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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 29, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Free press april 1990 it Blower up real Good if the nuclear holocaust comes canadians will sleep through it i hate to depress you on a Nice Day like but Ive just heard some truly ghastly if Canada comes under nuclear attack your clock radio is not going to its yet another in a Long line of revelations that Point straight to an insidious conclusion if the nuclear holocaust Ever Arri it May not have much of a Bright Side to it at we Haven spent a lot of time worrying about nuclear War in the past few not with the society bloc collapsing faster than the Meech Lake weve been wrestling with an even More distressing problem How on Earth Are we sup posed to Cope with a world in which evil empires Arent out to get us after All for nearly 50 the Western world View has been based on the premise that those satanic commies were plotting to blow us All All of a theres no one to be paranoid which is terribly unset thank goodness for the if they we rent scheming to build the we might All have to relax and sleep at but i we were discussing radio clocks and the Way they fit into Canadas Over All civil de Fence according to a Story that appeared in the papers the other this strategy is in an utter the govern ment has never come up with the Money to implement a scheme drafted five or six years by which a High pitched beep would be broadcast Over radio and to to warn us of an impending nuclear on in one of those Marvel Lous strokes of bureaucratic this system was named the crisis Home alerting or for it has such a reassuring much More reassuring than something like the danger nuclear War or for you can see that the absence of this system leaves us facing a dire and dismal if the end of the world arrives to were liable to sleep right through Canada still has its network of air raid installed Back in the but it seems the department of National twos n no did by Biu Audru i told were putting on weight defence int sure whether the system will really work or in the first it has never been properly Tes for obvious enough you could hardly turn on every air raid Siren in the nation and then just kid the system has fallen into according to the news it is known that bees make Honey in some and squirrels find them an dry place to store theres actually some thing curiously reassuring in when you Stop to think about its Nice to know those Nasty air raid sirens Are serving some we Haven exactly followed the biblical injunction to beat our swords into but at least All these years of military spending have created some Nice condominiums for Woodland and this leads right Down to the heart of the is in the nuclear whats the Point of a civil defence system in the first place Why bother trying to sur Vive a nuclear holocaust its not As if youre going to step Back out into a world that has breathable air or drinkable let alone a decent pizza restaurant that if human beings Are actually dim enough to get themselves involved in nuclear then surely the Only valid reaction is the Ngn response which of for Nice numbs this is Why Ive always believed that civil defence initiatives should be restricted to a taped Mes to be broadcast Over loudspeakers around the world if the missiles get ladies and the human race has just decided to blow itself funny old he have a Nice m schools Rich in spirit arts dramas and activities Rich in school spirit de scribe recent or upcoming events in Winnipeg High Balmoral Hall will be holding its first Ever Festi Val of the May doors open at 6 for Dis plays of Art works and dance at 8 the Grade 12 class will be presenting a for adults and for Stu Are available at the Oak Park High school will be holding its festival of arts and drama from May 23 at various Art dramatic presen and a Grade 12 Fash Ion show will be taking tickets can be Pur chased at the door for in recognition of Environ student notebook mar Wiseman mental Dakota collegiate students raised funds at a student versus the me Dia basketball april All Money raised will be donated to environmental the students and staff at John Taylor collegiate Are hard at work putting Toge ther both boys and girls Rugby this is the schools first attempt at Fielding Rugby the radio station at Shaftesbury High school1 will Host a lunch hour sock hop on May the folks at Nelson Mclntyre collegiate would like to Welcome Back students at the school who participated1 in a we Klong Exchange program in Nova the senior choir and vocal jazz ensemble at Gordon Bell High school Are Prepa ring for a five Day trip to May Stu dents will perform at differ ent schools and possibly in some shopping Boniface diocesan held a spirit filled gym riot on april four class rooms of pupils competed in different while the rest of the school cheered them fort collegiate will be holding a spirit May students will participate i a pie throwing Dunk balloon and a final italian fest to move to Forks this years italian Street festival will be expanding to a we Klong event and will move from Corydon Avenue to the Forks National Histo Ric says one the move from Corydon will expand the annual Festa italian reach to All italians in Winnipeg and create More cultural exposure for All Cit said the president of the sons of festival or i dont feel were leaving our roots As the Forks is becoming a cultural Centre for the City said Frank were making this a citywide festival for italians and All other the Early september Festi which ends in a grand finale weekend from the 7th to 9th at the will include events All Over the there will be an italian film festival at the Winnipeg Art fashion shows and food fairs at malls across the said but not everyone on Cory Don Avenue is Happy about the festival meant expo sure of the Stet to Many thousands of people and it also Means a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising for the said Joe pres ident of the Corydon Avenue merchants but the people who benefited the most were not the businesses but the comm there was entertain ment at no Cost for our child Ren and adults during the different varieties sunday 125 theg open sundays Lee scene 245 Mac s Shramo equipped shifting Alloy wheels 2037 Portage of h9fi7ii Mummy exclusively at open week nights til and saturdays til

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