Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 29 1986, Page 27

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 29, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Othir Inch Antes Newyork 33 47 55v 5954 stat 57a 7js 40h i 45 54 33 m 79 5wi m w 52 19a m l6n66n of closing Stock Dos in new Pence roof ads of dollars Are ask listed British foods 332 bib cock 189 Bass to Bice m sex div Alberta by up Alberta Stock of filth Complete tabulation of monday quotations in cents unless marked net change is from previous close of same lot net Safet Alia res 4000 33 33 33 Alburg 70000 5 5 5 a of kid 32461 16 Isa isa1ft Argus 7590 52 52 52 Arellan 2500 92 91 91 Bancer 51500 13 12 12 Barron n 1000 55 52 55 Bearcat 3448 44 44 44 bilk in 2000 17 17 1 boreal 800 34 33 33 Cam turf 5000 235 216 230 10 cd new 3000 12 12 12 can gtd 12000 110 90 110 Claude 5900 359 340 350 cd Yew of 5500 70 60 60 19 c Giscom z300 cons in z25 con in a z25 con rant 5900 30 30 30 Cortez 1000 50 50 so Cox the 500 145 145 145 Coral Tel r 22200 7 6 6 cultus is z62 Cypres a 3000 25 25 25 Oestern 6500 in 18 18 2 Eden Roc 51900 158 125 158 Eaton 8430 225 200 215 Eneren z50 engy inf too 240 240 240 err nos 16500 125 120 121 4 cd Krikl 3000 20 20 20 1st City 2500 80 80 80 frag 3600 300 295 295 5 Fredm 2300 131 130 130 5 Elbl Are 33500 88 73 73 23 old Brit 3000 40 40 49 Glen sir 8725 150 120 15 Hedman 2500 190 180 190 Hwi ind 2500 140 135 140 inter old 5500 230 210 230 10 my cup 255200 60 35 50 it r 147000 Jaragh 11500 53 52 52 1 jell a b 1000 66 66 66 24 Kelvin 1000 145 145 145 5 kilo old 14000 30 30 30 legacy a zoo Mads of 3000 80 80 80 Marsh 1000 75 75 75 matrix 2800 94 94 94 Milner 1000 90 87 87 Mlotek 19450 71 68 70 Monk go 10600 174 160 174 Neuma 14800 120 115 120 new Lex 4000 22 22 22 Walta 5000 24 24 24 1 Noble pm 4800 2w 255 255 no Hon 98 90 905 not Rosr 94m 450 440 450 Oracle 2000 275 270 275 Orwell 3000 25 25 25 Penant 9700 7 6ft per Hal 41500 57 51 51 7 Petrman 1000 2 2 2 oct san Shaw slur sly hot twin Varit total Winnipeg Bank of 1st Boot b Federal ind fid Trust fun Lawson Hudson Bay he co a Inland Trust inv group inv group 5 Man props Royal Bank of Gordon traders Tran Phi lines to Rcpt pad Truppi try Wist trans tide United Canadian United Grgur a Star class 110 1451 asked metals Winnipeg up Gold and Silver futures Winnipeg commodity Exchange Boc a four m boots 249 Bowater 318 sex div of it affix Fob 396 by it Trust 460 buttels Burmah 344 Canadian Pacific Chaher cons 248 cons Gold 472 court aulds j69 de Beers distillers m6 Freefold Gen electric 194 Glaxo 978 grand met hotels 373 or in stores a 1045 guest keen 342 Hawker Siddeley 595 ici721 Imp Tob 334 int Thomson 494 Kloof 10 Marks and Spencer 216 Metal Box 690 Ossil Philips poll Kington Bros 446 Plessey 238 rank 530 Rio Tanto Zinc Rowntree 508 Shell t and t 748 Thorn Emi 499 Trust House 170 Ultra mar 176 Unilever 1640 vials Vickers 458 deep level Western mines 155 Woolworth 840 zambian Copper 65 Bonds Brit trans Brit cons War loan 25 Bonds Toronto up selected Bond quotes on actively traded issues provided to the investment dealers association of Canada at by Nesbitt Thomson Bon Gard Price is the midpoint be tween bid and ask All yields Are calculated to full Maturi Price old cow government of Canada can m dec 584 Latch 9031 Winnipeg Gold jun86 Stu dec 86 mar 87 jun87 fridays volume nil Winnipeg Silver 20 ounce Gold contracts open High Low close new apr 86 Jlyo od86 Jan 87 apr 87 fridays volume nil Bullion prices by the Canadian press following prices of Gold and Sil ver Bullion in dollars a Fine Are prices in dealer auction markets and Are not necessarily those at which Bullion