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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 25, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba May 1 Aden la the finds my by uj187j 2nd floor m i m new m to turn w m ets Oki Agnf Vuk 1 aim in i Ulm no i Valhalla Sorivi i Lyl Motif b to Smit Large 2 4 a my Yufu m 2 May u at m Oil own us May 1 plus bite Tim mkt or Ramit it Fly wet in ves Tendi in 1 2 sublet Avail this 1 us Eft in my Utin i my m7m1 Homol motors my Mumy Oglw 94744ji Hom locators fit with of with do to James to 1254 im5 1 East Kildonan with Omen toil towers of Polo May air it Qibla Elaine Vitali 1 or t with tool 470451 Hom locators sublet 1 May a All t 9445942 of june we a air poo Ufa 1 Roslyn a a a i i or m 1 it 2 to Penthouse Armadale Only May elegant 2 on River Bank of Glass River non 26911m 1 to May bus 5 mint u of 261151 7 luxury near Miseri Ordla air a Avail May util a air m May 1 to u f or soum Quitty to 1405 plus june 1 ill Call 6326777 or 7759711 363 Days or set 101 sublet 1 Wisher a damage my rent 2574461 Aksum Garden 3 fridge a stove 6324636 or 2 North Kilton Edison wife a hot May sublet May 1 a Cable Racquet games free damage May 2 on Chan cellar to u of 1530 1st month rent Only 261456 2 Pool Cable All Tull except Indr pets May 1305 Taylor 2 May air 1 on Pembina rent storage locker a Coin laundry fort Rouge quiet 1 or May Call Royal realty fort Garry 75 South Park in quiet 1 Avail May for Call Royal realty 2 newly in a welfare 2 1375 1 1255 4523446 june 1305 to 4532631 or May 340 arms Corner of Contact 1 or 2554651 3 Garden inside a outside Stor May 1 or 8324969 sublet 1 bx24 air 12th 33 May 1 or june All incl 94w765 2 to swim june sublet 2 77 uni Versi to outdoor May 2 june 1 satellite 2534548 1 in age from Park footbridge St june 1 air fridge lots of incl 8867006 june 2 Tudor Vil Ren a 100 1 May downtown close to legislature All quiet bldg Call Eric James May 1 moving to 2 fridge air will leave Call 9479971 or june Watt 2 Plu 6694999 a Days 5 3382844 Quail Ridge May incl Tennis court 2391 port age 2 Penthouse Osborne Village 3 older 351 Victor 2 a see caretaker or phone 9439269 694 Sherbrook see 7or 743 Sargent 1 or May 1 580 Broadway 1a 2 see t or phone Osborne Village 1 2 May 1 Poss Lewis for May 2 4 Woodridge 474 belly eau 16583434 of luxury 1 May june 1 61 Colony 7729461 2 Westwood 3 left Oft we a Call 8881696 May 1 in we 2 in James with june Cal move today fast 947001 howelocator5 1 occur y no i ski 1 May 1 i Umi 1 in sublet Mil pit newer 1 off Mem my u pm 156177 University i will leave sublet 1461 May 1 Kennedy Wutte atm a m23 n22m1 harleswood1 my no Dimof 1325 plus cd May upper i 11 t Lar 3394701 weekends 35 Reay in 2 for my lease apply to Evelyn at 1 indoor All except 948 Chancellor 2 May rent sublet june vhf parking 1 All sunken May rent until 2 with May 3 Apt Cable swimming 15 May 1 a Hydro quiet May 1 Tahse Many to 6611957 330 Anderson quiet near bus to no May 5697112 for 5 1 2 Cable a 1 air first plus 2562312 2 in newly renovated very Mortn clean a quiet 4754299 5 newly 1 to View 6611264 273 to Call Mike 693 Maryland 1 my Maples 1 May bet 6327953 or 1 plus Hydro upper 4 545 Avail May to sublet May 1 a Den includes a 6324707 or 2228117 1 newly 2843394 1 a 2 new a fridge a lots of rent Lor 7747576 May 2 Cable m Sauna Tennis 2694781 James 1 june 8323765 510 May 1 Washer a pets wll leave damage 2614260 May to 3397697 or 17572360 2 Moray Vil May Call 7884659 83242w for rent in Bon heat near St a sublet june 1 free laundry 7744392 8 Waverley May Garden a 2615849 july 77 University 2 a pkg 2611929 or 2539604 1 Penthouse Ste sunken swim 21 May a also 3 stalls pm 4537627 or Whitby 55 2 with dishwasher May 2 swim Tennis 4 a area 2 550 in of House 1 top of All 5897993 or 78n959 luxurious 2 Ste Garden City 3385031 or 501 2 stes newly a May 7747507 4 Sherbrook close