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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 26, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Blue Bathtub sink Good condition see classified Winnipeg free Prats april pages childrens Hospital Market april 28 May 10 vital Etnyre the love letter part 2 finding out what happened to the two lovers 30 years later just one says the person who answers my Call to fort one More Ive been waiting three Days for this one the Man t want to talk to has been waiting 30 a my wait began monday when a letter arrived from an Mous the writer said she had gone to fetch the mail one Day recently and found a Tetter that had been mailed More than 30 years to was addressed to a Soldier stationed in Camp Gor mailed from Winnipeg and received in Victoria the next it was still How it ended up Back in Winnipeg 30 years later was a mystery to my Anonymous in any she resist the she opened inside was a letter penned by the soldiers love sick fian Cee Well Call her Jane at 2 during a sleepless i cant help but my Anonymous correspondent what Fate had in store for these two love Birds if they did indeed get married but in con Vinced that with a love As Strong As their past 30 years together have been Happy armed with the soldiers name and service i decided to find on it looked As if i had reached a dead Public archives in Ottawa had discovered that the service num Ber on the envelope belonged to someone but they would try Claude Beaule of the archives National personnel records called he had found my archives had also discovered Why the name on the envelope and the service number haunt hed changed his it the moment is he Ive been expecting your his voice has a working class sound to you be this she he last he pauses and fades into the background As he consults the other person in the last was it the Muf fled voice i dont know what the Heck is going i married this Jane and had a son and Hes in Edmonton and she died and i guess some of the stuff got thrown around be cause that letter be lost that Long in the or could it apparently it i Tell i was divorced from her in the he what about the name change Gordon Sinclair i joined the army under a false name because my dad used to hang a beating on me and i got in trouble with the Law and when i came Back from Korea i changed my name when were they married i got married three he id have to think i was married in March of in 52 in dutch but i was brought up there in we came from Holland in she was working with my Mother in the Marlborough hotel and that where i met she was a Hairdresser and my i think she was cleaning up the marriage lasted 10 she turned out to be a real he too much i left the army in veterans affairs helped him buy 400 hectares of Farmland just outside the first we were flooded the next year was so i became a heavy equipment nothing col i ask about Jane she was 25 when i married her 56 when she How did she die she was pretty he i guess her heart her i say to would you like to have the letter she wrote you he Why i dont i you still have a soft spot for her he the voice is Flat and emotion i remember hanging up the phone and feeling disappointed that those happily Everatter Hopes in the 30yearold love letter had been eroded and eventually washed away by the Reali ties of what had started As a mystical Story of a lost love letter had ended the Way All of our stories True to life and maybe it would have been bet Ter if i haunt found maybe it would have been better if i had left the ending up to your image chef provides soup lesson for Letterman David Letterman was puzzled when he found a Leaf in his Pamela sue Martin wont return to David Letterman is from which is no where near which May explain this Tittle Letterman was digging into his usual takeout soup last week when he noticed a distinctly foreign object floating he carefully removed the wrapped it in a sealed it in an envelope and brought it to the offending the chef explained to the late night Host the purpose of a Bay the grand Imperial wahoos at Paramount pictures were sure they had a boffo Box office a with the new Tom cruise top now that jets have mowed Down Large tracts of they Arent so the about a member of the navys elite air combat is still expected to go Over big in rambo but the Paramount people Are worried that the foreign Market will dry up because of youre talking about a picture that went into production last year with great expectations for it because of its patriotic theme and Hotshot fighter Pilot says one movie but now suddenly its right on top of world overseas distributors Are holding the release of certain Tungho Iron another fighter Pilot thing involving those Nasty was supposed to be released soon in but that is on hold the entire terrorist Issue is getting a Little too hot to handle for some the Chuck Morris epic Delta Force will have a and then a spinoff to but the commandos wont be taking on terrorists drug child anything but Mao Tseung is Likely spinning in his grave with news that an Ameri can film Crew is getting set to shoot people a to commercial in which a citroen will be driven atop the great the chinese continuing to fiddle with has signed an agreement to manufacture the French automobile in that so 1 resisted going because i had had would have been ridiculous to joas far As i was today there is nothing that would bring me it is All water under the says Pamela sue who never plans to return to the vapid set of where she gained Fame playing fal we live in a society where Money is Well it is not everything to i could use a million Bucks like the next but it is not my prime i prefer to live More the real world is not it is it was like stopping by for a actor Tony Roberts on his two minutes Worth of work on Woody Allens Hannah and her elsewhere season finale on May 7 will feature the Surprise re turn of Cathy Martin Barbara the character Hast been seen on the show since the 1984 after recovering from the psychological devastation of a Only to of raped a second Martin was then written when asked where she has been All this the returning Martin re out to no word on whether this Means she will be a regular next the producers have indicated they Only want to do the show for one More not wanting to drag it on and compiled by Dave Haynes what Man was the Mclntosh Apple named after by Manfred Jager what Man was the Mclntosh Apple named after and what can you Tell me about the person the Mclntosh Apple was named after John who originated Mclntosh was born in 1777 on the Shore of the Mohawk River in new York state and immigrated to Cana settling in Matilda township near what is now while Clearing the farm he had Mclntosh found several Trees which bore a distinct red Apple that became increasingly pop ular with Mclntosh neighbors and was More widely marketed by the Farmers son Allan during the answers it was Allan Mclntosh who started grafting branches of the original tree onto Nursery Stock and began Selling Young Mclntosh Apple Trees to various parts of North the original Parent tree bore fruit until six years a Monu ment was erected on the site of that How Many kinds of spiders Are there and Are they All insects and other insects have most insects have wings and but spiders do there Are More than known kinds of but the scientists believe there May be As Many As some of them smaller than the head of a while others can be As Large As a human a South american Tarantula has been measured at 25 centimetres Long with its legs sex when was the first israeli Kibbutz formed what was then there Are More than 250 kibbutzim ranging in size from 50 to members in Early kibbutzim depended chiefly on agriculture for their Many modern ver Sions of these communities involve both factories or research centres Plant science and the principle under which All property belongs to the which in turn meets All the needs of its members and their has been prefer scientists classify spiders As jewish who arrived which differ from insects from Europe in the Jordan River you want answ6ts in a number of spiders have Valley around founded the first Nar 7 eight while beetles Kibbutz or collective Community in Call 9422047 and heres Luanne Bobby just got sheared in town tonight madams 8 Centennial concert tickets and up at filthy 4 and 9 Manitoba theatre 174 Market tickets to at radio highlights am Library la Boheme by Puccini so Ria Victor chows and sir Thomas Bee Cham 950 1220 1250 pm saturday afternoon at the opera Verdi s Verdis ring Sicaja treatment of the famous Shause Spearman play in which jealousy poisons the life of a Noble moorish 983 lines live from an Al night lineup of music and 500 o cd world stage o 2 the Flintstones cd whats happening o Tel journal cd National geographic special 3d Chi news cd great outdoors w cd educational television w search for truth Oba he hysterical so purlie Christopher Ward payt stations in Progress so ten wrestling o impacts in cd body talk co Ted Knight show 3d Benson r cd news w weft Indian Church of god 0 country West q cd 0 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