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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - April 22, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Waldheim thesis ealm sympathetic to them injured in landmine explosions in South Winnipeg free press april pages a real Winner of a Little joke have you heard the about the travelling penguins listening for a laugh need a chuckle the radio Csc Winni pegs nationally broadcast Satur Day afternoon feast of facts and is having a its called the april is for fools but it probably should be called the great Cana Dian joke Hunt because that what it Host Jack fair has invited listeners from across the country to write or phone in with their favor Ite each he selects three and the listeners get to vote for their the fun filled final is May last saturdays win Ner came from a Chap named Andy Murray of and this is the Way Andy told it on air this Guy pulls up to a Gas the Gas attendant comes out and notices the Driver has two penguins sitting in the Back so he says to the that you drive around with pen Guins in the a ought take them to the so the Driver thinks a looks Back at the they look at and he i guess youre so the next Day the Driver pulls up at the same Gas the same attendant comes out and he notices that this time the penguins Are sitting in the Back seat of the car with sunglasses so he says to the i thought i told you to take them to the zoo i says the and they liked it so much were going to the Beach it it did you know that calling men who Chase women wolves is a Misnomer real wolves mate for d that this years edition of Beer and skits is two thirds sold out Brian the Canada Post or Man who works on the Winni Peg press club says this years epic is May 3 in the Marlborough hotel and tickets Are a d that the u of is Joyce from the Only University female Gordon Sinclair athletic director in will be saluted at the Nymha jewish Community Centre sports dinner june 2 among those watching that night will be guest speaker Mike coach of the super bowl Champ Chicago after 25 years at Polo the annual childrens hos Pital Book Market has moved to vital Centre Book Market publicity chairman Diane Swan says this years dates Are Mon Day to May comic books and science fiction Are on Sale May 3 and religion and music May d that the mom of murder Vic Tim Ruby Adriaenssens is Back at school taking High school up grading it it it All in the line of duty there must be a lot of people out there who dont know five people they can mail one of those insidious bad Luck Chain letters because i seem to get an endless Chain of except last week one arrived that was a Little kiss it and make magic when you get this letter any volunteers it it it the tale end appropriately it was on Valen tines Day that Churchill High delved into the clinical world of computerized match you know How it the kids paid a described their likes and what they like to do on dates and waited for the Madei Silicon Valley what a waste of he especially for 15yearold Tammy she was matched with a 16yearold Fel Low student named Lindsay her Tammy Lindsay Mcleod computer match Dallas awaits obeys return not even Larry Hagman right knows How Patrick Duffy will resurface in the Dallas Cliffhanger episode May in a move very Well boost the shows sagging and stretch credibility to new the producers of Dallas Are Busy whipping up and hyping the May 18 Cliffhanger episode in which Patrick Duffy returns As Bobby Ewing or according to wire service the producers have shot at least eight final with the stars and costars of the series doing their lines the final pages of were delivered just before the actors were to go before the not even Larry Hagman knows How the whole thing will we doubt if Duffy really since he will be Busy figuring out to spend the per show he will earn next there Are also reports and it seems like this is getting More scrutiny than the libyan bombings that Bobby or someone will show up for pams marriage to Mark people it if it Sean Penn thumping of the week Sean Penn keeps telling interviewers he has settled Down and is being picked upon by the then he goes and thumps another photographer or whoever else wan Ders into his the latest according to is a onetime suitor of Penns Rock Singer the 1 fun couple were leaving an nightspot the other when Penns old a Guy named was no word on How things got started but a bystander says Penn was get Ting ready to introduce Hawks body to a chair when nearby diners jumped up and managed to steer him out the it it Chrysler chairman Lee la not normally known for his was quietly married the other Day at private ceremony in new Yorks Patricks married Peggy a new York advertising exec the two had been engaged since january la Coccas first wife died three years when Buzz the morning Man at a Philadelphia country music heard the French let Ronald reagans bomb ers Fly Over their country to level parts of Tripoli last he got after All the had done for i just believe so this week on his Bowman is getting Back by asking listeners to Boycott everything French French French French French French French me one listener called to suggest a Boycott of Brigitte Bardot and