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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 30, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 14 Winnipeg free april report booming expanding Carman Nursery setting sights High for future by Gladys Terichow special to the free press flurry of activity at Aubin nurseries Here is a sure sign Spring has by the time the second week of May Rolls close to 50 semitrailers of Prairie grown Nursery Stock will have been shipped to Garden centres from the Lakehead to the Albert British Columbia owner Lawrence Aubin has seen the operation expand from 29 hectares to 260 since he took Over the family owned business in started by his father Gerald in the Nursery is now the fourth largest supplier of deciduous Stock on the our goal is to be in first or second place by the turn of the Aubin annual he have been increasing steadily at 10 to 15 per with most of the growth in the wholesale weve gone As far As we can in the retail but theres lots of room for expansion at the wholesale level providing you provide Quality Good service and competitive he if you dont have Quality and you might As Well Burn the areas stable workforce and a Core of longtime employees have helped the Nursery maintain its High standards of Quality and he he said retail sales began climbing in 1960 and peaked at 50 per cent of the business in this last he has aggressively pursued the wholesale which now account for 80 per cent of main competitors his main competitors Are located in British Columbia and Minne Aubin said they have a More favourable climate for grow ing Nursery but Prairie gardeners Are becoming More discerning and questioning the source of the if you get Hardy Stock grown on the chances of survival Are much despite the increased Aubin maintains Hes not getting there Are always the unexpected he that one thing about Mother nature she keeps you you can never be too cocky in this Busi when the Container Stock was uncovered this his staff discovered Voles had destroyed on third of the resulting in a financial setback of two years he inadequate Snow cover and severe tempera Tures destroyed fruit its not All he Lis Ting High labor capital in vestments and High inventory of Lawrence Aubin right supplies Stock to Garden centres from Lakehead to the Albert British Columbia Breeding Stock As other expenses in the Labo intensive the Nursery employs a year round staff of 15 and a seasonal staff of this a bins joined the Mak ing it a third generation the expertise gained from being in business 63 years has helped the Nursery develop successful Grad ing and storage Lawrence Aubin we always keep on improve he in this you cant rest on past situated on the outskirts of the Nursery has expanded into an impressive looking with 12 greenhouses Square metres of space and four temperature and humidity controlled storage facilities cubic metres of about one million Trees and shrubs Are started from seed on raised Beds in irrigated about 80 per cent of the seed is picked from the i Ursery Breed ing the cuttings rooted in the greenhouse in Spring Are graded in fall and stored at c until the following when they Are sold or planted As Breeding about dormant Hardwood cuttings Are rooted outdoors and another propagated through the budding and grafting in the plants grow ing in the Fields Are brought into the storage graded and potted for the Container Stock is put in piles outdoors for Winter Stor age and covered with a Micro insulated this is the first year Voles have damaged the Container Aubin the work is he adding he Doest expect he will Ever be Able to say All the work has been its not a business for some body who likes a 9to5 he i enjoy it or i be in that for its a Way of life you live sleep it and eat seven Days a Farmer turns junk into gems up Eldon Weigel never turned water into wine but he has turned scads of junk into useful for 40 banners have beat a path to the door of his workshop to have broken machinery made Over like new under the seemingly magi Cal touch of his hands and slim and muscular at Weigel has keen eyes that gleam with enthusiasm behind steel rimmed spectacles As he takes visitors on a tour of the Sawmill and woodworking shop near Kitchener he built As retire ment i just started making my own farm machinery out of old stuff because i afford to buy it he says explaining How his career As a repairman the stuff i rebuilt seemed to last almost longer than the new and pretty soon other people wanted me to rebuild their machinery Weigel is also an inventor and believes he May have built the first electric fencer Ever used on farms in he made the fencers by using old dry cell Telephone batteries and coils out of Model t Ford a fencer is a device that puts an electrical charge into a Fence that delivers a mild Shock to i know i was making them for two or three years before anyone around Here even heard of such a thing being on the he i just made them in the evenings after the Days work and when i finally quit making them there must have been 20 different makes of Factor built ones on the although he never bothered with Weigel had the satisfaction of knowing that the equipment he designed usually outlasted that produced by the Well known Man my he would go for two years on a those commercial ones Only went about half that he seems to have inherited his skills from two Pioneer his Grandfather Frederick and great Uncle Balzer up photo easygoing Edminister heading off into the Sunset Weigela magic touch earned him the name fixity Frederick was a Blacksmith who made farm implements and Balzer built wagons and some of which Are still around nearly 100 years after he made when Weigel retired 10 years he built a Sawmill and a Woodwork ing shop where he has become Al most As Well known for his skill with Wood As he previously was for the things he built of the which he Testi fies to his resourcefulness and invent discarded by a previous Weigel custom designed the Mill and woodworking shop with features that work with the same smooth action As everything he authentic Pioneer style spinning tool wooden Orna utensils and Utility items Are some of the things he turns out in his when Hes not in the shop practising his Weigel lives with his wife Irene across the Road in a House he designed and quotas set for wheat and Barley