can be Pur chased in Small net close Cage London 1 new York Handy and Harman Fine Silver quotations in Canadian dollars monday Fri Day Gold was quoted bid Canad an and asked Cana Dian at the close of Trad ing Molda Yby Dea Perrera a major Gold and foreign Exchange at the Silver was quoted at bid Canadian and asked Canadian City Cash Gold closing Silver and Coin prices monday in dollars an ounce bid ask Gold Silver Maple Leaf Krugerrand source Bank of Nova closing Dollar Toronto up Dollar in terms of Canadian funds closed monday Down 15 at Fri Days close was Pound Ster Ling was up 3350 at in the Canadian Dollar was up 13100 at and Pound Sterling Rose 710 to London old London api late Gold prices monday in dollars per Troy ounce London Paris Frankfurt Zurich Hong Kip Al 34451 London metals London api Widon closing metals in pounds Sterling 9 tonne Silver in Pence Troy Copper spot future Lead spot 237vj238 future 245 2j0 Zinc spot 395400 future no quotes Silver spot 326327 future 334335 aluminium spot 758759 future 75175 Nickel 25552jw future 2603 w9s 200 ounce Silver contracts open High Low close foreign Exchange Toronto up foreign Exchange rates at est supplied by the Bank of these rates Are the midpoint be tween the buying and Selling they fluctuate during the Day and vary at each Australia Dollar Austria Schilling Bahamas Dollar Bahrain Dinar Barbados Dollar Belgium inv franc Bermuda Dollar Brazil Cruzado Bulgaria lev China Renmin i Colombia peso Czechoslovakia Crown Denmark Krone Caribbean Dollar fill Dollar Finland Mark France franc Germany Mark Greece drachma Guyana Dollar Hong Kong Dollar Hungary forint India Rupee Indonesia rupiah Iraq Dinar Ireland Pound Israel new shekel Italy lira Jamaica Dollar Japan yen Kenya shilling Korea won Kuwait Dinar Lebanon Pound Malaysia ringgit to Mexico peso Netherlands Guilder Dollar Norway Krone Pakistan Rupee philippine peso Poland zloty Portugal escudo Romania leu saudi Arabia rival Singapore Dollar South Africa Rand Spain peseta Sweden Krona Switzerland franc Tanzania shilling Trinton Dollar Dirhan Woynd Dollar Ruble Venezuela Bolivar Yugoslavia Dinar quotations in Canadian Sec Ocera series variable series series m pm we May re orc april can 11 dec 1547 can i oct 158j can dec 1589 can m sep 190 can ii dec 1591 can m dec 1592 can dec 1593 can 12ft dec 1594 can 10 oct 195 can May 1597 can dec 199 can w dec 1500 can oct 101 can dec 1542 can Ali Fet 103 can feb 104 can 12 mar 105 can sep 105 can mar 106 can 13 oct 107 can mar 108 can in oct 108 can 12 feb 18691 provincial and guaranteed dki542 103joo 9292 mar 3003 corporate Bell nov 1503 111 625 by feb 690 by 12 oct 2093 mar 1593 Man 10 dec 599 no 11v oct 1988 be fed 893 Nelld m apr m13 is 12 nov 1993 nspi2v dec 2003 ont 10v May 488 of Fet 1490 of 12 feta 195 of 1214 nov 3002 Peim dec 1204 of ii 690 of feb a silk dec 2188 sep 1289 cil dec 1593 cd 12 jul 1503 Cut mar 1593 Dos 13v nov 100 Imo 12 mar 3193 ill nov 1504 Nova 12 dec 1790 Nova 12vi jul 1593 Statil m Jan 1548 Sun Cor 12 Jun 103 trnslt2 apr 1993 top Jun 2093 Tom oec23w financial futures to the Canadian press Toronto trading Sloay Canada Treasury Bills yield basis i million face Price is of holed As in multiples of change of is equal to 84 per Normal daily Price limits m above or below prior Settle ment Settle open High Low Price change Jun 86 527 sep 86 94 sales 45 Prev Day open interest 621 40 tse 390 composite Index it times the Price in Index Points rounded to the nearest whole change of 1 Index Point is equal to tit per Normal daily Price limits 150 Index Points abbe or below prior settlement Settle open High Low Price change spot spot 3135 3122 3126 May 