to bus 3 plus in Lugt May Maurice 1 new May Cable Hydro charming in House or Obj wins sublet 1 air Clear quiet across from print May 1 Richmond 2 townhouse May Hydro in june 1 2 vital c to u of 3 in j6f 7377 or 172h778 Coj act sublet 2 air sj1 2 All we Imah vital May 1 in new i to Garden 2 Carpi t june ii in Tel Mitt Ubl 3 Ark Plaza 1 May 1 to 1 Tutt Trot mat 1 freshly paint for s 17 775windon 1 2 Withro Pitit a Aples luxury or 4771780 17 Paul Portage 1 7742661 7i6corydon May Call 583furby May May 2 77 uni Versley noon2 the courts of James Portage attractive 1 2 in int month or heated shop Bank Rio restau ants Alt under one enjoy special such As exercise room swimming Book your reservations today 8883747 Globe general agencies 543 Bannatyne Sargent 1 2 or 3 a of Nortron by Tow my or Wuu Call Amazon hotel 3i2s Portage 86s7w4 in Washer a 6672273 776 logan3 View old Market Square studio 9479190 for senior citizens Osborne Village t Call 9470451 Home locators fee fully rental per apply a123 Long Side 702 cosy Bill Redlock 431victor2 View 145 Scon Boniface 1 cat 9470451 Home locators fee Mirise 9470451 Home locators fee Balcony with Utill 9470451 Home locators Lee Wolseley studio or 1 9470451 Home locators fee for 666 Toronto 70 0 May 2 8897714 3 or 5 633 Mcdermot whellams phone 3391071 May All Lar sublet 3 May or june plus 2565197 or 2 to May 1 May 1 for lease in 3 2574018 4 428 Mountain 1 Apt ground 1 All a pkg newer 2 May May Colony for May Call 9494547 Pritchard Nice 4 pm m 114 Chestnut 3 main clean 1 fridge a the 1 sub 7837957 sublet 1 for May 1 in the 6324613 3 no june 1 375stradbrook j is Furby a 6074r2150 Selkirk and june to u of 4195577 59donalp May 4 Mise i 7743915 North sublet May 5195224 apply 1597 453113 sublet 1290 Mph sj95j74 of Fos 705 West for May apply caretaker 465 3 h25 ply downtown 1 pm 7835252 or 7754959 May incl util 2 May 1 inc Las guide 1 2 68 r quiet clean 3 1 Dogwood drive is isms Vil gorgeous 2 of on Winnipeg free of ten fam Ayr april 2sr 1988 if of pm a Refl 1 june t in apartments por Rint Pur Nisho customer services opportunities of fill Ltd met ioit1q i0ftt or Busl Noii hould w wish to View this of Portu my or Etc Lye please phone or write to Al customer ser Stem Csc 999 King Edward 275 Colony ully ill Ste caretaker 4 4 or walking distance to of May 1 to 1 a Sun 424 River 1 a see 9434269 2 1 a nicely clean quiet a choose sunny with others fool 9470451 Home locators he 617 Paul 1 from por Ege a 1 7742661 443 All util see caretaker 1 or Whf Are Sargent 1 1 a 4 9432219 or apply 119 3 May May 1 to sublet por 2 a 1 for May 2532214 share 460 landside 1 Call 7749141 or a 2 close to 7631980 7633k1 cd to 4747902 3 private 147 sublet Mayi to 2 vital 239 Balmoral 7834466 2 newly 2564940 May till 1 share furnished suite for rent May 146 Alfred a in wanted to hint responsible couple with Young children Are looking for a 2 or or to Ren during july a West Side of Tor commuting to pm collect 12391280 gent Kitten 1 08 in James area Lor May 1 406 6667741 3 08 4 88 Home Appl in James Are fir imply tee ranged june need garage Hugo 4 must be 45x945 108 sen want to of it storage space m it Quiej offices p8estige office space 17 Mph or Kunj John founders Lias item instant offices pro Jim photo identity plan private at flow Canada business it inter 3 1775 of be n jmjwslinslv5 Altai Spatt i Grosvenor Stafford b 5 Inch f tuft Loffl of Tow i3w to York Centre s a Lundt wit 1w we Omell new m Portage retail 6t it filet bowl talons emf Al hts of Imi of nah so few a till hit Rumi Nepf Unnic fian Bimmy fee fail office Ness at Sturgeon of Elf Rel 1 do or 1660 or 2700 plus Ull of worm set hot Motky to a 2135 Pembina 21m it strip Ideal of m or pm can Aff a fit Tana Frt stt9791 Kona properties inst Park professionally decorated 6332500 Berry m Alf Onica Only Alan 7m4w4 1200 a 04ft full a 9422166 outstanding exposure