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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 29, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Horsing around a a horse r Breaks her Back doing someone dirt on a dirt Bike five friends were out horseback Riding in Parkland near Norbert earlier this month when something ugly there was another group of All boys this Riding dirt one of the women on horse Betty Mcphedran asked the boys to please shut off their engines they passed be cause the noise could spook the the boys thank Mcphedran said As the horses trotted by the stationary just then one of the a lad of about popped the clutch and roared the sudden noise spooked the horses and off tumbled one of the now Diane a Mother of is in Victoria Hospital with a broken her Betty Mcphedran says police have been notified and there trying to track Down the boy who roared off on his the Turski family is in financial trouble because Diane works with her husband in a janitorial service and her in come is lost and have to hire someone to take her place until she by the according to motorcycles Arent permitted in the did you know that Glossy Graffiti Magazine has a min feature on Csc 24 hours Anchor Sandra this month when i first got to the 33yearold broadcaster i used to Wear a lot of collars turned up and ties and wild we used to get literally hundreds of phone Calls about my wardrobe from people who thought that i was dressed Outra Gordon Sinclair Lewis min feature be Otily and should be taken off the in not sure that it was entirely her wardrobe that alienated the audience at the but in Case youre the piece goes on to few of her favorite things the baking Reading Bloom Riding her 750cc Rock the album fiddler on the roof of body 1 started bodybuilding a year and a half every six three d that listed in the financial Post of Canadas on the Best 100 companies to work for Are Winnipeg based great West life and Cargill that former editor Dona Harvey and her husband Bill Klassen Are moving to to Ronto in Midway the pair has spent the last couple of years in Israel and Klassen is returning to Canada to chair the peace studies program at the University of to is writing a Book on the conflict Between Israel and the Arab oops that Date for the Rainbow society second annual Media Talent night at the inter National inn is Friday and not May to cute kid a dad and his Fivey Earold son were on their Way to the Westwood Mcdonalds last week when the youngster decided to Tell his dad what he thought of love he said from the 1 love replied his startled the dad wondered did you say that just now the boy i want to go to Dairy the tale end Randy a copy editor on the night sports has a love affair going with pasta and he was interested the other Day when a flyer arrived at his vital Home from mothers pizza on Pembina that because included in the brochure were coupons for free cokes or diet As Long As you bought a certain amount of mid Zain then he took a closer the coupons expired March people Duffy nobody guessed sign of the times Helen Confounder of physicians for social respond has Given the no nuke fight is she we Haven stopped one bomb from being notes the australian who has formally re signed from the considering Ronald reagans ideas on foreign Caldicott says nuclear War is the president is a hypnotist the pied Piper of Arma now Caldicott plans to go Home to Australia for Perma nent retirement in not inspired any i cant save the Earth by i used to think i could but that was h a pack of new Jersey musicians whose Leader is Bruce Springsteen was in Newark saturday at Unity food Shob Trig a video for their Charity single we got the of the nonprofit Jersey artists for Mankind 86 plan to steer proceeds from the to be released worldwide next to food programs and related Chari it Royal bridal bucking am Palace has announced Prince Edward will be the Best Man at the july 23 marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah and Prince the eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess will be one of Ferguson four All four bridesmaids will be under the age of hide your Perky Mary the Perky Coan Chor of Perky entertainment to has her manager Jay Stein whom Well assume is Perky shopping her around As the Star of a situation comedy Para mount studios is Bern the who made a Star out of Suzanne says Hart is a Cross tween Debbie Reynolds and Shirley if you haunt want hired for the syndicated entertainment news show be cause of her background in journal she was an actress when she got the and those legs strategically crossed at the end of each show had a big Impact on her being hired the new Hart show Doest yet have a working or be stain a sounds perfect for the rudest person Ive Ever met in my says regular tonight show guest Host Joan Rivers of Michael who plays an Angel on we broke for a commercial and when we came i you Are so i thought maybe it was maybe i was having a bad but i got letters Why didst you do that sooner everybody else is cancelling plans to do Europe this about lifestyles of the Rich and famous Host Robin who makes a living fawning Over the australian anti nuke paediatrician Helen Caldicott oversized tubs and Gaudy cars of the worlds in not going to have my life changed by lunatics sitting in says the ultimate celebrity we anxiously await a