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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 22, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba U d Comet Austin still Worth a look Fly Manfred Jager if the heavens above us were a Public then whats happening to Comet Austin this month would have to be considered a program with slight scheduling Winnipeg Only live Comet show of the year will still perform this but astronomers say it wont be All it was cracked up to the first observing session will take place from 3 to 5 april says Chris spokesman for the Winnipeg Centre of the Royal astronomical society of meet at Birds Hill observers meet at Birds Hill Park on South East of the Bur Oak about two Kilometres inside the Highway 59 main Entrance to the taking a right turn As they reach the traffic Brown says the second observation will take place from 4 to 5 May 6 and the last one from to Dawn May the astronomical society also will conduct a general observation evening from to Midnight april 28 just East of the Assiniboine Park conservatory to Mark International astronomy Brown says All events Are off if its Comet a chunk of dirt and ice the size of is still hurtling through the solar having just zipped around the Sun and heading Back where it came discovered last december at a distance of 368 million Kilometres from the Comet Austin at first appeared quite Large and but it has been All downhill from Brown says the suns heat seems to have burned off part of austins ice making it less Austin will still be a spectacular show if you have binoculars and know what you Are looking for and says Hans Thater of the Manitoba seeing the Comet with the unaided Eye now will be much even though its still positions in the calculated by computers earlier this Are still valid and observation programs scheduled by the astronomical society Are designed to enable Winni Eggers to catch a Good glimpse of the snowball from which will appear Low in the Eastern sky just before Sunrise later this month and in if you come make sure you bring a pair of Brown what Power your glasses Are int As important As the aperture of the outer seven or eight Power by 35 is but 50 is even better because it Means the outer Lens is 50 Millimetres across and lets in More when it comes to one of the Best sightings in North America was Comet photographed from California in april of most of the known comets have had their orbit frequencies with Bennetts being years and others As Many As half a million Thater says austins orbit has been calculated and is classified As meaning the comets pass around the Sun can be considered a onetime event never to be smithsonian institution photo Comet Bennett Over California in 1970 was test your Bridge knowledge with answers to quiz you hold vq85 072 partner opens the bidding with a demand bid of two what do you respond partner opens with a forcing Odds Are he has a Strong with such Good dont waste time puttering around with the Spade bid three to set the Trump suit and allow for the orderly investigation of you hold 4kq9 9aq7 09872 partner opens the bidding with one what do you respond a textbook response when you hold u balanced 1618 Points and no ruffing a 4 333 hand jump to three no Goren on Bridge by Charles Goren with Omar Sharif and Tannah Hirsch you hold 108763 985 oakj8 partner opens the bidding with one what do you respond Are two ways to treat this an immediate jump shift to two or a simple one Spade with the intention of jumping in diamonds on the next since your Spade suit is Al most we lean toward the immediate jump you hold 108763 985 oakj8 the bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 pass 2 4 pass 2 it pass 3 0 pass 3 4 pass 4 pass 4 4 pass what action do you take partner could not Cue bid hearts or take some action other than sign off with four you should give up All thoughts of we could construct hands consistent with the auction where even game might As South you hold 4akq1085 7qj93 oaq8 your righthand opponent opens the bidding with one what action do you take the Strong Spade your hand is suitable for playing in either it is More than Strong enough to Start with a takeout Dou ble and then bid a new so our vote is for the As South you hold 4akq1085 9qj93 aq8 the bidding has proceeded Kas saudi West North 1 pass 2 pass what do you bid now you Are Likely to gel a Diamond you need next to nothing from partner to make our gut feeling is to jump to four but we dont mind a slightly conservative three the latter action virtually Guaran tees nine tricks in and partner should raise to game with any key Tribune Media services families should try arguing by numbers for 40 years Morris and his of have engaged daily in the same five Stan Dard according to his it All comes Down to 1 world affairs 2 interpersonal relation ships at the workplace 3 her problems 4 his aches and pains and 5 whatever current pops they waste a lot of time hearing the same complaints Day in and Day in the interest of saving time and he has suggested they get it Down to each Gripe would have its own he would just come Home and number 4 or number and they could get on with their Morris said its a play on the old Story about the prisoners who had Only one joke they memorized and whenever they wanted to Tell a joke they just shouted out the one Day a new prisoner tried it no matter what number he called no one