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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 27, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg Prat Pratt april 14 leave talking to films actors people who jabber in theatres deserve to get a Tongue lashing t wish t could predict that its the beginning of a National but it probably never the we can Stilt savor this one isolated to happened on a recent Day night in a movie theatre in five teenagers were sitting to Gether and loudly that what Many Young people do when they go to they Ive never understood Why peo ple want to pay Money to get into a movie House in order to there Are so Many other places to on Street in school on Back in hamburger but for some strange thousands of people like to jabber in movie and that one of the biggest reasons Why hundreds of thou Sands of their victims have stopped going to the usual responses they were and other members of the Audi ence sitting nearby were making the usual turning and saying sigh ing squirming in their but these gestures Are Seldom jabber ers dont care if they disturb if they enjoy it gives them a sense of All a person can do is suffer through the move to a different part of the or leave that but its a result of a glaring defect in our Legal sys if the system were a per son would be fully within his rights to give a Tabberer a warn if the warning was he could seize the Jab Berer by the Throat and squeeze until the nuisance was unconscious or Law protects jabber ers a few Well publicized strange lations of and in stances of rudeness in movie the aters would be sharply but the Law protects strangle one and youll probably wind up in prison instead of being treated to a ticker tape which would be your the five teenagers were sitting there and every few they would fling some Popcorn in the direct Ion of the there was a in the Prev when this have been Ushers would have swooped Down the shone their flashlights in their and told them to Knock it if they they would have been shown the and if they resisted when i Mike Royko was an usher at a theatre on the West Side of we were issued heavy duty Industrial the Sweet sound of flashlight against Skull was like a Melon being thumped for Ripe but today theatre owners Are too cheap or timid to hire if you go to the lobby to All youll find is some wimp of a ticket taker who will go hide in a stall in the mens this night in something rare and wonderful a Man came from the lobby and told them to Stop jabbering and throwing they and in a few they were jabber ing then the Man again and this time he told them that they were being they refused to so he grabbed the nearest one a female creature and hauled her bodily from the even when he had her and her friends in the he informed them that he was a cop of duty and working for the the atre and the Little obscenities were under terrible howl and they they were bundled off to the police station and charged with disorderly conduct in the Case of the with resisting they didst try to so he shoot but you cant have every As evidence that Jerk ism int necessarily the result of social conditioning but might be Genet the girls family has been raising a terrible brimming with Treyve gone to City Hall in Chattanooga and demanded that the policeman be suspended and that the theatre be closed both demands have been Den As they should if any the policeman should be promoted and a Street named in his some time the Crew of jabber ers will appear in juvenile court and a trial will be if they can shut up Long enough for anyone to be i know what the proper punish ment should but it probably wont be some wimpy appeals court would probably Rule that its cruel and unusual punishment to order the removal of five Chicago Tribune i look Bronson says new York Dally news new York actor Charles Bronson appears thought Ful and quiet the Antithesis of the violent characters he usually violence is against my he once youre typecast in this business and you want to go on earning a you take the roles that come your my wife Jill Ireland and i did noon to a Light comedy directed by Frank but it want considered violent his recent work includes Murphys death wish Iii and act of an Hob film for to in which he plays Jock Yablonski of the United mine who ran for Union president against the corrupt Tony Boyle in Why does he think he attracts violent roles i look says the i have a permanent frown and the ends of this mus tache turn i life As an observer he says he likes to go through life As an rather than an its very difficult to once youre in the Public you almost have to hide Bronson grew up in a family of 15 children As Charles by my father and six of my Brothers were we lived in a company town in a woo Frame during a Coal miners we were kicked out and had to live in somebody when the strike was Over we re eight of us slept in one i slept Between when it was too id sleep on clothes in the it want so his father died when the actor was 10 and he worked As a High school during the Day and work at Good manners had to be acquired you didst learn them in a Houseful of 15 when wed get to the dinner table All wed do is Wayne Rogers makes his own Breaks los Angeles times Hollywood Hollywood newest restaurateur is actor Wayne Rogers of once in Paris and most recently the the Brick walled restaurant is an airy enclave just above the old Columbia pictures the other nearby food establish ments Are mostly the eat tand beat it the idea is that there is enough film and recording activity in the neighbourhood to make the new place it seems a characteristic ploy for who has made a career out of seizing the initiative and doing the he went to intending to be a Law yer like Many of his but he decided that the world was sufficiently supplied with lawyers already and instead signed on As a navigator on a cargo ashore in new hear ranged to meet a theatrical Friend in Brooklyn after a play watching the Rogers now it occurred to him that it might be an interesting he auditioned his Way into the estimable neighbourhood play House in new York and emerged As a Well trained further polished by the daily discipline of a soap opera Edge of one pleasing aspect of Rogers business acumen is what it has meant for Rogers the a few years ago he met the writer direct Tor Frank Gilroy and they talked about a love Story about a writer on assignment in at that Point Alan Alda was going to do when Alda became Rogers took the role and also helped Gilroy find the Independent financing for once in very modestly made about million but shot entirely on location in got very decent reviews and has since returned a decent Perries career feels Tii Pinch new of Tiv daily news 1 am i am so whiter yes she but her skin Palter int what first impresses the Eye when Valerie Perrine strolls into the Perrine is statuesque and her Black suit fits to More than is years after she performed that scintillating strip in you can see Shes still a healthy terrines lived in London for two you really get White when you live in she apolo known As a California she is no longer a California when production wrapped on the movie she did with Michael Caine the cast regrouped in but then everyone else went Home except became a resident i stayed an extra two then an extra two then then i became a she i like i like 1 like the life now she is returning to los an Geles to buy a House to establish residence she wants producers to know she is Only a phone Call even though she has a new movie and a television Leo and Liz in Beverly Hills with Harvey Korman Shes feeling the Pinch i am not making the Best of films right meryl Streep is doing All the Best she says in just Lucky to Nave the offers i have to do what i do and make that kind of the former Las vegas showgirl who had such Impact As hot Honey Harlow in the 1974 is probably most recently remembered for her 1980 Outing with the Village people in cant Stop the did that classic Hurt her career i never think but some thing must she though Perrine still Hopes for a dramatic role that will not be silly and maybe ill even Wear Black there is no evidence she is obsessed by her she likes what she does a but is not about to sacrifice her life in the Pursuit of the next Dennis the menace we u 6e in m a new in town tonight Northern 3 Augustine United 444 River admission Peter and the 1 and Gas station 445 River radio highlights am Royal air taped live from 990 sunday pop concert Brandenberg concertos by 950 1220 1250 11qp Cascal Corosu Tchaikovsky symphony 5 to e the Berlin philharmonic 810 by St Tow Tbs Aue Caesar and Cleopatra by Bernard o owl to o cd Littlest Hobo movie Prince of players in Progress be Teto Roumal feet Lee of the Rich a famous 3d new world visions cd cod news 3d reel to reel w cd educational television w Winnipeg jewish Community love Story 99 is the London prom concerts b Christopher Ward in Progress a european report o science reality Edison twins super lotto Icren Temoin sunday times o front Page Challenge is Rugby special wan of a aft tiny 60 minutes Start of something 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