professional office old Market Square Ideal Fot any retail store or 9479190 Marion at Kenny per net turn key Deal Brent business services 9432344 Pace for rent or rom 600 to 6164536 or 420 retail store newly Doug at River East 4194512 3200 new com Tex Comer 7 3344992 or 00400 office area for Call Darls prop erf Lei or rent 1 office or up to 6 off hrs 209213 notre Dame modern downtown office space next to underground air con janitorial 138 Portage East across from Weston of ice units from 500 Norlyn medical 309 Hargrave 100 Ideal for of Tutsi accost Silit industries 9571430 1300 Complex use of 2331169 585 Portage 2nd retail 20 very 2337770 create an impressive image an economical Cost offering i prestige business address Large furnished of am an word processing client reception Board room a Lombard business Centre 9434339 fully office personal Tele phone answering mall Hen Board room in secret areal word in a imn Clil tit tent preparation or my number five Donald business Centre Boniface 208 Marion new High expo from various sin until competitive for leasing inquiries cell Norm 7752421 or Arrow Windsor Park in newly mini Mill next to Ideal Lor restau medical tenant improvements a sex Pomes in Earl Nom aft reel estate Choice office space conveniently office space at 113 Marlon leasing terms to 195 per for More details Call the Smith Agency Portage just 2500 Westwood Village shopping bet Safeway a unlimited free Sussex realty Ken Campbell 2647432 4774309 sublet prime office to 1200 2 reception general office or training storage newly rent May 9444333 pager or hot 300 off ice Good Lor professional Light Vaw Ohan or Graham Leon Brown a Eyen legs 469527 great locations retail or office the Tyndall East kill Donan a ranging in slip from 630 up 6332660 6324194 562 marys 566 marys one space 600 the other 7000 so this could be sub for business or Portage near offices a retail newly ill incl from 1000 5000 pm Eirl no Matt real e stall main William beat the inflation with the most economical it tace space in on dash rate next to City offices mj9269 Alexandria place 24 Edmonton 1635 new fully air wll sub Divide Lor suit Cal 4525913 or 9429141 pager postage vices of Mai Choice still on All services w of j8p 137 Scott a Strad Srawl 320 1 Tow Agnf insuring service Avail Call Boniface retail or Ottic Seacy to Tjian Wing Ron for Inlo Call Vic 25302i1 a Osborne Village Earl w 1 w Lyl Fly st8lf mod in clinic Ore Jod mp3sp it 6taiu office warehouse in a Vovk win Wyli to kit Bodi Fici so m mite lift Ltd it Ai n with Pidiry w butt Brian cyst in sow District of m North 1325 pref Jiw c Motif in Daryl Gardner Transcona 131 Industrial commercial property 0001500 clean Offlee show 360 for lease Garry Industrial building Square feet Well located Industrial use with of 2 Interior 2 on overhead cranes and 1 exterior 2 on Call Murray hotter 754265 Sutton realty 50 retail space in Gross for Sale or lease Industrial building 20 Clear mp3 trades con Call re gency 817 main store or office or Call 621 Portage office All 4521569 High traffic area 18th Street c3 Ion 1wx144 with 2 bedroom Home that could be moved Call Delia Pochynok 17273949 or Charlie brawn 17286533 or brawn a brawn real estate service 823 warehouse a trackage Linden properties limited 328 Saulteaux immediately Ideal for Industrial manufacturing develop to suit zoned retailing ample parking conditioned offices fans sprinkler system a Dock level loading hex 10 overhead doors attractively designed building a landscaped just minutes away irom the Call today 9479778 Brian born Inkster May 000 will consider leasing separately a warehouse suitable Lor manufacturing or distribution 24 High Selling loading 3 loading ample for More info Call Days warehouse Leer Inkster a Keewatin Grad Evel loading available immediate phone John 9574305 a John Flanders for m2 2501 Ferrier 5 shop unto 30 High with