Cath Erine Deneuve but Bowman hedged on maybe we ought to just take Bowman says he started the thing As a but it has now he admits plans to milk it for everything its it it it to guide has completed a no doubt highly scientific poll and Ter mined the 10 most attractive men on Surprise Don Johnson of Miami vice tops the the other designated hunks Tom Robert John Bruce Pierce Bill Robert William Devane and Jack notably absent Ted Danson and compiled by Dave Haynes what can you Tell me about Anthony Quinn by Manfred Jager what can you Tell me about the actor Anthony Quinn and where can i write to him Anthony Rudolph Oaxaca Quinn was born in april and has been an naturalized american since he started his career As an actor in the United states in 1936 with a stage play called clean quinns first movie came in 1947 and was called gentlemen from in Quinn has appeared in 175 including Viva Zapata 1952 and lust for life his two facade my award his Best known movies include Lawrence of Arabia answers Zorba the greek the shoes of the Fisherman 1968 and the greek tycoon quinns address is 1900 Avenue of los Ca is there any relationship Between the Hudson Bay company and the South sea company the Only similarity is the fact that the South sea company was chartered by the British govern As the Hudson Bay company had been several decades the South sea company came into being in the company mandate was to maintain and guard a trading monopoly Over the West coast of the americas to a distance of about 600 in the company assumed a Large part of the British National debt and almost collapsed that year in a Stock Market crash known As the South sea the company went into decline after and when did the celtic people live the earliest known evidence of the celts comes from aus near where excavations revealed hundreds of celtic Graves dating Back to about 700 the Hallstatt celts were one of the first Peoples of Northern Europe to make by about 500 celts had spread to Spain and the British they also settled Northern Italy and raided As far South As which they looted in 390 As the romans conquered much of Europe Between 300 and 100 the Only celts who preserved their language and culture were of Scot land and Western if you want answers Call 9422047 the far Side dead dead Aii Siope Ead in town tonight pour Uncle Ernie in his covered 8 Prairie theatre 160 Princess admission seniors and students Cambodia life begins in 8 Cinema 243 main radio highlights an evening concert concerto in f by Gershwin the Ondon Edward opines Fea Turing Roberto 950 1220 12so the bed sea crossing fact or fiction pm he Stew a mfg but flu Pablo 1974 made before the cellists teas age 963 o 3d video hits o do do Peoples court o wheel of Fortune o Star trek r o be 5 heres 3d sesame Street 3d 3d news w 3d e adopt pet o Beverly Hillbillies Sci super kids a Silver screen in Progress pal Christopher Ward in Progress Tom Rugby in Progress 0 3d i threes company o do soap r q the new newlywed game do news w 3d Heyse of commons w e crafts the expos up 3d 24 hours sky news o first news q hogans heroes o be Spir 3d business report 3d do news 3d jeopardy songs of Praise ukrainian Sci give my regards to Proad Street 1 09 of spy sep fit b 3d world of animals 3d Chance in a lifetime do entertainment tonight 3d major league baseball w 3d Story time w e 3d Polonia its i Sun tory Tennis o do o Gzowski o cd team o do who the Boss r o Cap danger knots Landing r cd visions of Star wars a frontline special report 3d morning Star w 3d expo 86 w e s be Ytsche Panorama so Anna of the five towns my Bac trax 0 3d a time to be Brave cd perfect strangers agent fait be Bonheur w id educational television i 3d management w p Caribbean echoes kingdoms cd new wilderness hawaiian i in july highlight tonight to Best bet pm o 3d hawaiian International Beauty pageant Audrey Landers and Glen Campbell cohost this annual pageant featuring 38 International women competing for the coveted miss hawaiian Tropic International q cd cwt Winnipeg and satellites Csc o d sky Winnipeg and satellites ctr q Canp Winnipeg Independent cd Kerr Pembina Independent q cd wet Winnipeg radio Canada 3d Kufe grand Forks pcs go wbk Detroit lbs cd Daz devils Lake Abc cd Piv Detroit Abc w cd Asp Winnipeg West of the red River e cd cup Winnipeg East of the red River w i vow Winnipeg West of the red River e 8 Gyc Winnipeg East of the red River o Cox Brandon Csc first Choice super Channel arts a entertainment network East of the red River much music East of the red River Trad the sports network East of the red River 61 movie flight of the Phoenix 1 James Richard Atten 150 q to Monsieur be ministre 3d Mickey spi Vianes Mike Hammer do moonlighting eco the Pappenheimer w e sunlight on Maranatha the Allen murder Case 75 the last of Lincoln Gap Roberts Stanley i pvt it up i Manon w3d e 3d my Misew w e video q do do Spenser o be 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desk am a fugitive from a Chain gang Payl 117 3d night water he Sintery Tennis Flod love news Cap o movie if wet forty Sian Dean Nashville 161 3d Cisco kid Bod Bac trax q Cynd i Nona Rugby sufi Ciao

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