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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 22, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Do Conr mfr a ill 11 i building Pant no Legal notice information Piaf Tam classified continued prom Page 27 1 w personal m personal you can meet some move Spring clean one else this week Simms contractors specializing in step Rock Fittz for Palmini microwave rentals painting insist Weso twi in Suffia f6f 1 bal Ltd construction services ton m m site Rem Rem coffin feet free Friesen new to Tom wll 18 it fam reas Jarosz roofing Concrete Watt Romam in inc Koffi 81 w4m3 presents Totic tuft i atm decorators f Matt Tom pm left feet Bahsa 5 in m we a a met of ably tit Tel is pm 6ssk film emf a an a Rew 68 torn Voin 6w Semf tsp Bilm Feizi no Diw to Uffia Ai in Mudra Grauman Toff ii a lev sol 1 of to Mil any Jet vol additions general Rensvik Iotus 4 ret rams Jos 433387 after pager 9424527 12975 Penner 477491 Sitjes licked 4 levelled All coff Refe lots a Bissiri House found Tiofil under time 16 25 Dew Ancret free developments 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terlockin6 Stone Call a 6611536 or Barry Rouge free Dottavio construction Ltd custom design a Bullins fit free estimate Call painting decorating work i if Are you ready to Start Ajmiri Call types of Over roys Earp Eft Concrete work floors 2567234 after 5 ext drywall free is 10 Oft for Johh roofing is re6is drive roofing repairs holy apostle and great m virtue and Rich i near gifts Moa of til invoke your special Pitons is i time of to you i have recourse from the Depths of my heart an humbly beg to whom god has give such Grest a we to Cottie to toy a help me in my present urgent in i Promise t make your Neme known end cause you to be Sav 3 our fathers 3 Hall and Jude Pray Tor and All who invoke you publication must be ton 10 hrs exp Ift i will do renovations dry Etc workmanship a duality work at reas free 2 painters will do painting a seniors closed sunday Belous or advertise should Check advertisement in first running Date for possible the free press assumes no responsibility far error after the first Day of publication to place your or phone Call m448m Wash your Walls mowed 2698505 or Small repairs re Jet developments Complete Home renovation Post holes Grade under pinning 4 levelling Garry painting Wal workmanship top line few free and moving or 2 ton truck Avail with 1 or 2 basements under existing Addi foundation construction Specia lazing in ail types of Concrete 4 team free painting 20 discounts to free 15 Manitoban Call toll classified want and Index air planes 765 Chimney cleaning 178 financial 4 personal personal leans 76 All terrain Concrete Iso Loans its personal readings 393 Duno buggies 4 of Road 737 doors 182 Flowers and plants 21 Pel obituaries and Antiques s80 downhill cd products 1 83 found 27 memorials 38 apartments Tor rant drafting services 184 fraternal notices 3 pet services and supplies 39 furnished 81 drapery service 188 funeral directors 19 purebred 40 apartments Tor rent eaves roughing 192 fur bearing animals 45 pols except unfurnished 816 electrical 196 furniture 675 purebred 4t apartment blocks Tor Sale 830 garage sales 555 photography 601 apartment rental trenching 200 garages 725 fish services 8t8 exterminators 202 Garden and groceries 51 appliances 558 fences 204 landscaping 55 professional services 333 auction sales 577 fibreglass 205 guns 695 accountants 338 automotive financing 678 fireplaces and Wood banquet s bailiffs 343 a Lopac 633 stoves 206 reception rooms 31 barristers 348 autos for Sale fire Protection 210 help wanted 442 chiropractors 353 Block ads 679 firewood 208 Domestic help 444 consultants and 1985 685 flooring 212 employment a Etc is 448 counselling 355 19b4 686 factory help 450 health Caro 356 1983 687 repairs 216 general 456 income tax service 357 1982 688 furniture Rollel Shang 220 office help 460 insurance 360 1981 689 Glass and glazing 224 professional management Massage therapists 362 1980 690 insulation 227 and career opportunities notary Public 363 979 691 irrigation 229 462 immigration consultants365 1978 692 lightning Protection 233 sales help 4 agents 465 Trade Marks 368 1977 693 teachers