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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 26, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Debate the Parasiuk affair what makes top Winnipeg Legal Beagle Brodsky run sunday rabies incurable canine killer How guilty the hard truth is that Khz Adays death or ouster would Dolittle to curb terrorism that woman she charmed the King from the throne of England to a lifetime in exile Isis past glory Turno Century downtown mansion to be restored in grand style weather rain today 12 showers tonight 3 Cloudy tomorrow 13 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets if five months in grand Forks Isyou Cupi by Mary Ann Winnipeg it Are of turf Guinea one of the rant a Nuth Tanal fest left Centre is Ipin trying the fee Niit them of offering five months f fee stay in aft nth Posks Witt a Day in pay and time to study or take in movies of spotting they Are very Lois a my with the grand Forks human nutrition research Centre they seem to me to be very determined the refit Fig is advertising m Chicago and Buluth for wot Nefi t6 Volunteer for nutritional studies into the assimilation in the body of Trace minerals Sueh As magnesium and be 39 Winnipeg women Are among the 2s7 other Canadian and american women applying to take part in the study beginning june two and three Saskatchewan All Over were among 12 candidates selected for a six month study last year into How the human body copes with Copper they were neat Ferguson another reason for seeking midwestern Fadian women is that it is cheaper to bring them in for interviews than it is to wet candidates from California or Ferguson the ads dont mention same stiff rules far successful the rules include beg accompanied by a chaperone on free scientific tests to measure Trace minerals in the ing Only to die Kitchen supplied and no sexual alcohol or its like being in but far Ferguson she reported the earlier study group an stayed for the full six they were a fantastic group of women she they were Tats Many of their own grafts and really had a pleasant Many of the applicants Are retired Seelal workers and others have taken leave from their some Are widowed or divorced and a few Are she they come for the to meet new people and some need time for themselves to put things Back in Ferguson selection of candidates for the latest study will be made next saturday free press 4 a Iowa of twee Prosn vat la a not 146 real Hoffus delivery 9570650 classified 9562330 second class mail registration number 0286 april Parasiuk Hurt nip tax Pawley says covered body of victim amid debris from yesterdays terrorist bombing in six killed in terrorist attacks blasts wreak destruction in four countries the associated press terrorists struck in North Yemen and Austria killing six wound ing a embassy employee and bombing an office of saudi arabian state run officials said they had not found any links in the attacks to the april 14 air raids against but Anonymous callers claimed an Arab group killed a British employee of a company in a bomb exploded Early today in the building that houses the american express offices in police said a passerby was slightly Hurt by flying the explosion happened at 4 local time 8 setting the upper floors ablaze and shattering windows in surrounding the bloodiest attack occurred in where five civil guardsmen were killed and four were wounded when a car bomb demolished their vehicle on Juan Bravo Street in the Salmanca two pedestrians were slightly officials blamed the bombing on terrorists of the Basque separatist in the Basque Eta stands for Basque land and witnesses said a parked car exploded As the guardsmen land Rover drove and a Young Man had been sitting in the car minutes before the blast at police said the car bomb was set off by Remote control and contained 20 kilograms of explosives and the victim in the Lyon shooting was Kenneth a British businessman who was the top representative in France for Black and Decker manufacturing police said the dressed in Black and using a sawed off shot Marston twice in the Chest As he was leaving his Home at see Arab Page 4 Premier Howard Pawley says Energy minister Wilson Parasiuk has damaged the Dps Campaign for tax Reform by taking advantage of tax shelters the party by his he impinged upon the ability of the new democratic party to carry on its tax Pawley it was a bad move in that re nothing should be permitted to prejudice or jeopardize the need for National tax Parasiuk actions contradicted the Pawley and have jeopardized its Campaign for Mas Sive changes to the country tax he ought not to have done he but Pawley said he wont judge where do you Stop with your moral judgments Pawley that is a matter for the this is not an Issue where like judge people on a moral the Premier said he has not changed his position from when he defended Parasiuk after being asked about the morality of his the is one of contradiction of nip Pawley part of the nip strategy for re form includes eliminating loopholes such As the ones used by both Pawley and Federal nip Leader de Broadbent have