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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 26, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba R Rescue but a in be of glory forces record by Chris Ryder the sunday Tendon Dublin the Rescue of the Kidnap victim Jennifer guinness in Dublin came As an opportune moral Booster for the Oarda the much criticized Irish police their Success was further sweetened because it was Basic old fashioned policing that cracked the Case and no Ransom had to be two part of a Large team carrying out surveillance on known criminal and drugs gangs to see if they could get clues on the a suspect in a rented car in that in turn led them to a suburban House where they found Evi Dence of the recent presence of More patient this time on a tight target group of suspects and led them to the apartment in Waterloo Road where guinness was rescued after a six hour seige conducted along textbook this Cool professionalism contrasts starkly with the Evelyn Glen Holmes fiasco a month when a detective fired shots in the air among saturday morning shoppers As policemen wrestled with Ira supporters trying to prevent her it also com pares favourably with other cases in recent years in which the Garda has attracted there were red faces when a fingerprint circulated in connection with the murder of the Brit ish ambassador to Dublin turned out to belong to a member of the fingerprint staff in there was concern about the death of a Man in a police cell in country and there was the Kerry babies Case two years detectives investigating the death of a baby washed up on the Atlantic coast connected the Mur Der to a local single girl they knew to be when she revealed the grave of her own unwanted strangled at the Garda unsuccessfully tried to build a Case that she had had twins and murdered them despite a lengthy judicial tribunal which cleared police of any improper conduct and widespread Public con Cern about the Force has remained cracking at seams but the Garda is unlikely to be Able to bask in the glory of the guinness Case for Long it is a temporary boost that will never disguise the fact that this is a police Force visibly cracking at the Ordinary crime is at a record level in Ireland and the scarce resources to tackle it have also to be stretched to Deal with the consequences of the violence in Northern there is dissatisfaction Over pro motion procedures and a new complaints training is primitive in its relevance to modern policing problems and there is Little organized training for mid dle and senior Jennifer guinness and husband on yacht after Garret Fitzgerald has yet to deliver on Promise to create an Independent police promotion by seniority is More often a matter of filling dead mens Bright Young ser and who should be the vigorous Backbone of the All too often have to wait years for a All promotions must nominally be approved by the so political influence still plays an in Welcome equipment is one Royal Ulster constabulary Man re called How his Dublin counterpart struggled vainly with the six phones on his desk to get a line out on the overworked switch Michael the general Secretary of the association of sergeants and says his members Are fed up with being the we cannot go on trying to police a late 20th Century society with a police Force modelled on the late 19th he says these who form the Middle command of the accuse politicians of a Lack of determination to implement the Radical modernization that is stalled Promise the present led by Garret promised to create an Independent police a but it has stalled on the proposal because it cannot find a foolproof Way to prevent a future government packing the author Ity with its own political sup Lack of Money is another Seri Ous obstacle to Garda Ireland has a weak Economy crippled by foreign debt repay ment and it finds the billion plus Cost of the army and prisons a heavy an in crease in investment in the police Force above the present Mil lion a year is therefore an unlikely priority in the near in recent months the internal pressure for change has been significantly enhanced by the closer Contact with the Royal Ulster constabulary arising from the Anglo Irish the Ruc in recent years has been honed into one of the most competent and professional police forces in the world and now the Garda is having to measure its own ability by that exacting meetings Between the police chiefs of the Garda and the Ruc have been heavy going As the pressure from the Ruc for effective cooperation with the South has built Ira weaponry soviet made rpg7 rocket truck mounted Libya supplies khad Afy sponsors Ira terror arms and election Money funnelled in by Chris Ryder the sunday London Dublin Security forces throughout Europe Are looking for a 35yearold Belfast Man who is the Central Contact Between the Ira and the libyan he is one of the terrorist organizations most persistent and professional procurers of arms and since 1982 he has been Given about million in Cash and Bullion by libyan agents in the handed Over in Brus Sels and Amsterdam representatives of the libyan Peoples by was then laundered through european and Banks before being used in Ireland by sinn the iras political to fight details of the laundering operation through apparently legitimate Bank accounts in several countries Are among the iras most closely guarded More the Belfast Man has obtained direct sup plies of guns and ammunition from the for Security reasons we have been asked not to reveal his last the British government went further than it has Ever gone before in underlining the links be tween Libya and Ira Tom the Secretary of state for Northern said in a state ment the Ira has been fed and nurtured among others Over the the evil regime that is Kha Daffy when Khz Adays head of these Cret service boasts we sustain the Ira that no Idle his Oil his his training All have played their just How big the total sum has been we May never As Well nor is it just the hardware of death and there Are All too Many accounts of the stat sponsored Camps where terrorists Are taught to use these weapons that have brought so much tragedy into Homes throughout Northern Ireland and said the Belfast Man being hunted liaises directly with the iras so called director of an elderly Belfast Man now living in who is known to have visited Libya himself in the the iras connections with Kha Days regime go Back to 1973 when a Small the was intercepted off the Irish coast by a naval on Board were 250 240 antitank mines and explosives which had been loaded on the ship by libyan soldiers in Tripoli for use by the from time to Small numbers of Ira terrorists Are to have been trained in in Par the Security services be the showed the Ira How to make using microelectronics to cause explore Sions and taught them the rudiments of particularly ranging the mortar Over a the present inf can has been involved with the provisional Ira since its formation in he spent a Brief period interned on the Royal Navy ship Maidstone in 1972 and a year later was jailed for nine years for explosives he escaped from the Mae was Recap tured and then was released in id 1981 he was arrested w Paris by French Security who had observed him associating with known Arab and Pajes Tyjuan Active they discovered he was travel with false documents and had attended a training Camp for Arab terrorists in either Lebanon or a year later he was intercepted at the Canadian Border while trying illegally to enter the United concealed in his hired car the police found More than and Docu ments relating to the Supply of re Mote controlled Model aircraft which could carry a payload up to 25 they could have been used to Fly bombs into secure areas such As military or government installations and cause serious death or dam further evidence of his importance in the Ira procurement Struc Ture emerged less than a year later when he turned up in Brussels trying to arrange an arms one of his associates was a Paul also from who is now serv ing a life sentence in a British prison for the harrods bombing in Decem Ber 1983 when six people one Security source in Ireland said last week if we could get this Man and pin All the evidence that we have against him successfully it would be As big a blow to the Ira As if we got a ship Ful of guns and several consignments the libyan Money be in excess of which reached the was handed Over in several some of it was used to fight the 1982 elections for the Northern Ireland during those elections the average amount spent by each candidate was just Over Ian for exam spent about Jim Molyn Eaux Only about and John Hunie sinn fein candidates spent More Gerry Adams spent Martin Mcguin Ness and Danny Morrison the highest spending candidate in the the same pattern repeated itself in the general election in 1983 when Gerry Adams won the West Belfast sinn fein spent More than on the election at the same time sinn fein rapidly expanded its organization on the opening up to 30 advice centres across the the Cost of running these which were open five Days a week and ran up considerable Telephone was estimated at about a year each by other they said they could not begin to sinn fein said it got this Money from donations and cake fairs plus the profits from the Sale each week of copies of Republican its but the Money caused hardliners in the Ira believed that the Money should have been spent on guns and not and they staged a Power struggle within the Ira during last year they finally got their Way when the political Effort was reduced and greater emphasis placed on arms

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