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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Apr 26 1986, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 26, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winn pm free april Canada terrorist target Canada be Felt with Mim of to titty Canadian a hurtful within Nib Yea Fri Rufey so Rutch i it Lem Lilg Fly National terrorism predicted Meiier Deputy solicitor general Fred Gibson tin another terrorist expert Dowitt Ayed the supposed threat by tact Dws flt a Tiffi terrorist an Ontario assistant Crown attorney who has written time books on terrorism and hat Bra consulted by 17 counties on the mid direct action members hive close links with West of Lang Baader Meinhoff members of both groups Lave been trained by the sane people in South Libya and Lebanon and have the same techniques and Tives said adding that Reet action is now harbouring an unknown number of Baader Meinhoff members in this direct action is As much linked with the gang As Prince Charles is related to the he told reporters after addressing a conference on terrorism at the College mall tale Royal who declined to name his specific said he has every reason to believe that direct action will follow Baader Meinhoff s Patten and move from bombings to Millings within five direct action leaders were convicted of the 1982 bombings of the Litton systems Canada Plant in to ten people were injured in that the group was also convicted of a 1962 bombing of a Hydro substation on Vancouver is who says he has been consulted about terrorism by West Italy and other but rarely by said he bases his information on regular contacts with terrorist experts around the Shoniker repeatedly insisted he was not inflating the threat imposed by direct in not an alarm i usually have a reputation of being the but replacing solicitor general Perrin Beatty who was in France to sign an International agreement to fight organized crime and drug said he was surprised by Shoniker As Gulmon declined to say whether he would have the information checked out when be Iris of Reagan offers Olive Branch on Trade talks libyan student plane at Arab group announces killing British executive in firm continued from Page 1 and the victim died two hours police said they have not deter mined if the killer was a terrorist or common Mars tons com Pany said it knew of no threats and had no idea Why he was hours after the British and French news agencies received Tele phone Calls claiming an Arab group was the caller to the French Agency we Are a Small Arab we claim responsibility for the attack this morning against the director of Black and Decker in reprisal for inaudible in the Call to a British the name of the group was inaudible except for the word and the recorded voice we will de stroy All american and English imperialist interests in the wherever they Britain had approved of the use of English air bases by the 18 air Force Falls that took part in the libyan air and various terrorist groups threatened to strike at both British and Arthur a communications officer at the embassy in the North Yemen capital of was wounded by gunmen in a passing car As he was driving from a religious Hospital sources in Sana said pol of was wounded in the Back and left Shoul Der but his life was not in on april hours after the air the communications offi cer at the american embassy in William was shot in the head while driving through the capital of British authorities yesterday barred More than 300 lib Yan aviation students from working on aircraft and said they would be forced to leave the country within weeks As their visas at the same 22 detained in London earlier in the week for alleged subversive activity were As they were placed aboard a plane for Tripoli under Annex the Many of them gave clenched fist salutes and shouted slogans denouncing prime minister Margaret Thatcher and president a libyan Arab airlines Crew member distributed postcards show ing libyan Leader Moa mar Kha Day with his 15monthold documents detail tax benefits continued from Page 1 than documents relating to the company offer indicate Parasiuk should have saved a total of on his taxes More than he referred to his tax savings will Cost the Feder Al government More than the figure he referred to thurs and a loss to the As the Energy minister said the number of shares he owns in Nerc 85 is so Small it could not constitute a conflict even if the com which does High technology research in areas such As Energy waste operated in i would be having less than a Hundredth of one per cent of the he i dont think that it would be a conflict because i be involved in decisions relating to the in Manitoba Security com Mission files reveal Nerc 85 planned to raise million by sell ing tax credits Between november 1 and december based on those Parasiuk investment represents about one third of one per Parasiuk conceded he had made a political error in buying the tax but he said that he had not acted unethically or he said he would not Purchase them if he could do it Parasiuk attended an nip caucus meeting at the Down town Holiday inn and be reached to explain the discrepancies Between his statement and the com pants government aide Michael Balagusz said he believed Parasiuk had left the meeting to attend a doctors Balagusz wanted to know Why a reporter wanted to talk to Parasiuk and requested a list of Pawley said he and his minister discussed the two Page statement issued by and agreed on its the Premier said the Issue of Parasiuk investments also was Dis cussed Over the past two Days by the nip he said Las will have to be extra careful their personal investments dont undermine the party tax re form he said it was difficult to establish comprehensive guidelines covering All although Pawley acknowledged that Parasiuk investments have he said the party still retains credibility on the tax Pawley said it is up to Parasiuk to decide whether he but return the Money he saved on the invest Parasiuk has said that is one option he is Bear meat is Sweet and and Worth the Price of the Hunt continued from Page 1 its Sweet Bill owner of tackle Shack Hunting a Winnipeg sport a very Nice tasting some Hunters Cut up the animal themselves but there Are custom butchers in Winnipeg Wholl do the for 24 cents a Transcona Quick freeze owner Tom Grabish will Load your Freezer with Stew ribs and Bear you Cook it like any other Grabish but you marinate it get the wild taste name