expressed indignation Over the num Ber of wealthy canadians who avoid taxes through shelters when they spoke about the need for Pawley bad move Federal nip finance critic Nelson Riis criticized Parasiuk invest ments earlier this taxation records obtained by the free press last week showed Para Siuk and members of his family bought scientific research tax cred its in 1984 and reduced their income tax Bills by on the minister revealed that he had saved More Money in 1985 by buying in shares in a limited partnership re search company based in Alberta for a tax documents obtained by the free press show other investors who bought the same number of shares in National Energy research 85 would have saved More see documents Page 4 Mulroney serves notice hell go it alone on Trade Dallas landlord evicts son of British prime minister Ann Landers answers Bridge business careers classified crossword deaths editorials entertainment Jumble Puzzle Jumble entry Legate movies relax saturday plus Sinclair snorts stocks sky watch travel to listings warier the Dallas a a former senator said yesterday he Felt outraged that the of the British prime minister was asked to leave his Dallas apartment House because its managers objected to increased Security to protect him from terror prime minister Margaret Thatcher was the Only european Leader to openly support the attack on Libya on april the raid was followed by threats of world wide reprisals against americans and Mark was asked to leave his luxury apartment in the exclusive Turtle Creek area near downtown Dallas after the state department requested extra surveillance and addition of closed Cir Cuit cameras to its Security Tower Tower said asking Mark Thatcher to leave was a slap in the face to a Friendly to a very Gal Lant lady who stuck her neck out politically to support i feel a great sense of outrage Over this and a sense of Tower said he had spoken to the whom he declined to to ask them to let Thatcher stay but they would not the managers have refused com Thatcher too risky Meech up prime minister Mulroney firmly staked out Ottawa constitutional right yesterday to negotiate a Freer Trade Deal with the United states regardless of whether it has the approval of the in president employing More conciliatory promised in writing to consult a key Senate committee throughout free Trade talks with Farmer doubts reagans two Days after he barely averted a threatened veto of the talks by the Senate finance was made in a personal than you letter to committee chair Man Bob Packwood flush from the Ameri can godhead signal for the talks this said he will take provincial wishes into but he reiterated that Freer Trade is a matter of Federal we invited the provinces to tic Pate and were seeking ways to ensure their because we believe that that the proper Way to Mulroney told re porters after a meeting of cabinets powerful priorities and planning but its our responsibility to negotiate on behalf of Canada and that what Well the Federal and provincial govern ments have not agreed what role the provinces should play during Freer Trade the first ministers met in november and agreed there would be full Provin Cial but they left it to see provincial Page 4 army of Hunters loaded for Bear by Maria Bohuslawsky sport and Sweet these lures Are tempting More and More Black Bear Hunters in its the fastest growing sport in the Ron wildlife program coordinator with Manitoba natural and theres plenty of room for about Hunters paid to for a licence to kill Black Bear this the Spring season opened april 1 and closes at the end of May or june depending on the the ranks of Hunters hungry for Bear have grown by about 200 a annual Pur suit of big Black beasts Manitoba fastest growing sport year for the past five Larche most of Manitoba bears live in Riding Duck Mountain and Interlake its a very healthy Larche excitement and is How Gimli Hunter Maurice describes the thrill of the a sense of an adult Bear weighs 90 to 180 theres a certain amount of Dan Gill even a Small Bear has the Poten tial to kill a person quite theres no record of a Manitoba Black hear mauling a Larche the most dangerous thing is the Chance of a heart attack while carrying bait or an Auto Accident on the Way he unless a person does something like trying to kick a wounded the chances of being Hurt Are very agreed Black bears Arent always redheads and blondes rendezvous in the Brown hues Range from dark Brown to Pale a White spot often decorates their the ultimate trophy is the a Bearskin Rug with head intact to Lay in front of a fireplace or hang on a Wall is a source of its especially thick and luxurious in the Gill theres a lot of personal satisfaction in having he win Peg taxidermist Ron Telesky said it costs to to make a to to do a life size mount and to for a Wall but Long before the pleasures of the Pelt comes the see Bear Page 4 clocks go Forward Manitoban lose an hours sleep Daylight time begins at 2 tomorrow turn your clocks ahead one hour before going to you get the hour Back when Standard time returns in

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