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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 26, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Pets 8attifdayr april Curran wont recant from the services Washington in a final reply u Vatican a Catholic University professor says he wont recant the views on sexual issues that have brought a Church threat to strip him of his standing As a roman Catholic in a letter made Public Charles Curran Tea a folded anew to be told what rules he has he called the threatened action ail injustice to me and harmful to the credibility of the he also renewed his offer to re Frain from teaching sexual ethics classes at the Church chartered uni a Compromise he has said Church officials have a seven year Vatican investigation of the priest has focused on his views on birth abortion and other Church forbidden practices that he says can be morally undertaken in some in the summing up letter requested by his main Joseph Cardinal head of Pope John Pauls sacred congregation for the doctrine of the Curran said he was grateful for being Al Lowed to make his Case in a facets face meeting last month in and he i did appreciate your explicit recognition of the fact that i have never denied any dogmas or truths of the he said both Good theology and Justice demand that he be told on what grounds the Vatican could threaten to punish him for dissenting from Church teaching not declared infallible by any in our correspondence i have pointed out that Many other theolo Gians hold similar positions and that it is an injustice to me and harmful to the credibility of the Church and its hierarchical teaching office to single me out when so Many others throughout the world hold similar he the letter to Ratzinger was re leased by friends of american Catholic a group of cur ran said last month he had been ordered by the congregation for the doctrine of the Faith to retract his sexual he has since been waiting on the Vatican threat to order the Catho Lic University of where he to revoke his canonical mandate As a Catholic earlier in the Curran said the University Arch Bishop James Hickey of has told him he would carry out the Vatican singers to give concert at Charleswood Church John Stemkowski will direct the celebrant singers in a concert of contemporary Christian music to Morrow at 11 at Charleswood gospel on the Pembina Highway South of Roblin the celebrant singers Are a Chris Tian singing group with Headquarters in and they have recorded four off to Mcgil roman Catholic theologian Gregory is leaving Michaels College in Toronto after 27 years As a professor there and will teach religious studies at Mcgill he wants to go on teaching and unlike the University of does not require that professors resign on reaching the age of i lithuanian res prepare for Jubilee by vein Fowlie lithuanian roman catholics around the world Are gearing up for a major Celebration in next year Marks the 600th anniversary of the conversion of Lithia now a soviet occupied to in preparation for the Jubilee the Bishops in Lithuania have proclaimed 1986 As the year of Faith in a released by the lithuanian information Centre in new the Bishops also critic ised the soviet government for fail ing to allow More than Token publication of religious they told their parishioners today the Cate Chism and the prayer Book Are the Only sources of religious truths available to so they Are All the More to be in the United lithuanians have established a christianization Jubilee committee to encourage preparation through spiritual renew Al and daily the committee says we ask to keep the first sunday or monday of every month free to serve As the common Day of prayer uniting All lithuanians throughout the initial attempts in the 13th Century at bringing christianity to Lithuania were strongly the lithuanians didst think much of accepting the Faith under threat of the swords of the teutonic but a breakthrough came when grand Prince Togaila of Lithuania was crowned King of Catholic to along with some of his was christened and crowned in Cracow in he re turned to called together his Nobles in the and demanded that they prove their Alle Giance to him by agreeing to be the encyclopedia Lituania says to help create conditions More conducive to the spread of Togaila promulgated a number of important the first 1387 Laid the foundation for the diocese of Vilnius through a Grant of property in and other a Cathe dral was begun to be built on a site chosen near the lower can the Vilnius diocese was established by Pope Urban i in his Bull entitled Romanus Pontifex March franciscan Friar formerly Suffragan Bishop of Gnu Zeno was consecrated As its first Bishop and placed at the head of the christianization of the second decree of Togaila 1387 expanded the rights of those Nobles who accepted Cath granting them greater discretion in the disposition of their property and exempting them from a number of duties to the by his third decree the King obligated All of this lithuanian subjects to accept Baptis Sim in the latin details about the year of Faith consciousness can be obtained from the religious renewal route lutheran merger plans hit snags in United states by John Dart los Angeles times less than four months before three lutheran denominations in the United states Are scheduled to vote on their merger into one what at first