cookbooks provide highly seasoned Houtos for such delicacies As roast and pin 99 Bunting Bear takes Cash an4 vow need a Tow and Arrow to or High powered Rifle Floo to 8jfl Ani a camouflage suit m a to a Orest to i yep bait 10 to 100 kilograms of leftovers and meat Creek in a few Days to see if tear Bis upon this seem about four metres above the ground and you might sit and wait six or eight afternoons before a Bear Larche when the Bear comes shoot a Bow from eight to 20 metres and a gun from up to 95 aim at the spine or the struck animal May run about 50 metres then Lay Down and wait 20 minutes then follow the Trail of want to give the animal every Chance to Gui you dont want the Bear to grab platform which bolts onto a tree about Hunters last season shot about hiring a guide re to a Day or outfitter to f week to do ajl the work except shooting boosts the of Jas to almost of per i Manitoban Are allowed two adult Black non licence fees for Manl toucans Cost f of of province Are charged j50 and no canadians pay All Hunters must have a wildlife a department of natural re sources pamphlet outlines Regma to pals and Gui said enthusiasts Are mostly aged 16 to everyone from labourers to he of the licences this about Are Manitoban and 440 Are from other the United states and West its Worth about a year in Larche said Cabin fever also is part of the attraction for Spring theres nothing else to Hunt in the Spring except he Gill admits to raised feelings about the sport Hunting is a part of Canadian he but i suppose any person who has any regard for animals would feel a pertain amount of Butcher Gas Bis Welcome the business but says hate doing they look like a goddamn Winnipeg naturalist pin Waldon said Hes not opposed to Hunting but by spetts females wit cubs get piled More often than records show be cause often the cubs Arent with that leaves the cubs to starve to if a brings a head sprae for rec room Hes not going to Tell his wife and kids that he killed some body Mother and that there was All Over the be who libyan officials say was killed in the air most european Community nations reduced the number of Liby ans in their territory this week after european foreign ministers agreed their presence represented a terrorist Spain ordered the expulsion of 11 libyans including three embassy the foreign ministry Britain has tightened Security at its government buildings and tourist Sites against possible terrorism since the air about libyans Are in yesterdays explosion in Vienna ripped a Hole in the office door of the saudi arabian but there were no police later found and defused a hand grenade in front of the Kuwait airways office on the floor beneath police said they did not know what sort of device caused the but damage was there was no immediate claim of in newspapers said authorities suspected pro libyan terrorists were thursdays bombing of a British airways office on Oxford Washington 6p to i Page offering to senators president Reagan promised in ing to consult i key Senate tee throughout free Trade talks with Canada and set but a lilt of negotiating reagans two Days after he barely averted a threatened veto of the talks by the Senate finance was made in a personal than you letter to committee Man Bob Packwood Cliffhanger in the Days leading up to the diff Hanger some angry Sena tors demanded written assurances from the president that they would have a say in the talks and proposed a wish list of what the Reagan administration should seek from Canada in the a White House official familiar with the contents of reagans which was not made de scribed it As noncontroversial re statement of objectives for the they included a reduction in government subsidies on Canadian goods exported to the United comparable treatment for both and Canadian investors in comparable Protection for intellectual property Trade Marks and greater a Cess for suppliers to government purchasers in and nondiscriminatory treatment by Canada of service Indus Doles objectives it did not mention ensuring that the provinces would live up to a final an item which topped a list of negotiating objectives pro posed by senator Bob Dole on the eve of the vote wednesday when a majority of the committee was still vowing to deny reagans the letter followed a meeting at the White House on thursday during which Reagan personally thanked members of the committee who sup ported his request for authority to begin fast track negotiations with Canada on a comprehensive Trade pact the fast track system gives Congress the Power to reject or accept the final agreement but not Amend Packwood was among a group of four matters who switched sides to support the presidents urn a top committee said yesterday he was surprised to see the reagans letter premised that Trade representative Clayton Ter and his negotiating team will engage in regular consultations with the Senate finance committee during the course of those provincial role in talks not defined continued from Page i their officials to determine exactly what that a majority of the provinces have put Forward a proposal which would recognize Ottawa As the sole spokes Man in the but would also allow the provinces the right to Monitor the Giveand take in the bargaining external affairs minister Joe Clark has been touring provincial capitals to sound out the premiers on this but Hes not expected to report to Mulroney until the prime minister returns from the annual economic Summit in Tokyo and state visits to China and South Korea in Mulroney told reporters at the government hideaway near Ottawa that he int concerned about the delay in reaching an agreement with the even though preliminary negotiations with the Ameri cans could begin next substantive discussions Are not expected to begin until the its not something that troubles Mulroney i dont see it As an i see it As something to be accommodate that will not preclude us from entering and a proper i View it As a Normal reality of Canadian life Canadian political life that one does in the Normal course of Audi the Audi 4000 refined rewarding refreshing groomed for sport iness and functional luxury that makes motoring More not just More graced with a spirited performance that few sedans can and it comes with the Audi the unique feature that pays for virtually everything but your fuel for 3 unlimited see us for experience this remarkable sports Sedan Volkswagen 305 Madison at Ness 8880260

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