86 3137 3130 333 Jun 86 3140 3 50 jul 86 342 aug 86 3152 3 6 sep 86 3160 t 5 6 closing sales 163 Prev Day open interest 737 tse Oil and Index 10 times the Price in Index Points rounded to the nearest whole in Inge of 1 Index Point is equal Loilo per Normal daily Price limits 25j Index or Bejgyr prior settlement Settle open High Low Price change spot spot 2630 my 86 2632 15 Jun u 2634 15 jul 66 2636 77 closin9 Prev Day of gel interest 107 am a International per series per series per series All payable june record we Market update Stock a iraqis Mutual funds War to Tel up Trowt Gold 29 Dow i from Dollar 29 Dow up of Tom Silvir 29 Bouti from he 6w kit Conwi Tway Iff in off of wit at a fief Tut Amain in if he Safe m my Timi is of fits 4 4cfifljncl Toronto continued from Page West min 23150 9 9 West Ratlifl e 400 123 j3 23h Westal 136 136 Watn 6pr 35 j72 i wharf 2150 215 210 211 4 a f 4444 j7 6h 7 wooded a 28130 m 8t w Energy it 240 2io 240 Weite a i 30m i t we Etc i w 8600 135 130 130 5 Tequ ii w 14800 250 241 250 i x Cal 0 3000 65 is 65 x Cal w 5000 6 5 51 Xerox 86900 j24vi 24v Xor w 128450 490 465 490 Zavitz 1000 115 115 115 partially paid shares cd i r 18300 195 185 195 5 Misik it 2390 39 31v Lehndorff 590 7 p storm ii 100 122 22 22 Trust units c income u 6m to n n cd Nam 86 u 70099 Tiloi 104 c Perm in 4563 shot Lovi 104 it fat u 13700 him ii t Rob Gold u 6000 36 36 36 in us sums Alum b 1200 sj6v Alum d 1700 s2sh 25h Bow Vly 200 200 118 18 18 Chrysler 4000 138ft ism i6mj160 Nal by 6 5100 31 31 31 rawer b 200 24 24 it Seto p 200 j29w sllnb9 2875 1000 28 28 28 Tor monday net 1m m 6m Twitt he fse309 minerals 21i7j film Al Ift Duilcy utilities co Muff a Foch 4 Forest transp to golds building Hitech Cominto pay Able june record cd off cd inv Ift set Grawi Etty hit i 3 it 5 did Juhl run Wojt 4h ghz of nil mini Affler Mowl Grams St inv Julid a cml its Arr lab Chen wok hint pm inti Fluke lift tale Cain Al data till 11 it in win rms Nhuom resp Imper i Imp 6m or tally p Nam Wal we Essiw 46 los Elf Tajh us we films be Sjol 1421 Eory a Ogk Jap Wev trim to Ltd u h Ontl 6ft a Lull air Yetf Flat a hmm vow to we Tuff world inc 9j yen Fertl co Hiltl uhf vat my cud Macom 136 cd nine Tiri hmm a emf a Mutual prov St Urmi Ynch f Pawn him Al int Ewh Slock split j Art income races a a 1 insurance firm favors Manitoba by Wally Dennison London life insurance company considers Manitoba among the three leading provinces for investment opportunities and expects to add from million to million Over the next year to its present million stake in the the projected 20 per cent invest ment increase would exceed the 15 per cent average boost which All of Canada can anticipate from the the estimates were Given during a joint interview yesterday by Earl London lifes president and chief executive and Board chairman Allen who were in Winnipeg for a Board they named Ontario and Quebec As the two other provinces earmarked for the highest rates of new invest ment Orser noted that million of London lifes million invest ment in Manitoba is in primarily the 112yearold with head quarters in is Cana Das largest insurer of individuals with million Orser and Lambert said London which employs 135 Manitoban in eight provincial boasts the largest Field sales Force of any Cana Dian insurer with representatives and Aims to add 500 More by the two senior executives said the company is enlarging its product line As it strives to become a More broadly based financial services company a trend that comple ments Ottawa proposed program for reforming financial Orser said examples Are last years introduction of a vehicle offering customers a Choice of investments in or