wanted 468 Security 4 1976 694 Security systems 236 part time and temporary investigation 370 1975 695 machining 240 help wanted 470 translation 372 1974 8 earlier 696 masonry 242 Hay and feed lands 47 typing 373 Bea ers 697 office clean crafts 485 699 maintenance 244 horse s Stock trailers Public relations 377 sports and painting and decorating and transportation 42 property wanted 856 a performance 698 248 hotel and Model Public notices 37 new car dealers painting supplies 252 accommodations 800 radios saes and service 620 sales and service 645 products hotel and motels for Sale 832 real estate services 855 Renault 648 and contractors 256 houses for City 938 Recai estate to Exchange 857 houses for resort 4 Lodge Triumph 650 stucco 260 illustrated 950 accommodation 881 Bittera Antl 653 plastics and repairs 264 houses Lor rent resorts 4 lodges 655 plumbing and heating 268 furn shed 807 for Sale 880 Chrysler 657 printing and stationery 270 houses for rent resume service 464 Darla 658 recorded music 271 unfurnished 806 Revenue and investment Dat Sun 660 recreation rooms 272 House rental services 808 property 834 Fla 661 rentals 276 houses rooms Lor rent furnished 795 Ford motors 662 rooting 280 Lor Sale 850 rooms for rent general motors 664 hot tubs houses wanted 851 unfurnished 796 Honda 665 spas 282 houses wanted to buy 940 satellite systems 144 Hyundai 666 septic saes s houses wanted to Lis 941 sewing 413 Mazda 669 service 281 Hunting and fishing 742 shared accommodation 804 Saab 670 siding 283 Industrial and commercial shooting lodges 890 Skoda 671 swimming pools 286 property 836 skiing 747 Subaru 672 temporary help in mom Orlam 1 1 Snow removal 59 Suzuki 673 services 288 instruction 475 snowblowers 61 Toyo a 674 tiling 292 investment property 834 snowmobiles 750 Volkswagen 676 tinsmith Long 296 jewellery 579 sports 4 recreation Auto body repairs s uphold Story 300 jobs wanted 495 supplies 4 service 740 painting 632 vacuum cleaners 304 jobs wanted Domestic 500 Stamps and coins 418 Auto water treatment Lawn mowers 57 stereo wifi 615 parts 4 sound systems 630 and purification 306 livestock 43 store s restaurant Auto 4 truck welding 308 lost 25 fixtures 610 lease rentals 640 window cleaning 312 lots City and suburban 942 stores and offices Lor autos and trucks wanted 700 windows ins Ablations lots City rent 822 property 870 and repairs 313 and suburban 943 suburban properly 862 baby needs 563 wrecking demolishing 320 machinery and tools 760 summer resorts 881 Beauty products and cameras and supplies 600 Market gardens 4 summer resorts Tor Sale 880 services 567 campgrounds 878 acreage 860 summer cottages Tor bicycles 730 car pools 395 marriages 9 rent 882 births 5 card of thanks 12 materials summer cottages Tor Board and room 802 career training 612 Sale 883 Board and room wanted 803 memorial gifts summer cottages wanted 884 boats 4 Marino supplies 745 professions 477 and bequests 10 summer cottage lots 885 Christmas Trees s3 miscellaneous articles swaps 565 Magaz nos 583 clothing 570 for Sale 559 tailoring see sowing bridal and wedding services collectibles and Art 582 miscellaneous articles tenders 35 3 communications wanted 560 thank you 388 burial Parks 15 equipment 618 miscellaneous property town Homes for rent 805 business opportunities 785 companions wanted 380 for Sale 872 trailer lots for rent or Sato business and household computers 623 Mobile Home Parks 873 876 services 132 condominiums for Sale 936 Mobile Homos 874 trailers and campers 715 air conditioning 136 condominiums Lor rent 937 travel 8 vacations 403 aluminium products 140 construction equipment theatrical agents 458 truck parts Antenna and rentals 762 to or Homes 71 1 and accessory of 707 satellite systems 144 dancing and social 29 monuments 17 Light duty 703 appliance repairs 148 Day nurseries 398 mortgages 846 heavy duty 705 awnings 152 deaths 1 motorcycles 735 to sales and service 625 custom duplex for rent 812 moving and storage us 4 foreign property 905 crating 154 duplex Lor Sale 935 messenger service 810 vacations see travel education 490 musical instruments and custom work remodelling 156 employment services 440 ins auction 585 s accessories building supplies 160 farm eau Lemon sales and office