piece on the fabric foam mar khad Afy uses for his that car crash was says Patrick asked How Hes com ing Back to Dallas when his Bobby Ewing character supposedly Bobby did he did Bobby what can i Tell you i saw him die i was so Hows he coming Back then i really cant he i think its some thing nobody in All the different ways that they have tried to nobody has guessed i mean no body has guessed compiled by Dave Haynes who coined the a whiff of grape shot by Manfred Jager who coined the phrase about a whiff of and whats be Hind it the expression is from the his tory of the French revolution by the English writer and philosopher Thomas Carlyle writing in Carlyle had one of his characters the whiff of grape shot if become a blast and what precisely does the term obesity define most medical and life insurance tables define obesity As overweight in excess of 10 per cent above nor Mal body weight for your height and answers How old is the South african Leader Nelson Mandela and did he have heart surgery recently a free press Story published Early in october said who has been serving a life prison sen tence since 1964 when he was charged with plotting is still head of South Africa outlawed african National Mandela had prostate what does allo Morphis in medi Cine stand for allo Morphis is a change of shape in cells due to mechanical such As flattening from what can you Tell me about generally listed with her husband Anne is believed to have been the Virgin marys theological texts and dictionaries of saints say Little about Annes birth Date or How Long she what is known Annes name and Parent Hood of Mary comes from an Early apocryphal writing called the prot evangelism of which professes to give an account of marys coming into the world is there a society for the treat ment of premenstrual syndrome its not a society but a program run by the Winnipeg women health 414 Graham a spokesman says you can phone for an appointment or just walk when is the official Start of the fishing season in Manitoba the provincial department of natural resources says South of the Pas the season for All species of fish starts May 10 North of the May 17 if you want to fish near the dividing the department will give you More detailed Stock Trout lakes throughout the province Are open year if you want answers Call 9422047 the far Side Newl in town tonight 8 Centennial concert and up at u of m symphony of u of Silver radio highlights am f waning concert four concert Gross 6 by virtuoso de Benato Fasino to 1220 1260 Tolje red crossing program present 08 9 of net ill Phenomena to explain the parting of the red 990 the three prizewinners of the Cocup fiction to the Manitoba Centennial auditorium Lor Titis chosen o cd video hits o cd cd Peoples court q 02 wheel of Fortune i Star trek r 23 u train de heres cd sesame Street cd go news w s e m adopt pet o Beverly Hillbillies Al cd super kids of Silver screen in Progress Christopher Ward in Progress in Progress o threes company o cd soap r up the new newlywed name cd w cd House of qom Merw cd 4 hours id Gay news g Fifita Hogan Tross i cd h amnesty Inte be playoffs Montreal Hartford honeymooners r cd world of animals 3d Chance in a lifetime cd entertainment tonight s wheel of Fortune w cd Story time w e the Doern report o cd 3d team q cd who the r o knots Landing r cd Nova cd morning Star Qifu Rechif w i Panorama a a Faerie tale to Witt m Anna of the five Tew by Bac trax pb9bei 9 d str Anetra Tif Cwon q fun stockade tonight to Best bet am red sky at morning a Young Man portrayed by Richard Thomas encounters his first sexual experience with his mothers sparking family of the dolls Patty Sharon 150 cd Nanny make Hammer cd 3d cwt Winnipeg and satellites Csc o cocky and satellites ctr Odds Kip Winnipeg Independent Okner Pembina Independent f g cd wet Winnipeg radio Canada of Kef a pcs go wbk Detroit lbs Ida Pey Ilg Lake Abc g Piv Petroit Abc w cd Asp Winnie we West of the red River e cd cup Winnipeg East of the red River Winnipeg West of the red e q9 Gyc Winnipeg East of the red River o Cox Brandon Csc entertainment tet work East of the red River Hij East of the red River East of the red River w e sunlight q9 International 71 m inside lines cd o cd Zowski 4 Gong Tea a a Kate and Anna Mcgarrigle a furan video fcb the by sport a the nations o cd night heat cd w this Oid House news e open a a Trie killing Fields of bums stauros Pel Roberts o e rencontre o cd o the journal first news o route 66 r cd the Good neighbors cd taxi r cd night lne cd tonight show w e Elpel Estribou s sport desk o Cinema in homme Nomme Che Val Richard Judith cd 24 hours cd Tiff around us cd hid to Hirt r cd Quincy r w Tea o evening edition god Anna of the five r h Christopher Ward foil Hoyt ten open cd Maude r in session d Barney Milter r w Natalie in Stepne foot in heaven Fredrie Martha 117 cd movie foot in heaven i cd Hawaii five i movie sky at morn ing Richard Catherine see 112 cd the Saint r cd Eye on Hollywood cd David Letterman w s Manitoba legislature infidelities Van Guys 94 1ooq cd Cannon r cd news u movie it murder in Peyton place de Neh Dorothy 120 cd educational television do sport desk night water news Cap movie Crane Jean Quy 129 my i Mytris Sgouros Fol insignificance 110 news Roberts ii3 Garpo talks 105 Billy Tom ratty

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