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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 28, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Wiff Tirgg off leg april pcs series probes mainstream thought in i Hollywood every it the eve Ning raws is filled with stories about political change in Eastern Europe acid the soviet politicians pose and pro reporters react and but says Veteran journalist Medwick is Only part of the watching to Brad Oswald time Magazine made soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev the mail of the put him on the Host of the pcs series inside Gorbachev which premieres monday at 8 on Alvs and tuesday at 9 on i think if it had been my i would have put the people of the soviet Union and Eastern Europe on the cover As the and that what we have done in this they Are what has been most remarkable to stereotypes the most important thing is How Many of the old stereotypes of rus sians get blown and what weve tried to do is to be up to be to be to be direct and to let them speak to you with very modest intrusions from this fascinating fou part series presents a Street level look at How Gorbachev Agenda for Reform is affecting average soviet for Smith served Asmo scow Bureau chief for the new York times Between 1971 and returning to the soviet Union in the Post glasnost Era was a real As a i found that it was an adventure of rediscovery of a country that i thought i knew pretty he told a gathering of to critics during the networks Winter press so much More of it became accessible because the people dared to let themselves be human and be real in front of i had known russians in my earlier but they were mostly dissidents or people who were offi Cial officials of the gov people who were authorized to have Contact with on the other people who had Given up on the system and didst but what was fascinating this time to me As a reporter was the Opportunity to mingle with the mainstream of russian life and to Tell their you wont see a great Deal of dissidents in our Why be cause the Story has in our to the As evidence of this new climate of Smith was accompanied on this promotional visit by Sergei a Young soviet Politi Cian who is part of the Radical reformist wave pushing his coun try government toward further he began his political involvement in 1986 when it became Clear that Gorbachev was serious about his intention to change the i think Hes a practical Politi said an elected member of the Congress of Peoples he has party apparatus very rare ability for political he experienced a real evolution As political thinker during last several Smith noted that since Gorbachev loosened restrictions on political activity and Public russian Radical factions have begun to gain More influence in official i think you will get the impress Ion from the films that there is a process that has now touched so Many people at so Many different Levels of soviet society that it has a momentum of its he delicate balance in i think one of Gorba chess troubles today is that he has now been overtaken by the forces that he has set As part of the group pressing the soviet Leader to move More quickly toward Stankevich explained that there still exists a delicate balance Between Reform and the risk of a return to the old when we outline our attitude to Ward Gorbachev we normally have in mind two sides of the Situa he Gorbachev current course of perestroika is too slow and inconsistent in the Long and it can and should be criticized on this but when we touch the question of leadership in Peres and when think about quite possible and almost inevitable conservative attack against Gorba we say that there will be no More Active defenders of Gorba Chev than our any replacement can Only Worsen the it is our deep con so we shall fight against any alternative to Gorbachev and our strategy is combination of these two approaches we shall criticize him for inconsistency and a very slow Pace in but we shall defend him from the at tacks from the this is our if there is a criticism to be aimed at this though provoking look in Side what Ronald Reagan once referred to As the evil its pass delay in getting it on the almost every Day brings a new set of reforms and reactions in the East As fascinating and revealing As inside Gorba chess user parts of it Are bound to be out of Date by the time it hits the screen in your living what about the most recent reforms to the soviet government Structure what about the staunch communist backlash to Gorba chess Agenda and what about which suggests that Forward movement will be countered by backward Steps what Smith and his Crew report about life behind the slowly opening Iron curtain is an insightful and extremely useful exercise in glasnost Gorbachev has set Loose a whirlwind of show bits Estefan sues for Over injury from the news services lawyers for Singer Gloria Estefan have filed a lawsuit in Federal court seeking at least us in damages for a March Accident that broke two vertebrae in her est fans family and staff joined her in the filed the