equipment video equipment cab network 162 rentals 605 and supplies carpentry 1 64 accessories 765 open houses 939 video taping 626 Carpel fam lands Lor rent 866 895 Movle installing 168 farm lands Lor Sale 865 parking 7j0 rentals 4 sales 628 Cal org 172 farm lands wanted 867 personal wanted to Ron 820 ceilings 1 74 farm produce 49 personal greeting 333 warehouse and trackage 823 Chain saws 1 76 fertilizer and chemicals dont Call Russ 4330526 free 6334385 new any Small fort Rouge Home repairs sagging decks base men window tree est decor quiet n lob too John men 4 it ton will haul clean 7724m types of re going Auto free construction basemen window Wells and Genera Concrete painting of houses free 5 a 4 k Bull Dan maintenance lost 33 in Only 28 Days 47 to Date safely nutria if you also have a weigh problem i would like to once again feel Good 4 look 4 begin to enjoy the thing most precious to u Allgood then Cal 9432224 for More River eaves roughing siding co continuous Energy efficient written estimates within 54 hours 3 trucks i men sagging verandas levelled licensed Spring specials on driveways 4 Gar 11 free Spring Spe free no hidden in dirt Concrete 4 All types of re Amon framing Crew free 3399674 of floor finishing phone decorating for free Ca it ton j25 siding so tilt fascia eaves free types of Concrete Lyn Cash Loans consign your boat or trailer today at aaa Auto 33 Archibald loan Cash today on your Snow drop it off take Cash with ton truck for 8374780 to building painting Wall free Call sidewalks tree qual material workmanship at an affordable for free a Radiator 909 Dugald factory specials our heated warehouse is full of doors Patio Ideal Lor additions red tag sales on our maintenance free White Volny Clad phone 6688230 ask for do for free or level Patio or Auto parts come to 909 Dugald painting free custom 24 to sell we need buses top dollars paid in Cash free no charge to you at All vehicles in any top dollars 2374433 or if no answer 2551238 companions v wanted 4 install doors free qualm free Ted Ceramic free 20 gent seeks sincere girl Nylon rubber backed Vinyl flooring from Lawn Turt from 100s of Roll ends at clearcut prices also paint carpet 50 Archibald we clean we also do painting roofing remove storm 7 Days a Rural 30 Greston for free All work personal readings tile free in your life for Dally encouragement watch its a new Dave weekdays 1011 89 on Cynd to Channel for prayer and court Selling Call Jesus Tarot advise All my Home or yours Maria 5644j43 he do carpentry Low Cost guaranteed 5827123 or Ceramic tile tree exterior Interior Reader 4 advisor on All problems of private Sale of Good Spruce from 6 to 16 in 2x4 2x6 2x8 2x10 2x3 2x2 1x6 1x8 also 4x4 Cedar posts 1x6 Fence boards All material new free painting a Rug upholstery need trucks Asci looking for running or any no charge or free pick trucks s1200 or less Over 11200 Reading 4 Tea cup readings phone lob too paper hanging Call Ken at window Tea cup any ree your Home free card none like new Spruce 504 274 per door casing 234 per National Branc 4l White while Stock 65 Higgins free a k building maintenance on if no answer 2565657 thank 3vj 15 free John memories alive do you have favorite family pictures that Are or faded bring them to us at Towne studios 910 main for expert free Reading Satin action Call 6854051 care guaranteed Quality Light free professional travel and vacations new 14 prefab 3393162 or a Good lob at a Low or free bed 4 1 or 2 with with indoor 4 outdoor re Avallon excellent Access to expo 4 by shuttle service to per 10 for children 12 4 115 Tor 13 4 direct 6049889629 or world adventures 4759140 or Connie at r free free honest estimate Call perfect the perfect accounting service for he Small reasonable Jim Penner and of tax increases join Winnipeg Home owners noncommercial Call Jones Hohn Galle Sale cheapest prices in Patio Yard 4x4x8 Cedar 3391994 products Swan tree 164 carpentry Thayer Penner 4774918 Al guaranteed commercial taping All roughing finishing for renovations or build includes plumbing free air workmanship 8 years in the Asphalt for a tree estimate Call Ted Public accountant 2 931 Nairn Avenue do something about boredom loneliness now Call the dating place hundreds of see calve