when he asked his cellmate he was some can Tell pm and some i think Morris is on to parents and children also have a Litany of old time favourites that everyone has heard they Are wonderful vignettes that Haven Erma Bombeck changed in 15 or 20 years and run anywhere from five minutes to three hours in suppose parents labelled their lectures 1 when i was your age 2 Well treat you like an adult when you Start acting like 3 one of these Days youll thank 4 in not everybody else 5 just wait till you have children of your your kids would also number their top five monologues 1 Why dont you want me to be Happy 2 for once in your Stop talking and 3 your problem is you dont Trust 4 we rent you Ever Young once 5 you treat me like a i really think this will Bear with a Mother is sitting up watching test patterns on to waiting for her teenager to come there is a key in the lock and the Mother number 1 the child shouts number 5 and Heads for his the Mother pursues him and number to which her child is that All youve got to say she no i have plenty to number 3 and number i was wondering when youd pull out those two he re sponds Chew on number 1 and that my final num in going to i suppose you could add Standard lectures up to but whats the if you cant say it All from one to you dont know How to com this leaves More time for visuals such As slamming doors and body Lan so much to teach so Little Universal press Syndicate Cathy Guisewite it St fluted the Mph a Fly up with the going in a a Brief Follo them went into a 6s the time s the club log Bell sounded it held plunged to fun full time i didst know Vou followed the Stock Cal try we were discussing a Ankles Winnipeg free april Jet Meetin gitis harmful to health in sorry Hes at a meet More and this is the answer i get when trying to Contact someone by later in the Hes at another the next in still talking to the it leaves me wondering whether these people do any work while the rest of us Are Small wonder we cant balance the National but Ive questioned whether these incessant meetings affect the nations there Are no statistics on this but common sense tells me that Meetin gitis must be responsible for some of the lifestyle prob lems in this and its time to Start pinching calves at the next meeting to see How Many suffer from the flabby brain insidious disease Meetin gitis is an insidious disease that has infected our society and should be labelled an environmental risk Factor when assessing a state of Paul Dudley Best known As the cardiologist who treated president Dwight Eisenhower after his heart lectured on coronary disease at the Harvard medical he always stressed the value of to drive Home the he told about a study he once conducted Over a period of 10 years on 500 pairs of Iris born the Brothers who remained in who worked hard on poor had less coronary heart Dis ease than their Brothers who Emi grated to the and followed a less Active those in Ireland consumed More including Dairy but were lighter in weight and their blood pressure and Electrocardiogram re sults were sitting at meetings Day after Day affects More than the most people Foster a misconception about they believe the heart is the Only pump in the but there Are other mechanisms that propel one of them is the vigorous action of the leg studies show that when leg Muscles con they squeeze the veins in the thereby pumping blood Back to the sitting around a conference table is no different than sitting on a plane for eight so Why dont we give those with Meetin gitis the same advice As air plane travellers Passen Gers Are strongly advised to get up from their seats and walk along the aisle every hour to prevent the fatal blood clot from forming in the deep veins of the but How Many who spend their Days at meetings walk around the conference table once an hour a specific study of those who Are closeted in meeting rooms when i Call would probably reveal other their High density Lipo proteins the Good cholesterol that help to prevent coronary attack Are lower than in those who must even from just desk to during the their platelets will be less oily and More Likely to trigger for mation of a blood and their skeletons Are slowly but surely los ing thereby setting the stage for a fractured possibly resulting in severe disability or Hospital meetings there is no better example of Meetin gitis than what happens daily in medical meetings Are ubiquitous and Sandy Shearer of writes in the medical Post of a trip he made to a psychiatric Hospital in he was subjected to a Daylong series of at 30 people sat around a table discussing two main the staff Christmas lunch and whether birthday cakes for Lon term patients should be paid for out of the catering or the patient welfare budget before this pandemic of meeting someone would have gone out and simply bought the but weve fostered a generation of administrators who develop cerebral atrophy when faced with an individual its not Good for mus brains or strained Hospital Bud the next time a Secretary informs me with abrupt finality that he or she is at a in not going to take it ill Tell her like other Ive been making diagnostic judgments All Day with out a single meeting and that i dont your enthusiasm wins you a coveted gemini for april 1990 Aries March 21april a trial arrangement could Lead to a Perma nent you get an earful when you talk with a Childs a Compromise May not be accept