seemed to be a smooth Road toward Union has turned into one with potholes and caution Bishops of the lutheran Church in America the largest of the Church say they want several major changes in the proposed Constitution the prospective evangelical lutheran Church in their complaints about the posed Constitution among other that local congregations May be permitted too much that the ordained ministry ranks will be that ecumenical relations will suffer and that a proposed quota system for assuring minority representation on Church legislative bodies is rigid and their recommended solutions were not characterized As de but Bishop Howard Mccar Ney of the Las Central Pennsylva Nia Synod said some parts of the Constitution hammered out by the joint commission for a new Luther an Church last february reflected Points of Basic difference Between the la and its merger the commission has one More scheduled june 2325 in before the three lutheran the the member american lutheran Church Alc and the association of evangelical lutheran churches Alec vote on the merger during roughly concurrent conventions in late if the merger is a constituting convention would be held next year and the the new Church would be launched a spokesman for the Herb said he wondered whether the joint commission will be Able to satisfy everyone in a three Day we have come Down to not much David i think we will probably still approve it in but it will be a close noted Stanley Olson of los who was one of 30 la regional Bishops who convened late last week in the new York Headquarters of the denomination and raised objections to the pro posed i Hope there will be a whole lot of changes in but the Alc american lutheran Church Church Council meets in Midway and in sure they will have As Many things they want changed As we Olson View not unanimous the Bishops is not unanimous within the com Mission chairman William Kinni an la executive Council Mem supports the proposed Constitution and disparaged the objections by the Bishops of his Denom the Bishops of this Church have Given no vision for four Kinnison told the Minneapolis Star and commission member Albert an Alc publish ing said he was very disappointed1 in the Bishops state 1 think there saying we must adopt the la View rather than the Compromise reached by the which includes members elected by the an cites image disliked Many la including Are also unhappy with the commissions Compromise Choice in february of Milwaukee As the head quarters City for the new which was selected Over Chicago and has been criticized for its alleged Small City Olson and other la officials have suggested that existing offices should be used such As la publishing facilities in Philadelphia and the Alc Headquarters Complex in citing what they termed their Basic differences with the merger the la Bishops urged that the new Church ecumenical commit ment to Christian Unity be More fully articulated and that the distinctiveness of the ordained ministry be that puts the la at Odds with the which considers parochial school teachers and deacons to be differences also remain among the three Church bodies on contributions to the pension and benefits but two of the thorniest problems involve philosophical overtones questions on the quota system of representation and on the relative authority of the National Church and local under the present quota representatives to the Chure wide Assembly and membership on coun boards and committees Wilt be 06 per cent Lay and 4g per cent and half of the Lay represent troves must be people of color or of primary language other than English will constitute 10 per cent of the two per cent of the members of the merging churches Are members of minority most members Are of scandinavian or German Ethni the same percentages for male female membership apply to or committees and with 10 per cent minority representation on these Synod groups a Goat to be reached within 10 the editor of the the official la said his Church has generally expressed Dis pleasure with the though not the of including women and minorities on the boards and legislative bodies of the new heavy sentiment encourages the churches to continue on their con verging editor Edgar Trexler wrote its that the path continues to be mined with the Issue of the 70member commission itself was formed along guidelines for male female and minority women conference the women inter Church Council of Winnipeg will sponsor a National conference at the University of Manitoba starting at 3 thursday and continuing to May for Contact Gloria Delaney at Best to stay at author tells women by Rosemary Kuzina special to the free press the go Given order for human relationships rests on the male rep resenting Christ and the female sub mitting to the authority this according to former missionary and author Elisabeth she was addressing the 20th women con Ference of the mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba in about women she said that spiritual Mother Hood was the part god intended All women to play and she defined this As the giving of oneself in service to god and a willingness to be obedient and to do those tasks which largely go unrecognized by she said it was imperative that women pass these Virtues on to the younger Gen she blamed the fact that Many women today seek work outside the Home for the Lack of women willing to take up