overhead Grade heavy Power a separate office 1440 s8m57v Boniface Park 8000 2 Dock 500 to office a 4000 10 6332660 or 6326194 Codville building 43westbrook Dock of lice can be Silit industries 9571430 Low Price space for rent 4500 upstairs so office also 2760 i a office 14 door Bonus competitive Rudopph 6681196 aut body 8000 so Clear Sprinkle a 2331189 2400 warehouse with office 12x12 group level 6335620 10001500 office 369 storage area 2337770 for 1200 shop Small 1400 08 2600 office Central 130 apartment blocks for Sale new on Market 21 suites Young a Westminster financing building built 1949 50 suites a Harrow separate walk ups Premium property Moon 253w51 exclusive agent Block 4532743 West end 18 suite apartment exc location income boiler new 14 4 2 Call ate Good Good solid Vic Arrow realty 7752421 West end 5 suite m tenants pay cloves Beauty 28 Provat Safe no Revenue investment Tjo forty value Pius buy entire unit Stu a tits v Vale w my Call Vick m look fat Fol of flow pr5p1rt1es Revenue plus a my by miso wet i 06 acre 1 mile North of re Rizii Mil Bill Elomes Pembina m if Maen High to Tafti am All cell stuff 94m144 4wides depending on comfy Ereial and pad Jefty of ref j in a new classified display column which f lifts of th6 pages every saturday and monday look of the bin str properties Arctic King wide 3 Home super warm triple Bane 14 in Asphalt shingled carpet in a Washer a Field offices for rent Obile Homes for rent with option to Purchase Midway Home sales 650 Regent Transcona 2225125 2225903 open from 6 Quality Homes at Low Over head new a real deluxe Only ask about our 16 wide used Homes Start at Altona Al 13244776 natural excellent tour descent a Ideal for Light a sewing Leon Brown 9424511 a evenings 4895273 or Sale 1976 Hartcraft Catana 2 or full 10x10 wheels a hitch a to 17462010 5 or 17462555 ask for Sanford Teel building 50 x 60 Concrete 16 to located on 150x120 asking Price for More de Popel at Block my Philllps a on almost 3a of Daryl Gardner Ron caste Lane Bachman a 9471144 fabulous c2 zoned location on Hen Derson service station pumps and tanks still n place can be Call by Sutton realty 50 frontage on Logan 3000 close to King Daryl Gardner Bachman a 9471144 748 2 stores a 2 a 84 mortgages problems 1st a 2nd new debt foreclosure red Nance Mages a Chrls mortgage Money Misciuch 9431508 856 property wanted for Sam Shapiro 9444241 to Market gardens acreage Garden 4000 water Garden Small plot suburban property minutes of perimeter gorgeous 2 Home Cedar on a natural matured Trees features Ige gourmet Oak cabinets glassed eating area mexican tile formal Patio to or has Cedar Cathedral Selling a also a family 4 Cen trial air a Gar Wood burning 2500 of Energy 2x6 con work 4744284 or Home Oak Bank Beauty 920 with newer carpet 1 All living Dan in room and rec Kitchen and Bat contains no Wax Hea a water softener Are Only two of thl Homes Call Craig for Dice 2579692 Block country living in the City this 1 old contemporary offer la curl Ott Oak stable a 15 acres or Call Bev House for Sale in Interlake near 6 9 Iran Lake 20a of land a option t buy additional Aldol Nung please Call John Henry Ideal for subdivision acres of prime property on the North of Ott Henderson for Tele phone 66943m Between 12 a 6 Energy 3 Only on paved lust of Hod 6693903 place your Mobile Home or this 5 Down Miller 334444 Winnipeg realty 7864j03 to 5 1m6 3 fenced 74 x 166 24x24 full Tarn Alwi South of Miller 1 0 16jp shelter 461240 1 acre Selkirk an of 10 a 11 of Beau Jilou where the broke head 81 Man Creek old in a great potential for Stock or acc laity loft Tarot Virgin ind tar comb 0 across Assiniboia Swatch we 1 Standard realty Ontario cottages tit yme my raw m or Sale 3 House to be Spring Sale wades Lumbirt living room cot Fiol asking islami Limmi an South Oad Askin j Hoholl drum cabinets sed Homes great met Colon ail Homes