hold out for the whole pack Taurus april 20may work hard to repair your relationship with a client or a Retiree could receive a broach the subject of commitment with you do not want to scare someone off gemini May 21june a per Sonal relationship is you look Forward to getting together someones opposition to an original idea is your enthusiasm wins you a coveted Horoscope by Jeane Dixon cancer june 21july it is time to get out and socialize forget past you Are a vital person and need to be where the action take a Chance on a Blind Date Leo july avoid run Ning up new credit charges if you already have trouble paying the Settle a longstanding get to Gether with an old Friend and discuss a business family ties deep Virgo keep your new contracts bring results sooner than celebrate with someone who shares your inter you meet a Challenge Headon and emerge Good Luck blesses a Libra return Telephone Calls discussing Money with an outsider invites Trou rely on experts to interpret a member of opposite sex could distract you from Scorpio keep your emotions under control and things will begin to look up in Busi refuse to tolerate Check insurance coverage on your valuables before making a Sagittarius work alone today and you will accomplish a Telephone Call from a College chum could turn your weekend plans upside rearrange your sched ule it this person Means a lot to Capricorn who and what you know Are the keys to Success behind Hestenes alliances help someone land an executive Recycle old projects to boost Romance is both delightful and aquarius Deal with stress before it affects your work or it is time to Chart your own others will follow your the Little things you do now will pay Rich Pisces 19march give your work top a timely Busi Ness tip puts you on the Road to your social life begins to a financial Deal requires the assistance of an accountant or your birthday today look Forward to wonderful advances where your Busi Ness and finances Are a Windfall in july will reduce Domestic consult a loved one before making any new your mate will do a lot to keep Romance be a december vacation will bring about new family reviewing your priorities next january puts you on the Road to even greater monetary travel for both business and celebrities born on this Date playwright William actress Valerie actor Lee ambassador Shirley Temple Universal press stoic at the doctor game Gifford Jones believe Ive made any catastrophic errors without following this nation Al i will also Tell her she might inform the chairperson that Meetin gitis is a bad habit and a danger to health and that its time to demand completion of the task at dissolve the meeting and get my party on the this approach just might be beneficial to our nations health and the nations too the views expressed Are those of the a practising while Giffor Jones welcomes suggestions for future he cannot treat specific problems by readers should consult their own Send your column ideas to Winnipeg free 300 Carlton Winnipeg r3c Ann Landers mothers Square off on Job Issue dear Ann Landers after having read five or six letters in your column from readers who seem to take great pleasure in bashing working i Felt it was time i spoke i have a Twoy Earold and a baby of six in one of those wicked i decided to go Back to my Job and pay my aunt to take care of the i made this decision for two one in the Best interest of the children and the other because i believed it would be better for my Job ensures my children have excellent health anyone who Doest have health insurance in the is in real and dont Tell they have to take care of because it int i graduated from the University of and my husband went to we want our children to have the Quality education that we do you have any idea what those schools Cost today i dont want anyone looking at me because i choose not to stay Home with my i am a and a working dear mom thanks for speaking your heres another Point of View dear Ann Landers the letter from a working mom in Kentucky made me see who is pushing her out the door past her crying three Earold on her Way downtown to work she should sit in a quiet Corner for an hour or two and her priorities her children grow a Little every Rind before she knows they will be when that she can walk away from Home and work All she i believe the reason so Many Chil Dren Are in bad shape today is because they Haven had adequate parental care or Felt valued and what in the world could be As important As being at Home for your kids when i hear women say they want a higher Standard of living for their i ask what does that really mean a better neighbourhood private schools better clothes How important Are those things How about a prayer for non working mothers i am talking about the ones who Are shunned in our society and called i mean the ones who cant get be cause they dont have a if the truth were it is the most important Job in the a proud write to Ann Landers care of the Winnipeg free if you request a personal include a stamped self addressed creators Syndicate Sale at thru saturday on cd Kos Inverness fails resort four Star Comfort nestled Iii a peaceful natural setting Only 85 Miles from Winnipeg offering 2t or some private whirlpools see you at the Manitoba vacation Mart convention Centre april 2 lit 22nd 13695336 Butki ton lakh in i lit White Haku

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