the Canadian wheat Board has announced quota changes for most cheats As Well As quota changes apply to Canada Western red Spring can Ada Prairie red soft White contract soft White Spring and Utility and bar Ley and contract effective april the Board announced an e quota of 270 kilo Grams 10 bushels per quota acre for All grades of cars wheat in 176 train also announced for All train runs is a d quota of 550 kilograms bushels per quota acre for All grades of cps and a d quota of 550 kilograms bushels per quota acre for All Utility All above mentioned quotas Termi Nate june ending june 15 on All train runs is the d quota for All Grade of red Winter the c quota for All Grade of soft White Spring and the b quota for All grades of also terminating june 15 is the delivery Call of kilograms bushels per quota acre for contract soft White Spring wheat grading Tough and Damp 1 and 2 cd and the series b delivery Call of kilograms bushels per quota acre for contract Barley grading straight 1 and 2 cd producers should note the several quotas terminated april and they should Contact elevator managers regarding those none of us could under stand Back then Why the new agriculture minister was in sisting on being called Billie instead of As in Billie we held an Impromptu editorial meeting on the weighty and by a two to one rejected the it was probably More my since that happens to be my fore in if you write my Christian name on tracing paper and Lay it Over top the resemblance is and i could remember to the Day when the in fell off my my piano suggested it while As a Young was trying to curl my fingers Over the keys in such a Way that would win her she said i might be grown up enough now to be called and i wholeheartedly that is How we both became it was Harriman the news is that the former a minister from the Interlake is pack ing it hanging up his throwing in the or heading out to and Riding into the Hes quitting the Story was first reported in the Interlake Spectator about two months what else comes to mind is that Uruski was such a Nice he was always genuinely Happy to see including no mat Ter what youd written about it was simply the Way he was a Good argument got him revved and hed smile with pleasure throughout anyone who met him knows Hes someone who has More trouble fighting off a smile than putting one his successor makes it two in a As far As decent people filling the a ministers no matter How much he May think youve burned and there have been a few current a minister Glen Findlay remains genuinely in these Guys would win the lady Byng trophy of if there was not that Allag ministers Are so easy grains minister Charlie Mayer developed a reputation for reaming out farm leaders on the whenever he didst like what they told the and Mayer also left Subtle hints with reporters that if he liked your he would be More Access Ible to if you were the Bug on the Windshield of the tory getaway or at least that was supposed to be the and the word on Federal agriculture minister Don Mazankowski is dont mess with you can Cross him but not that goes for farm report and his Uruski dont Call me Bill watch by Bill Redekop seem to watch what reporters and that determines whether his office will accommodate the tories must have a manual on this but in provincial politics at the farm ministers Haven played those kind of being a Nice Guy Doest mean you Are an effective farm Uruski was too closely tied to the National Farmers Union in his Early years As he was also there for the disintegration of Mani Tobas cattle and beef packing Indus it May be that nothing could have stopped the cattle Industry from leaving and it had already begun before Uruski the Alberta government was hell Bent on spending whatever it would take to become the Centre of the beef Indus Uruski himself admits he May have acted too slowly to protect Manitoba weanling hogs Are leaving the province the same Way As calves began in the Early and that could be the current ministers my sense of the situation in Agri culture is that a lot of the fight has gone out of the farm Community because of the devastation people have been he the big picture is that Ottawa has taken the position that most of the struggling farms have to Uruski will return to working full time at his Poplar filed Turkey when the next election is he and wife Elaine also Hope to become involved in doing development work in a third world Uruski served As a minister from and As the Interlake la for 21 years in he will be Odd the University of Minnesota has implanted a Gene into the eggs of Pickerel and Northern Pike that in creases their size by 40 per one Jackfish dubbed moby is said to be twice As Large As untreated holy Catfish an appearing in Mineso abased feedstuffs says aquaculture is the wave of the fun since wild caught fish Are being harvested close to the maximum sustainable researchers implant a Bovine growth hormone into but Are working on a species specific Gene fish eggs Are collected and and then a Fine Glass Needle about the thickness of a hair is used to inject the Gene solution into the last the re searchers injected eggs one at a the biotechnology is the first of its kind with Pike and the new fish Are not for release in Freshwater the crusty old Fisherman cursed softly to Odd Ken the National Farmers unions co director for is a Manitoba Pool Eleva tors Delegate from Swan last week beat incumbent Glen Jeffrey of Bowsman in an me election in subdistrict Sigurdson stepped Down As Dele Gate three years Jeffrey was considered by some to be a Likely candidate to replace District 7 director Bill Corbett when he retires next the loss Doest prevent Jeffrey from running for director because Mes directors dont have to be the vote was made by the subdistrict 12member local Council members consist of four members for every Grain delivery Point in a Odd its hard to imagine snails bolting for animal rights activists raided a farm in freeing 000 snails being fattened for the restaurant robbers broke into the Bam and took 40 special tubes holding the then painted slogans on the barn and set it the Farmer said the snails were housed at specific controlled temperatures with a special sprinkler system to keep them he said they would probably die in the Wil and now for something completely

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