men women have improved heir mature gentlemen 45 plus of 305 504 res 84 dont panic luxurious travel trailer 8 Miles to expo Ken 4042724739 for Cash reas paving sealing free pay More Low Cost work by contractor tax services or business or finishing Academy is now accepting applications rom Young women Ages 1625 who Are interested in learning about the Iner social paving paving residential 25 bed 4 2 Iron per night 2 or 4 Avalon 165 West 4044818880 Dueck enterprises Quality work on All types of commercial or residential carpentry including deck fences will assist in planning if Call now for free estimate Grade Brewer you Are interested in holding a Richem liquid embroidery party in your receiving some beaut Lul gifts tree Call 5822995 leave your name phone with operator for basement leveling con Rete accounting 64 expel Lent reasonable specialist ver 40 years older omes made like houses new Homes papered and 255171 Lor income tax Bill Eden All forms of rough 4 finish carpentry immediate free Call 6940250 plan award certificate for ticket on Northwest Best air tax service personal business returns special discounts to seniors Home service no extra phone 3392324 monday saturday 4413031 weight for appointment Call City stucco paper plus tints 2 Bath Disney 4 2575918 George Reid carpentry no too free Dueck enterprises Lually work on All types of Wood fences or Multi level assistance in planning let us introduce you to the right for All Restle Call toll free 11 to 9 employment services stucco do wiring new id also 1st class free services we prepare computerized tax returns from Jib up Only at 747 Ellice More Money working overseas in countries like permanent 4 temporary workers needed Are for Lull Send your name and address to Box station Ontario m4y 2n6 fee All types of rec All work free Abe Call truck sides will clean 4 Cut 4 haul away Trees 4 demolish Small Price fencing we specialize in Chain Vinyl or our Price is 570727 or plastering we do Complete stucco we socialize in free All Claude after Douglas personal Small income a accounting 9434664 All types of Patio additions or Amon us Tor last clean Cut 4 remove wreck garages 4 Small Plant Rees 4 fencing we specialize in Chain galvanized or our Price is Call plastering or All your stucco wire Aper free fast 7749929 or too much tax a business or will pick Low Dennis Gamble Home renovations free is lust a Call Day or night pregnancy distress service free pregnancy test 1wner 5 you need a baby a housecleaning an orderly or a carpet or can you Supply the service of any of the above Call Sale general 2 Man Post Hole Auger with 1 Auger with 2 augers All your stucco needs your Plaser stucco contractor pickup Low reasonable cabinets free Call anytime our prices for Chainyk expertly ully free 2569432 or value to your Homei have it stuccoed or refinish your existing for n estimate Callad guidelines ads must to paid in Advance by Cash or Money 7 maximum 10 lines for 3 minimum 2 lines for 3 no refund Lor Early cancellation regular 6 Point not accepted by use Thrift and form and mail private party noncom Ercla advertisers Only persons or deliver to free press with your who acquire merchandise Lor whether licensed for the Sale of used articles n those classifications or Are considered to be marked with an asterisk in the classified Index cancellations and corrections 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rec rooms and renovations specializing in Tucco wire Gus drywall tax done in your lome or tires selection of Snow regular very Low 909 Dugald Loving child care person to look after 2 4 4 full Ime in my Garry salary Driver an 4525858 Hole drilling Dueck enterprises finishing new or 24 Jet free tax prepared rates possible ads Somail or Thrift free press deliver to 300 Carlton r3c 3c1 11 10 soil Hor anything hat real super bargain m a 909 Dugald in housekeeper or 3 older ample ree to Cook have Rivers no Job too big or Frank holes drilled rates or work at prices in Tucco or Home tax phone All types of free types of Wood Mon 2226291 or removed demolished on Crete phone professional o children or looking Lor housekeeper 1 Day per week or 2 half Call construction special zing in drywall free business your place or free on All