mortgage funds managed by London and a registered retirement income fund to expand the existing retirement planning the firms expanded product line is part of London lifes strategy to meet the financial and insurance needs of people at All stages of Lambert he observed that canadians have become More sophisticated and selective As and More Security conscious in Best year Orser pointed out that the Compa with billion of life insurance in Force at increased the face value of policies by an average of million every working Day last he said 1985 was the company Best year in volume and return on for the first London life exceeded billion in Premium income from All sources As it increased net income by per cent to million from Mil lion in the healthy equity return of per cent is quarterly results released yesterday showed it at per with per share earn Ings of for the first compared to at March total assets increased by per cent to billion from a year ago and by million since first Quarter Premium income was while that million below the first Quarter of last years first Quarter included a group pension excluding that Orser said Premium income jumped by per Premium income for 1986 is projected to Rise by 12 to h per total income for the Quarter was compared to Mil lion a year dividends to policy owners Rose to million from million last the Board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of a share payable june to shareholders of record on june London life is 98 per cent owned by lop est a member of the Triton financial corporation group of com solve fund m techno fund m so lot a Tiv med 6rm yes ult growth Ymme met Tel Trust vice qty a income vol Sternall cd m eth Yta comm Tim Yobbo ads Yllic edit we Elf in Jjwel vim Mage a duty Bond fund Sam Grouf Neil med Small Cap Stock world Goth Vadis a How Elm Jwal 0 k Trust d k into my Vum Miffy Al Fiji c4md of Ike f hot Ltd f a Al dust am Vadis Fly Al dust leg Al dust global Al dust Gutti Al dust inc Elm Stpens Vick Seq Mick mtg Ewitt Marllard Ynid or soft nil Truittt new Grout a equity Yew Trust Seq 6rwp growth income two Yufum Towt glm Fott of vol act fms vfhjwi0 a Vic Ampf unto grm a Cuhl a cuff mortgage Security venture venture St umm fut 6fm american equity income Japan resource Weitz grit 4j2 Komi did this gym or Eftis Manhel two new Tell from Roya Trusi choosing Between them will be a much tougher decision than tossing a Royal Trust Bill passbook savings this new Bill daily interest passbook savings account is perfect for you if you believe interest rates will go up or you need the liquidity of a savings you get exceptionally High interest adjusted weekly in line with the government of Canada Treasury Bill interest is paid monthly on the average balance for that minimum average balance of Royal Trust Bill gig this is the perfect savings vehicle to buy when you believe that interest rates have peaked and you want to lock your funds in at a High fixed no other major Finan Cial institution offers you this with unique Bill rates Are set based on prevailing Money Market the rate you choose at the time of Purchase is fixed for the term of your new you can choose from 30day to 364day minimum amount required heaps you mls you either Way you get exceptionally High interest on your savings with these two new choices from also consider our daily interest chequing it pays very tiered rates of on All and your cheques Are returned free with your monthly switch today to Royal Trust where the smart makes More Royal Trust Check the White pages for the Branch nearest raise subject to Kuyal Trust tb01gic rate based on Day

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