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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 29, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winti Peg free april East German farm protest snarls traffic about people yesterday attended the funeral of presidential candidate Carlos slain this mourners Appeal for peace Bogota a thousands of people marched through the streets of the colombian capital yesterday to mourn Carlos slain guerrilla Leader whose presidential Campaign ended with an assassins bul a steady about people trudged three chanting and waving placards appealing for peace in their War torn i did my duty for and they killed people chanted As they headed for the cemetery on the outskirts of the downtown in a nationally televised address late Friday president Virgilio Barco urged colombians not to react to Pizarro murder with More Vio Barco said he is doubling the size rival group slams Anc talks labelled appeasement Johannesburg a a South african group yesterday accused the african National Congress of appease for agreeing to negotiate with the in other developments to police said a Black police offi Eer and his father were killed by gunmen Friday via police general said South Africa crime rate has reached alarming some supporters of the pan africanist a rival of the larger gathered in the Atte Ridgeville township out Side Pretoria yesterday for the funeral of Jeff who died in a car two weeks was freed in october from a life prison term after serving 27 years for Sabo talks slated the Vic president of the pan in a reference to Anc said had no time for com Promise and it is sad for the Anc to have taken that decision to talk to the the the largest Black opposition is to hold talks wednesday through Friday with de Klerks gov the discussions Are designed to Clear the Way for negotiations on a new Constitution that would include our Choice is to fight said Cunningham Gener Al Secretary of a pan africanist affiliated Union a sellout is very thick in the he said of the the pan africanist Congress broke away from the african National Congress in the 1950s and disagrees with the Anc on sever Al tactical the pan Afri Canistr believe Blacks should be self reliant in their struggle for political while the Anc embraces a multiracial a police said five gunmen broke into the House of 24yearold police Zuma in Maumalanga outside Durban on Friday demanded then shot him twice in the police said Zumas in another heard the attack and tried to flee from the House but was also shot and Jaap head of the police criminal investigations said crime has reached alarming proportions with almost million serious crimes committed last on an average Day in South Joubert there were 32 56 199 Rob 160 car thefts and More than 500 cases of House break the National police Force is also experiencing a Drain of with an average of 22 a Day resigning during the first three months of this j two earthquakes Rock i rior Thern California san Francisco a about 40 Homes in the City of damaged and a few Homes declared unfit for habitation after two earthquakes rumbled through the Northern part of the officiate said damage included broken toilets knocked off rup hired water and Gas lines and broken said san Ramon Valley department spokesman Mary several Homes were deemed Unin by inspectors after the quakes Friday Raymond said followup inspections will the severity of the dam two jolts in Contra Costa Concord produced pre Richter scale readings of said the University of seismographic station in the geological sur measured the shocks at Magni and r the quakes were centred some 50 i East of san six i Kilometres East of Walnut t seismologists the shocks swept cans and bottles off supermarket shelves and knocked out Power to thousands of Homes in Walnut Creek and jostling the nerves of the first hit at local time and another Shock hit six minutes several quakes measuring and smaller shivered through the area after the largest jolts were Felt from Vacaville to Marin county to san a spokesman for the California office of emergency services said the shocks were part of the continuing series shaking the Region this tremors of up to on the Richter scale were Felt in the Bay area april 6 and april none caused any major the quake that hit the Region 17 claimed 67 lives and caused some billion us in at the Alamo employees closed the store and filled carts with bottled water and batteries to sell at the front their floors were a mess with broken bottles and scattered Karen Walnut Creek police reported from her Post things fell off the shelves behind the of a police strike Force that now numbers about the strike Force has been in Colombia co Caine searching for the reputed head of the Medellin Pablo Pizarro was just starting his presidential Campaign when a gunman shot him thursday aboard a domes tic the 38yearold candidate was a guerrilla for 16 years and Rose to be commander of the april 19 move known As the Antonio a longtime m19 guerrilla announced yester Day he will run for president in place of the funeral was held in the Pri Matial Cathedral on the cites huge Bolivar the Cathedral is Only about 70 metres from the site of Colombia Palace of which was raided by the m19 in More than 100 people were killed in the and a fire destroyed the Interior of the the Palace was torn Down last Pizarro was commander of the m19 at the time of the guerrilla but he did not take part in the two other presidential candidates besides Pizarro have been Assassin ated during the Campaign for May 27 senator Luis Carlos Galan of the governing Liberal party was gunned Down last August at a Politi Cal rally in and Bernardo Jaramillo of the communist led patriotic Union party was killed last month at the cites East Berlin a while East German leaders were in Moscow yesterday to Brief soviet Lead ers on plans for German reunify their Farmers parked tractors and trucks at Highway Bor Der Crossings and tied up traffic to dramatize their fears about West German East German Farmers have be come increasingly worried they will lose their livelihood to West German the farm protest backed up traffic for an hour on the Highway Between the Southern East German City of Plauen and the West German Border town of police East Germany adn news Agency also said Farmers used their vehicles to Block Border Crossings at Gassen Reuth and Hein which Border the West German state of it gave no figures on the number of Farmers East German agriculture minister Peter Pollack has said he would seek to control Western Foo imports and promote local Many Western goods already Are flooding across the even though the German states have not completed agreement on How they will merge their a full economic Union is planned for july there were also clashes Between East German police and Neo nazis police used tear Gas and dogs yesterday against Neo nazi skin Heads who barricaded themselves in a restaurant in the southwestern City of adn five skinheads were injured in the and 150 were adn about 200 youths gathered in the restaurant and All but about 50 obeyed police orders to adn the news Agency said the youths hurled rocks and bottles at who responded by firing tear Gas and loosing police most of die youths were West in town for a Rock it Nordhausen is about 200 Kilometres Southwest of Leader on mend after stabbing West Germany Asp Oskar Deputy Leader of the opposition social was moved out of intensive care yesterday at Cologne University Hospital three Days after being stabbed in the doctors said expected to be Chancellor Helmut Kohls chief rival in the general election in de had a quiet night and a Good appetite at a woman believed to be mentally unbalanced attacked him at a rally in Cologne on Lafontaine is Premier of the West German state of relatives of his assail Adelheid criticized authorities for having failed to act on their requests to commit her to a mental institution More than three months her Irene alerted authorities on 19 that Streidel was strongly suicidal and very dangerous to other the weekly Der Spiegel reports in its edition due to appear none of this would have happened if the authorities had acted More her brother inlaw was quoted As select care the family resource service meets family needs at we do what family members would do if they were and Home we guarantee to respond when our clients need Call for 2020 Portage Winnipeg select care a Canadian company owned and operated by registered nurses since select care 7 4h Waist to hp1 Winnipeg free press Home delivery before be Fot tace r pcs

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