carpentry 2846537 a Fence Ost Hole Massage free specialize in Wood for tree stucco specialists Aper demolished and Concrete phone Sitter for 3 preschoolers in my in Lingual but not 5844538 magic Massage therapist by sue carpentry since 2220336 Nick drilling Call Dave at 6681953 or texturing snaps Goodall 260 Carlton sagging levelled 4 Tony 5894291 Sitter locators 5824058 jobs Sitters yours for he 435 Agnes does Cenes 4 pet Call 4 furniture moving vat or All types of carpentry 4 renovations Call acoustics ree estimates immigration speaking elderly o stay at night with older Man in own or work Call Poplar in stove length Cord steel taping Call Armand immigration matters handled l 201938 Corydon Lawz International 204 24 hrs mpg Van with 1 or 2 Babysitter my 2493344 fort Rouge Home repairs sagging paint free est pick up of usable unwanted dotting 168 repairs 4 finish Hardwood tree Abe Funk phone part time ays in my sanding 4 free plumbing publish the following 3 times in classification typing 10 in 10 20 n total 4 have kept in off for 5 interested Call Linda at factory help operators nationally known sportswear company requires experienced sewing operators and sewing operators must be experienced on single Needle and seam Serge Opportunity for High piecework earnings and company benefits along with air conditioned modern Plant facilities Are Yescott fashions 615 Inkster ask for great for rec Nylon rubber backed Vinyl flooring from 14 Lawn turf from 100s of Roll ends at clearcut prices also paint carpet 50 Archibald problems steam or lot water 24 hour guarded system 9439291 ode Cheque or m o enclosed for to coast moving Tor age 4 insurance Al movers 6684540 1 feel 30 ree Rick 8957097 fast phone one word or group of initials per top line approximately 20 letters others Supply and instal 38 heat o Brick and Stone work free 2614256 15 in 12 Days so can Call if you have bubbles in your carpet Call Dave at can also Supply carpet 4 Call term on data processor Page 4527735 Load to april an bring Load Back anywhere West t Price May Masony hard am masonry plumbing free flooring installed competitive guaranteed kinds of Patio blocks on Crete free Heater All Fosters for All parts no work parts already off 12volt 18 written above parts plus car Hub seat All kinds f Auto too much to very Low Over 800 vehicles in All kinds of body believe s we ire very Low in Cheek s out in yellow we need 4 want your warranty Given on most 909 Dugald a Battery 18 with written 909 Dugald to install or repair carpet or Vinyl flooring John or Stone renovations free heating cleaning 7836853 Complete one of the painting plumbing installation of Vinyl 4 tile also ancient science of soul taped heating air free painting sandblasting o need Lor siding or we specialize in preparing i painting Tucco 4 get a penetrating super guaranteed or 20 John 174 ceilings suspended men w truck rates Call free Call Garry or Jim at tree 180 it try it like it buy to do Odd Joss or aul Grade leaks 4 cracks in sidewalks 4 floor installation of swimming Pool kits general 3399728 or painting Selden tall commercial 4 roller Good Quality for free Call Hugo candid with option to stereos by month or our specially 3 room same Day delivery rental and sales 91 Garry 9431739 open till 1 ton truck Fob moving will do moving Fob 9 to Money performance can probably help oui Good or bad credit f you owe you pay monthly plus existing debt interest unlimited funds Lor All we consider All 20 years lending Call now Winnipeg painting alflo2554097 repair 6 in Ishing 4 truck rentals All machine operators highest piecework steady comfortable apply Peerless garments main floor 515 notre Franks Concrete garage All Concrete repair 15 discount for senior card Call Ibera Home or 1 Wall no Job too big or too Small 5 minor repairs free Jim Cheraw ads will be reclassified or advertisement too Large or not conforming to guidelines will be edited or to not Send Cash in the not responsible for late or undelivered or u 5 4681714 or speedy Concrete Early Bird special garage free bonded 4 Wash Beautiful it Call paper hanging i texture ceilings Call new 6 month Mclnnis 1 ton truck with dump or Cisan up 4 read classified

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