delivery by read in All Homes fully a1 Homes 4256 Portage 8887890 Black 6hh of i Small cottages on West exposure Road to wll 0fokcwl isl to Austin Laki Orth of East Ottati Only 6 old a plenty of new skin Lake of the Woods land Well treed Modem 1200 cottage with 10 from asking Only 976 14x60 Peerless Mobile Home with 14x26 Wood Atio plus Many 13487719 972 de Troiter House Trail new new 1st offer Over must sell v end of willing to 9434765 ask for 975 Peak Wood 3 laundry 8x8 porch 8x12 fridge Wood Ine Ridge used 1012 a 14 wides for we pay Cash for used Mobile Superior Mobile Box 282 pm 12044225205 Bowes Polar King Homes Portage la Prairie Canadas top Mobile Homes 1949 14577888 966 40 2 fridge Shower a he deemed Ches needs some bes Lake of the Woods Oad a new a Well designed ult split Cathedral ceilings 4 a the forty of Cedar South expo asking Harbour Island 2 cottages of 22 of Well treed South exposure prop Sand treated Wood walk Cathedral Skong Minaki area West exposure on 14ft of Well treed main Lodge a for guest quarters a Boathouse a ready to move Ideal for Large family or corporate asking storm Bay Road Ake of the year round k 24x24 300 front 100 asking Lake of the Woods Lea wafer year round 2 lome or 200 Road Access a very Well protected asking Black Sturgeon Access a new Kenora pass will piss within 2 pm when 616 cottage Good West Call we have an assortment of a ant cottage lots Ake of the Wood Wolfe Island ots from per or screw Island lots we also hive lots on Winnipeg River in mid 30s with Road a Standard Ralty a insurance co real estate brokers 319 second South Ontario p9n 3x8 18074683333 after hours Harold Wir Kenton 14074663541 Phil Hanstead 14075472257 Vern Williams 14075485673 0 Champion Mobile Home Oil a a 3347400 we pay Cash for Good to bile phone fully satellite dish 2226238 ledes renovated Mobile 876 trailer lots for rent or Sale for Sale Only Mobile Home a trailer traverse Bert or Helen Traynor fully lots Fob t8lrs n Lakeside 13895389 178 campgrounds choose a campsite at Rock Garden electricity on 26 of perimeter off 1 of Richer Oft 2565155 leave Mes Sage or Call 5 88 resort Lodge accommodation Lake of the Lek seasonal Sand boats a also Remot Lynn outpost a 1 Day flying Lyseng incl ahead Sioux Florida time share 2 we 1 1 in on Florida Ocean Tenn licensed restaurant a Marln on for Purchase pm 6679906 fish 08 Holiday at sports mans fishing Lodge at Lake Dau heated swim Ming for reservation o White lakes Cabin for 882 summer cottages for rent family vacation Cabin trom to to three Lake Winnipeg Loca minimum 2 Max mum 2 to Ca Ironwood Point Cam Morton Hecla Islan 13782945 or for inform Call water front cottages of Lake of the Sand Boa for excellent fishing a rec Contact laughing Wate Box Sioux on pox West Hawk Lake two Lull Beautiful View of the 4 Specula rite for 5824744 9 Lovely Lakeside cottages Safe Sand goad Lowe caller Lake Box Nestor Falls pox 14074642244 completely cot Tiges in Nestor Sand teach game pm Day fishing to Remote lakes Lake of the Woods Islan cottage for rant on wekly Bas for fetal reply Box 17j6 Frej fully 3 wate8f per Lor select in re Call Watt Dock Lodge Long Lake Boa motors for Lake Bodin y6a Ultra Cedar Winnipeg 3 mos grand ma8ais2 cottage g Rand marai5 2 cottage people classified j Lali pm Fulti Yew re my not Imi with Shoreline realty Poplar Bay i Mikuc Elolf can tvs Ukia few 61 Asti Ift Fitts a f8tli it Flat Sochi is la it Law Iff Lee River waterfront land Elf Al from Cnoria Pricw if soar Bay Lampitt Teia Awatar Keeshu Rundle lakefront 11th Sandy Hook open House 54 att i Lakaff ant fully year found fun Tina 4 laundry a All fur Eltun a Ufen Sim 0m taif Lutsi than an hour froth Call Fri Kilkenny real Este Lake Lac Dubonnet spacious 1150 with ail Aduf ear found us Ellary Wood Wen beam cell ceded Send mar Polar Bay in quiet Inlet with stat ii new of Walleye fishing Shoreline 