defendants Are two truck drive their employers and other companies associated with the trucking firms at the time of the March 20 Lantz gains Star Walter creator of the impish Woody Wood Pecker cartoon received the first Star on Universal studios Florida walk of Fame As part of his 90th birthday the Star Lantz received is similar to those on Hollywood Boulevard in the million us or Lando studios grand opening is june who turned 90 has been affiliated with univer Sal since the aretha gives Reading Detroit the Queen of got into a storytelling Groove As she helped a suburban Detroit Library celebrate 1990 inter National literacy accustomed to enter Taining thousands in said her 30minute Reading of the three Little the Gingerbread boy and a letter to before about Iso listeners at Oakland county Bloomfield township Library made her a Little its not exactly singing the free Way of love in she referring to one of her recent hit concert excites Joel new York Billy Joel says he cant wait to play Yankee stadium hell be playing music and a Little baseball on the Field where babe Lou Joe Mickey Mantle and other greats once two Popes and several heavy weight fights have sold out the Sta but Yankees officials say the native new yorker and five time grammy Winner will be the first Rocker to headline a show there when he appears june message irks Rivers new York its been years since Joan Rivers husband committed suicide but the comedian says she Only recently was Able to listen to a taped message he left it was terrible because the voice is the voice of someone i loved who had already taken pills and was saying she said in an interview published in Parade that All i want to say but i will never listen to that tape guitar sets record London a guitar owned by Rock legend Jimi Hendrix set a rec Ord when it was sold at so Thebes in London for the equivalent of the fender strato Caster which Hendrix gave to his drummer Mitch was bought by an Anonymous european collector and fetched three times the expected setting a record for Dracula stalks stage in Vampire comedy thriller Vancouver up Dracula is but this time Hes stalking the stage in whats billed As a Vampire the legendary count finds himself lost in contemporary society in bloody the latest work by Vancouver playwright Ian its a time where Dracula does not have any sense of any sense of Weir said during preparation for today pre Miere at Vancouver new play Hes a bit of an old 19thcentury tragic actor trying to continue play ing his part in a world in which that part really has no said the using a mix of comedy and chilling focuses on the relationship Between Dracula and a retired cop who sees himself As a bit of a Veteran actor Eric Schneider plays Dracula and Ric Reid is cast As Joe Graves in the mythical Okanagan town of human Story bloody business is directed by Paul with original music by Jeff it is a comedy thriller in one sense in that i Hope its funny and the thriller Structure is built in so that the fun of being frightened is there As said but i see it very much As a human Story underneath All the smoke and Mir its essentially a play about two terribly lonely men who find each one of whom simply happens to be count third time Lucky but the inclusion of Dracula As the eerie antagonist want an says Weir who Calls himself a tremendous Dracula commissioned last year by the new play Centre and Kelowna Sunshine theatre to write a comedy he automatically turned to his favorite horror id always wanted to write a Vampire play so i thought what the Why not go for Dracula himself and build him Weir Hopes it will be third time Lucky with bloody his third play for the new play in he won the Jessie Richardson award for the idler As Best new play in Western he was again nominated for the award last year for delphic a look at academic angst on the baseball Dia Weir says while bloody business is a departure from his previous it also expands upon earlier the play has Strong affinities to other plays Ive its by far the most theatrical piece Ive writ weve got wolves howling for Days and people appearing and Dis so stylistically its a but the ideas of self definition and the need to invent roles in life to give ourselves a sense of a sense of a sense of remain in bloody he Weir is a former reporter for the no defunct Kamloops Sentinel and was an English instructor at the University of British Columbia be fore he began writing full time four years Manitoba Spring Craft Sale Winnipeg convention Centre May 1990 opening May 2 at 11 11 adults seniors invitation the Sitters of the holy names off Jesus and Mary invite parents and friends of the Mem Bers of their congregation who commemorate this year a religious profession Jubilee to a Celebration the even twill be held on May 1990 at marys 550 Wellington the moly eucharist will be celebrated at 11 Oclock followed by a Buffet Lun our jul Garlans Are 75 years of religious commitment sister Delphine Joubert sister Gabriello of Rardin 60 years of religious commitment sister 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