the role of spiritual she said that some women who say that economic necessity compels them to go to work May really be seeking material wealth and pres Tige rather than doing the tasks within the Home that often go snack asked by a member of the Audi ence for her views on the place of an educated woman in a male oriented she said that did not consider the Church to in male she said both men and women had Well defined roles within the Church and the fulfilling of these far from creating made for harmonious she said sexism within the Church was not an Issue since she believed it did not she said the directives of the Bible were valid for our society and she cited the second chapter of the epistle to Titus As her grounds for discouraging women from seeking work outside the formerly a missionary in South Elliot is now writer res Tidence at Gordon she is the author of a number of including Shadow of the almighty and the my both published by Harper and Rosemary Kuzina is a Winnipeg freelance Grant at Oxford Howard interim pastor Church sunday school 11 Ted Baker Send International missionary in Alaska no evening service Mcdermot Baptist Church 821 Mcdermot at Tecumseh 7758097 minister Werner Dietrich 10 sunday school 11 Jake Schmidt pastor 9 service in German 7 evening service worship services for Gay men and lesbians jointly sponsored by Iho Council on homosexuality and religion and the metropolitan Community Church every sunday at p Young United Church Broadway Furby Broadway Entrance Church of the Way Corner of Lilac Scotland a win ipod Independent nondenominational Church pastor John Botkin family worship sunday school classes for All above All others pastor John Botkin 7 in the last Days pastor John Botkin a cordial Welcome to All family salvation rally with Phillip Cameron april 27 at 3 Young United Church Broadway at Dyrby sponsored by 100 Hua Tisy phone 775hp79s traditional roman Catholic latin mass sunday at 10 conless Lons preceding Pius x Chapel 504 Giroux is St Bonifaco for information 2371739 Zion apostolic Church f 305 Machray Avenue pastor Lippmann sunday school 11 morning worship 6 evening service the Church of Christ 2170sborne South Bible school 10 worship 11 visitors Welcome so Rob for truth to 5 us world ram on chem 1250 non denominational Chapel 546 Portage 7867477 services at fit 11 Ive got Confidence i John 5 112 Chuck Nichols no evening service Barch ump i Yogi la ministry music ministry per tags Avenue mennonite Brethren Church 140 Portage 7744414 10 sunday school 11 message pastor ate Neyfeld 7 mennonite Bible College graduation everyone Welcome Knox United Church Edmonton at Quappelle Donald Pratt Brian do it yourself Donald Pratt Church school Lor All Ages Barry Anderson organist and choir Mast at head sets available Lor the hearing impaired pentecostal assemblies of Canada Assiniboine pentecostal 2621 Portage 9 45 ii 7 p pastor was Dynna 6b51684 Charleswood gospel Temple perimeter of Roolin a i 6 jell to 30mabertey Maples 10 11 rcvcrarlal63212fl6 fort Richmond Assembly 590 universe Tyr 2691559 Sherwood Assembly of god 384 Talbot 11 a 1 Rev primer 666886 Transcona pentecostal 133 Regonal Avo e 9 45 11 a 7 pm h Johns Lonc 6692257 Weston gospel Church 1535 Elgin 7720918 Charleswood gospel Emple pastor Wayne sunday services sunday school morning worship 1 1 to evening service everyone Welcome Hwy South of Kohl blvd pm 895 1 2 k singers 27th 11 music t spirit led Praise worship serving with vision since 1694 Grant re Chilson senior speaker sunday school a 2 morning services give us this Mountain testimonies music ministry message by no evening service at location Church wide banquet International inn reservations required 877 walk is Al Waverley 47753m Christian missionary Alliance Indian Alliance Church 220 Andrews Street 5826919 japanese Alliance Church 549 Gertrude 2563207 first asian i Church meeting in Spring Valley school 61 Quail Ridge pastor Roland Hoeppner sunday school morning worship worship Kii Cona Park Alliance Church Corner of Milvor 4 Lagimodiere 2227334 education hour worship worship pastor Ken Johnston pastor Mark Bebbington Transcona Alliance Church 751 pastor Gordon Young school worship to seniors the Cathedral Church of John the Birthplace of the anglican Church in Western Canada 135 Anderson Oast of main Litany holy eucharist Sung Matins All saints anglican Church Broadway and otome 9 holy eucharist ii Sung Matins Nursery Church school 7 Evensong for Sale by tender Johns United Church 250 Cathedral Sanctuary seats Casavant written offers must be received at the Church office by 12 june 4lh highest or any tender not necessarily to View Call Mclennan 586 5282 or Springs of living water Centre a spirit filled word of Faith Church 479 marys sunday worship services 10 7 you wont leave Here like you came in Jesus listen to the word is alive a Kos 810 sunday 2337003 400 Margrave Street at notre Dame Winnipeg duplicate worship services and sunday schools and 11 00 pulpit filth Prici minister at urge of the evangelical Fellowship of Canada music by student choir of Central Saskatoon t televised for sundays 12 noon 2 Faith to live by to of Kytt Gable sacred concert with the celebrant singers and John Stemkowski dust Back from sri Nixt 3 dedication new Christian education building with John Wesley White

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