134546m Doug Silvester v3456944 Bob 13452424 Ake of the Buffalo few j wet Flo g6ni89tt beautifully Oak vaulted spiral pre finished a pro 8954099 or Portage la Oose a ame 1040 a screened 4 a 4 fully boat motor a to Tower a Many private year round Home with enclosed new natural Edar new Oil a nning septic Nice Yard with Low or Box 201 or 13067312446 850 hand crafted Pine of 2 w Cathedral 15 much now being craftsman wishes to sell a move to your no to Lylers leave name Standard Ontario cottages new of Kenora on a Good fishing Road Access Evel West 728 to asking Winnipeg River land newly constructed 630 cottage on a South exposure lot asking Lake of the Woods land 6km from sugar Bay Landing Clearwater 20x24 cottage with loft asking new of Kenora on Louise new 768 it cottage of South exposure lot Oad asking Black Sturgeon Lorth of 2 Small cottages on West exposure Road a Well protected asking Austin Lake North of was cottage Only 6 old a plenty of new Dock asking Lake of the Woods Island Well treed Prev modern 1200 cottage with 10 trom asking Lake of the Woods Road a new a Well designed Multi split Cathedral Selling 4 a plenty of Cedar South asking Harbour Island 2 cottages on 22 of Well treed South exposure prop Sand treated Wood walk carpeting Cathedral kit asking Minaki area West exposure on o Well treed main Lodge for guest quarters Boathouse a ready t move Ideal for Large family or corporate asking f 406 storm Bay Road Lake of the year round a 24x24 300 fron 100 asking f 405 Lake up the Woods Clearwater year round 2 Home or 200 Roa Access a very Well pro tactic asking Black Sturgeon Road Access new Keno bypass will pass within 2 pm when 1616 Good West Call Standard realty 4 insurance co real estate brokers 319 second Saith Ontario p9n 3x8 14074683333 after hours Harold Phil Man Stead 5472257 Vern Williams lee8iveb 3 deck 2 to pave Man River 3 a water Trouit to life Pinawa Lake spacious 2200 2x6 Sun in Patio 2 car Jar water Pinawa Bay in hot i col a Punj a Perl title cottage brochures for Mora listings Contact Shoreline realty 13j54j1j serving the for 15 Bob v345j4j4 want ads Wing Best Jesuit Sun country realty Assam 40 of ully Lake win full a All Daryl Gardner Bachman a associates 9471144 the Standard Ralty real estate brokers p9n 3x6 Home of the flying Salesman Harold Warkentin 8074683333 4683541 Sioux on Lake of in new Over All weather septic a heated water priced for Quick Call at Spruce 10 of a Lull 3 screen Eden ully septic 1 minute from Sandy 6674136 or 6612511 Grondin Point 24x28 Semi a Frame some Cedar 24xb open Hydro to Bob or Max at capital lumber 1961 private 15 fully 2 plated car Fisher Lac do Bonne wendigo fully serviced Cabin with in a screened 700 nicely extra lot is Lawn 8375769 enjoy the privacy of an sex elusive weekend Retreat a Holiday Stor age Arnolds on Lee Lester must w owner Hlll Lew 2 with 1 14072743186 or 12047543197 waterfront near Lee River titled 3 Wood ask 23 Pathfinder fully a lot Chesley Lac of Bonnet water cot 1600 454 front Patio a 2573734 or 13452095 Lac 1100 3 Cedar cottage on All weather Patio Clear 6952395 2 cottages ready for Fini Shang on treed Good what Sand 8373405 cottage information Lake of the Woods for More details dial i4372133 Black of 3 lakefront Cabin at titled Call 4757581 or 4 cottage in Victoria not in restricted broke head River 1 fur Sale or 2618723 or Lee River 12x56mobile with Large treed leased All of 6676006 Lac w Lake bunt 3 titled Lake of the but Lalo 2 3 1100 much 2841344 Why Tewold Sale 3 Lull lau8entia 2 45 of 2534347 tremendous Opportunity 2 Albert Beach Hillside Call Maurice 25756fi White Shell 2 a of boat 2 5194214 or to Lester 2 open cot Crescent to no 12x52 Mobile Alee ready to most Tom 17382397 log cottage show Lester open luxurious Cabin on private not 7 old cottage Lakeshore 3 round 2a1s05

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