. Plotting Lor the United states. Ernie res policy towards a Stead Chuoi Muy supporters to get out Andi candidates for three Ridings he greater win two other North korean National Economy. Liked storm trooper s against i vote because there is no doubt Mam Loba Are also listed ring about the outcome. And secondly. Mcl Villa and yorker my sask at a were jailed. Three minutes of cheer the sentences were handed downgraded his appearance from a seat Lulu Relief for Hui so me who to mkt ordinarily Chowan and Kenora Rainy the military collegium of the behind the praesidium table to and Ingry East germans. See forecast Page 8 North korean supreme court Fol dress the last joint session of the lowing a purge trial in the red supreme soviets two houses the three bloody riots flared. Tradition with All 12 accused of the Union arid the soviet i Messing guilt. Of nationalities. Simultaneously at food former Justice minister Lee Malenkos told the deputies lha Tjawan Points in the United nu1i1c Vav Chi Vav Ruiu Liberal will vote Ontario. River few electoral officials cared to Sung Yop. Accused As the ring Ahe soviet budget provided for the Leader in the purported of the armed forces and headed the list of those sentenced to die. For improved defence capacity to Ive a crushing blow to any a states and French sectors. More than 400 police com also doomed the broadcast who wants to violate the Mandos reinforced with Oto vim nov mfr for inf i _ c Iet social Hong Wong former foreign ister and vice Premier Rhee Che. Former Deputy propaganda chief of the korean party and six others. J one of the jailed officials t 15 to Hines w3r old country soccer scottish league act division a Airdrie plans East Fife 1 celtic 0 Aberdeen 1 Dundee 6 Stirling Albion 1 Falkirk 1 St. Murren 1 hearts 5 Hamilton a 0 Partick Thistle 4 Clyde 1 Queen of s 0 hibernian 4 Kaith p. 0 rank cars 4 division b Alioa 0 to Wirtl Lanark 1 Ayr u 2 Stenhouse Muir 1 Dunfermline u Arbroath 1 Forfar a 2 Dunbarton 1 Jorton 3 Dundee United ,1 Moth Envell 3 Kilmarnock 0 Queens p 4 Al Ion r u St. Johns tone 2 Cowdenbeath says Britain j London has made it Clear that her signature the United nations warning on Korea does not commit her automatically to War against China if the communists break the armis in the table below relic parties designated thus l Liberal pc progressive conservative Kcf co operative common wealth federation so social credit ind a Independent lib Leral. Inri Independent and l Liberal labor. I Manitoba j 14 members i constituency member of the last House bracketed figures after cons tit if you re out near the new majority in last elec thirty rioters five with broken in Pes stadium about s . or by election. Heads Warp Halpri off to mail i14 anti you hear Heads were hauled off to jail. Aug Teri lne Roll of James Creighton l hundreds tied Back to nearby Drums then be in on the. Walter Dinsdale pc soviet territory. J opening of a new Era in sport Ini mrs Dorothy j. Johnson lab forecast whether monday s vote would be Light or heavy. How Ever it was expected away on would Chance at the polls. In the two month election Cam the if ant communist demonstrators. Opening set it i Tlle m Rienche Tures proposed by the progressive j the censor Vayes proposals to before a Cheerin fifthly lash Bush the slates questions would result in san crowd of of Al supporters War which cow ultimate. The National progressive Conser ily destroy the Canadian Economy. Native Leader reviewed his party s jcanac1ians depending on Trade for Leavy. How i6.point program and asked . , Many voters would shudder at he idea of give ild lose their allans la turn Oul the Hon George Drew Padere f i government. Llhee an Opportunity pain there were few big issues Serva Tives accompanied by a some Banner waving in Washington the i prime minister declared. Tice. A foreign office spokesman asked to comment on the Declara ution. Said that during its drafting Britain was careful to make Clear View that decisions which the West Berlin police who smashed Back rioting communists at the food distribution centres last tuesday were tipped off in Advance that the reds planned new trouble. The hottest Battle was waged on Prinzen Allee in the French Sec Tor. Police blasted 500 violent reds there with water pressure nozzles mounted on revolving turrets of then closed in with flailing clubs. Two thousand berliners Home Ward bound from work watched this riot continue for 20 minutes Winnipeg. The Oom pah pahs will be those of the Winnipeg grenadiers band the signal for the Start of a gala evening of hoopla fun and Corinne Calvet. Prog Baden Powell Hathaway Kcf Churchill d. L. Downs so Moore Kcf w. G. Thompson. Pc it la be the official opening of George Weaver l Imi Ghl have grave consequences before the communists were Corn see us stand Petely routed. Fourteen ring Lead lers were arrested. The new Winnipeg stadium staged by the Winnipeg shrines and the Winnipeg enterprises the proceeds of the evening will go to the shrines Hospital for1 crippled children. It la be an evening of colourful Shriner antics brass bands the introduction of football players of the Ottawa rough riders and win see new stadium Page 8 Dauphin r. Elmer Forbes pc so a. H. Parker l Fred Zaplitny Kcf smooth lines mean rough times., says scholar London Reuters Shorter dior does t invent new styles skirt fashions Are a sure sign that the world is about to plunge into an Era of Loose morals broken Homes and inflation says London museum official James Laver. From his Dusty office in the Vic Toria and Albert museum. Laver Friday offered historical evidence of his theory. The 53-year-old just to make a Fortune for the dress manufacturers. He merely interprets what s in the he can see what s coming be fore it s visible to anyone Laver said. Layer Shook his head sorrowfully at thoughts of the future. He said it will bring More female Eman said. On the other hand tight a Laver pointed out that the chief laced eras Are characterized by periods of moral laxity in modern scholar has written dozens More headaches for Hus to ions on the relation of fashions bands More trouble for everybody to morals and economics Down the smooth line and the Short through the Ages. Tight laced clothes. Dior s Powers of prophecy he said did not fail him with his new look edict for longer skirts in 1917. Everybody was against it there was a world wide shortage of Tex history occurred in 1800 after the French revolution and in 1925 after the first world War. Fashion changes he said waving a series of histor ical sketches As evidence. Then everything else Falls into tiles. But this new look came As for opposition to dior s new in spite of All opposition. It re i styles Laver says it does t mean fleeced the Universal longing to re a thing. Lined skirt Means he said. Turn to the Good old he the leaders of fashion Are just howling into the he said. Ivan Langtry so w a. Pommer l William Sharpe pc Marquette e. A. Sales pc David l. Clink so Stuart Garson l postage Neepawa u-j3s h. R. Collver so Jim Cowan pc few. G. Weir l above Cher Trene Jutras l Abram Theissen pc w. J. Tinkler so St. Boniface Leonard Evans Kcf George Maclean pc Fernand Viau l Selkirk Mike Baryluk pc Sec candidates Page 8 Jack gives a helping hand the Young fellow in the Centre is famous Blue bomber quarterback Jack Jacobs and the youngsters watching him so intently Are patients at the shrines Hospital for crippled. Children 633 Wellington Crescent. Jack was kept Busy All one afternoon recently signing Minia Ture footballs Given to the children. The Hospital will come in for even bigger things aug. 14 when the shrines join with the Winnipeg enterprises corporation in the official opening of the Winnipeg stadium. Watching Jack left to right Are Kenneth John Walter Harry and Douglas. See Story on Page s polls open monday at 9 . Cd 8 and close at 1 . Cd 6 . Cost v

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