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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 22, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Free press april 1 990 neighbourhood survived massive fire among the strange happenings in a Large metropolitan area is the slow but definite movement of certain areas of downtown por Tage virtually empty and forlorn with its empty Battles Bra vely to survive while the postwar Advent of the shop Ping mall keeps Consumers in their own in 1904 much of Winni pegs commercial activity was to be found just North of notre Dame my Dermot and Bannatyne ave Lues were Busy still making a comeback with the did Market Square As a Spe Ial attraction in the sum Mer with the three daily news papers virtually Side by Side on Winnipeg own news paper Row on and the attraction of the Cariaggi Hole with a High class dining room and the longest bar in Western can it was the place to be and construction the Bulman car our cites heritage Vince Leah trying the name of a Pioneer printing had just been remodelled at the Corner of Albert and Banna on the evening of octo ber the night watch Man made his appointed everything was few people were on the streets and shops and factories stood dark and Only in the composing rooms and news departments of the three daily newspapers could you see men and women at the watchmen elected to checkout the elevator Shaft and was met by a dense Cloud of wrapped around the growing quickly he ran to the old Central fire station a few Steps but even As the firefighters rolled out their equip ment the flames roared up the Shaft through the the entire Centre of the building was solid the wooden much of it awaiting the merely added to the con then the Southeast a mild evening autumn turned into a As fast As the firefighters could douse the numerous Small fires which new fires broke in nearby buildings and the firefighters hurried to save the City Hall and Leland hotel on Wil Liam fanned by the the flames reached across Bannatyne Avenue and ignited Ash Downs hardware Ash Downs could not be the fire ate its Way into the rear of the store where Flam Mable goods were the Woodbine Baker and Dufferin blocks caught fire and Only the valiant firefighters and a change in the wind saved these one news teacher offers kids High Energy education by Gloria Taylor Ron paces the room do tin1 if minute class he offers in the in Lish 300 Tom sectional program at Dakota Hes relaxed but animated a High school teacher powered by some hidden Energy what is a transaction he questions the Jrade 12 the students pick up la Lou Rexus Lead and offer up bits of inform but the responses miss the a to be must be an a Ion which generates a says the of the students have heard it be Ore Likely Many times during the course f what administrators proudly Call one of he most stimulating classes held at the High Lamoureux is one of three Manitoba Tea hers presented recently with the Marshall a Mcluhan distinguished teacher award for excellence in named for the a Nous Canadian who revolutionized the Way eople understand the effects of mass me a on thought and the award Hon is the thinking teachers of today who Are new ground in the process of Edu teachers must be nominated by at least to people who know of their work and must Lave displayed creative teaching methods n the the talk in Lamoureux class this Day is if transactions involving personal relations the students Volunteer some of their in recent there is talk of love versus he inevitability of confronting ones own Vaje system and a Brief sojourn into the ealm of How comfortable the students feel i expressing can you Tell your teacher you like r your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Lamoureux talk follows on what makes an individual a unique change and growth is a necessary part of becoming a the students arc do you live your life in a Bozile he the class is a far cry from the traditional three is of some 20 years the con tent is real but the discussion is a respectful interaction Between the students and their where the students Are encouraged to develop their own problem solving Abili ties and their own in addition to the transactional Lamoureux also earned the prestigious Marshall Mcluhan medal through his involvement with Long a disciple of the need to integrate computers into the mainstream of Lamoureux helped develop the use of interactive fiction in pro especially for English pro As a Hes instructed teachers throughout Canada on How to use the software in their own in the pro Cess of teaching and working with comp i soon discovered that Many software programs were Well suited for the Elemen tary to High school language he writes recently of his one of these was interactive the student at the computer assumes the role of a character on screen to solve various As a interactive fiction programs can help develop logical and creative thinking map design and map plotting Coor and maybe even assist in devel Oping latent artistic Wayne Dakotas de scribes his teacher As someone who stresses the importance of participation and he stresses the importance of interaction with with each and with tech the result is that Lamoureux classroom is an exciting place to says paper office was threatened and staff members patrolled the roof to put out burning electric Power lines were severed and the Centre of the City was in darkness illuminated Only from the glow of the one Wall of the Bulman Block collapsed As firefighters retreated to an other Wall came Down fur ther damaging the Woodbine then Ash owns Walls began to collapse and the stores vast Stock of Mer Chandise Hung together in smouldering the streets were a mess of fallen wires and numerous pools of one interesting sidelight involved the spectators who declined to move until the Rifle shells and ammunition in Ash owns began to within hours of the last red Ember being extinguish workmen gathered to Clear up the mess and it was business As usual with the shops and factories in the Ash owns rebuilt on the same everything would experience change in the immedi ate neighbourhood and the old Central fire prop Erly known As in time would have new quarters a few blocks West on Ellen and Mcdermot the face of a Community changes with the passing years but the vigilance of those who keep us Safe from the threat of fire typical Volunteer firefighters gear circa Street named after mayor by Vince Leah the question has been asked How Many Winnipeg mayors have been remembered with Street one mayor who May not be remembered is Edward Parnell whose name graces what once was known As Raymond Parnell was prominent in the City 70 Odd years ago As partner in the Spie Sparnell baking which was a major firm in the baking an he ran for the mayoralty in 1922 and was and if my re cords Are Correct he died in office and was succeeded by Frank Fowler who also is remembered by a Street near Johns Park in North Dick Tom two men who were prime movers in the bid to get Good drinking water for the com Francis the very first Steve although one account says this Street remembers Daniel mayor of what was the town of Are some of the mayors in the cites past had surnames that matched those of streets already on the Defeated Candida Tes generally do not get rec City streets cognized but John who gave Many years to the cites administration As an Alderman you Only had to Call him to get is remembered by a Golf course among other items and two other outstanding aldermen remembered Are Neyman and borrow one distinguished sub Urban administrator was Leo Warde who has his name on Warde folks residing on a fairly new Street in Jame Assiniboia May want to know it remembers Charles Winni pegs mayor in Puzzle solutions from Page 8 Green things today crypt quote the worst tempered people Ive Ever met were people who knew they were wrong Wilson mi2ner today unlisted clue Kermit the Frog

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